Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Black Agenda Report" on "Sirius Satellite Left" Channel = "A Fish Don't Know He Wet"

I get the sense that Glen Ford and the other operatives from the "Black Agenda Report" are oblivious as to why there is a market demand for any of the other talk channels on Sirius XM Radio which are NOT skewed to the left.   
I am among those who are least surprised that they found a home on the radio upon the "Sirius Left" channel.

Clearly the "The Power Left" channel didn't have any more programming slots for them.  At least they chose to go to the channel that is the "derivative source" of the prevailing Black Establishment Consciousness.   If there was a "The Nation Magazine" channel this would be yet another option for BAR.

All of these channels have roughly the same world view, merely speaking about it from a different vantage point.

(Note - Don't take this to mean that I dislike all of them or that I 100% disagree with all that they say)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The Urban Journal" With Keith Murphy = Free Progressive Propaganda

The Urban Journal

Summary statement:  Keith Murphy and the Urban Journal have more lust in seeing Bush/Cheney/Rove being locked up in prison than they show any coherent proof that the policies that they support will actually bring forth the positive changes that they claim to seek WITHIN the Black community.

There is no wonder why so many Blacks are Democrats despite them controlling every single key institutions WITHIN the Black community.   Despite their control, ideologically bigoted operatives like Mr Murphy merely convince the masses that the promised land exists only if we stay unified as a people - looking at the land that needs to be taken rather than actually MANAGING the areas that he helped "win".

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Atlanta Progressive News" Proves That It Is Not Very

Creative Loafing: Atlanta Progressive News fires reporter for trying to be objective

Atlanta Progressive News has parted ways with long-serving senior staff writer Jonathan Springston. Apparently, Springston’s affinity for fact-based reporting clashed with Cardinale’s vision.
And, no, that’s not sarcasm.
In an e-mail statement, editor Matthew Cardinale says Springston was asked to leave APN last week “because he held on to the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported objectively, despite the fact that that was not our editorial policy at Atlanta Progressive News.”
Cardinale says he has no plans to fill the position left vacant by Springston’s exit. His full statement to CL appears after the jump.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Roland Martin's Obama Book For Sale - No Surprise Here

Obama could not ask for a better "Black Media Minority Whip" to beat upon his enemies.

The Black Community must MOVE ALL 'MONEY CHANGERS' OUT OF ITS 'SECRET SPACES'.  Our community cannot afford to allow them to run unchecked within any longer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Diane Watson On "News And Notes" - Notice The Lack Of Challenge Of Her Views

Bottom Line:

  • If you are associated with the "Tea Party" - you are a RACIST Against Obama
  • If you oppose Federal take over of the Health Care System - You are a RACIST
  • If you oppose the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC President - YOU ARE A RACIST!!!

Clearly the interviewer BELIEVES what retiring US representative has said because SURELY she did not challenge her on her claims.

I am not even going to bother to go back to the vitriol spewed upon Bush.  Instead it is far more effective to put everything on this list in terms of the BLACK COMMUNITY.  The community that Ms Watson and other operatives that are apart of her MACHINE now control.

One only needs to make note of how Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have gotten far, far more coverage from the "Black Media - Voice Of The Black Establishment" than has the entire 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

For some reason the claim that "Tea Partyers are RACISTS" is suppose to have some nullifying effect on people like me who are UNPERSUADED a give up my inspection of the CBC and instead focus on the FEAR that the Tea Party people might start lynching Black people.

The list that Ms Watson has rendered is PREPOSTEROUS.  Straight out of the mind of Janeane Garofalo who shares the same agenda.

They both know that if you can get your ideological adversary to be labeled a RACIST - he will spend his time seeking to disprove the claim - thus you have PUT HIM ON TRIAL rather than having to stand for your own deeds. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Same Story - Different Emphasis In The Reporting

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Note the differences between the ABC News report and the Charlie Rose show on the subject of the "Debt Panel" and how certain operatives in the US Senate torpedoed the legislation.

