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AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa - Makes His Justification Of His Action Against Me

Since the thread which asked his fellow travelers if he should ban me has now been closed I will post the justification upon this blog. Thus the original purpose of this blog is implemented yet again.

The term "A Fish Don't Know Its Wet" is a wise observation. I picked it up from funketeer George Clinton. It makes the case that the default setting in the environment that some people reside in is so established in a given order that they are unable to make note that another world that is not "wet" exists. This is so much the case that they themselves "don't know they are 'wet' ".

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa says:
Uhhh, a few points of clarity.

I reached out to CF prior to posting this, and asked him to quit derailing the comments. He did not respond. He keeps posting the same stuff. Thus, this post.

I fully respect that the blog editor has the ultimate control over the "delete button" and the "account banning" control. Thus there is no right to free speech and that ultimately we post at their whim.

The fact remains, however that the concept of "DERAILING" is a subjective one.
IF your sport is to constantly throw out posts that argue from your "wet" perspective - ie: "The Problem With Black Conservatives" then it comes as no surprise that my counter points that are landed will be seen as "derailment attempts".

The broader question needs to be: "What RAIL are you attempting to channel me toward"?
"Who is the objective judge that QUALITATIVELY says that your general heading is in line with some transparent reference?"

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa says:

I got quite a few offline emails last week from longtime readers asking "who the hell is this guy hijacking the comments?".

I also touched base with a number of average contributors and other bloggers. They said they'd also noticed a change in the tone and civility of the boards here. Considering how CF has disrupted other blogs, I took all of this into consideration and decided to do something. I don't write this blog for shock value, I write to encourage discussion. I don't feel CF contributes to this.

When I read these types of comments about how "others" have complained about my posts. The usual comments are:
  • He is too verbose with his postings
  • He posts too frequently and thus is disrupting the natural flow of our conversations
  • He repeats the same thing over and over again
  • He lives in an ivory tower
  • He thinks that other Black people are stupid
  • He believes that Black people's problems will be solved IF we simply vote Republican
  • He thrives to be the center of attention
The list goes on and on and on.

The one thing that I look for yet rarely see is a QUALITATIVE deconstruction of my words.  This I value more than anything else.

Yet what we see is the ENTRENCHED establishment perspective that is in dominate control over the Black Community loathing scrutiny of the results that they have rendered onto the Black community - pushing back against any criticism.

Should I sit back and ignore the fact that Progressive Fundamentalists like AverageBrother - The Liberal Kappa is far more inclined to initiate a post against "Black Conservatives" despite our relatively small numbers but is loathed to discuss in detail the forces that actually have power and influence over Black people?

So many Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bloggers act as "chum throwers".  They know that their loyal followers are hungry for the latest issue to be hoisted up so that they can tear it down.

What gets lost in all of this is the painful truth about "WHO HAS THE PREVAILING ORDER and CONSCIOUSNESS over the Black Community and why are we still so aggrieved?"

The reasons why they go on unchecked is very simply:  There is no particular structural order WITHIN the Black community by which their views which are merely theories on what is purported to lead our people forward and seen as "candidate methodologies" to for us to assume as an operating mandate rather than fully resolved and settled upon constants which - if followed will lead to the adoption of our "permanent interests".

The only reason why they are able to run this racket and avoid scrutiny is because they hold the POPULAR numbers in which case they can define the focus of the masses.

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa says:
This site is HARDLY an echo chamber. Period. If you look at the Top 10 on any given week, you'll see plenty of folks who disagree with my on the regular (no need to call names). The difference is, these folks can disagree without demeaning other commenters, posting wordy 300 word dissertations in bold and ALL CAPS!!!!!!, and generally derailing the point of discussion. That is something I have not, and will not ever tolerate.

I close (and always have, not just for CF) the comments on certain posts when I feel the conversation has gone offtrack and/or has been run into the ground. I don't moderate comments, but I get emailed each and every one the moment they are posted, and getting 5 straight comments from the same person, none of which pertain to the issue at hand, gets old really quick.
Again, pointing to the "Fish Don't Know He's Wet" phenomenon - we see subjective judgments upon my "demeaning" antics against other posters and the rather intimidating impact of my CAPITALIZATION.

I struggle to understand how a people who will one day be tasked to go up against a classroom full of "inner city

CF, if you'd like to stick around, cool. Clean up your act, quit taking posts off track, and stop writing tomes when 2 lines would suffice. If not, well, it's been real.

