Monday, January 11, 2010

The Trotter Group Vs Gregory Kane

One day you all will appreciate my skills of analysis. 

As you will note - I read the line up of Black Journalists in the "Trotter Group" and called them for who they are.

Now we have a member of the Trotter group - it's lone Black Conservative who spills the beans from the inside perspective.

I'm not sure whether I should condemn Reid or slap him on the back for this Brobdingnagian gaffe. By cramming his foot down his throat so deeply, Reid has proved that, liberal dogma notwithstanding, conservatives and Republicans don't have the monopoly when it comes to making racist comments.

Liberals and Democrats might deny that charge, but I got a full dose of it in late 2008, days after Obama won the general election. I was at the annual meeting of an organization known as the Trotter Group. The TG comprises black columnists from across the nation. Its members meet -- or try to meet -- at least once a year. And as you may suspect, those members are almost all liberals and Democrats.

Let me put it this way: If I died tomorrow, the TG would be minus one Republican and down to zero conservatives.

A young black man who worked for the Republican National Committee came to speak to the Trotters. He told them that he joined the party because Republican doctrines were most in accord with his personal beliefs.

When the question-and-answer period came, he got hammered. How could he identify with those racist Republicans, some members demanded to know. Another came up with this gem: "I don't see how any intelligent black person could be a Republican."

I'm sure it was quite a shock to the young man -- as it was to me -- that all black Republicans are idiots and all black Democrats are Phi Beta Kappa material. It struck me immediately that former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes is not only a black Republican, but also probably more intelligent than members of the TG combined.

Now I could have chimed in and told my fellow Trotters that I joined the Republican Party for several reasons. I believe the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is the worst it has ever made, one that started the country down the road to moral decay and perdition. I believe my right to defend myself with a firearm if I so choose is not negotiable.

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