This is one more reason that I will miss Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.  I believe him to be a straight shooter.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog: Intersection of
Blogger: RiPPa
Story: Employment Discrimination still exists, and in record numbers: Black workers in Memphis deliberately exposed to radioactive waste by white manager

RiPPa says:

Have you ever been discriminated against at your place of employment? Ok, I'll go first and say that I have, and it was on the basis of race. I won't go into details, but just know that I did something about it, and I was quite pleased with the outcome. But this is 2010 and we're post-racial now, right? Surely everyone has caught on by now, and those numbers have declined. Well, in a recent piece by my man Kevin Myles of The Wichita NAACP Blog, this isn't exactly true:
Employment discrimination charges were filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2009 at near record levels. According to the EEOC's annual report, the agency received 93,277 private sector discrimination charges in 2009, the second highest number in 20 years.

My friend RiPPa:

If I told you:

* The police use of tasers against motorists have TRIPLED in the past 2 years - THUS INDICATING the presence of more combative drivers who don't obey police orders

* The arrest of drug dealers on the corner has doubled - indicating that the Crack and Heroin epidemic is increasing

* The various state criminal courts have dolled out sentences that are 20% longer - thus proving that our criminals have become more heinous

YOU WOULD SAY WHAT to this points?

How then do YOU make the case that more CLAIMS FILED equals MORE DISCRIMINATION?

Did they get adjudicated to the point where guilt and complicity were found?

It seems to me that the key difference is that in the 3 points that I have listed above - the AUTHORITY wielded a heavier hand and thus you are inclined to disapprove. In the case of discrimination CLAIMS - you see it as the aggrieved speaking out and thus THEY MUST HAVE A POINT or they wouldn't have complained.

It is ironic though - if my friend BET Uncut were to spin in with a John McCain presidency he would say "with McCain as president MORE DISCRIMINATION has taken place in 2009, thus proving we are moving backward as a nation".

Funny how that works RiPPa.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogs That I Am Monitoring: Crew Of 42

Crew Of 42 Blog

So far - I have to applaud the quasi-independence of the blog which inspects the Congressional Black Caucus.  All though after the next election the name of the blog may or may not have to change as the count of members of the CBC changes.

I give the author, Lauren Victoria Burke, credit for raining praise and criticism upon the CBC and President Obama when necessary.  I hope that I am not proven wrong in the future but, I don't hear a cheerleader as much as I do hear an inspector.

I may not agree about the original positions from which Ms Burke begins with on some issues but I can respect her analysis from what I have read thus far.

ONLY WHEN the Black Community views those who now occupy the seats of power - per the election victories that Black people have provided them with as "THE POWER THAT NEED TO BE SPOKEN TO" will things change.

To much we see ourselves LIVING VICARIOUSLY through these people in the seat and thus PROTECTING THEM.
If the "enemy" who once sat in the seat was worthy of being BEATEN by "the buck" that we made sure "stopped with him" then CERTAINLY the "Equal Human Being" that now occupies this seat should be scrutinized for the actual results NOT lifted up with the promises that IN THE FUTURE he will succeed BUT ONLY if we don't criticize.

Tom Tancredo Is Superior To RiPPa - Per The Lack Of Reaction Of Certain Bloggers

Source: The Filled Negro blog

Sambo: RiPPa - A Black Male
Quimbo: Jody - A White Female

[quote]RiPPA.... "Captian Coontastic".... best name for Steele, EVER! Bwahahaha![/quote]

Note about "Progressive Calculus" on RACE:

1) Black Male - RiPPa - makes use of a HATEFUL word used by WHITE RACISTS in the past to describe a BLACK MAN. and some today slip up and refer Dr King in this manner every January

2) This word was heard by many Black men just prior to them being lynched. It is a word used by a bigot against his target. It is only meant to impugn him.

3) Unlike the word "STREET PIRATE" which someone has to EARN her his documentable ATTACK upon a person - "Coon" is an 'empty caloric' word with NO FUNCTIONAL reference upon the receipient

4) White Female - Jody - hears this word and is appreciative that a Black male - RiPPa has refered to another Black male - Michael Steele as such.

RESPONSE from those who are still fumming over Tom Tancredo? NOTHING.

LESSON LEARNED: Tom Tancredo is SUPERIOR to RiPPa and his words are more impactful - even if they both say the same thing.

MY OBSERVATION THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN: There is little difference between the antics of the Right and Left EXCEPT that the Left has MORE BLACK PEOPLE to call the antics of the right RACIST

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Contempt Is Not For My Race But For Intellectually Dishonest People

Source: Booker Rising Blog:

Target For Inspection: Tony

Tony - I started out highlights ONLY the objectionable points in your post. I fished by leaving ONLY the last sentence un-selected. Your arguement IS our problem.

