Monday, November 30, 2009

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa - Says He Respects Oposing Views

On 11/20/2009 11:48 AM, AverageBro wrote:
 I greatly respect opposing opinions at, but since you've arrived, I've gotten email after email from longtime followers who think you've taken over the comment boards and distract more from the conversation than you add. I happen to agree.

Please do not leave comments at from this point forward. Anything you leave will be deleted.


My reply to AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa:


I have no choice but to honor your request.

I have many goals but one of which is not to waste my time.

I called you out months ago after reading a few of your posts.
You claimed that you were not what I had characterized you as.

Fast forward over a few weeks and I merely replied to your blog posters. Some of whom are not used to having their rhetoric rebutted.

AB - let's remove all pretenses that you are objective and are transparent in your objectives. This is not the case.

You say that you are no longer a "Democrat" but are a proud liberal. Your justification for not being a "Democrat":

* Is NOT that they control every key institution in Black America today yet we are still aggrieved
* NOT that where the Democrats are most strong - our people are terrorized by other people who no longer look like the long time adversary of our people.

NOPE - you are no longer a Democrat because - your words - "they failed to address the racist attacks upon Barack Obama".

The truth is that the main "racist attacks" that go unchallenged are those done upon Black people BY BLACK PEOPLE. They go unchallenged because ideologically bigoted people like yourself prefer going after "Black Conservatives" as the main threat to your ideological interests than you are going after the people who materially undercut our interests.

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