Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Logic Of Rachel Maddow - Obama's Deep Oil Drilling

On tonight's show (Wednesday March 31st) Rachael Maddow reviews President Obama's decision to open up the Atlantic coast to deep sea drilling.  She argues that Obama has taken up the "Republican position on the issue" and asks "What did Obama get for compromising with the Republicans?"

To understand Rachel Maddow we first must understand that her show is a "Pro-Democrat against Republican show".   With this framing in mind everything makes sense.

She asks the rhetorical question "What did President Obama get from agreeing to deep sea drilling?".

The answer is hovering right there in front of her face and the face of her "The Nation" magazine buddy.


To Ms Maddow and other fundamentalists who merely debate for the sake of debate had Mr Obama argued that our nation's growing oil demand could be addressed by using the money that WOULD have been used for new deep sea drilling for 10,000 new windmills across America - THIS would have charged her up to defend the Obama Administration against the "Oil Lobby". 

Now that Obama is taking the "Oil Position" and thus has "sold out" she is not to be deterred in finding a new fracture point upon which to debt.  Thus the question "What did Obama get?  Didn't he learned from Health Care?".   You see in their view Obama took "Single Payer" off of the table ONLY for the pursuit of Republican votes.   Since no Republican voted for the measure - they should have put it back in and we would now have Single payer.

No concept of the notion that "Single Payer" was a deal breaker for some Democrats.

As bad as some "right wing" shows are and are dutifully attacked because of it - the combination between Olbermann and Maddow is even worse.

Racism Chasing As A Fundamental Political Operation - An Open Letter Of Thanks To Filled Negro

What does one do when an unmistakable pattern of behavior is detected?

On the surface this pattern is used to show clear condemnation of one's enemies.
In truth - upon further inspection - the behavior is merely a guise, one's agreement to act as an inferior as a means of making a political point.

Any objective study of the "Field Negro" blog and its propagandist tendencies will show that this is such a scheme.

On occasion my friend Filled Negro will come clean about his duress regarding the conditions that are present within the Black community.  The issues over crime, academics and eroded economics will come to the forefront.   These are grounds for "above board" discussions.

Sadly these are the rare exception.  90% of Filled Negro's story line ups are strictly racial-political in nature.   It is racism-chasing that proves to be the analgesic that he needs to make it through the painful realities that he sees in the places where his ideological enemies have departed and his friends have "won".

Filled Negro:

I must thank you greatly.
You are one of the top 5 Progressive-Fundamentalists that I have watched over time, learning your techniques in order to provide coaching to those who are aware of your agenda so that they might work to thwart your molestation.

I told people to NOT debate you on the question "Did someone call out these Black legislators as such". It is a strategic flaw.


However, Filled Negro here is where you and other leftists expose yourself as a frauds.

Its not that you have a problem with the use of the word "Nigger" in public discourse.......hell, we can go to the triple platinum Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song to hear it said and thus repeated incessantly by White people upon lip sync.

The truth is, Filled Negro, that you, other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers and Snarling Fox White Liberals are political operatives. Stop. End of sentence.

You ask your "hate filled" Right wing enemies to do what YOU CAN'T force your left leaning constellation from doing:


Thus, Filled Negro - I am one step ahead of you.

I choose to not run from your racialism but instead run right back at you head on.

Circumstance of today have you scraping the bottom of the barrel out of desperation. It is YOU who need control over the narrative and labels for your own hate filled agenda to keep the upper hand.

1) Today ONE WORD said by ONE ignorant White, as you struggle to find the offense give you "street cred" as if you have Integrated a School, got a seat a lunch counter - catsup and mustard in your hair or moved into a house where you were not wanted.

Truth is that the VIDEO TAPE from the 1960s is the best reference to expose your fraud.

2) You ask the right-wing to live up to a certain level of civility yet you have no such traction against the STREET PIRATE. You and others propagandize the THREAT from right wing militias yet the daily news of Black people being murdered EVERY DAMNED DAY by methods that would have made "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize" had a White person done it. Instead you look at the skin color of the kill, see no exploitable surfaces and then move along.

Filled Negro - LAST WEEK a Black woman had her head and hands cut off and was dumped into the bushes.
Yesterday a store in a Black community was FIRE BOMBED. A man was in a dispute with the owners, came back with two Molitov Cocktails and burned the mother down. In this same store last year a Street Pirate is shown jumping over the counter and shooting the clerk in the head - in one continuous motion. He got $47 from the store. The man lost his life.

LET ME BE CLEAR TO YOU, Filled Negro. What you promote as a priority for POLITICAL HATE SPEECH against normal Street Pirate Crime is in truth something different.

It is "Non-White White Supremacy" that you express.

