Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Though "Tell Me More" Panel Says The Nation Is On The Wrong Course - Democrats Need Not Worry

Listen to the comments said in the "Barber Shop" - the weekly segment heard on NPR's "Tell Me More"

It would be inaccurate to call this "Progressive /Pro-Democratic Party" "BIAS".

Instead the more accurate description is that everyone on this weeks panel speak from a "progressive perspective".

Don't mistake the members who say that the nation is "on the wrong track" as their belief that those who (until Jan 5th) dominate the institutions are at fault. Instead as they talk about why we are traveling as such - they voice the antics of their ideological adversaries. Even when Dr Spence says that he credits his ideological adversaries for their opposition - he says so from the perspective that his "ideological friends" have failed to provide the coherent message that America needs.

Worst of all there appeared to be agreement that the GOVERNMENT must provide some solutions to this nation's social problems. Yet there was no awareness of how the places where these theories are firmly entrenched already also suffered anemic population growth in the latest US Census.

I struggle to understand how the "Pro-Big Government forces - the adversaries of the "Pro-Big Business" forces that we most frequently hear called out - can't see that in places like Cleveland, Detroit and Milwaukee - the GOVERNMENT, starved of money from productive activity is forced to scale back their social justice offerings.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What Al Sharpton And Hungary Have In Common

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As a Black man I realize that I am supposed to dutifully agree with "Democratic Party Preacher" Al Sharpton in his battle against right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh in his observations of Limbaugh use of racial invective in his commentary.

As an occasional listener of Limbaugh I am made to laugh because he is merely taunting his PROGRESSIVE/DEMOCRATIC adversaries knowing that the portion of those who happen to be Black are going to respond in a predictable manner.

Thus I rationalize and justify my refusal to "get in where I fit in" by my notation that in the case of Al Sharpton and a significant portion of the Black Political Establishment - they have compromised their own "Black integrity" - where they should 'Leave Democratic and Progressive fights' for the Democrats and Progressives to fight and instead have picked up a weapon and fired shots, having failed to take off their "black cross" in the process.

More to the point - the very same individuals who are offended can be heard waging attacks against the Black people that the "racist" Rush Limbaugh favors and thus doesn't call them names. Ask Al Sharpton and Roland Martin what they think of Black economist Dr Walter Williams who is the occasional guest host for Limbaugh. Or fellow economist Dr Thomas Sowell who's works appear on the conservative "Town Hall" web site. Or James "Snerdly" Golding who is Limbaugh's official "Black Critic" (or whatever he is called).

With such an inspection we note that, as far as the Black Establishment is concerned, "Blackness is an ideological/political orthodoxy" and not just a skin color. As such those who claim to be advocating the "best interests of the Black community" feel no particular obligation to TRANSPARENTLY inspect their favored methodologies that intend to advance these interests to insure the efficacy of such. Instead they see their works as a grand "ideological unity" enforcement action.


When I make the case of "Progressive-Fundamentalism" some people believe that this is an oxymoron.  A "progressive" stands against "fundamentalism" and "conservatism".   This is not the case.

A fundamentalist seeks to retain his dogma, protecting it against all competitive notions that might supplant it.  "Progressivism" is a dogma.  It has a set of methodologies that are used to achieve a particular end.  Indeed one can seek to systematically protect the dogma of "progressivism" and thus be a "Progressive-Fundamentalist" as shown by their enforcement actions and attacks.

Thus it comes as no surprise to me that the "Right-Wing" party in Hungary that is in control in the legislature has imposed a sweeping new set of legislation that regulate the speech in the professional media in the country.  One should not frame this as an issue of "right or left".  This is ONLY an issue of GOVERNMENT POWER.

Those who have the POWER of government at their disposal choose to use it to control and if necessary oppress their enemies.   They use the cover of "justice" and/or the desire to curtail "hate speech".

The same Al Sharpton that gives testament to how the CCC-motivated White racists saw the Civil Rights speeches from the "Back in the day" period where he receives his moral authority as "Hate Speech" fails to see that they too used the institutions of GOVERNMENT to curtail the speeches that sounded disturbing to them.

I suggest that Mr Sharpton listen to radio station WAOK, the very station that carries his radio show from 1pm till 4.  If he were to listen to some of the other shows (or XM The Power's weekend line up) he would hear a lot of "Rush Limbaugh in black face" language which the FCC might also be interested in.

BUDAPEST—A Hungarian media crackdown and an open policy clash between the government and its central bank have raised alarms just as the country prepares to take over the rotating European Union presidency.

The storm brewed up after Hungary's parliament Tuesday passed a controversial media law that will expand the government's power to monitor and penalize private media. The law allows a new media regulator appointed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's ruling center-right party to fine journalists if coverage is deemed politically "unbalanced."

The committee will be able to inspect media and force journalists to reveal sources in matters deemed to fall under national security.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Wednesday said the legislation violates OSCE standards for press freedoms and endangers editorial independence.

The law regulates all media content—broadcast, print and online—based on identical principles. It also gives unusually broad powers to the recently established media authority and media council, which are led exclusively by members supported by the governing party, said Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE representative for press freedom.

"Such concentration of power in regulatory authorities is unprecedented in European democracies, and it harms media freedom," Ms. Mijatovic said.

Meanwhile, financial markets are worrying about the growing rift between Hungary's ruling Fidesz party and the country's central bank, which has been demanding the government use more fiscal restraint and has been increasing interest rates despite government objections.

The tensions risk resurrecting memories of Hungary's financial crisis in 2008, when its near-meltdown roiled other emerging markets. Mr. Orbán snubbed an offer of aid from the International Monetary Fund earlier this year, claiming that the country could regain fiscal stability on its own.

Capital Economics analyst Neil Shearing said Hungarian interest rates might now have peaked. "But tensions between the government and the National Bank are high and rising," he said. "Accordingly, Hungarian assets will continue to carry a hefty risk premium well into 2011."

After winning a landslide election victory in April with a populist message, Mr. Orbán has worked to jump-start economic growth by cutting personal income taxes, lowering taxes on smaller enterprises, and boosting some social welfare payments.

The governor of Hungary's central bank, András Simor, said the policies are risky and warned that eroding investor confidence is one of the biggest potential threats to the economy. Fidesz party lawmakers demanded that Mr. Simor resign and introduced a bill to change how the central bank's interest rate-setting committee is chosen.

Political Europe is more concerned about the new press law, and the image problem it could present for the 27-nation European Union.

Germany's government called on Hungary to take into account the OSCE's criticism. A spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Christoph Steegmans, told reporters in Berlin that Germany expects Hungary to remain committed to the European Union's constitutional values.

"Holding the coming EU presidency, Hungary of course has a special responsibility for the image of the EU in the world," Mr. Steegmans said.

Germany's main opposition party, the Social Democrats, said Hungary's media law violates EU law and democratic principles.

Heiko Maas, head of the Social Democrats' working group on democracy and freedom, called on the EU to immediately start an investigation into the Hungarian legislation and not exclude the possibility of sanctions.

Jürgen Trittin, the parliamentary leader of Germany's opposition Green Party, said Hungary needs to revoke the media law if it wants to take over the EU presidency on Jan. 1 as planned.

