Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Calls Out Religious Operatives Who Use "Social Justice" To Advance Their Quasi-Socialist Government Initiatives, Receives Attacks For Exposing Them

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In my view those who claim that the agenda of "social justice" by those on the left who claim that it is done in the spirit of Christianity is akin to the Sons Of Confederate Veterans who claim that with their Confederate Flag there is a intent on preserving 'heritage', not 'hatred'.

One only need to do a quick inspection of the means by which their respective symbols are being used to easily dispel their claims.

The term "Social Justice" has its roots in the American progressive movement. 
I am in agreement when a Christian sees injustice and thus attempts to correct the injustice and the system that produces it.
What I often find, however, is that those who have a particular disposition only find the "system" in the form of the government.  Never do they seem to consider the "cultural eco-system" within which those who are poor exist.  Never do they seem to make note of the "self-indictment" that would have to be registered as they themselves are held accountable for the "external sales job" that they hoist upon "the least of these".   They promise that if the masses stay behind them and fight against the adversary that they will one day be serviced in a way that is desirable. 

Few of these leaders will ever be held accountable for their failure to construct competencies amongst the people. 

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