In your bigotry there is NO VIOLENT ACT that an apolitical Black man can do that is EQUAL to that of a White man operating for any reason or a Black man who acts as he has an opposing ideology to you.

You see Filled Negro the cost to ME exposing you and others is that I am called a "Black SELF-HATER".

The cost to BLACK PEOPLE following along with YOU is that the NEGRO will continue to be:

* Murdered at a higher rate
* Jailed a higher rate
* Profiled at a higher rate

all because YOU, per your political opportunism are not interested in SEEING HIM AS AN EQUAL HUMAN BEING to that of your White Ideological Enemy.

You have a band of White Liberal Snarling Foxes smiling upon your antics.

I will continue to expose you and continue to advise people to debate you on the BIG PICTURE rather than at the margins as it misses the real issues and merely advances your own perverted agenda.

When are you going to reconcile yourself with the painful truth in the streets? You claim to be seeking to fix the condition for the "Least Of These" but continue to treat them as secondary human beings - veritable victims, unable to do intimidate or assault Black people as their superiors do. You cheapen yourself at every turn.

The most painful part of it for me is NOT the attacks upon me. I have you all scripted. Instead it is that YOU KNOW I AM TELLING THE TRUTH but your BIGOTRY in the inferiority of your own people won't allow you to change your ways.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stanley Crouch And The Obama Press Corp's Minority Whips

Add Stanley Crouch as an official member of the "Obama Press Corp's Minority Whips".
This includes Roland Martin, Eugine Robinson, Derick Z Jackson and Cynthia Tucker among others.

They fail to have the logic to see the COUNTER POINT to their arguments.  Worse yet - they never have to suffer the consequences because of their "good intentions".

Obama and the Federal Democrats just filed down the fangs of Dracula and will regulate his blood using government blood thinners. Dracula, now a federal regulated utility, is no longer able to bite (raise his premiums) without the blessing of the Feds.

If Crouch can articulate that the artificially high prices that the evil drug industry has rendered by not allowing low ball competition from Canadian and Indian drug imports (let's put aside this hypocrisy over imports for a second).........what are they going to attack when the CONVERSE comes true?

* Single-payer like reimbursements will destory revenues of evil drug companies triggering cuts in R&D
* Removal of the RATIONING schemes such as "pre-existing conditions" and "payment caps" which will make costs explode and lead to "panels" to decide a cap on End Of Life Care spending.
* 30M new patients and MORE health care use by others who previously were "under insured".

What does Mr Crouch believe is going to happen?

The Progressive-Fundamentalists have put all of their attacks in INSURANCE COMPANY PROFITS. Despite the fact that the NUMBERS ($16b) NEVER MADE ANY DAMNED SENSE - they continued on, knowing that they could tap a vien of HATRED in their most unassuming supporters.

What happens in the time period where DRACULA has been tied down and no one can TRUTHFULLY blame him? Do you think that this is going to stop the Confiscatory Left?

What about this scene DID NOT take place in the present day Rust Belt people?

A local 13 year old Math wiz kid told his mother that people without FACTS use EMOTIONS to have their way with people. This is clearly true.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Open Letter To Shabazz

You all will never know how much I love people like Shabazz.

The biggest indictment against him is NOT that he has the voice to call ME out.
Instead he should be convicted and executed because when other Black men who do far greater assaults on EVERYTHING that Black people are known to cherish.  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HEAR Shabazz snatch HIS Blackness away.

For me to feel as if I am GUILTY per your judgment would be like a Black man in 1942 Mississippi to believe that he did in fact rape that White woman BECAUSE the All White Jury CONVICTED HIM.  He then says "Well maybe I was sleep walking and did it?"

cf's 1 favorite movie is "A Soldier's Story." What was it about this film that dazzled you?

Ahhh doing background research.  I likz it!!

The reason why the movie was my favorite is because it showed the DYNAMICS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the consequences of seeking to UPHOLD OUR DIGNITY. 

Who was your favorite character?
I'll bet you five bucks it wasn't Denzel?!

Gregory - loan me $5 to give to Shabazz for he is CORRECT.

My favorite character is Master Sgt. Waters played by the late great actor Aldoph Caeser.

The reason why I choose him over Pfc Peterson (Denzel) is that it was HE who worked to UPHOLD THE DIGNITY and he had a good read on ALL OF THE CHARACTERS in his troop.

He saw that the "Buckdancing" singer was popular but had no INTELLIGENCE.  For some reason Shabazz I think that YOU would not have a problem with him. You would be soothed with this lyrics.

You are a tapdancing, slavecatching coon.
Your self hatred even amazes me.

