Friday, April 30, 2010

Brother Gregory Kane Brings Sense To This Illegal Immigration Madness

Gregory Kane: Rule of law is not for sale in America

Proving once again: You have a choice when dealing with some Black folks:
  1. Be well liked and tell them what they want to hear
  2. Be hated but tell them the painful truth

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And All Along RiPPa Was Worried That The "Tea Parties" Were Using Up All Of The Sheets To Make Hoods

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Of course this "threat to the community" wasn't wearing a mask.

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HuffPo On One Day Being Profitable: People Over Profits

HuffPo to celebrate 5th with profit ... eventually

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Filled Negro's Chum Recipe Is Powerful

Lauren - now that the response from Filled Negro have provoked me to actually READ INTO your comments I am even more concerned about you.

[quote]Don't forget how Prez. O shut down AG Eric Holder last year when he called Americans "Cowards" for running away from real dialogue on Racial Discrimination.[/quote]

I agree with this one. If the 11% of WHITE FOLKS in Alabama who voted for Obama did so for RACIST reasons then most assuredly we can't be COWARDS about inspecting why 96% of Black folks voted to give the MACHINE that already controls their communities which they are grieving about a PROMOTION.

Since than Racist behavior from KKK-related organizations has risen to levels only previously seen in the 1950's, 1960's & early 1970's.[/quote]

You are indeed correct Lauren.
STRANGE FRUIT is dangling all around us. Except these new KLAN-LIKE organizations never were Boy Scouts and thus never learned how to tie a know. Thus they just SHOOT BLACK PEOPLE on the streets during their Pirate Attacks. Besides the trees that are in the urban areas have their trunks to HIGH. You know after years of pruning so that delivery trucks can drive by - "Black on Black Lynching" is logistically unfeasible.

So while I am appreciative of Prez. O's election, there is MORE work to be done because its obvious the struggle is far from over.[/quote]

You just VERBALLY hung a "Mission Accomplished" sign over the head of Obama.

Let me ask you Lauren: THE NEXT TIME some Negro seeks to translate your ELATION into affirmative VOTING action - are you going to express more SKEPTICISM? What ERNEST MONEY will you demand prior to yielding yourself as such?

[quote]However today's mission sadly lacks such Active, Bold Leaders as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Angela Davis and...The Black Panthers.[/quote]

(I just let out a sigh of frustration as I read these words above)

Lauren - Lets look at CHICAGO.
Cook County Jail - both INMATES and JAILER are Black. WHO is Martin King Jr GOING TO PROTEST AGAINST?

Black people getting MURDERED like Tupelo MS 1918. WHO is Malcolm X going to protest against?

Chicago Public schools - 87% Black and Hispanic. Graduates only 52.9% of them. What is Angela Davis going to say to the rank and file who ELECTED THE DAMNED SCHOOL BOARD!!!!!????? VOTE HARDER next time?

Gangs providing a family connection that many don't have at home. Is the Black Panthers going to start a membership drive offering Tattoo Removal of all gang signs?


YOU WON!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't it feel GRAND???

Lauren - why should a rational Black person ALLOW those who have orchestrated this VICTORY to DEFINE THE TERMS OF THE NEXT INTERVAL of time for our community?

Where is the DEBRIEFING for the last INTERVAL - what worked, what failed?

* Did their take over of our SCHOOLS lead to SCHOLARSHIP?

* Did their take over of our COMMUNITIES lead to SAFETY?

* Did their imposition of their own economic theories and labor justice make us more GAINFULLY EMPLOYED and ECONOMIC INDEPENDENT?


Does it even stand up to the basic level of scrutiny for its own transparency?

[quote]This is where Field comes in.[/quote]

Filled Negro - when I come to Philly I am going to shake your hand. Let me have that recipe for your "chum sauce". It works.

Let's face it, how many Blogs embody the type of Intellect and Raw Soul needed to awaken not just Black America, but Minority America as a whole?

I will admit there are a few Blogs that come close but Field's is definitely an original which cannot be substituted by any others.[/quote]

AWAKEN US TO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
That despite holding more "Minority Communities" the BATTLE RESIDES OUTSIDE?

That the WHITE MAN in tube socks sitting in Montana with a US Robotics dial modem is a bigger THREAT than the Street Pirates who car jacked 4 Morehouse students?

FILLED NEGRO is your new "BLANK CANVAS" for you to DRAW YOUR DREAMS UPON Lauren - now that Obama's canvas has no more bare space upon it.

(Thrasher - I guess I am jealous of Filled Negro. The POWER of his chum which has some hallucinogens in it. )

Especially Psuedo Activists Bloggers looking for fame.[/quote]

Lauren coined the term PSEUDO-ACTIVISTS. "Fake Activists". Feigning injury and then running after the assailant.

