Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Open Letter To Shabazz

You all will never know how much I love people like Shabazz.

The biggest indictment against him is NOT that he has the voice to call ME out.
Instead he should be convicted and executed because when other Black men who do far greater assaults on EVERYTHING that Black people are known to cherish.  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HEAR Shabazz snatch HIS Blackness away.

For me to feel as if I am GUILTY per your judgment would be like a Black man in 1942 Mississippi to believe that he did in fact rape that White woman BECAUSE the All White Jury CONVICTED HIM.  He then says "Well maybe I was sleep walking and did it?"

cf's 1 favorite movie is "A Soldier's Story." What was it about this film that dazzled you?

Ahhh doing background research.  I likz it!!

The reason why the movie was my favorite is because it showed the DYNAMICS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the consequences of seeking to UPHOLD OUR DIGNITY. 

Who was your favorite character?
I'll bet you five bucks it wasn't Denzel?!

Gregory - loan me $5 to give to Shabazz for he is CORRECT.

My favorite character is Master Sgt. Waters played by the late great actor Aldoph Caeser.

The reason why I choose him over Pfc Peterson (Denzel) is that it was HE who worked to UPHOLD THE DIGNITY and he had a good read on ALL OF THE CHARACTERS in his troop.

He saw that the "Buckdancing" singer was popular but had no INTELLIGENCE.  For some reason Shabazz I think that YOU would not have a problem with him. You would be soothed with this lyrics.

You are a tapdancing, slavecatching coon.
Your self hatred even amazes me.

Shabazz - ask anyone who is NOT A FELLOW BIGot if they read 'self hatred' when they read my words.

Think about it (two points)

1) Last week a member of the "Corporate Obama" faction of my Black friends that I share e-mail debates on occasion at work asked ME - the sellout to lunch.  I thought that he was going to talk about how to move forward as a people now that the Smiley/Sharpton fissure showed the "Obama Worshiping" strategy as a flow.  INSTEAD he told of a strategy to use what we know from "the inside" of this big evil corporation to do something on the side.  He said that my skills would help lead the company.

Shabazz - should I tell him:  "I prefer helping the corporate monster to steal people's money.....I am not going to help you?"  Help me out.

2) WHY don't you call the group that I participate with in mentoring young Black males from a local housing development and tell them to KEEP AWAY FROM ME?  I might convert them into SELLOUTS....just like me.

INSTEAD you, among the Negroratti might use your heigthened state of consciousness to FIND THEIR FATHERS, none of whom I have EVER seen come to pick them up after the session. 

I am asked to LEAVE MY FAMILY and go mentor another Black man's progeny.   Shabazz I bet that $5 dollars back that YOU hold ME in more contempt than you do the collection of BLACK MALES who have REPRODUCED yet allow a SELF-HATER train up their sons.

Any CONTEMPT that you hear from my messages should be seen as being directed at YOU.  Not YOU the GENETIC FORM.

YOU the MENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS that proves so damning.


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