Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom Tancredo Is Superior To RiPPa - Per The Lack Of Reaction Of Certain Bloggers

Source: The Filled Negro blog

Sambo: RiPPa - A Black Male
Quimbo: Jody - A White Female

[quote]RiPPA.... "Captian Coontastic".... best name for Steele, EVER! Bwahahaha![/quote]

Note about "Progressive Calculus" on RACE:

1) Black Male - RiPPa - makes use of a HATEFUL word used by WHITE RACISTS in the past to describe a BLACK MAN. and some today slip up and refer Dr King in this manner every January

2) This word was heard by many Black men just prior to them being lynched. It is a word used by a bigot against his target. It is only meant to impugn him.

3) Unlike the word "STREET PIRATE" which someone has to EARN her his documentable ATTACK upon a person - "Coon" is an 'empty caloric' word with NO FUNCTIONAL reference upon the receipient

4) White Female - Jody - hears this word and is appreciative that a Black male - RiPPa has refered to another Black male - Michael Steele as such.

RESPONSE from those who are still fumming over Tom Tancredo? NOTHING.

LESSON LEARNED: Tom Tancredo is SUPERIOR to RiPPa and his words are more impactful - even if they both say the same thing.

MY OBSERVATION THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN: There is little difference between the antics of the Right and Left EXCEPT that the Left has MORE BLACK PEOPLE to call the antics of the right RACIST

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Anonymous said...

I bet some white racists are glad to see those they despise so much calling their own people who disagree with them on politics the names they would call them.