Just like a few Tea Party protesters ushered in a New Persuasive, Political Movement last year,Field Negro's prose via his Blog is also promoting and ushering in the concept or ideology of "Urban Politricks for the New Millenium".[/quote]

WHAT FORCE controls the POLITICS in these urban areas Lauren?

Please don't forget about your Minority readers who currently live in the South where Extreme Racism appears to be getting worse.
(North Carolina 2010)[/quote]


You now have the ability to watch full episodes of "Gangland" on the Internet. When it comes to South Carolina and North Carolina they did NOT feature the "Red Shirts Gang Of 2010". Instead they went to Durham and they went to Columbia SC and focused on the STREET PIRATE GANGS and how they are attacking the BLACK COMMUNITY.

Are you SURE that there is not a BLACK STREET PIRATE underneath that Klansmen's hood? If that WHITE BOY can wear a black mask surely some Negro knows how to get an old bed spread out of the linen closet and cut some holes in it.

"Violence is Black children going to school for 12 years and receiving 6 years' worth of Education".
Julian Bond

IGNORANCE is when these DAMNED SCHOOLS have been taken over by FAVORABLE PEOPLE after having WON their struggle and yet they don't fulfill the PROMISES MADE to Black people but instead seek WHITE FOLKS to integrate the schools with so that the Black can learn.

"As Legal Slavery passed, we entered into a permanent period of Unemployment and Underemployment from which we have yet to emerge".
Julian Bond[/quote]

You were no doubt in the NAACP Children's Auxiliary - weren't you Lauren?

Do you see how PASSIVE Bond's words are? Whereas Detroit, Trenton, Baltimore and Rochester New York were THRIVING urban centers, powerful enough to ATTRACT BLACK PEOPLE FROM THE SOUTH for gainful employment - when the STRUGGLE was WON - those who now controlled the cities implemented their own policy regime.

After this victory Lauren there is abundant UNEMPLOYMENT. Note how Bond and other Progressive-Fundamentalist are forced to FIGHT AGAINST the "Consumers of Labor" with the goal of PROTESTING THAT JOBS MIGHT BE CREATED.

NEVER will they have to own up for the vacation of the jobs which many of their policies had triggered.

I am trying to get into your head Lauren. (I am serious at this point).


How do you justify having protested in the past against the occupant of a seat of power and now with that same seat in favorable hands you walk PAST HER on your way to struggle against some other seat in the hierarchy?

Did that ORIGINAL SEAT become INFERIOR? Or have you reduced EXPECTATIONS upon its present occupant? What about the characteristics of this present occupant caused such reduction Lauren?

Is it possible that you are mistaking MANAGEMENT for "STRUGGLE"? A struggle can attract a large crowd behind you. They can render INDICTMENTS but never have to own up to their own faults. They retain the MORAL HIGH GROUND and project from there.

I am struggling to understand how the present dimensions afford you the thought that your SALVATION resides in fighting against EXTERNAL forces rather than guiding the HUMAN RESOURCES that are within your domain to live to a higher standard.

Get Out Of Here - Former STL Post Dispatch Columnist Sylvester Brown Has A Blog Where He No Longer Has To Pretend To Be Objective


Do any of you brothers and sisters who swing toward progressivism ever take a step back and consider that there MIGHT BE a world view that is different than your own and is equally as justifiable?

Let me tell you - THERE IS.

Then you look at the large away of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist megaphones that are streaming toward you from every angle.  Do you then wonder WHY you and so many others think the way that you do?

To be clear I am not registering an indictment upon Progressivism.  Instead I am making analysis of the underlying problems that you are struggling to address as you use progressivism as a methodology to obtain this fix.   If you found out that despite the consensus of the medical establishment there indeed was an alternative therapy available that proved to be more effective - what would this trigger regarding your demand for more diversity in the messages streamed upon you and your community?

Ironically the very same demands for "community television" to be added to the cable franchise so that voices beyond the "corporate media" can be heard is needed in regards to what the Black American is treated to.  The establishment forces bearing down upon this community have the same lusts for monopoly and its benefits that any Madison Avenue firm seeks to gain advantage from.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogger Ish: The Tea Parties Are RACIST. They've Just Gotta Be For My Views To Be Substantiated

Here is yet another Progressive-Fundamentalist blog that has come out of the woodwork. The Cahokian

Please note how important it is for them to have Black folks focused upon the Tea Parties as the biggest impending fear to our community.  By doing so they escape indictment DESPITE the Progressives having more control over our institutions today than ever before.

The sad part of it all is that NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACY is the building block to their arguments.  A crowd of White folks showing resolve but no violence (YET) is more deserving our the attention of the Black community than are so many other issues that place us in an early grave. 

Our mental imagery of what the WHITE MAN MIGHT DO if the Progressive-Fundamentalists do not stand vigilant against him is more powerful of a concern than what the favorable political/cultural/social machine that presently dominates us IS DOING to prove that we are in fact PROGRESSING.  