Shabazz - ask anyone who is NOT A FELLOW BIGot if they read 'self hatred' when they read my words.

Think about it (two points)

1) Last week a member of the "Corporate Obama" faction of my Black friends that I share e-mail debates on occasion at work asked ME - the sellout to lunch.  I thought that he was going to talk about how to move forward as a people now that the Smiley/Sharpton fissure showed the "Obama Worshiping" strategy as a flow.  INSTEAD he told of a strategy to use what we know from "the inside" of this big evil corporation to do something on the side.  He said that my skills would help lead the company.

Shabazz - should I tell him:  "I prefer helping the corporate monster to steal people's money.....I am not going to help you?"  Help me out.

2) WHY don't you call the group that I participate with in mentoring young Black males from a local housing development and tell them to KEEP AWAY FROM ME?  I might convert them into SELLOUTS....just like me.

INSTEAD you, among the Negroratti might use your heigthened state of consciousness to FIND THEIR FATHERS, none of whom I have EVER seen come to pick them up after the session. 

I am asked to LEAVE MY FAMILY and go mentor another Black man's progeny.   Shabazz I bet that $5 dollars back that YOU hold ME in more contempt than you do the collection of BLACK MALES who have REPRODUCED yet allow a SELF-HATER train up their sons.

Any CONTEMPT that you hear from my messages should be seen as being directed at YOU.  Not YOU the GENETIC FORM.

YOU the MENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS that proves so damning.


Threats From Leftist Protesters Trigger Cancellation Of Ann Coulter Speech

MSNBC: Ottawa University talk off amid fears for safety of right-wing pundit

Understand how this is going to be spun in the media - if covered at all.

You see Ann Coulter is a right-winger.  The leftist students that protested her appearance at their unity became an angry mob ONLY BECAUSE Ann Coulter is an "angry mobster" in the "hatred" that she spews.

Of course when we find that those who she attacks also speak in similar terms, the fact that they are attacking other "right wing" forces (ie: Bush and Cheney) give them cover.

I hope you understand how it work.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Americans Held Captive In Pakistan Yell Out That They Were Tortured - Yet Fail To Garner International Outrage

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

You have to give it to the American solider. His "torture" is a more powerful "torture" than any Pakistani jailer could ever hope to render.

Despite the fact that these 5 Americans who are being detained in Pakistan yell out to the International press "We are being tortured" - this has not and will not trigger any response.

The only chance of having their plight turn into International condemnation is for the Pakistanis to do "renditions" where these Americans prisoners were sent to America to be tortured and then returned to the Pakistani jail. This would trigger a scandal and the media swam would follow.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Calls Out Religious Operatives Who Use "Social Justice" To Advance Their Quasi-Socialist Government Initiatives, Receives Attacks For Exposing Them

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

In my view those who claim that the agenda of "social justice" by those on the left who claim that it is done in the spirit of Christianity is akin to the Sons Of Confederate Veterans who claim that with their Confederate Flag there is a intent on preserving 'heritage', not 'hatred'.

One only need to do a quick inspection of the means by which their respective symbols are being used to easily dispel their claims.

The term "Social Justice" has its roots in the American progressive movement. 
I am in agreement when a Christian sees injustice and thus attempts to correct the injustice and the system that produces it.
What I often find, however, is that those who have a particular disposition only find the "system" in the form of the government.  Never do they seem to consider the "cultural eco-system" within which those who are poor exist.  Never do they seem to make note of the "self-indictment" that would have to be registered as they themselves are held accountable for the "external sales job" that they hoist upon "the least of these".   They promise that if the masses stay behind them and fight against the adversary that they will one day be serviced in a way that is desirable. 

Few of these leaders will ever be held accountable for their failure to construct competencies amongst the people. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Larry Flynt's Hustler Magazine Requests Nude Crime Scene Photo's Of Murder Victim

AJC: Hustler magazine photo request sparks uproar

I won't even go through the various "Just Imagine If....." scenarios to compliment this story.

Hustler Magazine has filed a "Freedom Of Information" request to Georgia authorities to obtain nude photos of a hiker that is a murder victim from a few years ago.  Her nude body was found exposed to the elements. 

It is clear that Mr Flynt should stick with going after "Conservative Hypocrites" rather than swirling around in this type of mud.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LampBlack Yellow Journalsim

I believe that I have subscribed to a sufficient number of Black themed media sources (blogs, television shows, e-mail distribution lists and organizational web sites) to get a good feel about the messages that flow within.

There is little surprise that the vast majority of these sites are left/progressive biased. They directly or tacitly carry the water for the Democratic Party.  I do credit some of them for residing within the "community cultural consciousness and competency domain" even if they are left leaning.  (There is no right/left orientation in the CCC&C domain".  Fidelity with our permanent interests is the only orientation therein).

