Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Contempt Is Not For My Race But For Intellectually Dishonest People

Source: Booker Rising Blog:

Target For Inspection: Tony

Tony - I started out highlights ONLY the objectionable points in your post. I fished by leaving ONLY the last sentence un-selected. Your arguement IS our problem.

Blacks, as a minority in this country, have always been viewed collectively.

Tony - IF the STANDARD is that the White voter in Alabma is a RACIST for voting 10% for Obama then IF WE ARE EQUAL - someone needs to justify how 96% of Blacks can vote for Obama AND "The Blacks" can openly debate their support for Governor Patterson as a RACE.

This double standard points to INFERIORITY. Not "how others judge us as a race". It tacitly states that the WHITE VOTER is the flag carrier for the state of our nation. THEY are expected to vote purely on the "content of one's character" rather than show voter nullification based on RACIAL LOYALTIES DESPITE how much "their guy has SCREWED UP and SCREWED THEM".

That is that some whites, who have always seen Blacks as threat-not merely a threat of physical violence but as challengers for employment and resources-are i.....

How much more clueless can you be Tony? The entire Black Establishment activism is based upon "THE WHITE MAN DUN DONE US WRONG". Is this complimentary praise?

The fact that DESPITE the crowdout of Black labor in certain key labor industries YOU are only able to theorize about the White voter who see a crowd-out threat ONLY because too many Black people use the CONSPIRACY THEORY of "Racism Under Ever Rock" rather than TYING THEIR POLICIES WITH THEIR ULTIMATE ECONOMIC STATUS. Since they are inclined to OUTSOURCE THE OBLIGATION for employment to GOVERNMENT and not bear it themselves - it allows them to RETAIN THEIR MORAL HIGH GROUND saying "I have NEVER DISCRIMANATED AGAINST anyone who has never called me the N-Word".

More importantly negative branding justifies demonizing the group.

Group Demonization for obfuscation is rife within the Black community as well. (You'd swear that the police do most of the crime and that the White record executive has rhyming and authoring skills if you listen to some people)

Blacks have always felt the need to be on their "best behavior" to minimize negative branding. Blacks must monitor their own because, in this country, the group will be judged by the actions of a few.

CORRECTION!!! "In the CONFINES OF A WHITE INSTITUTIONS......Blacks have kept our best behavior and tried to be twice as good".

When you put us in an ALL-BLACK environment - we have had a hell of a job MAINTAINING STANDARDS upon ourselves. Go ask W.E.B DuBois as he ran his classroom.

What this points to is again - "Non-White White Supremacy". Some of us don't see another Black person as WORTHY of being on our best behavior, affording him respect unless he/she expressly DEMANDS IT.

Things are getting better but Blacks understand that they must be better to be successful. As Black continue to achieve they may be seen as more of a threat and more demonized by some in an increasingly-fearful majority. We must be even MORE wary of the negative.

Tony - PLEASE.

What YOU NEED to focus on is how the VOTER NULLIFICATION gets played out. As the PROGRESSIVE MACHINE takes over formerly productive cities - their ASSENSION INTO POWER has not meant more ORGANIC PRODUCITIVE and self-suffiency. Instead the same machine who amassed power at this lower rung - on the front end DEMANDS a higher baseline of labor and living standards and when HIS OWN PRODUCTIVITY can't deliver this HE LOOKS TO NATIONALIZE this standard.

Thus EVEN WHEN HE IS LEFT ALONE to run his own affairs - "the Negro who's mind is infected with progressivism" RETAINS HIS MORAL HIGH GROUND as he shifts the burder to DELIVER UPON THIS STANDARD by working directly with the human resources around him and instead NATIONALIZES these demands per his SOCIAL JUSTICE CLAIMS.

The WHITE FOLKS, right or wrong - see this as a grand PICKPOCKETING SCHEME. Despite the progressive claiming the CONTROL OVER THE CITY INSTITUTIONS - he ultimately seeks to raid the national treasury to make his LOCAL standard of living work.

