Friday, November 27, 2009

Personal Archive: The Hopes For Barack Obama vs Michael Steele

From the "Booker Rising Blog".
In response to the differences in treatment between two Black men:

Barack Obama and Michael Steele.
The Black Establishment has its hopes placed upon the wild success of one of them and is doing all that it can to insure that the other one fails. His "success" is a threat to their's.

[quote]The rediculousness never ends.[/quote]

You are correct T-Shirts.
It IS ridiculous that the same people who CLAIM they want Black people to be put into positions of power and responsibility are praying for the FAILURE of Mr Steele for nothing more than ideological and partisan reasons.

Despite the claims that the GOP stands against the interests of Black people - the truth is that they stand against LEFTIST THEORIES. In as much as LEFTIST THEORIES are seen as the pathway for the Black community's success - the GOP will be a roadblock.

YOU and others are unwilling to make note of the present domination of the Black community by leftist policies and the resulting shortfalls. You are unwilling to ask IF these theories are in fact EFFECTIVE rather than just POPULAR.

Its funny that Fannie Lou Hamer kicked in the door of the Democratic Party, ignoring the RACIST DEMOCRATS who spat upon her because she knew that Blacks needed representation and what she was doing was not 'ALL ABOUT HER'. Yet today the same Black Establishment who wants Black people to:

* Get into lily White schools
* Lily White Corporate Boards
* Lily White Golf Clubs
* Lily White Communities

works hard to KEEP BLACK PEOPLE from joining the LILY WHITE POLITICAL PARTY.

Ask yourself WHY this is T-Shirts.

Do you see that these other zones are key strategic areas where the entry of Black people can alter the character of these places and thus the Black community would benefit from the expanded consciousness.

When it comes to POLITICAL PARTIES, this is very different. We only need to revert back to what Dr Ronald Walters, PolySci Prof and Democratic Operative has said for more than 20 years that I have listened to him speak: More than anything we cannot allow the BLACK VOTE to be spread across more than one party lest our power as a VOTING BLOC be diluted.

The key flaw in this strategy, T-Shirts is that it places UNITY over EFFECTIVENESS.

Today's monopoly control over the Black community HAS NOT resulted in the benefits that had been promised.

A more mature and developed political discourse among a people would assume the intrinsic commitment to the people's "permanent interests" while respecting that each person has the INTELLIGENCE and COMPETENCE to chose their own METHODOLOGY to arrive at this end.

In as much as the Black Establishment is little confidence about the peripheral Black "rank and file" and see any grass roots movements AGAINST THEM as a threat - they work hard to impugn and suppress any movements that are critical of their left wing ideology as being the exclusive correct methodology for Black people.

(And now you all know WHY the Black Conservative is attacked beyond the portion of his numbers and his power. He must be made an example of before others dare to follow suit)

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