If anyone misses CF's commentary that much, feel free to go and enjoy it on his blog(s).

Case closed.

In summary - I have no choice but to abide by the rules of AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa - in the confines of his own blog space.
I have the choice to not invest my personal time to fortify his blog property as well. This is what I will do.

It is my friend RiPPa who's blog site links turned me on to AB, Maxx Reddick, Ojo and a few others. I see now that anyone who commentary makes RiPPa content is also in this same cabal.

AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa - Says He Respects Oposing Views

On 11/20/2009 11:48 AM, AverageBro wrote:
 I greatly respect opposing opinions at, but since you've arrived, I've gotten email after email from longtime followers who think you've taken over the comment boards and distract more from the conversation than you add. I happen to agree.

Please do not leave comments at from this point forward. Anything you leave will be deleted.


My reply to AverageBro - The Liberal Kappa:


I have no choice but to honor your request.

I have many goals but one of which is not to waste my time.

I called you out months ago after reading a few of your posts.
You claimed that you were not what I had characterized you as.

Fast forward over a few weeks and I merely replied to your blog posters. Some of whom are not used to having their rhetoric rebutted.

AB - let's remove all pretenses that you are objective and are transparent in your objectives. This is not the case.

You say that you are no longer a "Democrat" but are a proud liberal. Your justification for not being a "Democrat":

* Is NOT that they control every key institution in Black America today yet we are still aggrieved
* NOT that where the Democrats are most strong - our people are terrorized by other people who no longer look like the long time adversary of our people.

NOPE - you are no longer a Democrat because - your words - "they failed to address the racist attacks upon Barack Obama".

The truth is that the main "racist attacks" that go unchallenged are those done upon Black people BY BLACK PEOPLE. They go unchallenged because ideologically bigoted people like yourself prefer going after "Black Conservatives" as the main threat to your ideological interests than you are going after the people who materially undercut our interests.

Constructive Feedback

Sunday, November 29, 2009

AfroSpear - A Front Organization That Keeps Fronting

The latest "mountain oyster" provided by one Francis Holland - expat American suffering from "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" - though never having been enslaved.....except in his own mind.

The blog site:

The Truth About John Sydney McCain ("JiSM") Blog

This blog provides the ugly but well-researched and documented truth about John McCain's voting record, his fatal inconsistencies, his marital unfaithfulness and divorce record, his absurd and dangerous statements about Iraq and Iran, and all of the reasons why Senator John McCain from arid Arizona ought never, ever become president of the United States of America.

According to the Wikipedia site detailing the founding of AfroSpear - two key founders were "Francis Holland" and "Field-Negro".

Let me start out by saying:  MR HOLLAND is free to go to "Google Blogspot" and open a blog on any subject as he pleases - just as I have done.   I will back him 1000% on his right to free speech.

I, however, am allowed to follow his trail and make analysis of his atomic composition.  

From the AfroSpear Wiki entry we are treated to the following which more or less functions as a founding and mission statement for the group:

Bloggers like The Field Negro, Jack and Jill Politics, African American Political Pundit, Asabagna, Aulelia, P6, Skeptical Brotha, Republic of T, BygBaby, Culture Kitchen, Angie, The Free Slave, and many other bloggers continued the discussions at the Republic of T's blog after his blog post "The Republic of T. Blogging While Brown, Part III" on March 30, 2007 with Black bloggers, Rikyrah, ecthompson, Electronic Viillage, Mark Bey, Dr. Lester Spence, Bronze Trinity and many other bloggers contributing to the discussion. Through further discussions on other Black blogger platforms such as The Free Slave the AfroSpear name was agreed upon.

The overall the origins of “AfroSpear” started from a discussion group of Black bloggers from around the world who had an interest in developing a community of African/Black progressive minded bloggers. The word AfroSpear came from black blogger discussions regarding a name for a group of Black bloggers who did not want to limit their engagement to the continent of the United States, but also wanted to connect with bloggers from throughout the African Diaspora.

Seeing the need to water of the AfroSpear seed, and take it to the next level, a smaller ad-hoc black blogger group moved forward and began planning beyond the creation of a name and concepts into a baseline model of the AfroSpear. It developed into an idea to create a diasporic-wide think tank type blog comprising of 6 bloggers: 3 women and 3 men. The vision was that it would focus on discussing issues, exchanging ideas and creating strategies, with the objective of developing concrete and viable solutions to tackle the concerns relating to those of African descent worldwide.