Step back for a moment people and consider he strategic calculus.  IF you had control over the messaging to Black America AND you risked being held accountable by the Black Rank and File - WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING NOW?

To be honest if I were a Progressive who was more interested in POWER than my own community - I too would be "Seeking Threatening White People".

Since I am a bit more dispassionate and am reading their playbook - I AM NOT MOVED by their antics.  It is to be expected.

From my post on ish's blog:

Lets attempt to qualify your claims.

It seems that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists are of the view that "Anti-Black RACISM" is a more prevalent attribute of White Conservatives.

For me as a Black Conservator - I see the twin sister of "Black Inferiority" as contemptuous. You see not only is "Assumed Black Inferiority" marinated through many of the policies that the White Progressive-Fundamentalist seeks to hoist upon society - the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is good at transacting upon his own inferiority. As long as there is a profit to be made at the end of the exchange the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" has no problem being the poster child for a being who is in a damaged state.

Here is what I don't understand about those of you how key in upon the Tea Party being the modern day instantiation of WHITE SUPREMACY:

When we translate what they have done to negatively impact Black people in the past 2 years - it is not the physical assaults or lynching that you can point to. INSTEAD it is the threat that the entitlement rights which have been advanced by Progressive-Fundamentalists like Ted Kennedy might be taken away. In his pursuit of these entitlements Kennedy chose the race of people who's leaders accept the label "The Least Of These". It is not that Kennedy and other White liberals are "helping Blacks". Instead they are HELPING "The Least Of These" - of which a portion of them are Black.

I challenge you to detail for me the COMPETENCIES that have been developed among the people who have acquiesced to these policies which seek to allow them to live at a standard of living that their own aggregate PRODUCTIVITY would ill-afford them to live.

In your focus upon the notion that "Tea Party = RACISM" you fail to make note of the anti-matter that your positions afford Black people as we are distracted.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Filled Negro Version Of "The Ballot Or The Bullet"

It is clear that yesterday's choice between "The Ballot Or The Bullet" is today's choice between "Bailey's Cream Flavored SELF-CHUM About Our Slave History" versus the "Castor Oil Flavored Bitter Pill About Our FUTURE".

Some people fail to see that the year 2010 will one day be someone's HISTORY that "We should never forget lest we REPEAT THE MISTAKES".

Field Negro:

On this one we are in rare agreement.

I had printed the article out after my best friend in the world RiPPa had posted it last week and read it last night during a banquet last night in downtown Atlanta in a room full of wealthy Negros.

Filled Negro I contrasted the focus upon the power of the White Man's whip from slavery against what I was looking at - the "100 Black Women Of Atlanta's" annual scholarship ball. I have to tell you Filled Negro - they discounted your home land. While one "descendant of slavery" won an auction for an $8000 trip to Paris, bidding $4,800 in this "Bush Recession" and Cayman Islands went for $3,100 it was strange that Jamaica was only $2,200.

Think about it Filled Negro. FRANCE the nation that gave us HAITI is in 2010 a tourist destination for Negroes who are wealthy. Whereas the majority of the Blacks in Cuba will never make it to Philly because their GOVERNMENT will not allow them to go........there is a band of elite Blacks who reside in 'the Belly Of The Beast' - their former Slave Colony who travel and stay at the finest accommodations.

In effect, Filled Negro, they EXIT the "belly of the beast" on a jet plane and then willingly enter the airport of a DIFFERENT historical oppressor.

Still - the best way to get Black folks passionately debating is NOT to talk about how the PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF TODAY house the Negro leaders, doctors, managers, and those who are skilled with sociology to craft the Black Community circa 2050.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention horticulturalists. You see Filled Negro in listening to NPR's "Tell Me More" I learned that there are "FOOD DESERTS" in Urban America and thus there is a growing FOOD JUSTICE movement. Broccoli and Green Beans over Big Mac Value Meals....."YES you can upside it for me Sir. Throw some catchup and salt in with that as well."

Just thing about the vision Filled Negro. The CIVIL RIGHTS FIGHTER of yesterday which got the Klan to stop molesting us will be the URBAN CROP GROWER of tomorrow who harvests foods in the fight against the KILLERS: Obesity, Diabetes and Renal Failure. Instead of "Sit Ins" he will need to master crop rotation". Instead of "Violating White's Only" sitting rooms he will need to figure out how to use organic concoctions to keep pests away. I have no shame in saying Filled Negro - I have dealt with a roach or two while growing up in Philly. If they are ravenous inside of the house I can just image what they'll do to a garden outside of the house if there are not sufficient human brain power pitted against it to refrain it from eating the tomatoes.

Sadly, Filled Negro, though THIS IS THE PRIORITY while will develop our FUTURE - the way one get's "Street Cred" among some Blacks is to prove that he has NOT GOTTEN OVER THE PAST which he can't change.

