Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LampBlack Yellow Journalsim

I believe that I have subscribed to a sufficient number of Black themed media sources (blogs, television shows, e-mail distribution lists and organizational web sites) to get a good feel about the messages that flow within.

There is little surprise that the vast majority of these sites are left/progressive biased. They directly or tacitly carry the water for the Democratic Party.  I do credit some of them for residing within the "community cultural consciousness and competency domain" even if they are left leaning.  (There is no right/left orientation in the CCC&C domain".  Fidelity with our permanent interests is the only orientation therein).

I now have reached the point in which I can "follow the wave" regarding the latest "Racism Chasing"/"External Obfuscation"/"Republican Attack"/"Police Are The Real Criminals"/"The White Man Made Me Do It" issue that is queued up for distribution across the "Negrosphere".

(Note: So what's the deal with the word "Negrosphere"?  That's insulting.  Answer: I dole out as much respect as some people show they deserve.  Some people are purely political operatives who use RACE as their cover.  I have nothing but contempt for them.)

Thus we come to the propaganda that trigger this new term "LampBlack Yellow Journalism".

There is a White man who is a Republican representative from Arizona.  95% of the Black folks in America has never heard of him before a few days ago.  Despite this fact his status as a "Republican" gives him an express lane for entry on the front page of nearly every "Democrat Who Is Black" media source.  Not even a "Street Pirate" who murders more than 2 Black people during his "Pirate Attack" has such access.  The name of this Republican is U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ).

I have to give credit to the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists". They no longer have to paraphrase an enemy's comments as they build up and tear down their straw man. Today they can post the man's words and show the video for all to see. AS LONG AS THEY provide an interpretation (self-chum) for the to get into the proper mindset regarding how they should "read between the lines" of what the Republican has said.

Rep Tret Franks: Blacks Better Off As Slaves 
The irony of this specific source that I used, "The Newser"  is that their tag line says "Read Less Know More"

I assure everyone that if they were to depend upon "Newser" as their only news source they would be mentally damaged as a result of it.

Here is the "Klan Klip" from Franks, per the evaluation of the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists and their Snarling Fox White Liberal emissaries:

Slavery “is a crushing mark on America’s soul,” the Arizonan tells Mike Stark. “And yet today, half of all black children are aborted. Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery. And I think, ‘What does it take to get us to wake up?’”
From this ANTI-ABORTION comment those with devious intent - took it and ran with it.

As a Black man am not offended one bit by the comment.   I don't think that there is an equivalence of the two issues, though both are damning.  But most certainly the man DID NOT say "Black people were better off as slaves" as the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists" have alleged.

The truth is that they want to have this WHITE REPUBLICAN MAN shut up about BLACK WOMEN and ABORTION.  The White man Post-Katrina who gave out free abortions to the (mostly Black) women of New Orleans as they sought refuge in Arkansas was made into a folk hero.  He provided these women with a taste of "freedom", advancing them one inch closer to "women's rights" per their choice to do what they wanted to with their bodies. 

I detest intellectual cowardice.
Sadly there is a rich flow of such punkishness flowing through the capillaries from which our community receives its news.  This is both formal news and "read between the lines" of what a "Negro in good standing" should think and do.

I will continue to display contempt for these operatives until they stop being CONTEMPTIBLE in their actions..


As I went looking for the video I ran across "Think Progress" - a White Leftist "Snarling Fox" web site. They are now up to 788 posts on this manufactured outrage.
The great Malcolm X must be crying in his grave.  It seems that the American Negro has progressed an now is IN THE GAME of football between the White Liberal and the White Conservative.  With the White Liberal Snarling Foxes having won the lionsshare of the Negro's loyalties the Negro now says "ARE TEAM IS WINNING".  Yet they fear to look at the conditions back at home which they have vacated - thus triggering the need for the higher than normal abortions.

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