The 6 who initially started the AfroSpear blog had developed a relationship by exchanging ideas and having discussions and respectful debates on each other’s blogs. They didn’t always agree, but what they had in common was their love for their community and a commitment to the progress of those of African descent, both near and far. They came from 4 different countries on 3 continents. They brought a variety of experiences, perspectives, ideas, beliefs and values in an effort to foster understanding, wisdom, knowledge and strength.

IF this is the agenda of the group (as referenced primarily by the blogs of Field-Negro, Electrocuted While Black, Jack & Jill Politics and the myriad of other blogs that are semi-maintained by Mr Holland) they have FAILED MISERABLY!!!!

If they were honest and thus depicted themselves as:
  • American Democrats Who Are Black
  • Progressive Hit-man
  • Character Assassins 
  • Leftist Progandists
I would at least be contented because then they would be noting the true character of their efforts.
(Please note - I DO NOT venture out and read every single blog that is affiliated with AfroSpear.  I do believe that I have an adequate sampling to know the general character of the group.)

At minimum anyone who violently disagreed with the general sentiment that is expressed by the group and its founders would ask to be disconnected from this loose coupling because they could not stand by the clear agenda.

There is no argument about it from me - For the prevailing set of Black voters in America - VOTING DEMOCRAT IS "Pursuing The Best Interests Of The Black Community".   Thus in regard to sirs Francis Holland and Field-Negro - character assassination upon everything to the right of Nancy Pelosi is ALSO fair game.

"Fair Enough" I say.   Let us take the next step and MEASURE if in fact this perpetual propaganda in support of the Democrats and leftist causes has indeed moved the Black community forward as a group.
Not surprisingly this same list would also be synonymous with:
  • The America Cities Which Are Most Liberal
  • The America Cities Which Are Strongest Democratic Bastions
  • The American Cities With The Highest Black Unemployment Rates
  • The American Cities With The Highest Black Homicide Rates
My basic point is that "AfroSpear" along with so many other "Democrats Who Are Black" operative groups are UNHINGED.  Despite their label and mission statement there is no transparent entity that validates that they are who they say they are - "Working In The Best Interests of the Black Community".   In fact - an objective observer might say otherwise - per the list of lists above.

What can we conclude then is their purpose?

In my view as an observer and a critic their goal is to make BLACK POLITICAL ACTIVISM a circular reference.  We as a people are asked to enter the American Political Game and get our uniforms dirty and thus have our PEOPLE focused more on wining for the Political Team than we are upon achieving measurable accomplishments that benefit our communities.

Sadly exploitative groups like AfroSpear and Color Of Change make ready use of the very "Black Grievances" that their favored political forces preside over to attract even more aggrieved Black people to join in on the political roughhousing.

Absent self dignity amongst the operatives and or the willingness of the Black rank and file to see that they are being USED - this incestuous affair will continue with our communities suffering the greatest from our lack of observation of what is happening to us.

Their priorities are clear:

Former Hustler Magazine Writer Bares All

File this under "Politics Creates Strange Bedfellows".

Hustler magazine owner Larry Flint has a long running bounty on the head of "hypocritical Republicans" who if exposed will translate into money to the person that comes forth. Over the years Democrats have been rather pleased with the efforts of Mr Flint to provide a checkmate upon those who pontificate yet can't maintain their own standard. Indeed some notible Republicans/Conservatives have been ensnared.

Let's focus on Mr Flint and the report contained in the story above. It is quite ironic to me that Evan Wright details the few times in which he referred to a female subject to which he was writing about as a "woman", instead choosing to use other objectifying descriptions, yet various feminists and other "conscious" people find themselves as uncomfortable friends with Flint under the banner of "An enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Friday, November 27, 2009

Personal Archive: The Hopes For Barack Obama vs Michael Steele

From the "Booker Rising Blog".
In response to the differences in treatment between two Black men:

Barack Obama and Michael Steele.
The Black Establishment has its hopes placed upon the wild success of one of them and is doing all that it can to insure that the other one fails. His "success" is a threat to their's.

[quote]The rediculousness never ends.[/quote]

You are correct T-Shirts.
It IS ridiculous that the same people who CLAIM they want Black people to be put into positions of power and responsibility are praying for the FAILURE of Mr Steele for nothing more than ideological and partisan reasons.

