Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Blogger - EXPOSED

Filled Negro:

You are indeed the man. Got you down to a predicable pattern. No need for an oscilloscope with you.

I just finished reading the latest edition of "The Nation" magazine. I stand corrected.

I had thought that the "Voice Of The Black Establishment" was Roland Martin and other media operatives who play the part. Now I see that I only need to read "The Nation" to understand you all. Their opinions are yours.

If I want to have the best analysis of where the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" and how the "Negro" fits into the leftwing politics in America - the best journal by far is the "International Socialist Review".

I did notice that "The Nation" did a postmortem of Air America. I also noticed that at the end - there was not much RACIAL DIVERSITY. After your boy "Chuck D" departed a guess about 50% of the melanin count walked out of the door.

WHY is it that you and others didn't protest for more Black voices on that platform?

STILL - I REJECT YOUR ENTIRE PREMISE about the lack of diversity on "The Tea Party". If Malkin had thought it through she would not have fallen for the trap.

Instead of Diversity - they need to GO INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY and observer "US".

* Are Black people demanding property tax REDUCTIONS - YES

* Are Black people resisting higher sales taxes? - YUP

Here is what people don't understand. Taxes are SUPPLY SIDE.

The Black Quasi-Socialist focuses on DEMAND SIDE of the equation. (With the exemption of taxes on HIS OWN SELF - which, in this case, negatively impacts the school funding for his own kids) you all are PRO-HIGHER TAXES........as long as YOU don't have to pay them. America is asked to erect a "Social Justice Platform" by which the national coffers are filled and then the cold cash is distributed - according to each others NEEDS.

Here is what tripped me about about "The Nation's" concern about the recent Supreme Court ruling: They said that UNIONS and other activist groups don't have the MONEY that evil Corporations do. Thus the evil corporations could wage an unfair fight in the political battle.

QUESTION FILLED NEGRO: IF your goal is MONEY at the end of it all......why is it that you and other Quasi-Socialists DON'T DO AS THE EVIL CORPORATIONS DO and thus HAVE YOUR OWN DAMNED MONEY? You can do with it as you please.

Do you find it strange that you SPEND PERSONAL MONEY, sending it into a campaign with the hopes that it will bring you a windfall of CORPORATE MONEY back?

Why don't you start investing CLOSER TO HOME, learn how to CREATE YOUR OWN MONEY and then you could shrink the evil corporations down to size because you wouldn't be feeding them as a CONSUMER any longer.

I got a laugh when "The Nation" said that INDIVIDUAL private money used for progressive causes was GOOD MONEY. Corporate private money used to advance corporate interests was BAD MONEY.

Ah the battle between "Good and Evil" - progressive style.

Didn't we establish that Black Progressive-Fundamentalists ARE TAX AVERSE? You are not willing to stand with the "Tea Party Movement" because of their right-wing orientation. Its not that your own actions with respect to shifting tax burdens and propaganda are any different.


"The Nation" said that the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT was instrumental in getting Scott Brown into the "Kennedy Seat".

It all comes together for me when I read you all's strategy booklets.

The only problem is that I hear a DEMOCRAT TALKING when I read Afrospear affiliated Blogs. I don't hear much Black Community-centric discussions.

The great George S Schuyler was correct about you all. You are "Lampblack" that is a standard leftist in structure with a Black coat of paint.

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF - operating as a shill.

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