An European Commission spokesman said the EU executive will follow the situation very closely and take action if European media law or legal principles were found to be infringed.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Power Of The Draw Of "Red Meat On The Stick" To Distract The Negro

Its that time of the month and our "friend" has returned.   No. No. No.  Not "That" friend.
I am talking about the piece of meat that is dangled on the stick which has the function of hijacking the Black Community Consciousness away from more IMPORTANT issues.  Some people can't see that the source of the "Benign Neglect" - the void within which "Street Pirates" are fomented via the inattention paid to them - is this same set of tactics that are used to keep Black folks focused on watching the PASS PLAYS in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

The latest indictment - The (Racist) Governor Of Mississippi has MARGINALIZED the suffering of Black people in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement.   

My REFOCUSING Attempt as posted on "The"

Dr Burton:

Do you mind if I move beyond the latest TRANSACTIONAL indictment impart my ANALYSIS by setting up the bigger picture?

With the KKK Snowman in Idaho melted and all of the cheap rented tuxes from the Confederate Secession Ball in SC returned to the store the next transaction of "red meat on a stick" is now being stuck in front of us "Black folks" to bite upon - all in the quest of "Ideological Unity Enforcement".

When Barbour seeks to avoid condemnation of his ancestors......
When Glenn Beck seeks to "clean up" the works of this nation's "Founding Fathers" - promoting their drive for liberty while deemphasizing the scars on this nation's underbelly from slavery.....
When the Neo-Confederates meet in SC and deemphasize slavery.........

WHAT is motivating them Dr Burton?
Surely it must be their quasi-Klan membership in the GOP if some people tell it.

In truth they commiting the sin of 'Cherry Picking". In their desire to avoid the condemnation of their ANCESTORS OR AS they paint the notion that America is the greatest nation ever formed and is a just nation - they deemphasize the plight of those who did not look like these founding fathers as a necesary slight of hand. Not wanting complete truth to cloud their narrative.

Indeed the indictment against them made by most Black people says "In your quest to feel good - YOU are white washing is MY ANCESTORS' OPPRESSION".

For some people nothing short of an unambigous renouncement of the total actions of these RACISTS and an abandonment of their present "Conservatism" will suffice as adequate contrition. The assault of Black people demands no less.

BUT WAIT Dr Burton!!!!
* This past weekend in Metro-Atlanta a Black man was shot 9 times with an automatic weapon
* The week prior a Black college student in central GA had his face blown off as he was shot in the face with a shotgun during a home invasion
* This past spring a Black woman was found decapitated and her hands cut off near Rev Joseph Lowery Blvd in the ATL
* UPDATE - The 27 bullets fired into a car that killed a Black father, hit a pregnant Black woman in the pelvis causing her to deliver 3 months early, hit a 5 year old child in the foot - all while an 8 year old child looked on. THIS happening on MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD in Atlanta, once again proving - STREET PIRATES DON'T GIVE A DAMN about King any more than does the CCC.

IF we make note that Barbour's M.O. is "PROTECTIONISM of the antics of his people" as a means of Saving Face - I wonder if those of US who are the ANCESTORS of a future population of Black people can pass such an inspection based on our own selectivity of our narrative about TODAY?

While all of these current "Civil Righs Violations" listed above are tragic - none were worthy for publication on the front page of "The Final Call". Instead - the most recent edition shows a picture of a Black man with a noose upon his neck. Though the police rulled it a suicide - many people are not buying it. It smells like a lynching. Since it took place in MS where Barbour is the governor - it must be so. None of the 190 murders in Jackson MS last year is deemed as worthy.

As we consider the carnage that goes on upon our streets today - Civil Rights Violations that are not labeled as such - is there any chance that 40 years from now as people recount all of the POLITICAL victories had locally and nationally by favorable people that many will "CLOUD" their narrative about benefits of our UNITY in the STRUGGLE as they provide detailed notes about the carnage that the Street Pirates have wrought upon our community at the same time?

When I point out with a high degree of predictability that the local "Concerned Black Clergy" is going to be SILENT about what transpires after the weekend shooting spree yet are going to hold a press conference after more attractive "Externally Indictable Offenses" take place - is this any different than what Haley Barbour is guilty of?


The only difference is that TODAY we have HD color video to document these facts instead of black and white flim images that are used to indict Barbour as a "biased editor of history".

IF ONLY there was a UNIVERSALLY ENFORCED rule that those who associate with individuals who speak hateful things about Black folks OR publicly recount their harm inflicted upon Blacks are themselves tarnished.

Monday, December 20, 2010

When Is The Black Community Going To See The "Progressive Dividend" BET Uncut?

My good friend BET Uncut over at BTX3 blog is up to his old antics once again.

He blames the "Marriage Gap" that Black people are suffering from upon:

  1. Upon Lack of Comparable Income
  2. Makes note that others (White folks) also are marrying less
It is interesting how both of his responses are obfuscatory in nature.

Just imagine if BET Uncut and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers looked at the same information and damaging effect of the lack of long term and stable relationships between Black females and Black males and had the following alternate consciousness:
  1. INCOME within the Black community is critical to the establishment of practices of "Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes" - an element of our Permanent Interests.  Therefore we must abandon many of our obfuscatory economic theories which seek to nationalize the demand for economic sustenance and instead develop a more textured and productive economic system locally, allowing our community to control its interests and income.  Just as there is abundant evidence of other people who have initiated their movement by being the "low cost/ low quality" option in a market only to improve their processes and value over time and now command a lions share of the market and the money that flows with it - so too are we capable of forging such a development effort.
  2. Our CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS is unique from others.  Therefore it is irrelevant as to what other people living in this American culture are suffering in kind for their SOCIAL/CULTURAL choices.   We refuse to fall into the vortex which note the gap when they are in a stronger position and protest against this "divide" and yet when we notice that they are sliding in the mud that we have long complained about we placate ourselves with their company with us.

    We reject this as sheepish thinking!!
    Our consciousness is derived from the aggregate thoughts, messages between our people and the enforcements of certain standards. Most certainly the "equality" that our people have long suffered for is NOT proven in a DOWNWARD STATE OF MISERY. Instead of "other Americans" (White folks) find themselves derailed - we will simply find a new 'perfect reference' - OUR OWN SELVES!! The White man will simply be stripped of his "1.0" reference in the National Urban League "State of the Black America" report for he is no longer worthy of our envy.

My reply to the BET Uncut blog
BET Uncut:

Do you notice that there is ALWAYS an attempt to "Nationalize" problems that are found in Black America at the point long after the powers that be have told "America" to "Mind its own business"?

[quote]They have ignored two key facts.1) The illegitimacy rate is related to income. [/quote]

This merely points to the FAILURE of the Progressive Establishment that now has dominate control over all of the institutions where Black people live to create JOB OPPORTUNITIES where our people's TALENTS can be marketed in exchange for INCOME.

If poverty is the source of severed relationships between male and female that impact our children then why don't you abandon your flawed theories that brought forth Milwaukee, Detroit, Southside Chicago and Cleveland in their present, atrophied form? PEOPLE over PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM.

And 2) Marriage rates are falling rapidly for nearly all segments of the population. [/quote]

Why do you pride yourself that the culture that you control has EQUAL dysfunction to the WHITE CONSERVATIVE EVANGELICAL BIBLE BELT CULTURE?