Blacks, as a minority in this country, have always been viewed collectively.

Tony - IF the STANDARD is that the White voter in Alabma is a RACIST for voting 10% for Obama then IF WE ARE EQUAL - someone needs to justify how 96% of Blacks can vote for Obama AND "The Blacks" can openly debate their support for Governor Patterson as a RACE.

This double standard points to INFERIORITY. Not "how others judge us as a race". It tacitly states that the WHITE VOTER is the flag carrier for the state of our nation. THEY are expected to vote purely on the "content of one's character" rather than show voter nullification based on RACIAL LOYALTIES DESPITE how much "their guy has SCREWED UP and SCREWED THEM".

That is that some whites, who have always seen Blacks as threat-not merely a threat of physical violence but as challengers for employment and resources-are i.....

How much more clueless can you be Tony? The entire Black Establishment activism is based upon "THE WHITE MAN DUN DONE US WRONG". Is this complimentary praise?

The fact that DESPITE the crowdout of Black labor in certain key labor industries YOU are only able to theorize about the White voter who see a crowd-out threat ONLY because too many Black people use the CONSPIRACY THEORY of "Racism Under Ever Rock" rather than TYING THEIR POLICIES WITH THEIR ULTIMATE ECONOMIC STATUS. Since they are inclined to OUTSOURCE THE OBLIGATION for employment to GOVERNMENT and not bear it themselves - it allows them to RETAIN THEIR MORAL HIGH GROUND saying "I have NEVER DISCRIMANATED AGAINST anyone who has never called me the N-Word".

More importantly negative branding justifies demonizing the group.

Group Demonization for obfuscation is rife within the Black community as well. (You'd swear that the police do most of the crime and that the White record executive has rhyming and authoring skills if you listen to some people)

Blacks have always felt the need to be on their "best behavior" to minimize negative branding. Blacks must monitor their own because, in this country, the group will be judged by the actions of a few.

CORRECTION!!! "In the CONFINES OF A WHITE INSTITUTIONS......Blacks have kept our best behavior and tried to be twice as good".

When you put us in an ALL-BLACK environment - we have had a hell of a job MAINTAINING STANDARDS upon ourselves. Go ask W.E.B DuBois as he ran his classroom.

What this points to is again - "Non-White White Supremacy". Some of us don't see another Black person as WORTHY of being on our best behavior, affording him respect unless he/she expressly DEMANDS IT.

Things are getting better but Blacks understand that they must be better to be successful. As Black continue to achieve they may be seen as more of a threat and more demonized by some in an increasingly-fearful majority. We must be even MORE wary of the negative.

Tony - PLEASE.

What YOU NEED to focus on is how the VOTER NULLIFICATION gets played out. As the PROGRESSIVE MACHINE takes over formerly productive cities - their ASSENSION INTO POWER has not meant more ORGANIC PRODUCITIVE and self-suffiency. Instead the same machine who amassed power at this lower rung - on the front end DEMANDS a higher baseline of labor and living standards and when HIS OWN PRODUCTIVITY can't deliver this HE LOOKS TO NATIONALIZE this standard.

Thus EVEN WHEN HE IS LEFT ALONE to run his own affairs - "the Negro who's mind is infected with progressivism" RETAINS HIS MORAL HIGH GROUND as he shifts the burder to DELIVER UPON THIS STANDARD by working directly with the human resources around him and instead NATIONALIZES these demands per his SOCIAL JUSTICE CLAIMS.

The WHITE FOLKS, right or wrong - see this as a grand PICKPOCKETING SCHEME. Despite the progressive claiming the CONTROL OVER THE CITY INSTITUTIONS - he ultimately seeks to raid the national treasury to make his LOCAL standard of living work.

If there were "any honor among thieves" you would focus upon ORGANIC PRODUCTION where you now have control. Instead you point to the THEIVING WHITE MAN who stole the land, enslaved you and stole from the rest of the world as your key justification for stealing from him via taxation and income redistribution. You paint a pretty face on it, calling it "Social Justice".

