Sunday, January 31, 2010

Conservatives Need Not Be Afraid Of "Black Consciousness"

Conservatives Need Not Be Afraid Of Black Consciousness
Good article.

One point of clarification in the model of Black cultural and political thought.

I make the argument that there is an "American Political Domain" and a "Black Community Consciousness Domain". Though these two domains have substantial interplay due to the realities of where we live, they are distinctly different with respect to the development of our people.

I am a Black Conservative who is an independent in the American political domain. Though I am more inclined to prefer conservative political policies - I don't see any particular benefit to the Black community by positioning the Republican party as a gateway to Black development just as the Democrats have been sold. (Note - I am not accusing you of promoting this. Just commenting in general terms).

It is a sad truth that many Blacks will sour upon "conservativism" IF it is tied to the Republican Party. Which it need not be as they don't have a monopoly on the subject.

It is the Black Establishment forces that control the messages that stream into our community and thus any force that they register as a threat to THEIR INTERESTS will be systematically attacked thereby insuring that it is made to be seen as being against the "Black Best Interests".

My goal is to put forth more effective management structures by which those who CLAIM to be working in our people's best interests can be made to PROVE that this is the case.

Instead the incumbents leverage the perverted notion that "popularity" equals "effectiveness". The rhetorical question of "So you think that Black people are STUPID and don't know who has our own interests?" is frequently used.

This merely sets up the permanent "change" and "struggle" meme that we are presently enduring. Regardless of how many "favorable people" are put into power over our community institutions those in power merely need to play upon the people's hatred for their adversaries to yield more of their power to ultimately help those who have been failing them to KEEP TRYING.

My view is that before you even begin to talk "conservatism" you must challenge the progressive-fundamentalist to agree to TRANSPARENCY and be bound to MEASUREMENT.

Ironically if he does submit there will be two outcomes:

1) Progressivism will be proven to be effective and the Black Conservative would be silenced

2) The flaws of Progressivism will be exposed an a blended approach that is more EFFECTIVE will be rendered.

The only losers in the unwillingness for inspection is the Black community itself.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cythia Tucker - You've Got To Lover Her

Cynthia Tucker: Obama can’t change Washington. Can anyone?

Some observers thought the president was impolite to take on the Supreme Court’s recent decision on campaign finance. Obama wasn’t rude; he was right. With a ruling that was as “activist” as any of the last 20 years, an ideologically-riven court overturned precedent, granted corporations the rights of humans and opened the floodgates to influence-peddling, many believe, from foreign interests.

If there is a point at which a person's beliefs extends from "Resolute Beliefs" over to straight up Bigotry - Cynthia Tucker has surpassed this point.

It is stunning to see that despite the Democratic Party having:
  • The Presidency
  • The Majority in the House
  • A 60 Vote Majority in the Senate
Miss Tucker STILL blamed the Republicans for this nation's ills.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Lack Of Diversity Of The "Tea Confiscation Party" In Oregon Will Not Be Mentioned

WSJ: Oregon Tax Vote Shows States' Plight

There are two key differences between this past summer's "Tea Party Protests" held around America and the current "Tea Confiscation Parties" that are seen in Oregon:

  1. The Tea Parties Protesters were seeking to protect their own money from government confiscation through taxation
  2. The lack of non-Whites in the Oregon gathering will not be pointed out.
  3. Let me add a third now that I think about it - The Oregon protesters will NOT be seen as being motivated by RACIAL HATRED, despite their anger and their White skin.

This is how it works folks.  I am learning to accept it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cynthia Tucker: Obama's Press Secretary Goes Out Of Her Way To Defend Rather Than Attack Him

AJC: Little-known fact: Obama has CUT taxes

Are any of you long time readers (and analysts) of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution opinion writer Cynthia Tucker?

I am.

Can we agree that when you read a person's viewpoint you can detect a pattern on their beliefs over time?
Can we also agree that when you see a new set of thoughts that are out of line with this previous thought pattern that it triggers a bit of curiosity about that person and their real motivations?

This is where I stand with Cynthia Tucker and her motivations on behalf of President Obama.

Ms Tucker has attacked two things in the past 10 years:
  • Tax Cuts
  • Deficit Spending 
More than mere "deficit spending" she hated war spending in particular.
Where does this bring us when the war spending is retained AND the entitlement spending that she likes increases but record deficits are had?   If the last guy was spending like a "drunken sailor" - what should Ms Tucker say about the new guy?   We should expect sustained attacks, not glowing alms. Right?

