Sunday, January 31, 2010

Conservatives Need Not Be Afraid Of "Black Consciousness"

Conservatives Need Not Be Afraid Of Black Consciousness
Good article.

One point of clarification in the model of Black cultural and political thought.

I make the argument that there is an "American Political Domain" and a "Black Community Consciousness Domain". Though these two domains have substantial interplay due to the realities of where we live, they are distinctly different with respect to the development of our people.

I am a Black Conservative who is an independent in the American political domain. Though I am more inclined to prefer conservative political policies - I don't see any particular benefit to the Black community by positioning the Republican party as a gateway to Black development just as the Democrats have been sold. (Note - I am not accusing you of promoting this. Just commenting in general terms).

It is a sad truth that many Blacks will sour upon "conservativism" IF it is tied to the Republican Party. Which it need not be as they don't have a monopoly on the subject.

It is the Black Establishment forces that control the messages that stream into our community and thus any force that they register as a threat to THEIR INTERESTS will be systematically attacked thereby insuring that it is made to be seen as being against the "Black Best Interests".

My goal is to put forth more effective management structures by which those who CLAIM to be working in our people's best interests can be made to PROVE that this is the case.

Instead the incumbents leverage the perverted notion that "popularity" equals "effectiveness". The rhetorical question of "So you think that Black people are STUPID and don't know who has our own interests?" is frequently used.

This merely sets up the permanent "change" and "struggle" meme that we are presently enduring. Regardless of how many "favorable people" are put into power over our community institutions those in power merely need to play upon the people's hatred for their adversaries to yield more of their power to ultimately help those who have been failing them to KEEP TRYING.

My view is that before you even begin to talk "conservatism" you must challenge the progressive-fundamentalist to agree to TRANSPARENCY and be bound to MEASUREMENT.

Ironically if he does submit there will be two outcomes:

1) Progressivism will be proven to be effective and the Black Conservative would be silenced

2) The flaws of Progressivism will be exposed an a blended approach that is more EFFECTIVE will be rendered.

The only losers in the unwillingness for inspection is the Black community itself.

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