Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cynthia Tucker - So Predictable

Eventually, Obama has to raise taxes, as Reagan did

Question:  If you are a charter member of the "Obama Press Staff" and you see a massive campaign promise about to be broken what do you do if you are Cynthia Tucker of the AJC?"

Answer:  You look for a Republican to reference and you get the message out far in advance in order to blunt the "Read My Lips" rebuke.

Such is the case with Cynthia Tucker's column today.

She is not going to attack Obama for making a campaign promise that helped his election but was never going to be kept.   After all Ms Tucker supports higher taxes as a means of supporting her expansive social safety net.  Thus this broken promise is not a terminal offense in her world.

For Ms Tucker the best way to defend a Democrat is to go back and reference the "Sins of the Republicans".  This seems reasonable but it is not.  Here is why:

Ms Tucker was a part of the left-wing swarm that was ATTACKING the Republican when they committed the "original sin" that is under scrutiny today.   Now that there is a Democrat doing the same - this politician enjoys absolution when there is a Republican that can be found to have done the same thing.

This is the height of "intellectual dishonesty".  

Thus we can conclude that Mr Tucker's foundation is not based on immutable values.  Instead they are based on relative ideological advantage in the context of a battle with conservatives.  This is otherwise known as "making it all up as she goes along".

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