Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brother Ojo's Post About Me

I am flattered.
I, Constructive Feedback, was made the feature of the blog The Desultory Life & Times of a Public Citizen

It is interesting to see how certain people molest and malign my words. I like being given the opportunity to rebut them.

Here are my responses on my own blog so that I don't have to suffer from anyone's choice to delete them:


I don't mind posts about ME.
Just give me the courtesy of TELLING ME that you are talking about me.

[quote] This time he was trying to slap everyone around that made comments. [/quote]

I was respond to people who made STUPID or BIGOTED comments that they could not effectively defend

It is nice to see Max Reddick NOW responds. It appears that he is rather loathed to respond to my words when I challenge his leftist/anarchial disposition.
November 1, 2009 9:09 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

Since I have been blogging, it has been my mission to build up our community. And I see a lot in our community that is going terribly wrong. I see a lot in our community that needs to be improved. I see a lot of places in our community where there is work to be done.

And having said that, I will say this. When you engage in a program of uplift, you cannot look down on those you are lending a hand to.[/quote]

Max Reddick:

I have no control over YOUR view of what YOU are doing.

I can only ask one thing about your actions: ARE THEY WORKING???????

It is my assessment that YOU are not trying to "Uplift the Black community".

You are seeking to LIFT THE MATERIAL STANDARD OF LIVING FOR BLACK PEOPLE. You are satisfied with our people BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT, not concerned with our ability to ORGANICALLY DELIVER this standard per our own efforts of organizing our own people.

Here is the problem Max - YOU believe that YOU ARE CORRECT in all that you do. You have the best of intentions, after all.

When the OUTCOMES that are produced after the Black Establishment Machine obtains historic POWER is still SHORT - instead of you and others CHECKING TRY HARDER at the same thing.

The RiPPa/Max Reddick/Bro Ojo /AfroSpear blog circle jerk should be labeled as this:


Your are a LEFTIST more than you can define anything about your efforts that are "uniquely Black".
November 1, 2009 9:15 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

This is an IGNORANT statement from you:

[quote]You remember that old joke Malcom X used to tell: "What do you call a black man with a PhD. in Mississippi?[/quote]


Why is it that what the WHITE MAN things of you matter?

I read the saga of Francis Holland. He now lives in Brazil after noting that he is suffering from POST SLAVERY TRAUMATIC SYNDROME...though never having been a SLAVE. Despite having EARNED a law degree he became distressed when a WHITE MAN asked him if he is really a lawyer.

* DESPITE hours of late night study
* DESPITE thousands of dollars
* DESPITE having built up a body of knowledge


Max - is this white man POWERFUL or did Mr Hollins show his MENTAL WEAKNESS?

Kunta Kinte had to have his new name BEATEN into him. Mr Hollins wasn't even TOUCHED!!!!

You might denigrate your brothers and sisters and blame those negatives in our community on everything but racism, but what is there to gain?[/quote]

You are an intellectual COWARD, it is clear.

The most DANGEROUS place for BLACK PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE YOU TO BE - is in a community ALL BY YOURSELVES without the AGENTS OF RACISM bearing down upon YOU. As you come face to face with the WEAKNESSES of your own theories - YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT THE CLAIM OF RACISM as the reason for your tepid results!!!!

[QUOTE] In the end, despite your best efforts to distance yourself from your people, the culture at large looks on you as an outsider.[/quote]

Max - help me out on this one.
Please tell me how YOU THINK I am distancing myself from MY PEOPLE?
Instead I am CALLING OUT operatives who have attempted to TIE my people to an IDEOLOGY that has not proven to MAKE US STRONG but only dependent.

YOU do not own BLACKNESS.
Your views must be put on trial and be PROVEN to work.
November 1, 2009 9:25 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]AW man... Check out Denmark Vesey or Subrealism.
Ronald gets his ass spanked on the regular at those sites.[/quote]

I am disappointed in you UBJ for making such a claim.

On DV - who is my most frequent debate adversary beyond KC Nulan, the owner of the Subrealism site?

I am banned from Subrealism for nothing more than having a series of debates with KC Nulan in which I stick it to him - taking his arguments in the present post and comparing them to his views on a different subject - DEMANDING THAT HE EXPLAIN HIS INCONSISTENCIES.

If you don't mind, UBJ - could you provide the URL to any debate on either of these two blog sites in which "I was spanked".

Thank you in advance.
November 1, 2009 9:28 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Look, I know I definitely feel that if everyone believed what I believed we'd all be okay as black people, but I also realized taking the "I'm the only enlightened" one path is just stupid.[/quote]

Uppity Negro:

If I told you that I AGREE WITH YOU about the "Enlightened One" construct - would you be surprised?

If I then showed you on my blog where I call for a TRANSPARENT OVERLAY ORGANIZATION within the Black Community that insured that NO FACTION hijacked our focus from our PERMANENT INTERESTS - would this be in line with your slander of my views?