When HISTORY is used as a "self-chumming" element to draw Negro anger we must evaluate the OPPORTUNITY COSTS as compared with that which we SHOULD BE FOCUSING UPON but are not.

Friday, April 23, 2010

An Effective Counterpunch Against WhiteBowieSteve

From the Filled Negro Blog

[quote]CF as God is my witness, you are the most relentless, determined Tom I have ever witnessed.
Do you ever visit any white blogs?[/quote]

Let me TRANSLATE that for you because I understand what your perverted view of "White" is.

I go to:
* Economic Policy Institute (left)
* Fox Business
* Bloomberg
* Concord Coalition
* American Enterprise Institute

To you many of them are "the Klan"
because they are warning of the disaster of centralized dependency upon the federal government.

If you were a serious man you'd go to and realize the gross flaws that you strategy will inflict in due time.

It seems to me that white folks should know that they have such a devoted servant such as you.[/quote]


I opened up a shoe shine store and put a "Whites Only" sign on the front. As "The White man" walks in the front door my mouth opens and all of my teeth are showing. I give him a warm greeting letting him know how much I appreciate his business.

All the while I am watching him.

What started out as a $8 shoe shine as I listen to him run down Black Street Pirates turns into a very profitable affair.

* I note that his heels are run down uneven and I send him to the Black chiropractor in Suite 101.

* I note that his pants have a tear in it and I send him to the Hispanic tailor in Suite 102.

* I see that he could use a hair cut and I send him to Suite 103 for the White lady to give him a cut and a shave

* I note that his car was sounding loud and in need of a tune up so as he is doing all of his other personal care a brother with a garage around the corner picks up his car and does the tune up, car wash and detailing

You see WhiteBowieSteve I SERVICE THE WHITE MAN indeed. It is very profitable for me and for OTHERS in the office park that I own.

YOU and that White man saw a "Shoe Shine Boy" when you both walked in. YOU spat on me and called me a "Tom" as you thought about throwing a brick through my window and form a protest that I was a RACIST, not letting you in.

That WHITE MAN who originally saw a shoe shine boy left seeing TWO THINGS

1) That tall Black man who he came to for ONE point of service is actually a pretty shrewed business man. He ADDED VALUE in one convenient space.

2) He saw his BANK STATEMENT at the end of the month and noted that the eco-system of services that I offered to him INDEED COSTS MONEY but I gave him a fair price.

HE THEN CALLED a bunch of his WHITE FRIENDS and told him about the Black Man in the office suite right up the street.

He said of me to his friends "That Nigger is pretty sharp and I am pleased with his work".

You know what Steve - Since I learned that I CAN'T CONTROL what a person might SAY of me in a private conversation I instead choose to focus on CONTROLLING WHAT I CAN CONTROL. With this disposition others around me profit greatly because I didn't MISLEAD them down the RACISM CHASING path - where what this WHITE MAN SAID triggers my focus and consumes my time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Open Letter To Jay Bookman Of The AJC and Michael Steele Of The GOP

Jay Bookman - a leftist opinion writer celebrates the words of indictment made by Michael Steele against the Republican Party

In the world of Jay Bookman - he would like to have the GOP shift more to the left as pretext for them to be more acceptable to him and other Black Progressives.   Though he does not provide analysis to the words of Michael Steele he is able to articulate the racial sins of the GOP over the past several decades, Mr Bookman would not be able to articulate the unified mooning that various "Democrats who are Black" have done in the process of insuring that we arrive at the conflagration of power that we see today:  Democrats controlling every Black community yet not being held to account for the shortcomings.

This is why I argue that Black people who are interested in the conditions of our people without regard to their party need to develop a more transparent means of evaluation of our community's condition.  The inside game that is present today will never have the vehicle (the party) and the methodology (progressivism) of the incumbent forces placed for inspection.

I would love for Mr Bookman to chase down various Black leaders and have them to justify their continued advocacy for their party despite so many of the promises made to our people remaining unfulfilled.

The better question to be asked of the Black community is:
Why do you keep trying harder at what you are doing?  Is it possible that your community's prosperity is a function of development in an area other than the "American Political Domain"? 

My responses to the Jay Bookman blog
Mr Bookman :

With all due respect - You know not what the HECK you are talking about.

Michael Steele is an operative for the Republican Party. As a Black man I have a bigger question for my fellow Black Americans: "What does the Democratic Party, which controls every voting district where Black people are 35%+ of the voting base - have to do to LOSE OUR VOTE?"

Mr Bookman - you fail to make note that certain operatives who present themselves as "Black Leaders" are also "Democrats who are Black". What interest do they have in "splitting the Black vote"?

In fact you would do well to research Dr Ronald Walters who WARNS against this very thing.