Despite the claims that the GOP stands against the interests of Black people - the truth is that they stand against LEFTIST THEORIES. In as much as LEFTIST THEORIES are seen as the pathway for the Black community's success - the GOP will be a roadblock.

YOU and others are unwilling to make note of the present domination of the Black community by leftist policies and the resulting shortfalls. You are unwilling to ask IF these theories are in fact EFFECTIVE rather than just POPULAR.

Its funny that Fannie Lou Hamer kicked in the door of the Democratic Party, ignoring the RACIST DEMOCRATS who spat upon her because she knew that Blacks needed representation and what she was doing was not 'ALL ABOUT HER'. Yet today the same Black Establishment who wants Black people to:

* Get into lily White schools
* Lily White Corporate Boards
* Lily White Golf Clubs
* Lily White Communities

works hard to KEEP BLACK PEOPLE from joining the LILY WHITE POLITICAL PARTY.

Ask yourself WHY this is T-Shirts.

Do you see that these other zones are key strategic areas where the entry of Black people can alter the character of these places and thus the Black community would benefit from the expanded consciousness.

When it comes to POLITICAL PARTIES, this is very different. We only need to revert back to what Dr Ronald Walters, PolySci Prof and Democratic Operative has said for more than 20 years that I have listened to him speak: More than anything we cannot allow the BLACK VOTE to be spread across more than one party lest our power as a VOTING BLOC be diluted.

The key flaw in this strategy, T-Shirts is that it places UNITY over EFFECTIVENESS.

Today's monopoly control over the Black community HAS NOT resulted in the benefits that had been promised.

A more mature and developed political discourse among a people would assume the intrinsic commitment to the people's "permanent interests" while respecting that each person has the INTELLIGENCE and COMPETENCE to chose their own METHODOLOGY to arrive at this end.

In as much as the Black Establishment is little confidence about the peripheral Black "rank and file" and see any grass roots movements AGAINST THEM as a threat - they work hard to impugn and suppress any movements that are critical of their left wing ideology as being the exclusive correct methodology for Black people.

(And now you all know WHY the Black Conservative is attacked beyond the portion of his numbers and his power. He must be made an example of before others dare to follow suit)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Right-wing Talk Radio Hosts - The Superior Threat Of RAPE For The Black Community

Brown Man Thinking Blog: Why Barack Obama Is GOP Enemy Number One

I seriously doubt that "Media Matters" and "Huffington Post" realized upon their founding that they would be the they syndication source of so many Black political operatives.

I struggle to understand why the "words" that are so important to "Black Man Thinking Hard"  are the words of the right wing talk radio host but not the Hip Hop artists who's words are the "voice of the Street Pirates" that are actually RAPING and KILLING Black people.  Why are their words an inferior threat to that of the right wing?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You Will Not Hear This Update On The "Federal Agent Suicide" From Rachel Maddow

IRS Agent Hanging Ruled A Suicide

Several weeks ago MSNBC's Rachel Maddow queued this story up as further evidence that "anti-government, right wing groups" were a growing threat in America.

This gentleman who was an IRS agent was found dead, hanging with a sign that said "Fed" around his neck.

IF the right wing did kill this government agent this would have been a coup for Ms Maddow.

This news is likely to prove a bit disappointing for Maddow.

AverageBro - Asks Should Constructive Feedback Be Banned From His Propaganda Blog

This comes as no surprise folks. The cabal of AverageBro, Maxx Reddick, Ojo, RiPPa operate in one big circle jerk. Any blog in which my friend RiPPa is comforted by the array of threads that are teed up by the host and is rarely challenged on his leftist views is a blog upon which I will be seen as a problem.

If I cursed in my posts, maligned all posters or disrespected the women on a given blog - I could understand this action against me.

The key problem that I present is that I challenge not only the blog host's words but also the individual posts of the participants when they don't make sense to me OR they merely operate with a slight of hand on the given subject matter. As with other blogs - AB seems to desire a "light bulb in the night" for moths to fly around. He throws out the assault on some "conservative" and all of the posts amplify his position.

I started this specific blog with the purpose posting the comments that I have made on other Black Progressive-Funamentalist blogs which were deleting my comments in the name of maintaining their "unchallenged space". I see that I need to redouble my efforts in this regard.