Well if you thought you'd see consistency - you would be wrong.

In the past 9 years Ms Tucker would never complete an article without attacking:
  • The Homophobic Christian Church
  • The Right Wing Conservatives in the Republican Party
  •  George Bush 
Today she has indeed "Changed"

Today she can't stand to see another person criticize President Obama. Upon reading this criticism she will go out of her way to defend Barack Obama - as she did in her most recent piece.

From the Article:
If you’re going to blame the president for your economic misery, then you ought to at least have your facts right. This morning, RealClearPolitics posted a piece from a self-described independent, Jill Dorson, who says she regrets her vote for Barack Obama.

Some of her complaints seem logical. But one of the complaints is factually inaccurate: she says her taxes have gone up. In fact, Obama pushed through a massive tax cut in the stimulus bill.

Here’s the thing: The stimulus package, for which Obama is being bashed, contained the biggest one-year tax cut in U.S. history. That’s right. The biggest one-year tax cut in U.S. history was pushed through by a Democrat.
Over at Time, pundit Joe Klein vents his frustration over the popular misunderstanding of the stimulus bill.
Maybe Ms. Dorson’s state or local taxes have gone up. But her federal taxes have not.

Of course Ms Tucker is not going to advance the fact that the expected federal deficit is $1.5 Trillion for 2010. Unlike 2009 there is no George Bush that she or Obama could blame for this. In addition with Democrats controlling both houses of Congress - you can be sure that for the rest of the year Ms Tucker is going to avoid this subject and will likely go back to blaming the Christian church for the spread of HIV infections.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

MSNBC Correspondent Makes Note Of The Number Of Reporters Who Are Democrat Loyalists

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The "Non-Response" To Keith Olbermann's Rant Against Brown. Remeber What Glenn Beck Said About Obama?

Note:  I have a ban against syndicating Huffington Post content except when it is the only game in town.  Please forgive me.

Olbermann vs. Scarborough On 'Homophobic,' 'Racist,' 'Sexist' Scott Brown (VIDEO)

Is It Really The "Corporations" That Are Promoting "Thugs" Over "Conscious Rappers"?

It seems to me that there is a wide selection of content.  The buying public gravitates to that which they favor.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Left Demands That The Right Stop "Using" Haiti Crisis For Political Purposes - Take Their Own Political Jabs

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Please note these two facts about the crisis in Haiti:

  1. These left wing operatives are not being called out by various blogs and media analysts for their antics in the context of the Haitian crisis
  2. They are free to pretend that THEY are the "conscious keepers" of America as they point out what Limbaugh, Beck and Medved have been doing to politicize the Haitian situation

Jack And Jill Politics "Self-Chums" Glenn Beck About Haiti

Jack And Jill's Obama Press Club: Glenn Becks Heartless Racist Rant On Haiti/

My Reply
Jill Tubman:

Can you SPECIFICALLY detail what portions of Glenn Beck's speech was 'RACIST'? Or was his main offense that he dared talk about something that you don't want to?

Why is it "far game" to allege RIGHT NOW that the bulk of Haiti's problems one day prior to the Earthquake had to do with what was initiated starting from 1791 BUT if anyone dares suggest that the EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS (adults) that reside in Haiti today must be the key force in shaping their society - those who dare speak this are threatened with the same type of lynching that BMWA has learned from his long time oppressors?

Did Glenn Beck say that NO AID should be given to Haiti?
Why is it permissible for the "progressive-approved" media outlets to tell of the need for SECURITY so that order can be kept so that the recovery efforts can proceed - BUT if any character that is popular with "Media Matters" dares say the same thing - he gets featured on an AfroSpear blog - somewhere?

The most HEARTLESS PEOPLE of them all with respect to Haiti are those who believe that the people alive today are INFERIOR in their power to shape a FUTURE because of $90 million francs that were drawn from them back in 1791.

Worst of all - I would love for some of you to tell me how the BLACK AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE - who now has more of the INSTITUTIONS in Black America controlled by FAVORABLE INTERESTS are in any better position today to provide trained MEDICAL Professionals that have been positioned into medical school after they matriculated through the Academic institutions that are now in YOUR HANDS after a long struggle.