Think about it Bookman:

* Fannie Lou Hamer broke down the doors of the Democratic National Convention in 1964 demanding a seat despite the "racist Democrats" who did not want her in due to her race
* Blacks demand access to subdivisions next to White Republicans
* Blacks demand access to exclusive golf clubs
* Blacks demand access to exclusive schools
* Blacks demand access to executive suites

Do you find it odd, Mr Bookman that the ONLY venue that certain Blacks are motivated to avoid is the one venue IF ACCESSED is said to diminish the Black voting power.

How many times have you heard the news that only 11% of Whites in Alabama voted for Obama as proof of their RACISM? Yet liberals like you in the media see 96% of Blacks voting for Obama and you say that it is not because of their racism but because the Republican Party is intolerant.
Look at the conditions in these Democratic controlled communities and schools and then you tell me why the entrenchment is so?

To clarify my previous post:

Michael Steele is an operative for the Republican Party. He is going to say what he needs to say to get VOTES. You can trust that Steele has the primary intentions of helping Black people AS LONG AS IT IS THROUGH the Republican Party as Sharpton, Jackson, Lowery and Obama seek to help Black people - as long as it if for their party.

Mr Bookman as we look at the results that have been obtained WHERE THERE ARE NO EVIL REPUBLICANS to thwart Black people - CHICAGO ILLINOIS being the reference model for having NO Republican representative nor Republican majority legislative body - at the city/county/state and now FEDERAL level - we see the truth. While there is great angst felt by many Blacks against the GOP - areas where there is a total Democratic fortress DOES NOT assure Black prosperity.

* Chicago graduates only 52.9% of its students - though 87% of them are Black and Hispanic
* The streets of Chicago run with "Negro Blood". IF the South as a "Killing Field for Black People" needed intervention - what say you of Chicago and other places? (The liberals went after the White Racists who killed us Black people in the past. With Black on Black crimes you now blame socio-economic conditions that MADE THEM do it)

Do you see Mr Bookman? The answer to our people's problems DOES NOT reside in the "American Political Domain".

Too often the solutions that the Democratic left leave our people damaged from the experience. Note the condition of the people after the housing policies of Bowman Homes in the ATL or "Cabrini Green " in Chicago caused them to go into the 'real world" which they were never provided with increased competency over the years.

I believe that the twin brother of "White Supremacy" is "Assumed Black Inferiority". While many accept the notion that the GOP is the party of "White Supremacy" it is also true that the policies of the Democratic Party assume "Black Inferiority". In as much as you don't want to implement a strict and regulated social order per your own liberalism - when it comes to implementing the government initiatives to rectify the situation with "the Least of These" (poor Blacks and Whites) your inability to have them to be the primary force in their own salvation assures that perpetual generations of people who receive the "Progressive Treatment" will have their competency stunted as such.

I Wuz Banned From The BET Uncut Propaganda Blog

(Thank goodness that a smaller number than ever can relate to this but.....)
Imagine you are standing trial as a Black man before an "All White Jury" in Mississippi 1942.  You are on trial for the claim that you raped a White woman whom you hadn't even seen before.  The jury verdict comes back:  GUILTY!!!!

With respect to your knowledge of the context within which all of this is taking place - should it come as any surprise to you that the jury ruled as it did? 

You know that THEY are guilty not you.

Take this model and apply it to what I have experienced with the BET Uncut blog.
I read his words the other day on the "Filled Negro" blog that BET Uncut had implemented a new "content filtering" system on his blog which keeps the postings on topic with the subject at hand.

Today I made my first post on the BET Uncut blog with this "new system" in place.  Clearly BET Uncut has an IP filter.  Upon posting I saw a message that said "denied".  Little does BET Uncut realize but I have access to a large quantity of source IP addresses that I can make use of.  I changed my source IP address and then was able to post my response to his propaganda against Col West, a Black man who's main offense in the jaundiced eyes of BET Uncut is that he is a Republican.  The fact that he fired his weapon near an Iraqi policeman as a means of intimidating him in to telling Col West about a plot to harm American soliders is IMMATERIAL in the world of BET Uncut - despite the fact that he called it "torture".

BET Uncut and his blog is indeed modeled upon an "All White Jury".  If asked which law I have violated prompting my dismissal from the blog - he, like the "All White Jury" would not be able to point to a law that is in writing.  The law is in their mind so that it can be molded to fit the "offense" of the person who is in eyesight.

Please be clear - I lose no sleep over the actions of BET Uncut.

Ironically BET Uncut goes around to other blogs (Booker Rising - for moderates and conservatives) and spreads his intellectual excrement around.  In effect he can't live up to his own blog guidelines on other blogs. 

With all 'offending thoughts' purged from his blog he is left to have his unmolested "All White Jury" debates with BrotherBrownShirt, Papa Nana, Drum Addict and others - many of whom are spurned posters from Booker Rising.  Instead of the conservative leaning Booker Rising having banned them - THEY left, tiring of having to defend their views to Black Conservatives who are not inclined to accept their views even if they are popular views within Black America.

