Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Massive Flameout Of The "Goldenae" Blog - Against Black Conservatives

"My Blog" by Goldenae

Back when this blogger Goldenae came out, guns blazing against the evil Black Conservative back in August 2009 I had a decision to make.  

Despite seeing the transparent propaganda of a (no doubt) young Black Progressive-Fundamentalist I had to choose to put down yet another "full scrotum" that was spouting rhetoric or I would just wait to get a better read on this guy.

After a few posts with a massive pile on by fellow Black Progressive-Fundamentalist cheering him on as the next columnist for "HuffingtonPost" the guy is gone.

Yes I have subscribed to one of his message threads and thus see responses.  There is no new content to speak of.

He has reached the boundaries of his political competence after a few short posts.

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