MY RESPONSE - (before it gets deleted)


(Not that I am surprised by any of this but)

Can I remove you from the "How Many Bubbles In A Bar Of Soap" realm" over to you DEFINING THE RULES by which you judge me? I noticed that the threads that you "close" are the threads by which I "challenge" your posters to justify their thoughts.

I was looking forward to your follow up post "The Things That I HATE About The "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" that ACTUALLY Dominate Black America Policy And Politics".

1) Can you articulate WHEN I have assaulted, impugned or maligned you or any of your posters? (What is your policy on this?)

2) Can you detail any examples of when I have taken any of your threads away from the key issues that your original post has detailed instead of keying in on the essential points of the issue?

3) In maintaining your present ideological bias (and Max and RiPPa) as aligned with the prevailing order in Black America - can you articulate why you "trying harder" to implement this agenda is going to provide the fixes that have not come thus far?

It appears that the "New All White Jury In Black America" is more interested in steamrolling all threats to THEM in your quest for POWER and not being held accountable.

Your boy Max says that "he deletes my posts". What you NEED TO ALSO tell your friends is that you can't ADDRESS MY CHALLENGES to you.

Shady_Grady - You want me to show a modicum of 'respect' for BIGOTS. Those who remain entrenched in their own realm WITHOUT notating the harm of their own actions and how they fall awry to their own Permanent Interests do not need to be "talked nice to" as a means of stroking their own egos. They NEED to be aggressively challenged.

Ultimately AverageBro - I have no control over YOUR administrative choices to ban my words. This is on you.

I just hope that in the future all of the haters learn how to defend their points AND, most importantly - Place their own agenda in line with our community's PERMANENT INTERESTS.

I only ask that WE ALL be placed under the SAME transparent SYSTEM by which our ideas and policies are judged and SUBMIT to this order by which we ALL are judged upon how our community has benefited (rather than how the Democrats have benefited).

Max can say out of one side of his mouth that "our community has major problems". Then on the other side of his mouth he talks about BLACK REPUBLICANS - of which there are few - but is loathed to talk about the PREVAILING ORDER in the Black Community. IF I am "not worth the effort" Max then you should have no problem answering AT LEAST ONE of my challenges. Instead you wish to make unchallenged posts and have your female posters respond to you in glowing terms.

I am not sure that it is ME with the problem AverageBro.

(And here I have an open window on my own blog with the following question from you:

And BTW, is it merely a coincidence that black poverty is still largely concentrated in the very Southeastern states where the GOP's base resides, and where Republicans also have a lock on elected positions? Just food for thought

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Democratic Lawmaker: Americans Need To Stop Complaining About The Economy

He has nothing to fear.  "Field Negro" is not going to feature this on his blog site.  The greater offense is that Fox News has it posted on their web site.

Fox News - Democratic Lawmaker To Americans: Stop Complaining

A Democratic lawmaker has a message for Americans voicing concerns over rising unemployment, record federal deficits, the health care debate and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: Stop complaining so much.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri is seeking to pass a resolution that would officially make the day before Thanksgiving "Complaint Free Wednesday."

"From time to time, we all experience anxiety, frustration, stress, and regret. And often, we respond to these feelings with a criticism or complaining," Cleaver wrote to his colleagues, seeking co-sponsors. "Regrettably, complaining keeps people stuck on current problems, inhibiting them from thinking constructively to find solutions. Research has also shown that complaining can be harmful to one's emotional and physical health, relationships and can limit professional career success."

The resolution, which was introduced in June, has only attracted two co-sponsors, but it drew national attention this week when conservative bloggers began criticizing it.

Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart described it as "silly" on his blog,

"We will set aside the question of whether Rep. Cleaver has discovered the risk of too much complaining only because his party's legislative proposals are tanking in the polls," the blog post says, before suggesting that Congress wasting time on "such silliness" still may be preferable to passing legislation increasing regulations on much of the economy.

But a spokesman for Cleaver said the critics misunderstand the intent of the resolution, which was conceived by a local nonprofit that aims to reduce complaining in the world by 1 percent.

"I feel like it's being seen as something that it's not," Cleaver spokesman Danny Rotert told, explaining that it is not an "attack on people's First Amendment rights to complain to the government" but rather a way to improve human relations.

"This whole idea of people need to have better relations is something he's championed a long time," Rotert said of Cleaver, a three-term congressman and an ordained minister. He called it "a simple little bill."

"Congress does this stuff all time," Rotert said.