YOU are more intelligent than they are. Remember?

When are we going to see the "Progressive Dividend" shown upon our community and its INTERESTS?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roland Martin Calls Out Rush Limbaugh Thus Carrying Out His Plans Called "The Black Agenda"

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Here is my perspective.
I have all of the local radio talkshows preprogrammed into my car radio and I work to listen into all of them as much as possible. Most of the shows on the radio are "White right wing" except for Atlanta's "WAOK" - the Black "fight the power" station on the left. In addition I listen to XM "The Power" on the weekend just to hear another dose of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist content.

As I listen to Rush Limbaugh I indeed hear him making taunts that make use of racial innuendo. He is doing this because he knows that the Civil Rights Pharisees are listening in to him and they are going to respond.

I laugh at these taunts because Rush is correct in is observation that the "Black Political Establishment" in its present form IS a franchise of the "Democratic Establishment".

This establishment seeks to get a transaction established where the "Right Wing" talkshow hosts can be called "racists" at the various civil rights and Democratic party conventions BUT if they strike back - attacking their "Progressive Who Are Black" targets that are attacking them - a racial foul will be called.
The Army Field Medic Lends Help But Does Not Pick Up A M-16 To Fire

The last time I saw Roland Martin and Al Sharpton together Mr Martin was the host and moderator of Al Sharpton's "National Action Network" conference earlier this year.  They held a closing forum that was to develop "The Black Agenda", held at a local church in New York City.

In the closing comments they first "prayed to Jesus" and then they set the stage for the most important "Black Agenda Item" - Help The Democratic Party Retain The House and Senate in the November 2010 elections.

Again - They don't even pretend who they are any longer.

There is no "racial dignity" by which they, when operating with their "racial uniforms" refuse to get into the mud in the "Malcolm X Football Game Between White Conservatives and White Progressives".  Instead they are co-equal combatants against "White Right Wing Media figures" who also just happen to be Republicans (Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dr Laura, Sean Hannity).   They conspire with White Snarling Fox Liberal Media Operatives (Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Amy Goodman) who just happen to be Democrats (except for Goodman).

To the question "How can you stand with someone who doesn't like Black people and who stands against our interests"?"

ANSWER;  Our INTERESTS are not obtained through redistributive/confiscatory tax policies BUT INSTEAD through the increase in our community competencies.  The INSTITUTIONS that "favorable people" now control yet are failing us are doing far more damage to the "Black Permanent Interests" than Rush Limbaugh could ever hope to do with his microphone.

The various Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirates own the very same microphone that Limbaugh does.  They spout death threats, tell of their drug dealing and call our women out of their name.  They don't suffer much scorn for doing this.  Instead they are recruited as "get the vote out" voices around election time.

One is mistaken if this is about "White Racism Against Black Victims".
Go below the surface and you see the football game that Malcolm X warned us about EXCEPT this time Mr Martin and Mr Sharpton are doing "Color Commentary".

Mr Martin and Rev Sharpton simply want Black folks to join their fray as they promote each "transactional offense" done by Limbaugh or any other "right-wing" target.  This will keep our community from focusing upon the most important issues that are damaging our interests and WHO IS LEADING THE WAY, absolved of any consequences for what they have brought forth.  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Saying That "The Black Farmers Settlement Is Reparations" Is RACIST Depending Upon WHO Says It

Rob Redding-The Non-Partisan (Who Only Attacks The Left For Failing To Successfully Implement Progressive Policies says:  The Signature Of The Black Farmer's Payout Lays The Groundwork For Reparations (audio)

Media Matters On The "Racist" Who Claim that the Republicans who say that Black farmer payout is Reparations are racists. 


If Mr Redding was really looking beyond the "Transaction" and toward the big picture he would have seen that this latest round of $1.25 billion given for "grievances" (since 1983 - mind you) was provided in currency that is DEPRECIATING rapidly.

His references to "reparation" is spoken from the standpoint of "punitive damage awards" and thus currency compensation. The thought being that the payment of money being a rebuke against the assailant "punishes" the assailant because now HE HAS LESS MONEY TO DO WHAT HE PLEASES WITH and thus in the future will be more conscious of his actions because of the COST.

But wait!!!!   If "the assailant" also owns a printing press and can "break you off" some of the newly minted certificates, quickly replacing the "loss" with bills in the same series - what have you really gotten except "consideration"?

  1. Will any Black Farmer, who originally sought "last chance" assistance from this government program yet suffered racism, now have a new business model which insures that his operation is more viable so he won't need "last chance" financing as a result?
  2. Is this "victory" that is to be celebrated connected onto any "Food Desert"/"Urban Farming" strategy that says "self determination means growing your own food"?
I am not attempting to apply any unrealistic hurdles upon the acceptance of this as a "victory".
Absent any connectedness to the larger "grievances" of the activist movement this gets diminished into the realm of "we showed those White folks not to mess with us."

Of course the White Conservatives got their hits in, calling the settlement a "fraud"
The White Liberal Snarling Foxes syndicated the "hatred" from the Right as proof that they "luv Black people".
The game continues. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Separated At Birth: Julian Assange And James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe Of ACORN Fame Julian Assange of Wikileaks
Hitting from the right he worked to go after
forces who where threatening the conservative
establishment by exposing their lack of integrity
in conflict with their public face of "moral indignation"
against the way the state is operating.
Hitting from the left he worked to go after
the American establishment by exposing how
they lacked integrity as expressed by the gap
between their public face in handling international
affairs and the notes they kept which document
their true intentions and opinions. 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

If Prometheus 6 Took Away The INTENTION Of "Destruction" And Looked At The RESULTS - We'd Be BFFs

Put this in the "Next Logical Question" category. 

Where as Prometheus 6 notices that there are "Republicans who have the INTENTION of destroying an institution that they are put in power over"....................................I am not sure that he is able to express his "intellectual curiosity" and imagine the presence of..............

Progressive Fundamentalists Who Take Over Institutions With The INTENTIONS Of Fixing Them Yet They Destroy Them

My friend P6 has yet another  "Keeper Of The Gate Around Black America" blog while so rarely actually talking about the situation WITHIN the Back community".  If he is not a member of AfroSpear he surely is "down with them" in spirit.

I don't bother posting on his blog because he would rather talk about so called "Black conservatives" than debating with an actual one.  Besides I have yet to figure out how to translate my words as he encrypts them so that no one else can read what I type.   I am not sure if this is better than just being deleted as some others go.

Just imagine of P6 made observations upon the key institutions that are resident in the Black community and made sure that "Black people were not LIED to" as those forces that he and other progressives had promoted into power don't destroy them?  Since they all are ideological compatible to his world view there is little that they can do to fail him.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Black Farmer Payout Hailed As A "Civil Rights Victory"

Cord Jefferson:  For Black Farmers The Check Is Finally In the Mail
[quote]President Barack Obama brought to a close decades of government-sponsored racial injustice -- or at least two chapters in a lengthy book.[/quote]

Mr Jefferson:

As I try to rationalize this massive "Civil Rights Victory" for the RACISM that has transpired against Black farmers...................since 1983(!!!!)....I try to understand how this is anything but a "race loyalty litmus test".