If there were "any honor among thieves" you would focus upon ORGANIC PRODUCTION where you now have control. Instead you point to the THEIVING WHITE MAN who stole the land, enslaved you and stole from the rest of the world as your key justification for stealing from him via taxation and income redistribution. You paint a pretty face on it, calling it "Social Justice".

It only hides your inability to use your own human resources for productive means by ordering them accordingly. It is your views on CULTURAL PERMISSIVENESS per your hauty views that disrupt your ability to "exploit" them into productive use.

Black conservatives present a strawman argument in their counter to the majority who overwhelmingly support Democratic politicians; recognizing that their policies are less hostile than Republican politics.[/qutoe]


In your support of NON-HOSTILE allow HOSTILITY IN THE STREETS AND SCHOOLS!!!! You get to RETAIN YOUR MORAL HIGH GROUND. You fear having your throat slit by one of your own who lives a I DON'T GIVE A WHAT LIFESTYLE!!!

WHY do you focus on HOSTILE POLICIES?????? Why don't you focus on the net HOSTILITY that you suffer and attack it where it exists?

Clarence Thomas is a great example of someone who complains that he should not be vilified for supporting a political philosophy counter to the majority of Blacks. Who are we to judge, right? Who says a Black MUST be a Democrat? Why can't Thomas, and others like him, agree to disagree with the larger group and reasoned policy debate result, right? [/quote]

ANSWER: Because YOUR OWN FRAUD can't stand up to the scrutiny of a TRIAL!!! You keep THOMAS ON TRIAL. With the new "All White Jury" that you have empaneled - HE IS GUILTY.

* GUILTY in the Black print magazine
* GUILTY on the Black blog
* GUILTY on the Black poltiical show on BET or TVOne
* GUILTY in the barbershop
* GUILTY in the article written by the jaundied Black opinion writer

Tony - WHY DON'T THEY EVER PUT "Democrats who are Black" with ACTUAL POWER ON TRIAL?
ANSWER: It would be like them putting their own mother from who's WOMB they came from on trial and being the one to snap the key in half as she pleads with them to REMEMBER WHAT SHE HAS DONE FOR THEM. The Black Establishment Operative knows that he would not be where he is right now if it were for the MOTHER who he now must lock up because she is GUILTY.

The problem is that the Republican Party's conservative policy is hostile to the best interests of the group and, no matter how much Black conservatives argue , you can't convince the 90%, or so, who understand that their best interests aren't being served by Republicans[/qutoe]


* Your interests are PUBLIC SAFETY - yet you put the "Voice Of The Street Pirates" on stage to help you get Democrats elected. Instead you should use the stage as a sting operation to ARREST HIM. The ELECTED SHERIFF was right on state WITH THE CRIMINALS!!! The City Council President who had her house broken into twice by Street Pirates should have lifted the FINGER PRINTS off of the podium and matched them against those found on her mantel where they stole her flat screen television.

* Your interests are EDUCATION - yet you support the very people who want to DENY your exit from the government operated school system that is failing you. They have you fear the intentions of the external Republicans who want to take back over via a school choice movement instead of focusing upon the progressives who are now in control. YOUR SCHOOL CHOICE is to move and go to school with the WHITE FOLKS. Why not allow them to run your schools?

* Your interests are making your local human resources ECONOMICALLY PRODUCTIVE - yet despite having an array of government regulations to control the "consumers of labor" - you now desperately SEEK someone to come in to EXPLOIT those who are now DESPERATE to SELL THEIR LABOR and for you to feed off of the tax dollars created.

* Your interests are Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes - yet we see that where your theories are in place the -Negro suffers most from "issues of blood".

It is YOU who lives trapped in a cocoon.
You are self-indulgent in your theories.
Your theories ONLY remain alive per your location inside of the BEAST that is so often despised by the Negro.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Blogger - EXPOSED

Filled Negro:

You are indeed the man. Got you down to a predicable pattern. No need for an oscilloscope with you.

I just finished reading the latest edition of "The Nation" magazine. I stand corrected.

I had thought that the "Voice Of The Black Establishment" was Roland Martin and other media operatives who play the part. Now I see that I only need to read "The Nation" to understand you all. Their opinions are yours.

If I want to have the best analysis of where the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" and how the "Negro" fits into the leftwing politics in America - the best journal by far is the "International Socialist Review".

