Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blacks In Defense of Harry Reid - Attempt To Claim "Civil Rights" As The Key Qualifier

Anthony Coley: Reid's actions speak louder than his gaffe

Let me start out by taking the "civil rights" torch away from the Black Progressive Democrats.

There are few other elected politicians in this nation that have a WORSE record in DELIVERING "CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTION TO BLACK PEOPLE" WITHIN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS than this group.

  • More Black people are murdered in their districts.....
  • More Black people attend dysfunction school systems.......
  • More Black people have their economic opportunities confiscated........
  • More Black people are victims of health ailments 
WITHIN these districts than any other.

Where there is a clear external target - these "elected activists" are at their strongest.

When the "adversary" has cleared out and they are the last man standing - their inability to address what they had been called to accomplish are made clear.

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