In fact, Congress has approved a number of unusual resolutions, including National Ice Cream Day, -- approved during the Reagan era. Just this year, Congress passed resolutions for National Auctioneers' Day and National Pi Day, in honor of the mathematical constant. Another unusual resolution that has passed: National MRSA Day (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

Resolutions awaiting congressional approval include "Free Comic Book Day" and "National Cowboy Day."

But the House has no intention of passing the "Complaint Free Wednesday" next week in time for Thanksgiving holiday.

"I think the House is doing what the House is supposed to be doing -- it has some pretty big fish to fry," Rotert said. "This is not one of the larger issues facing America right now. It's a sweet gesture meant in the spirit of the holidays and it's a gesture made on behalf of a local organization that (Cleaver) represents in Kansas City."

And even though Cleaver will continue to push for passage of the resolution, he will welcome complaints on Wednesday, Rotert said.

Cleaver isn't the first lawmaker to introduce a "Complaint Free Wednesday." That distinction belongs to Rep. Samuel Graves, a Missouri Republican who introduced the same resolution last year. Now, Graves is one of the co-sponsors for the Cleaver resolution.

"It's simply a resolution. Everyone would like to have less complaining in their lives," said Jason Klindt, a spokesman for Graves. "It's a gesture to recognize a good idea. It's not unlike resolutions that honor champions or national watermelon month."

Klindt said the resolution does not aim to silence criticism on President Obama's policies.

"It's hard not to complain given this Congress and Nancy Pelosi's agenda of raising taxes and hurting small businesses," he said.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Psst - Don't Tell Anyone But I Am Inspecting Various AfroSpear Sites To See If They'll Run The News About The Fake Palin Photos Run By MSNBC

Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC apologizes for using fake photo of Sarah Palin

As much as they attack Fox for its "journalistic credibility" they sure are silent about MSNBC which has far less credibility.

DYLAN RATIGAN: Before we begin this one, I want to apologize to Governor Palin and all of our viewers. On Friday, in a very misguided attempt to have some fun in advance of Sarah Palin’s upcoming book Going Rogue, our staff mistakenly used some clearly photoshopped images of Ms. Palin without any acknowledgment. And on behalf of the show, I would like to say that this was completely unacceptable. We should have never used those photos in the first place and you can rest assured we spent the weekend and Friday afternoon taking measures to make sure it will never happen again. I apologize.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Larry Elder Returns To The Air Via Podcasts

Larry Elder Returns With A Daily Podcast In December

How The Left Wing Media Spent Veterans Day

Seriously folks. I am worried about some of you.

Some of you are so depressed and narcassistic that you believe that you have to take the "muckraking angle" on every story surrounding the US Military.

If you are not directly assaulting the military as an agent of US Imperialism then you are focused upon how this same monster chews up poor soldiers and then spits them out to fend for themselves.

Simply amazing.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Even When Cynthia Tucker Starts Out Good - She Always Crashes As She Turns Hard Left

AJC: Cynthia Tucker: Voters thinking about jobs, not Obama

Consider the two titles of this piece. It appear that Cynthia Tucker - leftist opinion writer for the AJC gave her own piece the title: "Voters thinking about jobs, not Obama".

The link given to the story by the blog master says: "Cynthia Tucker: Spending can stop our fall".

I thought that Ms Tucker was giving her beloved Democrats some good council "Its The Economy Stupid". This was the message from Virginia and New Jersey.

If you stopped reading the column there - you were fooled.

There is no column by Cynthia Tucker in which she does not bash the evil Republicans in some way. Thus she has to remind us that 20% of the present deficit was due to the present recession. She added that when BUSH was president he too had deficit spending. Of course Ms Tucker won't mention that SHE was a part of the crew that was attacking Bush at $454 billion in deficit - referring to him as "Spending like a drunken sailor". Or were these the words of her leftist friend Jay Bookman? Or was this the editorial cartoon of her leftist friend Mike Luckovich?

Needless to say Cynthia Tucker is not going to launch a scathing attack upon Barack Obama or the Federal Democrats who are running things. She ultimately likes the type of spending that they are doing. It is clear that this was never about deficit spending but about the "type" of spending.

Cynthia Tucker had a tingle running up her leg upon hearing Obama long before Chris Mathews felt it.

She shows herself so transparently.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AverageBro - Not "Balance" - "Proportionality"

Again - simply a note to allow me to control the contents that I have posted upon another blog.

AverageBro: Can A Black Republican Win Congress?