I now have reached the point in which I can "follow the wave" regarding the latest "Racism Chasing"/"External Obfuscation"/"Republican Attack"/"Police Are The Real Criminals"/"The White Man Made Me Do It" issue that is queued up for distribution across the "Negrosphere".

(Note: So what's the deal with the word "Negrosphere"?  That's insulting.  Answer: I dole out as much respect as some people show they deserve.  Some people are purely political operatives who use RACE as their cover.  I have nothing but contempt for them.)

Thus we come to the propaganda that trigger this new term "LampBlack Yellow Journalism".

There is a White man who is a Republican representative from Arizona.  95% of the Black folks in America has never heard of him before a few days ago.  Despite this fact his status as a "Republican" gives him an express lane for entry on the front page of nearly every "Democrat Who Is Black" media source.  Not even a "Street Pirate" who murders more than 2 Black people during his "Pirate Attack" has such access.  The name of this Republican is U.S. Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ).

I have to give credit to the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists". They no longer have to paraphrase an enemy's comments as they build up and tear down their straw man. Today they can post the man's words and show the video for all to see. AS LONG AS THEY provide an interpretation (self-chum) for the to get into the proper mindset regarding how they should "read between the lines" of what the Republican has said.

Rep Tret Franks: Blacks Better Off As Slaves 
The irony of this specific source that I used, "The Newser"  is that their tag line says "Read Less Know More"

I assure everyone that if they were to depend upon "Newser" as their only news source they would be mentally damaged as a result of it.

Here is the "Klan Klip" from Franks, per the evaluation of the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists and their Snarling Fox White Liberal emissaries:

Slavery “is a crushing mark on America’s soul,” the Arizonan tells Mike Stark. “And yet today, half of all black children are aborted. Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery. And I think, ‘What does it take to get us to wake up?’”
From this ANTI-ABORTION comment those with devious intent - took it and ran with it.

As a Black man am not offended one bit by the comment.   I don't think that there is an equivalence of the two issues, though both are damning.  But most certainly the man DID NOT say "Black people were better off as slaves" as the "LampBlack Yellow Journalists" have alleged.

The truth is that they want to have this WHITE REPUBLICAN MAN shut up about BLACK WOMEN and ABORTION.  The White man Post-Katrina who gave out free abortions to the (mostly Black) women of New Orleans as they sought refuge in Arkansas was made into a folk hero.  He provided these women with a taste of "freedom", advancing them one inch closer to "women's rights" per their choice to do what they wanted to with their bodies. 

I detest intellectual cowardice.
Sadly there is a rich flow of such punkishness flowing through the capillaries from which our community receives its news.  This is both formal news and "read between the lines" of what a "Negro in good standing" should think and do.

I will continue to display contempt for these operatives until they stop being CONTEMPTIBLE in their actions..


As I went looking for the video I ran across "Think Progress" - a White Leftist "Snarling Fox" web site. They are now up to 788 posts on this manufactured outrage.
The great Malcolm X must be crying in his grave.  It seems that the American Negro has progressed an now is IN THE GAME of football between the White Liberal and the White Conservative.  With the White Liberal Snarling Foxes having won the lionsshare of the Negro's loyalties the Negro now says "ARE TEAM IS WINNING".  Yet they fear to look at the conditions back at home which they have vacated - thus triggering the need for the higher than normal abortions.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cynthia Tucker - Don't Fall For The Fake Arguments

Cynthia Tucker - Free Markets Don't Work In Health Care

[quote]Health insurance companies make their profits by selling as many of their products as they can and then trying very hard not to actually deliver them.[/quote]

Ms Tucker:

Do you notice that you focus on INSURANCE COMPANY PROFITS, thus dangling them out there as if it was a nefarious thing? Certainly the recent difficulty of the AJC (Cox Publishing) corporation in the way of PROFITS has caused it to make some abrupt shifts in order to stay in business.

Why don't you tell us that the Insurance Industry has a less than 4% profit margin?
Per my summation of the day from Yahoo Finance the top 6 Health Care Insurance companies had a $15 billion profit in one year. I struggle to understand how you put this as a primary threat when the health care bill is at the scale of $90 billion per year. All the while your dream insurer (the government) had a $1,400 billion deficit in its last fiscal year.

It is dishonest to compare a health care provider to a television manufacturer. IF that manufacturer had a product that was constantly being brought back in for WARRANTEE SERVICE on their dime then they will either FIX their problem plagued product or tighten their warrantee service plan.

A government that attempts to "deliver everything to all people" won't be financially viable for long and thus will ultimately fail to deliver anything to anyone because it will collapse.