Thursday, December 17, 2009

The "Depressed Negro Ensaring Others" Disease

The "Depressed Negro Ensaring Others" Disease 

This label might change over time but it adequately fits a phenomenon that I have noted amongst some Black folks.

THEY are depressed as individuals over the conditions in their own lives and the conditions that they see in certain communities.  From this they attempt to project their own discontentment upon all others in the Black race.  Any of us who dare say "NO NEGRO - YOU are depressed.  I am not.".

Recall a few years ago I made reference to my operating instructions:

"MY willingness to connect to YOUR discontentment does NOT depreciate my good standing as a BLACK MAN."

Some of the very same people who reside in this condition are also the most recalcitrant in their willingness to consider their own mindset and assumptions upon which they operate under.  Indeed THIS might be the problem. 

The reason for the community depression is an index of how many people in a given area share this same level of consciousness.

Instead of looking for an OPPRESSOR they need to develop a new consciousness.

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