[QUOTE]You asked for "balance", did you not? I had our resident Conservative reach out to the campaigns of two prominent Black Republicans running for public office.

What more could you want?

A HA!!!!!!

I didn't ask you for "Balance".
I asked for (darn it. I was just about to capitalize it):


If your house is filled with rats and you keep hammering the few roaches that are also infecting your home - the one's that the rats did not devour - Isn't it fair to question the logic of your focus and your intentions?

Those who want a "pest free" house that is well managed will focus less on their aversion to roaches that they were indoctrinated with as a child and instead make measure of their rat infestation. More to the point they will revisit what the first rat they let into the door had promised them if they were let in out of the cold.

Proportionality brother!!!

Do you see that the tacit function of those who "Keep their ideological adversaries on trial" is that they allow those who they favor gain unchecked power. In fact they become this entities foot soldiers.

The problem is - that since they have fused - yielding all of their key institutions to this external force they will be loathed to make demands of their "permanent friends", troubling them with notions about the "permanent interests" that have been unmet.

AB - I see our community's problem as a (sorry) HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT problem.

We simply have too many professional and educated Black managers to allow this scheme to continue.

Management science has it that you identify your resources and you impress upon them what the goals are and you apply tried and true management tools upon them in your quest to achieve (sorry) DIRECTED OUTCOMES.

I get the strong suspicion that the prevailing Black Establishment and their Snarling Fox White Liberal backers want to make our people "In Receipt Of Benefit" rather than developing our key competencies as a community so that we can identify the standard of living we desire and then orient:

* The Schools that we now control in support of this effort

* The Community Rules/ Government Law Enforcement in the places we call our own

* The Social Mores that impact our health outcomes and relationships

* And most importantly - our Homes and the adults that are present to mold our children, making sure that no dysfunction thoughts and behavior that may have been developed in Slavery are able to "jump the generational synapse" into the children who will be the consciousness of our future.

AB - plain and simple it is at strategic mistake for us to seek to solve our problems in the "American Political domain".

So much of our problems as a people reside in the "Cultural Consciousness domain". Much of this has been abandoned in the fight in the other domain.

Again - I ask you to

1) Identify a reasonable list of PERMANENT INTERESTS

(I have observed:

* Safe Streets so that we as a people can build strong communities absent fear

* Quality Schools - so that our young people today can assume the professional and technical services jobs that our community needs to retain our standard of living tomorrow

* Thriving Local Economies - so our people can create market places for trade and develop employment to allow our people to express their brainpower and develop themselves

* Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes - where the social mores communicated to our people allow them to live long, disease free lives)

2) Construct a framework of Methods by which these Interests might be obtained

3) Develop a management organization by which these can be propagated to those who are interested in CHANGE

4) Develop a TRANSPARENT system by which to measure the EFFECTIVENESS of these methods

5) Prune those which have failed. Support and propagate those that have proven to work

6) Rinse and Repeat

AB - the African-American has the same problem that faces many African-Nations. The leadership of the entity in question has no intention of yielding their power to a more TRANSPARENT force upon which they are held accountable to the permanent interests of the group.

I keep hearing folks talk about hour our 'culture' was stolen during slavery.

I never hear these same people mention how a culture was developed in the first place.

A culture is developed based on the fundamental needs of the people at some point in time. When our ancestors were "hunters and gatherers" they learned cooperative hunting lest they all starve.

We are facing the need to regenerate a 'functional culture'.

Instead, the void that we have has been filled with partisans who operate in the "American Political domain". Their goal is to keep our people fed in exchange for our votes.

We need people who have only DEVELOPMENT of COMPETENCIES within our people as their primary mandate.

This is why as this force has grown in power - our communities are no more capable of:

* Medicating ourselves per our needs

* Employing ourselves per our needs

* Educating ourselves per our needs

and sadly

* Defending ourselves from the new predator who causes some of us to cower in our own houses.

The fact that this predator came "from us" is more proof that our "Cultural Consciousness" is askew.

(Did this sound like a rant from someone who wants you to vote Republican as is so frequently claimed by my ideological adversaries?)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brother Ojo's Post About Me

I am flattered.
I, Constructive Feedback, was made the feature of the blog The Desultory Life & Times of a Public Citizen

It is interesting to see how certain people molest and malign my words. I like being given the opportunity to rebut them.

