Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogs That I Am Monitoring: Crew Of 42

Crew Of 42 Blog

So far - I have to applaud the quasi-independence of the blog which inspects the Congressional Black Caucus.  All though after the next election the name of the blog may or may not have to change as the count of members of the CBC changes.

I give the author, Lauren Victoria Burke, credit for raining praise and criticism upon the CBC and President Obama when necessary.  I hope that I am not proven wrong in the future but, I don't hear a cheerleader as much as I do hear an inspector.

I may not agree about the original positions from which Ms Burke begins with on some issues but I can respect her analysis from what I have read thus far.

ONLY WHEN the Black Community views those who now occupy the seats of power - per the election victories that Black people have provided them with as "THE POWER THAT NEED TO BE SPOKEN TO" will things change.

To much we see ourselves LIVING VICARIOUSLY through these people in the seat and thus PROTECTING THEM.
If the "enemy" who once sat in the seat was worthy of being BEATEN by "the buck" that we made sure "stopped with him" then CERTAINLY the "Equal Human Being" that now occupies this seat should be scrutinized for the actual results NOT lifted up with the promises that IN THE FUTURE he will succeed BUT ONLY if we don't criticize.

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lauren victoria said...

You know what: I can't change of the name of the blog if the number changes. Why? Because "Crew of 42" rhymes and changing the domain would be a pain.

Your blog is the first original one on black folk I've seen in a while. Keep it comin' Tnx.