Monday, March 1, 2010

Cynthia Tucker - Don't Fall For The Fake Arguments

Cynthia Tucker - Free Markets Don't Work In Health Care

[quote]Health insurance companies make their profits by selling as many of their products as they can and then trying very hard not to actually deliver them.[/quote]

Ms Tucker:

Do you notice that you focus on INSURANCE COMPANY PROFITS, thus dangling them out there as if it was a nefarious thing? Certainly the recent difficulty of the AJC (Cox Publishing) corporation in the way of PROFITS has caused it to make some abrupt shifts in order to stay in business.

Why don't you tell us that the Insurance Industry has a less than 4% profit margin?
Per my summation of the day from Yahoo Finance the top 6 Health Care Insurance companies had a $15 billion profit in one year. I struggle to understand how you put this as a primary threat when the health care bill is at the scale of $90 billion per year. All the while your dream insurer (the government) had a $1,400 billion deficit in its last fiscal year.

It is dishonest to compare a health care provider to a television manufacturer. IF that manufacturer had a product that was constantly being brought back in for WARRANTEE SERVICE on their dime then they will either FIX their problem plagued product or tighten their warrantee service plan.

A government that attempts to "deliver everything to all people" won't be financially viable for long and thus will ultimately fail to deliver anything to anyone because it will collapse.

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Anonymous said...

the five largest insurers made record profits of over $12 billion."
Medicare fraud - estimated now to total about $60 billion a year