WHAT EXACTLY is the purpose of your "acquisition" and struggle IF at the end of it all BLACK AMERICANS are not leveraged to provide such services - long before such a crisis happens? Instead many CONSERVATIVE Christian Evangelist Organizations step in. WHY didn't any of you make note that a portion of the $2.5 million that Rev Rick Warren raised from his congregation is used for INTERNATIONAL AIDE?

What about your attacks upon him are any less HEARTLESS than are Glenn Beck's? Warren got PRIVATE MONEY.

Do you all not see that a disproportional amount of your focus that gets you off are "Self-Chumming" of the waters merely to get your flock of fellow travelers amped up against some conservative somewhere?

WHO is guarding the fort, making sure that the people in our community that look to the institutions that your ideology now controls are making us PRODUCTIVE and in any position to help other people in the diaspora?

WHAT about "single payer health care" which will SERVICE the American Negro is TRANSFERABLE to Chad, Somalia or Haiti?

Are you CONSUMING in America or preparing up us "Former Slaves" for enhanced COMPETENCY in support of our brothers who don't have the resources that a RESIDENT INSIDE OF THE "BELLY OF THE BEAST" is treated to?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blacks In Defense of Harry Reid - Attempt To Claim "Civil Rights" As The Key Qualifier

Anthony Coley: Reid's actions speak louder than his gaffe

Let me start out by taking the "civil rights" torch away from the Black Progressive Democrats.

There are few other elected politicians in this nation that have a WORSE record in DELIVERING "CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTION TO BLACK PEOPLE" WITHIN BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS than this group.

  • More Black people are murdered in their districts.....
  • More Black people attend dysfunction school systems.......
  • More Black people have their economic opportunities confiscated........
  • More Black people are victims of health ailments 
WITHIN these districts than any other.

Where there is a clear external target - these "elected activists" are at their strongest.

When the "adversary" has cleared out and they are the last man standing - their inability to address what they had been called to accomplish are made clear.

You Are Not Going To See MSNBC Make Note Of The Reporter Who Was Pushed To The Ground In Relation To The MA Senate Race

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Trotter Group Vs Gregory Kane

One day you all will appreciate my skills of analysis. 

As you will note - I read the line up of Black Journalists in the "Trotter Group" and called them for who they are.

Now we have a member of the Trotter group - it's lone Black Conservative who spills the beans from the inside perspective.

I'm not sure whether I should condemn Reid or slap him on the back for this Brobdingnagian gaffe. By cramming his foot down his throat so deeply, Reid has proved that, liberal dogma notwithstanding, conservatives and Republicans don't have the monopoly when it comes to making racist comments.

Liberals and Democrats might deny that charge, but I got a full dose of it in late 2008, days after Obama won the general election. I was at the annual meeting of an organization known as the Trotter Group. The TG comprises black columnists from across the nation. Its members meet -- or try to meet -- at least once a year. And as you may suspect, those members are almost all liberals and Democrats.

Let me put it this way: If I died tomorrow, the TG would be minus one Republican and down to zero conservatives.

A young black man who worked for the Republican National Committee came to speak to the Trotters. He told them that he joined the party because Republican doctrines were most in accord with his personal beliefs.

When the question-and-answer period came, he got hammered. How could he identify with those racist Republicans, some members demanded to know. Another came up with this gem: "I don't see how any intelligent black person could be a Republican."

I'm sure it was quite a shock to the young man -- as it was to me -- that all black Republicans are idiots and all black Democrats are Phi Beta Kappa material. It struck me immediately that former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes is not only a black Republican, but also probably more intelligent than members of the TG combined.

Now I could have chimed in and told my fellow Trotters that I joined the Republican Party for several reasons. I believe the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision is the worst it has ever made, one that started the country down the road to moral decay and perdition. I believe my right to defend myself with a firearm if I so choose is not negotiable.

Chicago Democrat Holds A Meeting For Black Press To Criticize White Press But Fails To Show Up

Stroger sees racial divide in media

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Neal Boortz vs Keith Olbermann On The Claim That 45,000 Americans Die Due To Lack Of Health Care

Neal Boortz: Hey, Olbermann, the lines are open

Cynthia Tucker - So Predictable

Eventually, Obama has to raise taxes, as Reagan did

Question:  If you are a charter member of the "Obama Press Staff" and you see a massive campaign promise about to be broken what do you do if you are Cynthia Tucker of the AJC?"