One only need consider the line up of posts on the BET Uncut blog in order to judge the character of the man behind them for yourself.  As a Black man living in metro DC his public enemy #1 are the Republicans who have little power in the local area.  The problem plagued communities in commuting distance from BET Uncut's home in McLean VA haven't seen an evil Republican walking in their community (who doesn't have a police or fire uniform) for decades. 

For someone who is so bigoted and arbitrary in his postings it comes as no surprise that his blog "membership" policy is also arbitrary. 

So the following Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogs I have been banned from include:

  1. African America blog -
  2. AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa blog
  3. BET Uncut's Pole Dancing For White Snarling Fox Bigots blog
I actually have to give a special shoutout to my friend Filled Negro.   My views are no less like a sore thumb upon the Filled Negro blog.  I appreciate Filled Negro for not banning me or anyone else, instead relying on the community of "Field-Negroes"  to manage themselves and deal with rouge posters.  While Filled Negro is no less biased in his line up of daily postings - I call them "Self-Chum" it seems that despite being a "Defense Attorney" Filled Negro manages to have less slimy scales on his back than does BET Uncut.  He seems to be able to dish it out but not take it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Infighting: Why Confederates, Tea Parties and Racism Chasing Is So Important To Black Establishment Organizations

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

The present infighting going on within the SCLC is very telling.
To me it shows two things.

  1. The actual progress that has been made by the Black community in the way of civil rights.
  2. Clear evidence that as these organizations where UNITED in their focus against an EXTERNAL threat - they failed to build up the disciplined management infrastructure by which certain conflicts could be addressed without these type of public struggles for power.

It is LUST FOR POWER that is at the root of many of these organization's present existence.  While today they ritualistically work in "King's name", this world and nation have changed to a point where they operate without relation to the pressing challenges that face Black Americans today.

For so long they have pushed for "unity" amongst Black people.  In having a common enemy by which to focus on many of these core conflicts were kept at bay.  Now they use the access that they have opened up to court systems, Black judges and a news media who now values them as establishment entities to air their dirty laundry for the world to see.

The same type of infighting among like-minded individuals can be found:
  • In the city council of Yeadon PA
  • In the county board of Clayton County GA
  • Between the majority Black school board and Black school Superintendent 
  • In many Black churches 

Instead it is important that the community make note of all of the news stories that took place prior to the SCLC court case and then we will see the problem.  You see the SCLC is so worried about the conflict that is taking place in their Auburn Avenue headquarters building (which they proudly opened up several years ago, inviting former Present Clinton to serve as the ribbon cutter in the ceremony in which they pat each other on the back) that they are rendered unconscious about the peril that awaits the community that exists a mere few blocks away from the edifice.

They, like so many other Black churches with a permanent "Building Fund" have turned to erecting monuments for their own comfort.

To be clear, however, I do not blame them for doing all of this.  Ultimately it is the Black "rank and file" which much be held accountable.  This group continues to look to these establishment entities for leadership.  Even after multiple examples of squandered opportunity - many return to them because they too have failed to develop alternatives which could be more attuned to their present needs and thus more effective at upholding the present interests within the community.

No amount of "racism chasing" diversion upon Confederates or Tea Parties is going to resolve these issues.

News You Won't Hear On Maddow/Olbermann - Man In Chicago Killed 4 For Allah

No moon, no sun: 'That meant Allah told him to take his family'

If you are not on the hit list of certain media operatives you have no fear of being featured on their propaganda shows.

The murderous rampage started after James Larry, a converted Muslim, looked to the sky and didn't see the moon or the sun before dawn Wednesday, a family member says.
"That meant Allah told him to take his family," said the woman, who asked that her name not be printed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Press Operatives Know Black People - Promote Tea Parties, Confederates Deemphasize Problems Happening Under The Watch Of The Black Establishment

Add Eugene Robinson to the pile of the "Anti-Confederate Guard".  No surprise

As I noted with Cynthia Tucker, Roland Martin and other Black Press operatives - the primary way they render their indictment is to monitor them for what they don't talk about.

Let me pause for a second to see if Mr Robinson has talked about the recent increase in Black unemployment from 15.8% up to 16.5%.  I will be right back.

I have to give Mr Robinson partial credit.  No only does he talk about the recent murder of 4 Black young people in Washington DC he also points to the 28% unemployment rate in the area.

Eugene Robinson Article:
The carnage has been front-page, top-of-the-newscast fare. It is as if a veil has been lifted and the city can now see the devastation that should have been evident all along. Ward 8, the jurisdiction that includes the church Obama attended and the site of the mass shooting, has an unemployment rate of 28.5 percent and a poverty rate of 40 percent. It has the highest percentage of single-parent households in the city, its public schools are perennially troubled and its streets are host to frequent turf battles among violent gangs.

But soon, all that will be forgotten -- just as the same kind of despair goes unremembered in similar neighborhoods in Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia and every other major American city. Entrenched black poverty, with all its causes and implications, barely makes a ripple in the public debate these days.

