Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jack And Jill Politics "Self-Chums" Glenn Beck About Haiti

Jack And Jill's Obama Press Club: Glenn Becks Heartless Racist Rant On Haiti/

My Reply
Jill Tubman:

Can you SPECIFICALLY detail what portions of Glenn Beck's speech was 'RACIST'? Or was his main offense that he dared talk about something that you don't want to?

Why is it "far game" to allege RIGHT NOW that the bulk of Haiti's problems one day prior to the Earthquake had to do with what was initiated starting from 1791 BUT if anyone dares suggest that the EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS (adults) that reside in Haiti today must be the key force in shaping their society - those who dare speak this are threatened with the same type of lynching that BMWA has learned from his long time oppressors?

Did Glenn Beck say that NO AID should be given to Haiti?
Why is it permissible for the "progressive-approved" media outlets to tell of the need for SECURITY so that order can be kept so that the recovery efforts can proceed - BUT if any character that is popular with "Media Matters" dares say the same thing - he gets featured on an AfroSpear blog - somewhere?

The most HEARTLESS PEOPLE of them all with respect to Haiti are those who believe that the people alive today are INFERIOR in their power to shape a FUTURE because of $90 million francs that were drawn from them back in 1791.

Worst of all - I would love for some of you to tell me how the BLACK AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE - who now has more of the INSTITUTIONS in Black America controlled by FAVORABLE INTERESTS are in any better position today to provide trained MEDICAL Professionals that have been positioned into medical school after they matriculated through the Academic institutions that are now in YOUR HANDS after a long struggle.

WHAT EXACTLY is the purpose of your "acquisition" and struggle IF at the end of it all BLACK AMERICANS are not leveraged to provide such services - long before such a crisis happens? Instead many CONSERVATIVE Christian Evangelist Organizations step in. WHY didn't any of you make note that a portion of the $2.5 million that Rev Rick Warren raised from his congregation is used for INTERNATIONAL AIDE?

What about your attacks upon him are any less HEARTLESS than are Glenn Beck's? Warren got PRIVATE MONEY.

Do you all not see that a disproportional amount of your focus that gets you off are "Self-Chumming" of the waters merely to get your flock of fellow travelers amped up against some conservative somewhere?

WHO is guarding the fort, making sure that the people in our community that look to the institutions that your ideology now controls are making us PRODUCTIVE and in any position to help other people in the diaspora?

WHAT about "single payer health care" which will SERVICE the American Negro is TRANSFERABLE to Chad, Somalia or Haiti?

Are you CONSUMING in America or preparing up us "Former Slaves" for enhanced COMPETENCY in support of our brothers who don't have the resources that a RESIDENT INSIDE OF THE "BELLY OF THE BEAST" is treated to?

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