The program in question that was "racist" was set up by the Depart of Ag as a "last chance" farm credit program for farmers that could not obtain loans from traditional sources (banks, etc). All of these farmers - White and Black - came to the program as "at risk business ventures". Other entities that appraised their situation deemed them all as too great of a credit risk.

The department agreed that there was racism involved in the distribution of these loans and thus the settlement. Here is where our ideological differences and my challenge of the SCOPE of the real problem differs from yours.

I always like to understand the exchange of equal values that are involved in each TRANSACTION. In this settlement with the Black farmers clearly the money paid was the item of value. I challenge you, Mr Jefferson - please tell us what was transacted from the Black farmers to the government? They are in the business of producing crops and livestock for the marketplace. Yet we now hear an indictment against the government that the government racism CAUSED many of them to shut down for business. In my estimation the return trip in the transaction from the Black farmers was that they would now agree that the government is "JUST".

Lost in this narrative is their business condition prior to being "discriminated against". We hear activists talking about "Food Deserts" within certain "underserved" communities. When we came across a group of Black farmers who clearly needed a new market to sell into in order to become more viable AND billions from the government in a payoff for the indictment of RACISM - the same Black Progressives who promoted these two indictments never were seen CONNECTING the two.

Instead you all are comforted that private citizens who were farmers will receive a check from the government - NOT in response to an "Invoice for services rendered" per the needs of the government but as an INDICTMENT against RACISM. All the while the need for "fresh produce" to keep people out of McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King go unmet.

As we hear stories about other parts of the Black Diaspora and their need for a FOOD DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - let me ask you Mr Jefferson - is the challenge in these places "RACISM" or is there a need for a group of people who have skills in wholesale food production and distribution - they having learned this in their HOME COUNTRY and are now acting as "Humanitarians" as they venture outward.

Mr Jefferson - could you tell me again what the "VICTORY" was? WHO won? What did they win?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How "Non-White White Supremacy" Can Make Inanimate Objects Into Superior Objects Of Focus

Sad but true.

This Is One Snow Flake.It is made by a natural process in the sky.
These are a bunch of snowflakes. When they fall from the sky per the natural process a snow storm is created. 
These are the hands of a White man.   These hands are attached to a body that is made of 60% water - an EQUAL amount of all other human beings and a compound that is common with the snow flake above.
This Is A "KKK Snowman" that the White Hands above scooped up some snow and shaped into a sculpture who's form caused much consternation among some people. 
This is the state of Idaho.  In this state resides the KKK Snow man and the White man who added value to the snow.  The snow man will likely melt in a few months.  The White man who sculpted the snow and make it an object of interest will likely reside there long past the spring thaw.
This is the logo for "AfroSpear".  It bills itself as: "The Afrosphere is an international movement consisting of all Black blogs working toward Black political, cultural, economic self-determination."

This Is A Map Of The Route Between Philadelphia and Idaho Where The KKK Snowman Resides:  2,440 Miles Away.

The Co-Founder Of Afro-Spear lives in Philadelphia.

The White man who made the KKK snowman lives in Idaho

View Larger Map

With so many issues threatening the "self-determination" of the Black community - how is it that the KKK snowman in Idaho was promoted as a priority?

If there is a snow storm in Philadelphia some time soon and there a snowman made in the form of a Street Pirate - would such a figure be worthy of presentation on AfroSpear?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lesson To The "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies": Anti-Republicans <> Pro-Black Community Development

Go to the "Ripp Dem Up" blog and scroll down the blog roll as the best evidence to prove my point.  Throughout this rouge gallery you will find the finest "Progressive who are Black" elements of political discourse.

Far be it for me to note that a disproportionate number of those who portend to represent the "heart-beat" of the Black community actually have content that is mostly "Anti-Republican"/"Anti-Conservative".   Their blog sites operate as 'self-chumming' exercises - feeding portions of feeder fish and chopped up squid to the schools of fellow "Progressives who are Black", insuring that their ideological unity is retained with the daily feeding of GOP colored red meat per their appetite.

I have come to the conclusion that these sites are for individual expression.  Regardless of if they are one man shows - like my blog gallery or if they have a cast of several progressive-fundamentalists that all agree to post their views to a given site by an agreed upon publishing deadline - they still are individuals just like me.

My goal is not to censor them or challenge their right to print what they want to.   Instead I only seek to erect a reference framework against which their efforts can be appraised.   Again their skin color does not bind them to authoring "Black community" content or to be transparent in their agenda in support of any particular cause.  I maintain the right to observe all that I read in and do what I do in my real job:  Detect Patterns Of Behavior in an effort to give "constructive feedback".

You see I get paid by my evil corporation to make observations and then to provide professional consulting expertise on how this group of people who operate under the auspices of a corporation can more successfully accomplish the items on their mission statement - of course with the assistance of the products and services that my corporation sells.

I have no products or services to sell to the "Black blogger understudies".  I only can offer my advice.

Please accept my reporting as nothing more than a body of evidence collected over time.  Just as with tenant/landlord disputes - the one who collects a diary of events over time typically wins the court case - when there is an OBJECTIVE judge listening in on the evidence.

The Attempt To Reconcile The Value Of "Offenses" In The Mind Of The Racism Chaser

When I post a series of "negative" depictions of the Black community in which "Street Pirates" are seen as the primary physical threat to the safety within our community I have been called "Anti-Black" per the viewpoint of those who I frequently debate against.   This assessment, in my view, is merely an attempt at "ideological unity enforcement".   

Think back to the days when "A Black man had no rights that a White man need respect".   Those who were "anti-Black" exhibited this trait as they witnessed the brutality used against Black people and stayed silent, insuring that it continued unchallenged.  In fact those who dared to illuminate these offenses against Black people proclaiming that they were "equal human beings" risked attack - being called "Nigger Lovers".  This was an "ideological unity enforcement techniques used by White bigots at the time.

Fast forward to today and apply the same template.  Those who seek to shift the primary focus away from the examples of "Black women crying on the evening news" and focus instead on the antics of their external ideological and political adversaries are said to hold the "consciousness of Black America".  If a person like me dares to assume the 'Ida B Wells" function and expose the assaults that are happening to Black people they accuse me of being a " lover" just as the White bigots from back in the day did.  They can't see how much their own bigotry is like for like with that of the classical White bigot.  And NO - the average White bigot did NOT lynch a Black person.  They maintained their complicit silence as others lynched "equal human beings" with impunity.

They operate as if their antics have no COSTS upon the Black community.  The truth is that the only thing they have is prevailing favor and thus a complicity of silence in the Black rank & file.

They realize that more Black people hate the TRANSACTIONAL antics of the conservative political party in America more than they HATE the condition that they are presently in.  A condition that exists even after they have "voted harder" than ever and won the victory of obtaining a "Black President".   Even though the readers of Essence Magazine give the federal education policies an "A" which is commensurate with the 91% Black support for the president they realize that their jaundiced appraisal as guest judges on "Dancing With The Stars" does not translate into an accurate depiction of the quality of education that transpires in the schools in their community.  Schools that have the "Mission Accomplished" signs as proof of their victory in the struggle.