"No matter where you are in the city, unemployment is a crisis," council member Kwame R. Brown (D-At Large), who drafted the legislation, said at a news conference. Though the unemployment rate is only 3.2 percent in Ward 3, which includes Friendship Heights and Chevy Chase, and 5.9 percent in Dupont Circle's Ward 2, according to November data from the D.C. Department of Employment Services, it is high elsewhere in the city -- reaching 28.5 percent in Ward 8, which includes Anacostia.

"It's a citywide problem, one that we need to tackle together," he said.

I can't help but think that with so much time focused on external racism chasing - these areas of most acute need go unattended to.   Sadly with so many of the people tuned out of what their leaders are doing and yet so happy about the attention that they receive they function as co-conspirators to the ruse that feeds off of their grievances, allowing the machine that is in power to aggregate even more power.

Notice how Mr Robinson makes note that Hailey Barbour of Mississippi "presides over a state with a significant Black population" within his "Anti-Confederate guard" article yet when it comes to Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia he fails to detail the character of the political establishment in these places.  Not only do his favored progressives control all of the violent portions of these respective cities where "Black people are on the television news crying".......they control the entire political franchise of the city.

I would like to see equality expressed between the areas where the ex-Confederates ruled and what we see today in these highly despressed areas.
  • Black people were being murdered in a wanton manner - often for the purposes of revenge and intimidation
  • Black people had their education systematically suppressed
  • Black people had their economic wherewithal stripped from them via constant threat from those who lead to the doors of their businesses being shuttered
  • Black people's health and community relationships were severed by the actions of those who assailed us
Which of these elements on the list that was created from 1910 is NOT present in the Black community of 2010?

If the "Southern Confederate States" as an eco-system had to be destroyed so that the Black man could rise up and consume his freedoms and equality as citizens - WHO is making note that machinations that predominate the zones of oppression and terror that exist in 2010 should likewise be destroyed?

Please understand one thing - the oracles of the Black Establishment are not going to take pen to paper (finger to keyboard) and work to disassemble that which they have assisted into the position of power.

The only viable strategy is for a person like me to bring CONSCIOUSNESS to them, making them realize that they are today playing the role that the "mainstream press" of the past had played.  The Black press was founded because the "establishment press" had a vested interest in protecting the establishment over doing the necessary muckraking to force those who have power to do right by Black people.

Today's elements of the Black Establishment press know Black people.
They realize that a story of a "Tea Party Confederate" has the POWER to clear all of the headlines from the menial murder of a Black person within our community, the condition of our public schools or the armed militia that kill us more frequently - the Street Pirates.

Just as the present Black press was formed to go around the establishment - there is a need for a new voice that can go around the establishment Black press and talk directly to the people.   (Then again - according to the "Louisiana Weekly" - since most Blacks don't have a computer - my attempts to form this new press on the web won't reach the 'least of these'.   Maybe I should purchase ad space in their paper just as they demand that the government do as it lists its sheriff sales)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Final Call: Are America's Floods A Sign Of God's Judgment?

I am resuming my evaluation of "The Nation Of Islam" and its oracle 'The Final Call' as a means of understanding what makes it tick.

I have noticed that despite the organization having "conservatory themes" they appear to enjoy the company of Black Progressive Statists as political and ideological alies.

A Black Conservator is a person who can define the best practices by which our community can achieve our desired standard of living with a strong measure of organic independence.  (A Black Conservative and a Black Conservator don't necessarily have anything in common and are not synonymous. )

A Black Progressive Statist seeks to make use of the prevailing government order within which they live as the primary means of obtaining this desired living standard.

In the Final Call article pictured above the author dares make an association about the flooding in New England that, if done with respect to Hurricane Katrina would have rendered an attack.  I know this because such claims were made and attacks followed.

I believe that the difference has to do with the granularity of the indictment.
You see when right wing Christian evangelists said that the City of New Orleans (and by extension Black people) had received judgment from God because of their sinful ways - they were dutifully attacked for such a statement.   The NOI extends their statements upon the entire nation (and implicitly upon the White power structure that controls it) thus they escape the in kind attack that was seen with the Katrina flooding.

I would love for someone to detail the qualitative differences in both statements?

 Next we have the protests regarding the money donated to the Red Cross for Haitian relief.

The Final Call performs its duty as a "muckraking" journal - going after those who it does not trust and demanding accountability.

Initially "racist America" proved itself as charitable as the Haitian Earthquake triggered a record amount of donations from around the world, with America leading the way.  Of course this must not stand!!

In the left wing press (see this month's International Socialist Review) the cover article claims that America's aim in Haiti is military occupation.  With this line of questioning about the Red Cross funding - the Final Call is doing a bit of payback in return fire against the questions raised against Wyclef Jean's "Yele' Foundation". 

Can we all agree that the key difference between Black political operatives and White political operatives is that despite using the very same tactics - one gets to charge the other as being "racists", leveraging hatred as their motivating force?

