Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stanley Crouch And The Obama Press Corp's Minority Whips

Add Stanley Crouch as an official member of the "Obama Press Corp's Minority Whips".
This includes Roland Martin, Eugine Robinson, Derick Z Jackson and Cynthia Tucker among others.

They fail to have the logic to see the COUNTER POINT to their arguments.  Worse yet - they never have to suffer the consequences because of their "good intentions".

Obama and the Federal Democrats just filed down the fangs of Dracula and will regulate his blood using government blood thinners. Dracula, now a federal regulated utility, is no longer able to bite (raise his premiums) without the blessing of the Feds.

If Crouch can articulate that the artificially high prices that the evil drug industry has rendered by not allowing low ball competition from Canadian and Indian drug imports (let's put aside this hypocrisy over imports for a second).........what are they going to attack when the CONVERSE comes true?

* Single-payer like reimbursements will destory revenues of evil drug companies triggering cuts in R&D
* Removal of the RATIONING schemes such as "pre-existing conditions" and "payment caps" which will make costs explode and lead to "panels" to decide a cap on End Of Life Care spending.
* 30M new patients and MORE health care use by others who previously were "under insured".

What does Mr Crouch believe is going to happen?

The Progressive-Fundamentalists have put all of their attacks in INSURANCE COMPANY PROFITS. Despite the fact that the NUMBERS ($16b) NEVER MADE ANY DAMNED SENSE - they continued on, knowing that they could tap a vien of HATRED in their most unassuming supporters.

What happens in the time period where DRACULA has been tied down and no one can TRUTHFULLY blame him? Do you think that this is going to stop the Confiscatory Left?

What about this scene DID NOT take place in the present day Rust Belt people?

A local 13 year old Math wiz kid told his mother that people without FACTS use EMOTIONS to have their way with people. This is clearly true.

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