The Need For A Management Overlay Upon All Ideological Operatives
There are three inexhaustible claims in the minds of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers:

  1. The Power of White Supremacy To Derail Black Progressivism - Even When The Leave Blacks All Alone By Themselves
  2. The Damage Done By The Legacy Of Slavery That Somehow Jumps The "Generational Synapse" Into Newborn Black Babies Born Today
  3. The Need For Black People To Stay Politically and Ideologically Unified Lest "The Adversary" Turn Back The Clock
Sadly few people have demanded an actual mug shot depicting the face of this adversary so that we can "be on the look out" for this dangerous street pirate that molests us at every turn.  Instead it appears that voting "Straight Ticket Democrat" is a sufficient countermeasure.  This despite the fact that the places that have eradicated the enemy still suffer from the same conditions.

Is it possible that voting itself is not the cure?  That the problems that are present are within a domain other than the "American Political Domain"?

Those who self-chum have no interests other than ideological enforcement and politics.  They would rather have a Black person who agrees with them but, when channeled are not able to articulate a defense of their position to ME - a Black man who can not only articulate my own positions but can tell them WHY their theories are flawed and will never achieve the ends that they are "struggling for".

I am beginning to see that this is the point.  Their goal is not to achieve a particular end other than Ideological Unity.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Those Who Racism Chase About Racial Invectives In Political Discourse Yet Originate Their Own Violations

Of course the overriding statement is "Well what do you expect from a person who refers to himself as 'Field Negro'?"

It is amazing how a person who runs a "Media Matters In Black Face" blog site, which is more "Anti-Republican" than "Pro-Black Permanent Interests Advancement" can spend an entire election season scouring the nation for any White person that makes a racial slight upon the Black President and yet he originates racial invectives against another Black politician. 
 From the "Truth To Power" Blog

I stated previously that "favorable Blacks" (progressives) operate under the protective cover of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers.  Those Blacks who do not comply with this line of thinking are "Free Range Blacks".  Not only are they open for racial attacks by racist White people the BQFPRC will also source their own attacks just to show the racist White Liberal Snarling Foxes that it is OK to go after "these Blacks". 

Can we conclude that a Black person who inserts their own "offensive" material into political discourse has no credibility to feign offense when a White person does the same against a Black politician they favor?   The best time to enforce a line that no one should cross is when there is an adversary is in focus and YOUR SIDE is the offender.

(Psst:  Don't watch Filled Negro.  Instead look at his flock who followed his racism chasing to see if any of them call him out on this offense.  They won't).

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beware Of The "Whites Only" Sign That Is Dangled In Front Of You, Its Chain Rattles To Elicit Fear Within You

From The "We Are Respectable Negroes" blog

A Focus On Defensive End Sarah Palin And Her Attack On Kickoff Returner Michelle Obama In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

My second reply
My Friend Chauncey:

I have since read Richard Cohen's article and your piece and the other posts on this platform for public intelectual discourse.

Having watched a documentary on former DC mayor Marion Berry last night I now have an even greater perception of where you, Cohen and Tim Wise reside with respect to the clear and present circumstances of the American Negro.

You see for Cohen the "Whites Only" sign that he saw in Washington DC as a child is a more powerful indictment which explains the "INFERIOR" standing of the American Black today - economically, academically, and tactically than is the evidence that "colored men" in the seats of power today offer as evidence that things have changed.

Big picture-wise Chauncey - when I see those black and white 8mm video tapes of the signs and the brutal White cops from back in the day instead of using that as my world reference for today I choose to look at the present images that are show in color, high definition having been transmitted from the reporters remote camera via microwave, too often from the crime scene in the 8th Ward. This section represented by Berry is a mere 8 miles from the White House.

With a favorable police chief that was appointed by the 6th (or so) Black mayor in control of the city - we can safely say that the SEATS OF POWER who ENFORCED the laws and the WORLD VIEW that the "Whites Only Signs" signified - are now BLACK AMERICANS!!!!

You, like Cohen need to ask yourself Chauncey - WHY are these images of the PAST so POWERFUL to you to-damned-day that they cause your conscious mind to gloss over that which the PRESENT people in power erect upon your people, channeling them down a certain course to continued incompetence and inferiority per the lack of material proof that their PROGRESS is nigh?

If this is a key reference in time that Sarah Palin wants to TAKE US BACK TO if she ever gets seated in the house 2 miles from 8th Ward ........why isn't there more inspection by you of those operatives who support and DEFEND the present power establishment over these communities who TAUNT THE NEGRO with black and white images to engender FEAR of what their disposal from power my bring forth yet have FAILED to leverage their power to build up organic competencies within these communities that now have the "Whites Only" signs removed from them?

My First Reply - The Administrator had not initially approved it. I record it here as a means of protecting my own ideas from the delete key of another.

My friend Chauncey:

I did not read your post here.
I did not read Cohen's article.

Instead I registered another tick mark in my count of "Progressives who are Democrats who are Black" blogs that are generating content about SARAH PALIN.

You see, Chauncey when the great Malcolm X warned us about "The Political Football Game between White Conservative and White Progressive" he was warning conscious Black people about the perils of taking up the cause NOT OF YOUR OWN but which is solely within the domain of AMERICAN POLITICS.

You see Chauncey the one thing that I have a skill for is "pattern matching". Instead of remaining at the TRANSACTIONAL level, eating up the "self-chum" that is propagated by certain Progressive-Fundamentalists to keep me "Ideologically Unified" and within a "racial siege mentality" I instead make note of a pattern.

At a time when the Black community's key institutions are controlled by "Respectable Favorable Negroes" and "White Progressive Snarling Foxes" that meet the popular approval - there is more content on the "Progressives that are Black" blogs that focus upon ideological adversaries like Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, Steele and Clarence Thomas than there is transparent and critical appraisal about the people who are actually in the seats of power over these key institutions.

Malcolm X in his wisdom realize the POWER that the obfuscation that is so readily apparent has, to the negation of the interests of the Black community.

Sarah Palin IS NOT A THREAT TO "THE BLACK COMMUNITY". She is ONLY a threat to Democrats and Progressive policies. It is ONLY the fact that the Black community has fused these two methodologies as "Certified Black" that Palin is problematic.

Tell me Chauncey - in response to the report about Black male academic performance - what did you write?

You posted Moynehan's words and a reference to 72% of OOWB. The Sarah Palin post showed more passion from you than did the peril surrounding our young brothers.

It all comes down to two things brother Chauncey:


Failing to implement BOTH in equal measure as you show yourself to be a SCIENTIST in support of mitigating the problems in our community - Sarah Palin from Alaska gets promoted as a grand threat to you and others.

The BIGGEST threat to Black people per my view is the BENIGN NEGLECT that takes place as otherwise good brothers like you get distracted with other non-priority issues.

Pull up brother. We have bigger fish to fry

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Malcolm-Che Blog Against The Prison Industrial Complex

Malcolm Che Blog

I wonder if the blog owner realizes that Che Guevara had many war prisoners and political prisoners detained in Cuba and was accused of having some of them killed?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Scanning The HuffPo Comments Section

In the HuffPo article "Is Black Political Power Under Siege" I did something that I don't ever recall doing before: Read the comments section.

