Sunday, November 8, 2009

Even When Cynthia Tucker Starts Out Good - She Always Crashes As She Turns Hard Left

AJC: Cynthia Tucker: Voters thinking about jobs, not Obama

Consider the two titles of this piece. It appear that Cynthia Tucker - leftist opinion writer for the AJC gave her own piece the title: "Voters thinking about jobs, not Obama".

The link given to the story by the blog master says: "Cynthia Tucker: Spending can stop our fall".

I thought that Ms Tucker was giving her beloved Democrats some good council "Its The Economy Stupid". This was the message from Virginia and New Jersey.

If you stopped reading the column there - you were fooled.

There is no column by Cynthia Tucker in which she does not bash the evil Republicans in some way. Thus she has to remind us that 20% of the present deficit was due to the present recession. She added that when BUSH was president he too had deficit spending. Of course Ms Tucker won't mention that SHE was a part of the crew that was attacking Bush at $454 billion in deficit - referring to him as "Spending like a drunken sailor". Or were these the words of her leftist friend Jay Bookman? Or was this the editorial cartoon of her leftist friend Mike Luckovich?

Needless to say Cynthia Tucker is not going to launch a scathing attack upon Barack Obama or the Federal Democrats who are running things. She ultimately likes the type of spending that they are doing. It is clear that this was never about deficit spending but about the "type" of spending.

Cynthia Tucker had a tingle running up her leg upon hearing Obama long before Chris Mathews felt it.

She shows herself so transparently.

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