If there were "any honor among thieves" you would focus upon ORGANIC PRODUCTION where you now have control. Instead you point to the THEIVING WHITE MAN who stole the land, enslaved you and stole from the rest of the world as your key justification for stealing from him via taxation and income redistribution. You paint a pretty face on it, calling it "Social Justice".

If there were "any honor among thieves" you would focus upon ORGANIC PRODUCTION where you now have control. Instead you point to the THEIVING WHITE MAN who stole the land, enslaved you and stole from the rest of the world as your key justification for stealing from him via taxation and income redistribution. You paint a pretty face on it, calling it "Social Justice".

It only hides your inability to use your own human resources for productive means by ordering them accordingly. It is your views on CULTURAL PERMISSIVENESS per your hauty views that disrupt your ability to "exploit" them into productive use.

Black conservatives present a strawman argument in their counter to the majority who overwhelmingly support Democratic politicians; recognizing that their policies are less hostile than Republican politics.[/qutoe]


In your support of NON-HOSTILE allow HOSTILITY IN THE STREETS AND SCHOOLS!!!! You get to RETAIN YOUR MORAL HIGH GROUND. You fear having your throat slit by one of your own who lives a I DON'T GIVE A WHAT LIFESTYLE!!!

WHY do you focus on HOSTILE POLICIES?????? Why don't you focus on the net HOSTILITY that you suffer and attack it where it exists?

Clarence Thomas is a great example of someone who complains that he should not be vilified for supporting a political philosophy counter to the majority of Blacks. Who are we to judge, right? Who says a Black MUST be a Democrat? Why can't Thomas, and others like him, agree to disagree with the larger group and reasoned policy debate result, right? [/quote]

ANSWER: Because YOUR OWN FRAUD can't stand up to the scrutiny of a TRIAL!!! You keep THOMAS ON TRIAL. With the new "All White Jury" that you have empaneled - HE IS GUILTY.

* GUILTY in the Black print magazine
* GUILTY on the Black blog
* GUILTY on the Black poltiical show on BET or TVOne
* GUILTY in the barbershop
* GUILTY in the article written by the jaundied Black opinion writer

Tony - WHY DON'T THEY EVER PUT "Democrats who are Black" with ACTUAL POWER ON TRIAL?
ANSWER: It would be like them putting their own mother from who's WOMB they came from on trial and being the one to snap the key in half as she pleads with them to REMEMBER WHAT SHE HAS DONE FOR THEM. The Black Establishment Operative knows that he would not be where he is right now if it were for the MOTHER who he now must lock up because she is GUILTY.

The problem is that the Republican Party's conservative policy is hostile to the best interests of the group and, no matter how much Black conservatives argue , you can't convince the 90%, or so, who understand that their best interests aren't being served by Republicans[/qutoe]


* Your interests are PUBLIC SAFETY - yet you put the "Voice Of The Street Pirates" on stage to help you get Democrats elected. Instead you should use the stage as a sting operation to ARREST HIM. The ELECTED SHERIFF was right on state WITH THE CRIMINALS!!! The City Council President who had her house broken into twice by Street Pirates should have lifted the FINGER PRINTS off of the podium and matched them against those found on her mantel where they stole her flat screen television.

* Your interests are EDUCATION - yet you support the very people who want to DENY your exit from the government operated school system that is failing you. They have you fear the intentions of the external Republicans who want to take back over via a school choice movement instead of focusing upon the progressives who are now in control. YOUR SCHOOL CHOICE is to move and go to school with the WHITE FOLKS. Why not allow them to run your schools?

* Your interests are making your local human resources ECONOMICALLY PRODUCTIVE - yet despite having an array of government regulations to control the "consumers of labor" - you now desperately SEEK someone to come in to EXPLOIT those who are now DESPERATE to SELL THEIR LABOR and for you to feed off of the tax dollars created.

* Your interests are Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes - yet we see that where your theories are in place the -Negro suffers most from "issues of blood".

It is YOU who lives trapped in a cocoon.
You are self-indulgent in your theories.
Your theories ONLY remain alive per your location inside of the BEAST that is so often despised by the Negro.


Conservative Black Woman said...

CF~You do such a wonderful job. You nailed it AGAIN.

I'm going to repost this.

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