Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogger Ish: The Tea Parties Are RACIST. They've Just Gotta Be For My Views To Be Substantiated

Here is yet another Progressive-Fundamentalist blog that has come out of the woodwork. The Cahokian

Please note how important it is for them to have Black folks focused upon the Tea Parties as the biggest impending fear to our community.  By doing so they escape indictment DESPITE the Progressives having more control over our institutions today than ever before.

The sad part of it all is that NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY is the building block to their arguments.  A crowd of White folks showing resolve but no violence (YET) is more deserving our the attention of the Black community than are so many other issues that place us in an early grave. 

Our mental imagery of what the WHITE MAN MIGHT DO if the Progressive-Fundamentalists do not stand vigilant against him is more powerful of a concern than what the favorable political/cultural/social machine that presently dominates us IS DOING to prove that we are in fact PROGRESSING.  

Step back for a moment people and consider he strategic calculus.  IF you had control over the messaging to Black America AND you risked being held accountable by the Black Rank and File - WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING NOW?

To be honest if I were a Progressive who was more interested in POWER than my own community - I too would be "Seeking Threatening White People".

Since I am a bit more dispassionate and am reading their playbook - I AM NOT MOVED by their antics.  It is to be expected.

From my post on ish's blog:

Lets attempt to qualify your claims.

It seems that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists are of the view that "Anti-Black RACISM" is a more prevalent attribute of White Conservatives.

For me as a Black Conservator - I see the twin sister of "Black Inferiority" as contemptuous. You see not only is "Assumed Black Inferiority" marinated through many of the policies that the White Progressive-Fundamentalist seeks to hoist upon society - the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is good at transacting upon his own inferiority. As long as there is a profit to be made at the end of the exchange the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" has no problem being the poster child for a being who is in a damaged state.

Here is what I don't understand about those of you how key in upon the Tea Party being the modern day instantiation of WHITE SUPREMACY:

When we translate what they have done to negatively impact Black people in the past 2 years - it is not the physical assaults or lynching that you can point to. INSTEAD it is the threat that the entitlement rights which have been advanced by Progressive-Fundamentalists like Ted Kennedy might be taken away. In his pursuit of these entitlements Kennedy chose the race of people who's leaders accept the label "The Least Of These". It is not that Kennedy and other White liberals are "helping Blacks". Instead they are HELPING "The Least Of These" - of which a portion of them are Black.

I challenge you to detail for me the COMPETENCIES that have been developed among the people who have acquiesced to these policies which seek to allow them to live at a standard of living that their own aggregate PRODUCTIVITY would ill-afford them to live.

In your focus upon the notion that "Tea Party = RACISM" you fail to make note of the anti-matter that your positions afford Black people as we are distracted.

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