Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AverageBro - Asks Should Constructive Feedback Be Banned From His Propaganda Blog

This comes as no surprise folks. The cabal of AverageBro, Maxx Reddick, Ojo, RiPPa operate in one big circle jerk. Any blog in which my friend RiPPa is comforted by the array of threads that are teed up by the host and is rarely challenged on his leftist views is a blog upon which I will be seen as a problem.

If I cursed in my posts, maligned all posters or disrespected the women on a given blog - I could understand this action against me.

The key problem that I present is that I challenge not only the blog host's words but also the individual posts of the participants when they don't make sense to me OR they merely operate with a slight of hand on the given subject matter. As with other blogs - AB seems to desire a "light bulb in the night" for moths to fly around. He throws out the assault on some "conservative" and all of the posts amplify his position.

I started this specific blog with the purpose posting the comments that I have made on other Black Progressive-Funamentalist blogs which were deleting my comments in the name of maintaining their "unchallenged space". I see that I need to redouble my efforts in this regard.

MY RESPONSE - (before it gets deleted)


(Not that I am surprised by any of this but)

Can I remove you from the "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap" realm" over to you DEFINING THE RULES by which you judge me? I noticed that the threads that you "close" are the threads by which I "challenge" your posters to justify their thoughts.

I was looking forward to your follow up post "The Things That I HATE About The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" that ACTUALLY Dominate Black America Policy And Politics".

1) Can you articulate WHEN I have assaulted, impugned or maligned you or any of your posters? (What is your policy on this?)

2) Can you detail any examples of when I have taken any of your threads away from the key issues that your original post has detailed instead of keying in on the essential points of the issue?

3) In maintaining your present ideological bias (and Max and RiPPa) as aligned with the prevailing order in Black America - can you articulate why you "trying harder" to implement this agenda is going to provide the fixes that have not come thus far?

It appears that the "New All White Jury In Black America" is more interested in steamrolling all threats to THEM in your quest for POWER and not being held accountable.

Your boy Max says that "he deletes my posts". What you NEED TO ALSO tell your friends is that you can't ADDRESS MY CHALLENGES to you.

Shady_Grady - You want me to show a modicum of 'respect' for BIGOTS. Those who remain entrenched in their own realm WITHOUT notating the harm of their own actions and how they fall awry to their own Permanent Interests do not need to be "talked nice to" as a means of stroking their own egos. They NEED to be aggressively challenged.

Ultimately AverageBro - I have no control over YOUR administrative choices to ban my words. This is on you.

I just hope that in the future all of the haters learn how to defend their points AND, most importantly - Place their own agenda in line with our community's PERMANENT INTERESTS.

I only ask that WE ALL be placed under the SAME transparent SYSTEM by which our ideas and policies are judged and SUBMIT to this order by which we ALL are judged upon how our community has benefited (rather than how the Democrats have benefited).

Max can say out of one side of his mouth that "our community has major problems". Then on the other side of his mouth he talks about BLACK REPUBLICANS - of which there are few - but is loathed to talk about the PREVAILING ORDER in the Black Community. IF I am "not worth the effort" Max then you should have no problem answering AT LEAST ONE of my challenges. Instead you wish to make unchallenged posts and have your female posters respond to you in glowing terms.

I am not sure that it is ME with the problem AverageBro.

(And here I have an open window on my own blog with the following question from you:

And BTW, is it merely a coincidence that black poverty is still largely concentrated in the very Southeastern states where the GOP's base resides, and where Republicans also have a lock on elected positions? Just food for thought

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