Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cynthia Tucker: Obama's Press Secretary Goes Out Of Her Way To Defend Rather Than Attack Him

AJC: Little-known fact: Obama has CUT taxes

Are any of you long time readers (and analysts) of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution opinion writer Cynthia Tucker?

I am.

Can we agree that when you read a person's viewpoint you can detect a pattern on their beliefs over time?
Can we also agree that when you see a new set of thoughts that are out of line with this previous thought pattern that it triggers a bit of curiosity about that person and their real motivations?

This is where I stand with Cynthia Tucker and her motivations on behalf of President Obama.

Ms Tucker has attacked two things in the past 10 years:
  • Tax Cuts
  • Deficit Spending 
More than mere "deficit spending" she hated war spending in particular.
Where does this bring us when the war spending is retained AND the entitlement spending that she likes increases but record deficits are had?   If the last guy was spending like a "drunken sailor" - what should Ms Tucker say about the new guy?   We should expect sustained attacks, not glowing alms. Right?

Well if you thought you'd see consistency - you would be wrong.

In the past 9 years Ms Tucker would never complete an article without attacking:
  • The Homophobic Christian Church
  • The Right Wing Conservatives in the Republican Party
  •  George Bush 
Today she has indeed "Changed"

Today she can't stand to see another person criticize President Obama. Upon reading this criticism she will go out of her way to defend Barack Obama - as she did in her most recent piece.

From the Article:
If you’re going to blame the president for your economic misery, then you ought to at least have your facts right. This morning, RealClearPolitics posted a piece from a self-described independent, Jill Dorson, who says she regrets her vote for Barack Obama.

Some of her complaints seem logical. But one of the complaints is factually inaccurate: she says her taxes have gone up. In fact, Obama pushed through a massive tax cut in the stimulus bill.

Here’s the thing: The stimulus package, for which Obama is being bashed, contained the biggest one-year tax cut in U.S. history. That’s right. The biggest one-year tax cut in U.S. history was pushed through by a Democrat.
Over at Time, pundit Joe Klein vents his frustration over the popular misunderstanding of the stimulus bill.
Maybe Ms. Dorson’s state or local taxes have gone up. But her federal taxes have not.

Of course Ms Tucker is not going to advance the fact that the expected federal deficit is $1.5 Trillion for 2010. Unlike 2009 there is no George Bush that she or Obama could blame for this. In addition with Democrats controlling both houses of Congress - you can be sure that for the rest of the year Ms Tucker is going to avoid this subject and will likely go back to blaming the Christian church for the spread of HIV infections.

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