Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Black Agenda Report" on "Sirius Satellite Left" Channel = "A Fish Don't Know He Wet"

I get the sense that Glen Ford and the other operatives from the "Black Agenda Report" are oblivious as to why there is a market demand for any of the other talk channels on Sirius XM Radio which are NOT skewed to the left.   
I am among those who are least surprised that they found a home on the radio upon the "Sirius Left" channel.

Clearly the "The Power Left" channel didn't have any more programming slots for them.  At least they chose to go to the channel that is the "derivative source" of the prevailing Black Establishment Consciousness.   If there was a "The Nation Magazine" channel this would be yet another option for BAR.

All of these channels have roughly the same world view, merely speaking about it from a different vantage point.

(Note - Don't take this to mean that I dislike all of them or that I 100% disagree with all that they say)

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