I did notice that "The Nation" did a postmortem of Air America. I also noticed that at the end - there was not much RACIAL DIVERSITY. After your boy "Chuck D" departed a guess about 50% of the melanin count walked out of the door.

WHY is it that you and others didn't protest for more Black voices on that platform?

STILL - I REJECT YOUR ENTIRE PREMISE about the lack of diversity on "The Tea Party". If Malkin had thought it through she would not have fallen for the trap.

Instead of Diversity - they need to GO INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY and observer "US".

* Are Black people demanding property tax REDUCTIONS - YES

* Are Black people resisting higher sales taxes? - YUP

Here is what people don't understand. Taxes are SUPPLY SIDE.

The Black Quasi-Socialist focuses on DEMAND SIDE of the equation. (With the exemption of taxes on HIS OWN SELF - which, in this case, negatively impacts the school funding for his own kids) you all are PRO-HIGHER long as YOU don't have to pay them. America is asked to erect a "Social Justice Platform" by which the national coffers are filled and then the cold cash is distributed - according to each others NEEDS.

Here is what tripped me about about "The Nation's" concern about the recent Supreme Court ruling: They said that UNIONS and other activist groups don't have the MONEY that evil Corporations do. Thus the evil corporations could wage an unfair fight in the political battle.

QUESTION FILLED NEGRO: IF your goal is MONEY at the end of it all......why is it that you and other Quasi-Socialists DON'T DO AS THE EVIL CORPORATIONS DO and thus HAVE YOUR OWN DAMNED MONEY? You can do with it as you please.

Do you find it strange that you SPEND PERSONAL MONEY, sending it into a campaign with the hopes that it will bring you a windfall of CORPORATE MONEY back?

Why don't you start investing CLOSER TO HOME, learn how to CREATE YOUR OWN MONEY and then you could shrink the evil corporations down to size because you wouldn't be feeding them as a CONSUMER any longer.

I got a laugh when "The Nation" said that INDIVIDUAL private money used for progressive causes was GOOD MONEY. Corporate private money used to advance corporate interests was BAD MONEY.

Ah the battle between "Good and Evil" - progressive style.

Didn't we establish that Black Progressive-Fundamentalists ARE TAX AVERSE? You are not willing to stand with the "Tea Party Movement" because of their right-wing orientation. Its not that your own actions with respect to shifting tax burdens and propaganda are any different.


"The Nation" said that the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT was instrumental in getting Scott Brown into the "Kennedy Seat".

It all comes together for me when I read you all's strategy booklets.

The only problem is that I hear a DEMOCRAT TALKING when I read Afrospear affiliated Blogs. I don't hear much Black Community-centric discussions.

The great George S Schuyler was correct about you all. You are "Lampblack" that is a standard leftist in structure with a Black coat of paint.

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF - operating as a shill.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pakistani Insurgents Cause "Collateral Damage" - Not Subject To Same Scrutiny

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Just imagine the news story in which an American strike upon some Pakistanis hit a school and caused casualties.

Cynthia Tucker - Obama Press Secretary And The "Democratic Spine"

When you hear an operative tell the Democrats to "Grow a Spine" you should know that they are not attacking the Democrats from a policy position.  This would be like attacking themselves.

Instead they are arguing that their favored Democrats should be fighting harder against the enemy Republicans to advance their favored position.

This is why I say that Progressivism itself needs to be put on trial to insure that what they are fighting for is ever going to achieve what they are struggling toward.

From Tucker to Julian Bond to Roland Martin - the use of the "spine" metaphor is all the same.  Not to QUESTION the stance of the Democrats but to get them to get more feisty.

You will NEVER hear them ask the Republicans to "Grow a spine".  Instead they would prefer to rip their kidneys out so that they die of blood toxicology.

Obama tries to cheer the Dems (and give them a spine)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Grio: The Views Of 200 Republican That Obama Is A Racist Condemns All Republlicans

The Large portion of GOP thinks Obama is racist, socialist, non-U.S. citizen

We must understand.  When Republicans believe that Obama is a racist it is the Republicans who must be looked at with a side eye.

When Democrats believe that every Republican President since 1970 was a racist then we need to get these presidents to prove that they are not racists.

And you see why I try my damnedest not to syndicate Huffington Post content:

Continue to The Huffington Post website": for the complete article.