Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Think I Had Better Save This Post From The RiPPa Blog - I Might Not Remain Up For Long

RiPPa: There is nothing surprising about your commentary and the thoughts of your fellow travelers. As much as your story needs to have those you fight against being full of HATRED, RACISM AND BIGOTRY - I can attest to the fact that "Ideology is no container" for any of these. Let me ask you a question RiPPa. On the BookerRising Blog right now is a story in which Black folks are worried about BARACK OBAMA'S security. They fear that the recent lapses of the Secret Service at the social affairs might leave the most protected man on the planet vulnerable to a threat. My personal take is one of amazement. The Negro community seeks to PROTECT the vessel that they have convinced themselves will lead to a situation where their own communities are Safe, Prosperous, Healthy and Academically advanced. Despite the fact that in the wake of them looking OUTWARD at the White House, lumping their prayers for the Black President's safety - so many individual Negroes have all of these 4 areas violated. Now we see the same people who trumped up the "Tea Party" protesters into the modern day Klan - despite the fact that the primary killers of Black folks today are from within. Any hint of assault of Obama - from a "chimp" cartoon to some hick pastor wishing Obama's demise got registered as THE FOCUS of the entire Black community. Now we see the real deal as expressed by RiPPa and others. I have called you all out for valuing "Rush Limbaugh's Microphone" as being SUPERIOR to the exact same studio mic that is used by hundreds of Hip Hop artists. For some strange reason - his vocal chords that vibrate the diaphragm of the mic spew WORDS that are more compelling that any "Voice Of The Street Pirate" Rapper could ever hope to. When I debate your fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists some of you say "Rush Limbaugh is able to affect public policy that negatively impacts Black people - unlike the rapper". IF THIS IS SO - please tell me why your White Liberal Snarling Fox Liberals choose to employ these hip hop artists to "Get Out The Black Vote......FOR THE DEMOCRATS"? The truth is, RiPPa that you and others see Rush Limbaugh as SUPERIOR to the Black Hip Hop Star who is the VOICE OF THE STREET PIRATES that are assaulting our communities. Today a Hip Hop star MURDERED A BLACK MAN in Metro Atlanta. I got your card and the card of the "SoulBrother v2"/"AB The Liberal Kappa" and the others that you play "circle jerk" with. The key perversion of your entire agenda is that you are forced to focus on running a protection racket for the MACHINE THAT YOU HOPE will deliver for you. This trumps your willingness to see that THEY ARE ALREADY IN CONTROL OF where you live and while you strike out against anyone making a MySpace THREAT to the President - you are unable to stop the REAL KILLING in the zones that your ideology has "won". None of my words need to be in "protection of Rush Limbaugh" for them to sufficiently call out you and the "New All White Jury" out on the gross charge of HYPOCRISY and SOLD OUT-NESS to the point where our Black Permanent Interests are threatened. I like you RiPPa - more than some of those cowards that surround you. The first thing you need to learn is that for you to ENFORCE RESPECT upon your adversaries (thus proving you believe what you claim to do) YOU NEED TO respect the LINE that you don't want them to cross.

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