If I told you that we have a "Human Resource Management Problem" where despite the POLITICAL POWER in the "American Political Domain" that the Black Establishment has built up - we still have great problems with in. If I noted that the reason for this is BECAUSE our problems reside in the "Cultural Consciousness Domain", the area that has been left unmanaged as our leaders have outsourced nearly everything to American politics?

Ironically Uppity Negro - I have argued AGAINST everything that you claim about me.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE with some entity that enforces a TRANSPARENT alignment with our PERMANENT INTERESTS is what is lacking. An ORGANIZATION that is managed toward the MISSION eliminates the hijacking that ONE PERSUASIVE INDIVIDUAL might be able to impress upon the masses.

Please don't take Ojo's analysis of me. This is like asking the NY Yankees to give an objective analysis of the Phillies.

I have a voluminous set of my own ideas like an open book for you to analyse:
November 1, 2009 9:37 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]During our first encounter, Feedback belittled my Fraternity for our work in the community.[/quote]

Please stop LYING!!!!

I told you that I appreciated all of the work that your frat, my frat and all Black fraternal organizations are doing.


Here is what is frustrating about the way you and other "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" think:

In your ideological bigotry you have tremendously HIGH and insurmountable standards by which your ENEMIES can never meet IF THEY give you a list of what they have done for Black people.

Likewise when your ideological friends tells you WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR BLACK FOLKS - the list alone is enough for them to reach sainthood.

I have the AUDACITY to switch from QUANTITY over to QUALITY and ask the question "IS IT WORKING"????

You can detail how you got your entire frat to put their fingers into the wall of the levee in New Orleans. If the wall comes tumbling down - should we make note of what you did or the EFFECTIVENESS of your solution?

You put fingers in the dike when there was a need for EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT.

Let me break it down to you Ojo:

Ultimately you, Max, AfroSpear and many others seek to AVOID SCRUTINY OF YOUR ACTIONS. You only want to be lauded for your INTENTIONS.

Look at how Max is DEMANDING that I accept that RACISM is the key "Dark Energy" that is lingering behind it all.

Just as a CHRISTIAN receives salvation if he BELIEVES that Jesus is his savior and thus all of their sins in the FUTURE are absolved. Likewise the BQPFRC has a dogma in which if a Black Person and White liberal Snarling Fox believes that RACISM IS THE PREVAILING FORCE holding down Black people in 2009 then THEY TOO can receive forgiveness for any action performed by the Black community that effectively works counter to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.

Ironically (and I am speaking to Max now) YOU appear to come from a church background and have chosen to remove yourself from the DOGMA because it has become detached from the core purpose of Christianity. Don't think that I don't "hear you" when I read your writings.

YET when I take this same template and apply it to the DOGMA OF "RACISM CHASING" that is present within the Black Establishment YOU CAN'T SEE THE PARALLEL!!!!!

What was ONCE justified because INDEED there was a grave threat because the law enforcement authorities DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR PEOPLE has now become a LITMUS TEST FOR ONE'S BLACK LOYALTY.

Thus - despite seeing a BLACK MAN SHOT 31 TIMES IN ATLANTA LAST WEEKEND - There was a bigger protest when a Black woman was beaten by a White man at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Max and Ojo - when one attempts to map out YOUR IDEOLOGY upon one common scale with the goal of documenting the VALUATION OF THE THREATS - it does not conform to LOGICAL UNDERSTANDING.

It is my belief that you all suffer from "Non-White White Supremacy" where you believe, as some White folks do: THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE SUPERIOR TO BLACKS.


TheAlterEgo said...

Oh Lord, you're one of THOSE. One of those pseudo-intellectuals (may want to check your verb conjugations there i.e. "he is rather loathed" should be "he is rather loathe") who truly believes his purpose on the planet is to free the minds of all the little people around him. And you believe you can do this by the force and rancor of your ill-advised and overly flamboyant words.

You sir, love to hear yourself pontificate (look it up) and often speak in circles within which your point becomes inextricably lost.

Mayhaps you are simply wounded that you are not invited inside of the circle you so long to jerk with? What will happen to you when the stage light goes off and the microphone is unplugged. You'll have nothing but the deflated memory of your so-called literary conquests to console you in the dark.

I offer these words to you... STOP. TALKING. SEEK. THERAPY.

Constructive Feedback said...


Did you notice the call for A STRUCTURED FRAMEWORK in my writings?

Ironically I am the CONTRARY of what you say.

If it was "all about me" I would indeed seek aggrandizement.
Instead I argue that STRENGTH AT THE PERIPHERY is the best strategy for Black folks.

I argue that we as a people need to document our PERMANENT INTERESTS and hold all people seeking to impress upon us to these standards.

I argue that what is POPULARLY ASSUMED TO BE the best method to our PERMANENT INTERESTS needs to be scrutinized to prove that this is the case.

Aside from your charges against me - I would love to see you substantiate your claims against me AND THEN prove that the Prevailing Black Establishment is not guilty of what you charge me of.