Monday, April 12, 2010

In The Judgement Of The "Neo All White Jury" On The Filled Negro Blog - This Black Man Has More Credibility Than I Do

If you listen to my friends at the Filled Negro blog - they will attack ME more than you'll ever hear an unsolicited attack against this Black male who put his 2 year old at risk and made another "Black woman cry on the television news".

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Granny Sez - It Is Easier For A Camel To Get Through The Eye Of A Needle Than It Is For A Conservative To Do So

From the blog: Filled Negro:

Granny Speaking Truth attempts to put me on her lap and spank me for being "selfish" as I defend my wallet against her government larceny attempt:

My Response:
Christian preachers Granny and Mellaneous The Christian Journalist:

Do you see that you pull out biblical versus for ME yet the non-believer Filled Negro is allowed to play the Flava Flav hype man role, NEVER being asked to sup with you in communion?

My dear Granny:
That camel through the eye of a needle is talking about the RICH MAN who loves his MONEY.
It is not against God to BE RICH. It is only those who love their material more than they love their God that is problematic.

[quote]But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition[/quote]

GRANNY - notice that in your piousness you NEVER saw the picture of TIGER WOODS in this verse.

[quote]If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother:[/quote]

Granny - I spent the last week with a good friend who is an "Anti-America American" and a self described COMMUNIST. He loves Fidel and Che'. The USA is the devil around the world - he says.

* When it came to the poor Black man who gave us a horse tour - I gave the man a $10 peso tip - my friend rebuked me saying "I already paid him. Why are you giving him more money?!!!". This despite the guy showing us the big back of crackers for his kids to eat. We thought the crackers were for his horse. My friend had no problem given money to the bartenders for his own alcohol though.

* When two young prostitutes came to our table in a restaurant (NO I DID NOT DO IT WITH THEM!! There is a swam of them with an eye for Americans.) I bought them dinner and they added cigarettes to MY TAB. My friend told me that I was being played. I should not buy them SHYT!!! For me - I was making observations of them and the track that this society had them placed upon.

I learned that 3 years of Spanish from 20 years ago in school had failed me.

GRANNY I fed them but did not EXPLOIT THEIR BODIES. My friend saw prostitutes. I saw two young ladies. (Ok, Ok. I saw their breasts as well.)

The funny thing about your piousness Granny (and Mellaneous) is that in your own "Mall Cop" way (Mall Cop = those who focus on suspects because of their BIGOTRY while the real thieves get away) you, in truth, have SUPERIOR expectations of ME, who is a critic of you and your ideology.

The indictment against you comes from observations of how you handle those who VIOLATE YOUR RULES yet you remain SILENT against them. This is because THEY are silent in their scrutiny or opposition to you.

AS LONG AS I AM the "salt on the back of the progressive-fundamentalist SNAILS" you all will show your discomfort of me.

Show me the "Jesus" in YOUR HEART.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Which "Assassination" Of A Black Mayor Are We More Likely To See On The Field-Negro/AfroSpear Blog Synidcate?

Black Mayor In South Jersey Township Of South Harrison:  Racism Drove Me Out Of Office

(Note - This news was actually run on the Field-Negro blog as it broke last year.)


Black Mayor Of Washington Park,IL (Outside of East St Louis IL) Murdered As He Inspected His City

Video Report From The Local News

I am saddened for the family of Mayor John Thornton.  I mean no harm to his memory.

The sad fact is, however, that certain people with certain agenda are going to promote their own agenda and hence will bring to light those news stories that are favorable to their agenda as they bury stories that contrast their own.

Indeed some might argue that I am as guilty.  I challenge such a claim - asking anyone who thinks so to weigh the gravity of a mayor who says "racism ran him out of office" versus a mayor who's term was ended by a bullet.

Mayor John Thornton seemed like an unlikely candidate to wind up dead on his own town's streets.

Thornton was known to cruise Washington Park in the early morning hours to make sure police were out doing their jobs, officers said. And he knew just about everyone in town and would help just about anyone in need, they said.

Thornton's murder early Thursday remains a mystery, as police investigate why and how someone got inside the mayor's white sedan about 5:45 a.m. and fatally shot him.

Thornton, 52, was behind the wheel of his car when he was shot twice in the chest. Washington Park police said he was headed home from his job as an overnight-shift foreman at the Metro East Sanitary District.

After being fatally wounded, Thornton crashed into a tree at 48th and Caseyville streets. Witnesses told police that the killer jumped out of the car and into a red Chevrolet Impala with someone already inside and fled.

When police arrived at the scene, Thornton was unresponsive in the front seat. He was later pronounced dead at Kenneth Hall Hospital in East St. Louis.

Washington Park police said Thornton appeared to be the victim of a random robbery. But the Illinois State Police, which was handed the investigation, refused to discuss any details concerning motive or circumstance.

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