A few years ago I called out HuffPo educational activist Dan Brown for his exodus of a "Black school" which he called a "jungle" only to later write a book about his experience. He saw my blog and asked me to come over to HuffPo to debate his. I REFUSED. I will never create an account on HuffPo - the key vehicle that propagates the unconsciousness that is abundant in the political discourse within my community.

As I read many of the comments which tell about the quest that Black people are upon for equal treatment and quality education I am stunned by the viewpoints of the posters.  Simply put - there is no amount of control that the Progressives will ever obtain over the institutions that SHOULD BE delivering these promised benefits for the Progressive-Fundamentalists to begin to look at their own failures to deliver instead of chasing after conservative-bigots.

Select snippets of posts from "Black HuffPo Co-conspirators":


It is not a simple issue of economics. What you are doing is trying to whittle it down to a welfare issue which is the pervasive myth that has existed since the 70's and beyond. Black people vote lockstep with the Democratic party because they are the only ones willing to address the myriad social issues that affect us. For example, the readjusting of the cocaine sentencing guidelines, police brutality, community development, education, hate crimes etc.
If the Republican party was not so hostile to minorities perhaps more of us would join, but they continually spout vitriol that attacks us as a community. I live in Georgia where our newly elected Republican Governor was quoted as making references to "ghetto grandma's" and proudly proclaimed voting against the voting rights act.
"Blacks" have pondered the cost of our political role and we find it to be much more beneficial than the alternative. And for the record not all black people are welfare babies as you are insinuating. Maybe if you NOT so rich Republican "Whites" pondered the true cost of the political role you play you would vote with us before you end up on the same welfare you accuse us of receiving because of your dedication to your racism. If you make less than 250K a year your precious Republicans DO NOT CARE about you regardless of color and they will make you poor before they are finished.

How condescending. We, the Blacks, should ignore our collective experiences and listen to you, and all of our problems will be solved. Of course! You know, before the Civil Rights era, black people voted Republican, because they were the party of Abe Lincoln and the Radical Republicans that fought, died, and were even lynched alongside my forefathers in an effort to attain equality. What changed? The introduction of 'The Southern Strategy', the flight of Dixie-crats to the Republican Party in response to LBJ signing civil rights legislation. You conservatives always link minorities with welfare, poverty, and drug abuse, yet whites dominate those categories in reality. No one wants a handout, you jackasses, just a fair shot at the American Dream. What we need in the Black community is for public education to be fair across the board, not being funded by local property taxes. That alone traps people from certain areas, let's say 'ghettos', into perpetual poverty, because our children go to substandard schools, while affluent kids go to excellent, well-funded schools. Why not fund public schools exactly alike, and if rich parents want more for their kids school, so be it. We just want a fair shake, which is, fundamentally, the 'American Way'. The conservative response? Kill the Dept. of Ed. Really? Who does that help? Why would anyone from our community vote for that? BTW, what, exactly, is wrong with ACORN? Like, what did they do that was illegal? I'll wait!

I assure you that for both dudecrush and OnestopHipHopFrazier there is no telling them how misdirected they are. They are the perfect archetypes of "Permanent Chasers".

They both talk about the quest by Black America for "Quality Education". If you notice - neither one of them are inclined to talk about the success of the "Struggle" in procuring control over the educational systems that are today failing to provide quality services to our people. One stop goes on to make quality education a function of EQUAL PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL FUNDING. With the previous goal of "putting people into place that love Black children and care about our community" having been obtained - they now have a new target. Again if you believe that someone from this crowd of Black Progressives are going to stand up and say "Wait a cotton picking minute!!! I followed loyally in support of the goal to take over the schools. Why don't you prove to me that our education benefited from this previous goal before I continue to follow you through the next interval?".

The reason why we are not going to hear such a notation is because "Progressivism Is In-Organic.

By scaling up their indictment against the "unequal funding" of the public schools the progressive-fundamentalist sets up a new phase of permanent struggle. They want the strong hand of the central government to be the distribution agent for schools nationally.

If and when their enemies exit public schools and choose to fund their own private schools at a desired rate - rest assure that OneStop will ratchet up his struggle - demanding that all public schools receive funding commensurate to the private schools, stripping away their advantage.

If you believe that this is ever going to stop from their own initiative - you are sadly mistaken.

This indictment IS the substance of their political ideology and associated motion.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We Are Progressive-Fundamentalist Negroes - Who Live Vicariously Through Obama

We Are Respectable Negroes blog: They Are So Old School: Hiram Maxim, The Echoes Of History and the Bigotry of the New Right in the Age Of Obama

QUESTION;  Why do Black people need to STAY UNIFIED (as long as it is BEHIND OBAMA) and not be tricked into criticizing him?

ANSWER:  Because the people who are attacking him already are RACISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We must understand the argument made by the "Progressives who are Democrats".  

Those who seek to advance their Progressive/Democratic agenda without challenge hope that you will overemphasize the force of RACISM in relation to the other legitimate points of criticism of President Obama.  If they can enlist you in the fight against RACISM you won't bother to focus on the legitimate points of criticism.   And no not just the ones where he has not been as LEFTIST as you desire.  I am speaking of absolute measures of effectiveness.

You see - I have noted before that PROGRESSIVISM IS INORGANIC.
As such they claim that their "Racism" shown in the 96% vote for Obama and the 91% present support for Obama by Black Americans is in RESPONSE TO the ORGANIC RACISM had by the White Right-wing.   In effect they don't have any "organic racism".  Their "racialism" is a necessary rebuttal to the real RACISM that is suffered from their enemies.

Chauncy DeVega needs to have us focused on "racism chasing".  IF we Black people slip up and begin to question why the decades of support and the placement of "favorable people" into power the conditions in so many of our communities are as such then people like DeVega are forced into introspection of their own beliefs and the point of COMPLICITY that they have in erecting the present governance regime in Black America.   It is thus vitally important that they maintain a siege mentality, protecting the Progressives.  Protecting Obama.

Why is it that their actions done under the cover of race are not considered in the same light as their ideological enemies?

The fraud that they execute is intended to shift the inspection made by the Black community away from the competencies of the leadership that we as a community have hoisted upon our institutions, over to an indictment of the broader society - the ubiquitous and amorphous RACISTS in particular.

From The "We Are Respectable Negroes" blog

Mr DeVega:

Can you set up a scenario by which

1) A US President DOES NOT have a loyal opposition for no other reason than his ideological and partisan differences?

2) A BLACK President's opposition IS NOT called RACIST by you? (This Black President being favorable to YOU not withstanding)

The best thing that you can say is that "I have never had a President that I was so attached to AND thus the attacks against him are felt more PERSONALLY by me". The claims of "No other recent president has been attacked as much as Obama has is pure B.S. ". Second only to the Anti-War activities, Obama's term being adjacent to Bush's also provides a point of reference about the DEMAND "respect for the office" has also changed.

I do credit you Mr DeVega. You are far more articulate than many of the other Left-Wing Fundamentalist/ Racism Chasing blogs. Though you both end up in the same position, your narrative course is far more enticing.

