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Blogger: RiPPa
Story: Employment Discrimination still exists, and in record numbers: Black workers in Memphis deliberately exposed to radioactive waste by white manager

RiPPa says:

Have you ever been discriminated against at your place of employment? Ok, I'll go first and say that I have, and it was on the basis of race. I won't go into details, but just know that I did something about it, and I was quite pleased with the outcome. But this is 2010 and we're post-racial now, right? Surely everyone has caught on by now, and those numbers have declined. Well, in a recent piece by my man Kevin Myles of The Wichita NAACP Blog, this isn't exactly true:
Employment discrimination charges were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2009 at near record levels. According to the EEOC's annual report, the agency received 93,277 private sector discrimination charges in 2009, the second highest number in 20 years.

My friend RiPPa:

If I told you:

* The police use of tasers against motorists have TRIPLED in the past 2 years - THUS INDICATING the presence of more combative drivers who don't obey police orders

* The arrest of drug dealers on the corner has doubled - indicating that the Crack and Heroin epidemic is increasing

* The various state criminal courts have dolled out sentences that are 20% longer - thus proving that our criminals have become more heinous

YOU WOULD SAY WHAT to this points?

How then do YOU make the case that more CLAIMS FILED equals MORE DISCRIMINATION?

Did they get adjudicated to the point where guilt and complicity were found?

It seems to me that the key difference is that in the 3 points that I have listed above - the AUTHORITY wielded a heavier hand and thus you are inclined to disapprove. In the case of discrimination CLAIMS - you see it as the aggrieved speaking out and thus THEY MUST HAVE A POINT or they wouldn't have complained.

It is ironic though - if my friend BET Uncut were to spin in with a John McCain presidency he would say "with McCain as president MORE DISCRIMINATION has taken place in 2009, thus proving we are moving backward as a nation".

Funny how that works RiPPa.

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