Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cynthia Tucker - Obama Press Secretary And The "Democratic Spine"

When you hear an operative tell the Democrats to "Grow a Spine" you should know that they are not attacking the Democrats from a policy position.  This would be like attacking themselves.

Instead they are arguing that their favored Democrats should be fighting harder against the enemy Republicans to advance their favored position.

This is why I say that Progressivism itself needs to be put on trial to insure that what they are fighting for is ever going to achieve what they are struggling toward.

From Tucker to Julian Bond to Roland Martin - the use of the "spine" metaphor is all the same.  Not to QUESTION the stance of the Democrats but to get them to get more feisty.

You will NEVER hear them ask the Republicans to "Grow a spine".  Instead they would prefer to rip their kidneys out so that they die of blood toxicology.

Obama tries to cheer the Dems (and give them a spine)

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