Here is what I have learned after careful study of you and others:

You need to keep your enemies on trial as an indictment for the present condition of Black people so that you can avoid the painful truth that a transparent inspection of the PEOPLE AND POLICIES that you have hoisted into power with the auspices of "Helping The Black Community". Despite their growth in POWER over the key institutions of our communities - they avoid your condemnation. Their failures to deliver MUST be due to the White Conservative attempts to up end them. No where in your mind might this be due to failed theories that they possess.

Talk to us about the state of Education for Black people Chauncey - the systems that FAVORABLE PEOPLE to you have been running for about 30 years. What about the economic development in these same communities? The public safety?

Strip away the focus on the "White Right Wing" and you are left naked, having to ponder an inspection of what you have fielded as a solution.

For you "RACISM" is seen in the White voters in AL and MS voting for John McCain to the tune of 89% and 91% respectively. When we look at how the Black voter chose at the rate of 96% to promote the MACHINE that already controls all of our LOCAL civic institutions into the WHITE HOUSE in addition to their control over both houses of Congress - this was not RACISM but "Black people knowing who has our best interests in mind".

It is time for you, Mr DeVega to document WHERE our "Permanent Interests" have been ORGANICALLY developed in the "Progressive Mission Accomplished" areas where they operate in an uncontested manner per your efforts and advocacy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Agree With Keith Olbermann's Words - But ONLY If He Wasn't Attempting To Absolve Himself

I am forced to agree with Olbermann that the past slate of journalists were not objective.

Keith Olbermann and other operatives from MSNBC merely suffer from the notion that their INTENTIONS make their antics justified.

Olbermann claims that he has been far more critical of Obama than has been Fox News. What he fails to note is that he is critical of Obama FROM THE LEFT. He does not criticize Obama or anyone else from the perspective of absolute results. In as much as the right-wing is the source of organic evil - he positions himself as needing to cast low blows against them in defense from their low blows. No one with an objective viewpoint would claim that MSNBC is any less biased than is Fox News.

They both will cherry pick the favorable points which prove their objectivity. The problem is that they fail to make note of the other facts that lay upon the ground.

Olbermann is attacking Ted Koppel about being silent against the Iraq War. It is quite interesting that we now have an Afghanistan War that has "mission creeped" far beyond its original purpose. People like Olbermann would have you to believe that a war STARTED under false pretenses is more evil than a war that spirals along have adopted new justifications.

In the case of torture - Waterboarding of 3 terror suspects is "torture" yet using predator drones to blow up an entire household that is thought to contain a terrorist - while also killing his wife and children IS NOT.

The real power of the leftist press is its ability to KEEP THEIR ENEMIES ON TRIAL as they look past the present offensive that would bother them IF there was an adversarial Commander In Chief in place.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rachel Maddow & Jon Stewart - Progressivism Is A Function Of Conservatism

Why does MSNBC do what it does? Because it needs to fight the "organic evil" of Fox News.

THEY are evil but WE are honorable. When we do the same thing we are merely fighting them for the honor of the people.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Rachael Maddow And Some "Progressives Who Are Black" Focus Upon In The Keith Olbermann Scandal

If you ever want to know why certain people with a certain ideology fail to actually "progress" but instead stagnate - look no further than the recent scandal with leftwing bomb thrower Keith Olbermann.

In the various arguments from the left to defend the campaign contributions of Keith Olbermann that got him suspended their main exculpatory evidence used to defend Olbermann was the contributions that FOX NEWS hosts had executed upon.

Let's set this up properly.  On MSNBC and various leftist circles Fox News is dismissed as a "non-news organization".   Even the President of the United States says that Fox is a threat to the country.  (Afterward he invited "Media Matters" operatives in to the White House).

If we take the "Professional Left" at their word we must conclude that it is STANDARDS that raises MSNBC over Fox News.  "They don't do certain things that Fox does".

Ironically when one of the darlings of "The Professional Left" is busted by a muckraking media blog, Politico, as having made several political contributions - what did we see "The Professional Left" do as a defense?

  1. Point to their HIGHER standards and make the case that indeed Olbermann had violated them, diving in the mud with Fox?
  2. Use Fox News as the reference standard for Keith Olbermann's actions.  "Why are you punishing Keith Olbermann when Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others have done the same thing?"

Take this same concept and apply them as a frequently used antic by "The Professional Left".  They are not interested in promoting high standards.   When they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar they are merely interested in lowering the standard to the lowest common denominator.  

You believe that they are the "moral compass" of this nation at your own peril. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bigot Bill Maher Once Again Makes The Case: Right-Wing Has Organic Evil. Left-Wing's Antics Are Merely A Response To Evil-Right

The power of "INTENTIONS" and "INDICTMENTS" are the "Yin and Yank" of leftism.

I assure you that the average Progressive-fundamentalist who listens to this diatribe by Bill Maher would have their beliefs reaffirmed.

Though there are mercifully few points of "violence" had by the Tea Party gatherings in the past few years large leftist gatherings have been indeed violent:

  • In Pittsburgh when the G20 Summit came to town
  • In Oakland in response to the transit police shooting of Oscar Grant - downtown Oakland was torched
  • In France (and other European nations) those who were pissed at the planned austerity plans to allow the nation to survive took to the streets.  They torched cars and broke windows.
Bill Maher will always have his own version of events that highlight his own bigoted viewpoint.

Notice how the non-partisan "Restore Sanity" rally is heralded as an accomplishment because it was "bigger than Glenn Beck's right wing rally" yet Maher and many other Progressive Fundamentalists gloss over "October 2, 2010" - the day the Labor Left came to town.  Of these 3 marches which were branded as "Left wing" and political?

Why did Bill Maher make use of a "non-partisan" rally rather than mention the size of the unabashedly LEFTIST march?   Do you see why with these "inspectors" that no one noticed that those who came to town on Oct 2nd and claimed to "follow King" did not want to have an ANTI-WAR march because they did not want to up-end the present "Commander in Chief".  

Friday, November 5, 2010

Its A Good Thing That Media Matters, Huffington Post and AfroSpear Don't Have Similar Standards

MSNBC Suspends Progressive-Fundamentalist Host Keith Olbermann For His Political Campaign Donations To Various Democrats

NEW YORK — MSNBC has suspended prime-time host Keith Olbermann indefinitely without pay for contributing to the campaigns of three Democratic candidates this election season.

Olbermann acknowledged to NBC that he donated $2,400 apiece to the campaigns of Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway and Arizona Reps. Raul Grivalva and Gabrielle Giffords.

NBC News prohibits its employees from working on, or donating to, political campaigns unless a special exception is granted by the news division president — effectively a ban. Olbermann's bosses did not find out about the donations until after they were made. The website Politico first reported the donations.

"I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night," Phil Griffin, MSNBC's chief executive, said Friday. "Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay."

How ironic. "Color Of Change" has a "Turn Off Fox" campaign and has been trying to get Fox Host Glenn Beck off of the air for a long while.  George Soros recently funded such an effort.

Turns out that their BFF White Liberal Snarling Fox was the first to go instead.

This would be a great time for "Color Of Change" and "AfroSpear" to do a mass protest in front of the MSNBC headquarters DEMANDING that they hire a "Black Progressive" as Olbermann's replacement.  You know, seeing that DIVERSITY is the goal of the "Progressive who is Black" and the White Liberal Snarling Foxes who convinces him of their commitment to the concept.

