Monday, November 30, 2009

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa - Makes His Justification Of His Action Against Me

Since the thread which asked his fellow travelers if he should ban me has now been closed I will post the justification upon this blog. Thus the original purpose of this blog is implemented yet again.

The term "A Fish Don't Know Its Wet" is a wise observation. I picked it up from funketeer George Clinton. It makes the case that the default setting in the environment that some people reside in is so established in a given order that they are unable to make note that another world that is not "wet" exists. This is so much the case that they themselves "don't know they are 'wet' ".

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa says:
Uhhh, a few points of clarity.

I reached out to CF prior to posting this, and asked him to quit derailing the comments. He did not respond. He keeps posting the same stuff. Thus, this post.

I fully respect that the blog editor has the ultimate control over the "delete button" and the "account banning" control. Thus there is no right to free speech and that ultimately we post at their whim.

The fact remains, however that the concept of "DERAILING" is a subjective one.
IF your sport is to constantly throw out posts that argue from your "wet" perspective - ie: "The Problem With Black Conservatives" then it comes as no surprise that my counter points that are landed will be seen as "derailment attempts".

The broader question needs to be: "What RAIL are you attempting to channel me toward"?
"Who is the objective judge that QUALITATIVELY says that your general heading is in line with some transparent reference?"

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa says:

I got quite a few offline emails last week from longtime readers asking "who the hell is this guy hijacking the comments?".

I also touched base with a number of average contributors and other bloggers. They said they'd also noticed a change in the tone and civility of the boards here. Considering how CF has disrupted other blogs, I took all of this into consideration and decided to do something. I don't write this blog for shock value, I write to encourage discussion. I don't feel CF contributes to this.

When I read these types of comments about how "others" have complained about my posts. The usual comments are:
  • He is too verbose with his postings
  • He posts too frequently and thus is disrupting the natural flow of our conversations
  • He repeats the same thing over and over again
  • He lives in an ivory tower
  • He thinks that other Black people are stupid
  • He believes that Black people's problems will be solved IF we simply vote Republican
  • He thrives to be the center of attention
The list goes on and on and on.

The one thing that I look for yet rarely see is a QUALITATIVE deconstruction of my words.  This I value more than anything else.

Yet what we see is the ENTRENCHED establishment perspective that is in dominate control over the Black Community loathing scrutiny of the results that they have rendered onto the Black community - pushing back against any criticism.

Should I sit back and ignore the fact that Progressive Fundamentalists like AverageBrother - The Liberal Kappa is far more inclined to initiate a post against "Black Conservatives" despite our relatively small numbers but is loathed to discuss in detail the forces that actually have power and influence over Black people?

So many Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bloggers act as "chum throwers".  They know that their loyal followers are hungry for the latest issue to be hoisted up so that they can tear it down.

What gets lost in all of this is the painful truth about "WHO HAS THE PREVAILING ORDER and CONSCIOUSNESS over the Black Community and why are we still so aggrieved?"

The reasons why they go on unchecked is very simply:  There is no particular structural order WITHIN the Black community by which their views which are merely theories on what is purported to lead our people forward and seen as "candidate methodologies" to for us to assume as an operating mandate rather than fully resolved and settled upon constants which - if followed will lead to the adoption of our "permanent interests".

The only reason why they are able to run this racket and avoid scrutiny is because they hold the POPULAR numbers in which case they can define the focus of the masses.

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa says:
This site is HARDLY an echo chamber. Period. If you look at the Top 10 on any given week, you'll see plenty of folks who disagree with my on the regular (no need to call names). The difference is, these folks can disagree without demeaning other commenters, posting wordy 300 word dissertations in bold and ALL CAPS!!!!!!, and generally derailing the point of discussion. That is something I have not, and will not ever tolerate.

I close (and always have, not just for CF) the comments on certain posts when I feel the conversation has gone offtrack and/or has been run into the ground. I don't moderate comments, but I get emailed each and every one the moment they are posted, and getting 5 straight comments from the same person, none of which pertain to the issue at hand, gets old really quick.
Again, pointing to the "Fish Don't Know He's Wet" phenomenon - we see subjective judgments upon my "demeaning" antics against other posters and the rather intimidating impact of my CAPITALIZATION.

I struggle to understand how a people who will one day be tasked to go up against a classroom full of "inner city

CF, if you'd like to stick around, cool. Clean up your act, quit taking posts off track, and stop writing tomes when 2 lines would suffice. If not, well, it's been real.

If anyone misses CF's commentary that much, feel free to go and enjoy it on his blog(s).

Case closed.

In summary - I have no choice but to abide by the rules of AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa - in the confines of his own blog space.
I have the choice to not invest my personal time to fortify his blog property as well. This is what I will do.

It is my friend RiPPa who's blog site links turned me on to AB, Maxx Reddick, Ojo and a few others. I see now that anyone who commentary makes RiPPa content is also in this same cabal.