Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Racism Chasing As A Fundamental Political Operation - An Open Letter Of Thanks To Filled Negro

What does one do when an unmistakable pattern of behavior is detected?

On the surface this pattern is used to show clear condemnation of one's enemies.
In truth - upon further inspection - the behavior is merely a guise, one's agreement to act as an inferior as a means of making a political point.

Any objective study of the "Field Negro" blog and its propagandist tendencies will show that this is such a scheme.

On occasion my friend Filled Negro will come clean about his duress regarding the conditions that are present within the Black community.  The issues over crime, academics and eroded economics will come to the forefront.   These are grounds for "above board" discussions.

Sadly these are the rare exception.  90% of Filled Negro's story line ups are strictly racial-political in nature.   It is racism-chasing that proves to be the analgesic that he needs to make it through the painful realities that he sees in the places where his ideological enemies have departed and his friends have "won".

Filled Negro:

I must thank you greatly.
You are one of the top 5 Progressive-Fundamentalists that I have watched over time, learning your techniques in order to provide coaching to those who are aware of your agenda so that they might work to thwart your molestation.

I told people to NOT debate you on the question "Did someone call out these Black legislators as such". It is a strategic flaw.


However, Filled Negro here is where you and other leftists expose yourself as a frauds.

Its not that you have a problem with the use of the word "Nigger" in public discourse.......hell, we can go to the triple platinum Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song to hear it said and thus repeated incessantly by White people upon lip sync.

The truth is, Filled Negro, that you, other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers and Snarling Fox White Liberals are political operatives. Stop. End of sentence.

You ask your "hate filled" Right wing enemies to do what YOU CAN'T force your left leaning constellation from doing:


Thus, Filled Negro - I am one step ahead of you.

I choose to not run from your racialism but instead run right back at you head on.

Circumstance of today have you scraping the bottom of the barrel out of desperation. It is YOU who need control over the narrative and labels for your own hate filled agenda to keep the upper hand.

1) Today ONE WORD said by ONE ignorant White, as you struggle to find the offense give you "street cred" as if you have Integrated a School, got a seat a lunch counter - catsup and mustard in your hair or moved into a house where you were not wanted.

Truth is that the VIDEO TAPE from the 1960s is the best reference to expose your fraud.

2) You ask the right-wing to live up to a certain level of civility yet you have no such traction against the STREET PIRATE. You and others propagandize the THREAT from right wing militias yet the daily news of Black people being murdered EVERY DAMNED DAY by methods that would have made "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" had a White person done it. Instead you look at the skin color of the kill, see no exploitable surfaces and then move along.

Filled Negro - LAST WEEK a Black woman had her head and hands cut off and was dumped into the bushes.
Yesterday a store in a Black community was FIRE BOMBED. A man was in a dispute with the owners, came back with two Molitov Cocktails and burned the mother down. In this same store last year a Street Pirate is shown jumping over the counter and shooting the clerk in the head - in one continuous motion. He got $47 from the store. The man lost his life.

LET ME BE CLEAR TO YOU, Filled Negro. What you promote as a priority for POLITICAL HATE SPEECH against normal Street Pirate Crime is in truth something different.

It is "Non-White White Supremacy" that you express.

In your bigotry there is NO VIOLENT ACT that an apolitical Black man can do that is EQUAL to that of a White man operating for any reason or a Black man who acts as he has an opposing ideology to you.

You see Filled Negro the cost to ME exposing you and others is that I am called a "Black SELF-HATER".

The cost to BLACK PEOPLE following along with YOU is that the NEGRO will continue to be:

* Murdered at a higher rate
* Jailed a higher rate
* Profiled at a higher rate

all because YOU, per your political opportunism are not interested in SEEING HIM AS AN EQUAL HUMAN BEING to that of your White Ideological Enemy.

You have a band of White Liberal Snarling Foxes smiling upon your antics.

I will continue to expose you and continue to advise people to debate you on the BIG PICTURE rather than at the margins as it misses the real issues and merely advances your own perverted agenda.

When are you going to reconcile yourself with the painful truth in the streets? You claim to be seeking to fix the condition for the "Least Of These" but continue to treat them as secondary human beings - veritable victims, unable to do intimidate or assault Black people as their superiors do. You cheapen yourself at every turn.

The most painful part of it for me is NOT the attacks upon me. I have you all scripted. Instead it is that YOU KNOW I AM TELLING THE TRUTH but your BIGOTRY in the inferiority of your own people won't allow you to change your ways.

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