Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Press Operatives Know Black People - Promote Tea Parties, Confederates Deemphasize Problems Happening Under The Watch Of The Black Establishment

Add Eugene Robinson to the pile of the "Anti-Confederate Guard".  No surprise

As I noted with Cynthia Tucker, Roland Martin and other Black Press operatives - the primary way they render their indictment is to monitor them for what they don't talk about.

Let me pause for a second to see if Mr Robinson has talked about the recent increase in Black unemployment from 15.8% up to 16.5%.  I will be right back.

I have to give Mr Robinson partial credit.  No only does he talk about the recent murder of 4 Black young people in Washington DC he also points to the 28% unemployment rate in the area.

Eugene Robinson Article:
The carnage has been front-page, top-of-the-newscast fare. It is as if a veil has been lifted and the city can now see the devastation that should have been evident all along. Ward 8, the jurisdiction that includes the church Obama attended and the site of the mass shooting, has an unemployment rate of 28.5 percent and a poverty rate of 40 percent. It has the highest percentage of single-parent households in the city, its public schools are perennially troubled and its streets are host to frequent turf battles among violent gangs.

But soon, all that will be forgotten -- just as the same kind of despair goes unremembered in similar neighborhoods in Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia and every other major American city. Entrenched black poverty, with all its causes and implications, barely makes a ripple in the public debate these days.

"No matter where you are in the city, unemployment is a crisis," council member Kwame R. Brown (D-At Large), who drafted the legislation, said at a news conference. Though the unemployment rate is only 3.2 percent in Ward 3, which includes Friendship Heights and Chevy Chase, and 5.9 percent in Dupont Circle's Ward 2, according to November data from the D.C. Department of Employment Services, it is high elsewhere in the city -- reaching 28.5 percent in Ward 8, which includes Anacostia.

"It's a citywide problem, one that we need to tackle together," he said.

I can't help but think that with so much time focused on external racism chasing - these areas of most acute need go unattended to.   Sadly with so many of the people tuned out of what their leaders are doing and yet so happy about the attention that they receive they function as co-conspirators to the ruse that feeds off of their grievances, allowing the machine that is in power to aggregate even more power.

Notice how Mr Robinson makes note that Hailey Barbour of Mississippi "presides over a state with a significant Black population" within his "Anti-Confederate guard" article yet when it comes to Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia he fails to detail the character of the political establishment in these places.  Not only do his favored progressives control all of the violent portions of these respective cities where "Black people are on the television news crying".......they control the entire political franchise of the city.

I would like to see equality expressed between the areas where the ex-Confederates ruled and what we see today in these highly despressed areas.
  • Black people were being murdered in a wanton manner - often for the purposes of revenge and intimidation
  • Black people had their education systematically suppressed
  • Black people had their economic wherewithal stripped from them via constant threat from those who lead to the doors of their businesses being shuttered
  • Black people's health and community relationships were severed by the actions of those who assailed us
Which of these elements on the list that was created from 1910 is NOT present in the Black community of 2010?

If the "Southern Confederate States" as an eco-system had to be destroyed so that the Black man could rise up and consume his freedoms and equality as citizens - WHO is making note that machinations that predominate the zones of oppression and terror that exist in 2010 should likewise be destroyed?

Please understand one thing - the oracles of the Black Establishment are not going to take pen to paper (finger to keyboard) and work to disassemble that which they have assisted into the position of power.

The only viable strategy is for a person like me to bring CONSCIOUSNESS to them, making them realize that they are today playing the role that the "mainstream press" of the past had played.  The Black press was founded because the "establishment press" had a vested interest in protecting the establishment over doing the necessary muckraking to force those who have power to do right by Black people.

Today's elements of the Black Establishment press know Black people.
They realize that a story of a "Tea Party Confederate" has the POWER to clear all of the headlines from the menial murder of a Black person within our community, the condition of our public schools or the armed militia that kill us more frequently - the Street Pirates.

Just as the present Black press was formed to go around the establishment - there is a need for a new voice that can go around the establishment Black press and talk directly to the people.   (Then again - according to the "Louisiana Weekly" - since most Blacks don't have a computer - my attempts to form this new press on the web won't reach the 'least of these'.   Maybe I should purchase ad space in their paper just as they demand that the government do as it lists its sheriff sales)

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