Warren Ballentine Says - When They Talk About {Mystery Government Official} They Are Talking About YOU, Black Man!"

From the Wednesday Warren Ballentine Show

"He went to the best schools and got a quality education just as they told Black people to do and still they try to bring him down"

"They told us to speak articulately and yet they talk about him like a dog"

You all need to see that when THEY are tearing HIM down THEY are tearing you and all other Black people down.

We are fighting WHITE SUPREMACY who does not want to lose its power. They are wanting to tear down HIM and all other Black people.

"Black people I LOVE YOU. You will never know how much I love you. We need to stick together and FIGHT. We need to LOVE EACH OTHER. We need to make sure that NO ONE DISRESPECTS us as they try to disrespect HIM. We need to stand beside him.


Stay with me people.

Now even though you thought that Ballentine was talking about this guy.

I need for you to first watch THIS video:

Now imagine if you were forced to insert THIS BLACK MAN'S picture into the frame above?
Doesn't he hold an "official office"?
Why then is it that the "Black Defenders" are often heard saying the very same words that thousands of Black men heard just prior to them being lynched?

  1. YOU need to decide if "RACE" has an ideological component to it.
  2. IF you say that his IDEOLOGY is a threat to Black people then please explain why you are so silent about IDEOLOGY of "The Street Pirate" who rakes up far more murders and assaults of Black people than does this man.  Prior to the "death sentence" reaches this man's desks an array of checks and balances have been executed upon.   While the Street Pirate acts on his own accord he is ultimately not an IDEOLOGICAL threat to you and thus he passes under your radar.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What If The Next Republican President Took The Advice Of These White Liberal Snarling Foxes In Regards To Meeting W/ The CBC?

I am trying desperately to avoid doing the photographic negative of what bothered me so much today as I listened to the local "Fight The Power" radio station: In the face of certain intractable problems within the Black community that were discussed - find a "White person who did the same thing" as a means of soothing one's mind.

However I recall that when Republican George W Bush was in office it was the Congressional Black Caucus who attacked him for refusing to meet with them to discuss "Black issues".  Bush knows as Moore and O'Donnell knows - when you meet with your ideological and partisan adversary who has the goal of "getting you out of the office" - you don't leave yourself unguarded.

The correction to both of these flawed analysis is provided with a more accurate premise.

As a voter MY GOAL is "NOT" to "insure that Obama has another term" OR that the Republicans are kept in check.  The bulk of the problems that we face with our broken political system is that the rank & file is using the political system as a proxy for their ideological fight.

The best way that President Obama can insure he has a second term is to clearly identify the key problems with the nation, lay out REASONABLE plans on how to mitigate the harm and execute these points that can be done in a given time frame while articulating those elements that require a more long term vision and leadership.   With the incremental plan in place toward this end both Democrat and Republican can lay out their agenda in reference to this goal.

Today we have nothing but ideologues that are destroying this nation because they are not focused on the streets but instead what is going on in the legislative halls.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Strategy Of Claiming Voter Fraud - Rachel Maddow Please Meet Jack & Jill Politics

See the 4:40 mark.

Now let us look at the following post with Jack & Jill Politics.
Election Protection & Voter Suppression

So here is an example of "Mall Cop" fraud.

For the progressive Rachel Maddow - who never saw a "Black Street Pirate Murder" that was EQUAL to that of a right wing murder we hear one side of the dynamic of voting politics - claims of "Voter Fraud" as a means of a gateway to more strict scrutiny of voting rights.

Notice that the Mall Cop - Rachael Maddow would see the racism chasing done by the Civil Rights Democrat groups in which they scour the nation looking for examples of how Black people have had their voting rights suppressed by some election day drama - Dr Maddow does not label this with the same nefarious intent.

Even when the voting process is administered by Black Democrats and their own incompetency in following procedures is the reason for the glitch (see Fulton County Georgia) the narrative that "Black people had their voting rights suppressed" rings true as a grievance.

I am working on a brand new post that is tentatively labeled:  "Has The Grio or The Root ever did a report that was critical of their own corporate sponsors"?

If you think that Dr Maddow was going to get any hard ball questions from the interviewer from TheGrio when their site is a spawn of MSNBC you are indeed mistaken.

Michael Eric Dyson Demands That Obama Become A Race Mongerer And A Class Exploiter

I realize that the "Professional Left Blacks" are hurting today and as a result they will say anything.

Go to the 1:40 mark in the video and tell me that I am not hearing what I think I just heard.

GONE is the "unity" message instead Dyson tells his guy Obama that he needs to become:

  • A Race Man
  • Use Ethnicity As A Shield
  • A Class Man
Michael Eric Dyson states that Obama failed to brag about his "accomplishments" and had no narrative.

What Dr Dyson fails to realize is that BOTH of these elements were injected into the Black community by the "Lampblack Yellow Journalists".

(Note: "Lampblack Yellow Journalist" is NOT empty slander on my part.  It does NOT represent my own ideological intolerance.   It IS a term that identifies so-called Black Journalists who routinely leverage their own IDEOLOGICAL bigotry to advance their notions of racial progress BUT only for the benefit of their viewpoint in the American Political Domain.   In doing so they are forced to look past the CONNECTION between the continuing problems within the Black community and the aggregate intransigence which has failed to substantively address it.

When given the choice between INSPECTING the actual efficacy of their own methodology and blaming the continuing problems on White/Capitalistic RACISM - they go for racism because it allows them to retain their own ideological comfort without running against the grain.  

With this as their modality their jounalistic efforts consists of going out to PROVE their claims of racism and conservative ideological undercutting of the Black interests as the prime problem.

In addition the evidence of growing progressive power over our communities and in the hands of their White and progressive special interest partners does not provoke THEM to switch their critique upon their own ideological home, with the purposes of obtaining more proficiency rather than raw power.   These two points represent the distinction between Black people being used as a pawn for progressive/Democratic POWER versus Black people's interests being addressed through the competency construction that is fomented via the institutions that are now controlled by favorable people.

Their loyalties prevent them from scrutinizing the main force that is derailing the Black community's interests today:   The Black Progressive Establishment Overlay and its unwillingness to MANAGE the human resources that are attached to it.  They prefer an externally focused struggle for unity purposes).

Dr Dyson what do you think that:
  • Eugene Robinson
  • Earl Ofari Hutchenson
  • Cynthia Tucker
  • Bob Herbert 
  • Stanley Crouch
  • Leonard Pitts
  • Tonya Weathersbee
  • Derrick Z Jackson
  • DeWayne Wickham
  • Errol Lewis
  • Charles Blow
  • Hazel Trice Edney
  • Rochelle Riley 
  • Roland Martin
have all been doing for the past 3 years?

Mr Dyson the corruption of the Black Press has reached an all time high.

There is little correlation between what is happening on the streets of Black America as it is governed by favorable people to you AND what is likely to be reported upon or opined by the "usual suspects".

The truth is that you all have 100% folded the "Black Community Development" agenda in with the Democratic Party and Progressive ideological entrenchment.

IF you indeed were a "Race Man" you would demand a recalibration, adopting a strategy that is more EFFECTIVE.