Answer:  You look for a Republican to reference and you get the message out far in advance in order to blunt the "Read My Lips" rebuke.

Such is the case with Cynthia Tucker's column today.

She is not going to attack Obama for making a campaign promise that helped his election but was never going to be kept.   After all Ms Tucker supports higher taxes as a means of supporting her expansive social safety net.  Thus this broken promise is not a terminal offense in her world.

For Ms Tucker the best way to defend a Democrat is to go back and reference the "Sins of the Republicans".  This seems reasonable but it is not.  Here is why:

Ms Tucker was a part of the left-wing swarm that was ATTACKING the Republican when they committed the "original sin" that is under scrutiny today.   Now that there is a Democrat doing the same - this politician enjoys absolution when there is a Republican that can be found to have done the same thing.

This is the height of "intellectual dishonesty".  

Thus we can conclude that Mr Tucker's foundation is not based on immutable values.  Instead they are based on relative ideological advantage in the context of a battle with conservatives.  This is otherwise known as "making it all up as she goes along".

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Think I Had Better Save This Post From The RiPPa Blog - I Might Not Remain Up For Long

RiPPa: There is nothing surprising about your commentary and the thoughts of your fellow travelers. As much as your story needs to have those you fight against being full of HATRED, RACISM AND BIGOTRY - I can attest to the fact that "Ideology is no container" for any of these. Let me ask you a question RiPPa. On the BookerRising Blog right now is a story in which Black folks are worried about BARACK OBAMA'S security. They fear that the recent lapses of the Secret Service at the social affairs might leave the most protected man on the planet vulnerable to a threat. My personal take is one of amazement. The Negro community seeks to PROTECT the vessel that they have convinced themselves will lead to a situation where their own communities are Safe, Prosperous, Healthy and Academically advanced. Despite the fact that in the wake of them looking OUTWARD at the White House, lumping their prayers for the Black President's safety - so many individual Negroes have all of these 4 areas violated. Now we see the same people who trumped up the "Tea Party" protesters into the modern day Klan - despite the fact that the primary killers of Black folks today are from within. Any hint of assault of Obama - from a "chimp" cartoon to some hick pastor wishing Obama's demise got registered as THE FOCUS of the entire Black community. Now we see the real deal as expressed by RiPPa and others. I have called you all out for valuing "Rush Limbaugh's Microphone" as being SUPERIOR to the exact same studio mic that is used by hundreds of Hip Hop artists. For some strange reason - his vocal chords that vibrate the diaphragm of the mic spew WORDS that are more compelling that any "Voice Of The Street Pirate" Rapper could ever hope to. When I debate your fellow Progressive-Fundamentalists some of you say "Rush Limbaugh is able to affect public policy that negatively impacts Black people - unlike the rapper". IF THIS IS SO - please tell me why your White Liberal Snarling Fox Liberals choose to employ these hip hop artists to "Get Out The Black Vote......FOR THE DEMOCRATS"? The truth is, RiPPa that you and others see Rush Limbaugh as SUPERIOR to the Black Hip Hop Star who is the VOICE OF THE STREET PIRATES that are assaulting our communities. Today a Hip Hop star MURDERED A BLACK MAN in Metro Atlanta. I got your card and the card of the "SoulBrother v2"/"AB The Liberal Kappa" and the others that you play "circle jerk" with. The key perversion of your entire agenda is that you are forced to focus on running a protection racket for the MACHINE THAT YOU HOPE will deliver for you. This trumps your willingness to see that THEY ARE ALREADY IN CONTROL OF where you live and while you strike out against anyone making a MySpace THREAT to the President - you are unable to stop the REAL KILLING in the zones that your ideology has "won". None of my words need to be in "protection of Rush Limbaugh" for them to sufficiently call out you and the "New All White Jury" out on the gross charge of HYPOCRISY and SOLD OUT-NESS to the point where our Black Permanent Interests are threatened. I like you RiPPa - more than some of those cowards that surround you. The first thing you need to learn is that for you to ENFORCE RESPECT upon your adversaries (thus proving you believe what you claim to do) YOU NEED TO respect the LINE that you don't want them to cross.