Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AverageBro - Not "Balance" - "Proportionality"

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AverageBro: Can A Black Republican Win Congress?

[QUOTE]You asked for "balance", did you not? I had our resident Conservative reach out to the campaigns of two prominent Black Republicans running for public office.

What more could you want?

A HA!!!!!!

I didn't ask you for "Balance".
I asked for (darn it. I was just about to capitalize it):


If your house is filled with rats and you keep hammering the few roaches that are also infecting your home - the one's that the rats did not devour - Isn't it fair to question the logic of your focus and your intentions?

Those who want a "pest free" house that is well managed will focus less on their aversion to roaches that they were indoctrinated with as a child and instead make measure of their rat infestation. More to the point they will revisit what the first rat they let into the door had promised them if they were let in out of the cold.

Proportionality brother!!!

Do you see that the tacit function of those who "Keep their ideological adversaries on trial" is that they allow those who they favor gain unchecked power. In fact they become this entities foot soldiers.

The problem is - that since they have fused - yielding all of their key institutions to this external force they will be loathed to make demands of their "permanent friends", troubling them with notions about the "permanent interests" that have been unmet.

AB - I see our community's problem as a (sorry) HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT problem.

We simply have too many professional and educated Black managers to allow this scheme to continue.

Management science has it that you identify your resources and you impress upon them what the goals are and you apply tried and true management tools upon them in your quest to achieve (sorry) DIRECTED OUTCOMES.

I get the strong suspicion that the prevailing Black Establishment and their Snarling Fox White Liberal backers want to make our people "In Receipt Of Benefit" rather than developing our key competencies as a community so that we can identify the standard of living we desire and then orient:

* The Schools that we now control in support of this effort

* The Community Rules/ Government Law Enforcement in the places we call our own

* The Social Mores that impact our health outcomes and relationships

* And most importantly - our Homes and the adults that are present to mold our children, making sure that no dysfunction thoughts and behavior that may have been developed in Slavery are able to "jump the generational synapse" into the children who will be the consciousness of our future.

AB - plain and simple it is at strategic mistake for us to seek to solve our problems in the "American Political domain".

So much of our problems as a people reside in the "Cultural Consciousness domain". Much of this has been abandoned in the fight in the other domain.

Again - I ask you to

1) Identify a reasonable list of PERMANENT INTERESTS

(I have observed:

* Safe Streets so that we as a people can build strong communities absent fear

* Quality Schools - so that our young people today can assume the professional and technical services jobs that our community needs to retain our standard of living tomorrow

* Thriving Local Economies - so our people can create market places for trade and develop employment to allow our people to express their brainpower and develop themselves

* Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes - where the social mores communicated to our people allow them to live long, disease free lives)

2) Construct a framework of Methods by which these Interests might be obtained

3) Develop a management organization by which these can be propagated to those who are interested in CHANGE

4) Develop a TRANSPARENT system by which to measure the EFFECTIVENESS of these methods

5) Prune those which have failed. Support and propagate those that have proven to work

6) Rinse and Repeat

AB - the African-American has the same problem that faces many African-Nations. The leadership of the entity in question has no intention of yielding their power to a more TRANSPARENT force upon which they are held accountable to the permanent interests of the group.

I keep hearing folks talk about hour our 'culture' was stolen during slavery.

I never hear these same people mention how a culture was developed in the first place.

A culture is developed based on the fundamental needs of the people at some point in time. When our ancestors were "hunters and gatherers" they learned cooperative hunting lest they all starve.

We are facing the need to regenerate a 'functional culture'.

Instead, the void that we have has been filled with partisans who operate in the "American Political domain". Their goal is to keep our people fed in exchange for our votes.

We need people who have only DEVELOPMENT of COMPETENCIES within our people as their primary mandate.

This is why as this force has grown in power - our communities are no more capable of:

* Medicating ourselves per our needs

* Employing ourselves per our needs

* Educating ourselves per our needs

and sadly

* Defending ourselves from the new predator who causes some of us to cower in our own houses.

The fact that this predator came "from us" is more proof that our "Cultural Consciousness" is askew.

(Did this sound like a rant from someone who wants you to vote Republican as is so frequently claimed by my ideological adversaries?)

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