Here are my responses on my own blog so that I don't have to suffer from anyone's choice to delete them:


I don't mind posts about ME.
Just give me the courtesy of TELLING ME that you are talking about me.

[quote] This time he was trying to slap everyone around that made comments. [/quote]

I was respond to people who made STUPID or BIGOTED comments that they could not effectively defend

It is nice to see Max Reddick NOW responds. It appears that he is rather loathed to respond to my words when I challenge his leftist/anarchial disposition.
November 1, 2009 9:09 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

Since I have been blogging, it has been my mission to build up our community. And I see a lot in our community that is going terribly wrong. I see a lot in our community that needs to be improved. I see a lot of places in our community where there is work to be done.

And having said that, I will say this. When you engage in a program of uplift, you cannot look down on those you are lending a hand to.[/quote]

Max Reddick:

I have no control over YOUR view of what YOU are doing.

I can only ask one thing about your actions: ARE THEY WORKING???????

It is my assessment that YOU are not trying to "Uplift the Black community".

You are seeking to LIFT THE MATERIAL STANDARD OF LIVING FOR BLACK PEOPLE. You are satisfied with our people BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT, not concerned with our ability to ORGANICALLY DELIVER this standard per our own efforts of organizing our own people.

Here is the problem Max - YOU believe that YOU ARE CORRECT in all that you do. You have the best of intentions, after all.

When the OUTCOMES that are produced after the Black Establishment Machine obtains historic POWER is still SHORT - instead of you and others CHECKING TRY HARDER at the same thing.

The RiPPa/Max Reddick/Bro Ojo /AfroSpear blog circle jerk should be labeled as this:


Your are a LEFTIST more than you can define anything about your efforts that are "uniquely Black".
November 1, 2009 9:15 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

This is an IGNORANT statement from you:

[quote]You remember that old joke Malcom X used to tell: "What do you call a black man with a PhD. in Mississippi?[/quote]


Why is it that what the WHITE MAN things of you matter?

I read the saga of Francis Holland. He now lives in Brazil after noting that he is suffering from POST SLAVERY TRAUMATIC SYNDROME...though never having been a SLAVE. Despite having EARNED a law degree he became distressed when a WHITE MAN asked him if he is really a lawyer.

* DESPITE hours of late night study
* DESPITE thousands of dollars
* DESPITE having built up a body of knowledge


Max - is this white man POWERFUL or did Mr Hollins show his MENTAL WEAKNESS?

Kunta Kinte had to have his new name BEATEN into him. Mr Hollins wasn't even TOUCHED!!!!

You might denigrate your brothers and sisters and blame those negatives in our community on everything but racism, but what is there to gain?[/quote]

You are an intellectual COWARD, it is clear.

The most DANGEROUS place for BLACK PEOPLE WHO THINK LIKE YOU TO BE - is in a community ALL BY YOURSELVES without the AGENTS OF RACISM bearing down upon YOU. As you come face to face with the WEAKNESSES of your own theories - YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT BUT THE CLAIM OF RACISM as the reason for your tepid results!!!!

[QUOTE] In the end, despite your best efforts to distance yourself from your people, the culture at large looks on you as an outsider.[/quote]

Max - help me out on this one.
Please tell me how YOU THINK I am distancing myself from MY PEOPLE?
Instead I am CALLING OUT operatives who have attempted to TIE my people to an IDEOLOGY that has not proven to MAKE US STRONG but only dependent.

YOU do not own BLACKNESS.
Your views must be put on trial and be PROVEN to work.
November 1, 2009 9:25 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]AW man... Check out Denmark Vesey or Subrealism.
Ronald gets his ass spanked on the regular at those sites.[/quote]

I am disappointed in you UBJ for making such a claim.

On DV - who is my most frequent debate adversary beyond KC Nulan, the owner of the Subrealism site?

I am banned from Subrealism for nothing more than having a series of debates with KC Nulan in which I stick it to him - taking his arguments in the present post and comparing them to his views on a different subject - DEMANDING THAT HE EXPLAIN HIS INCONSISTENCIES.

If you don't mind, UBJ - could you provide the URL to any debate on either of these two blog sites in which "I was spanked".

Thank you in advance.
November 1, 2009 9:28 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Look, I know I definitely feel that if everyone believed what I believed we'd all be okay as black people, but I also realized taking the "I'm the only enlightened" one path is just stupid.[/quote]

Uppity Negro:

If I told you that I AGREE WITH YOU about the "Enlightened One" construct - would you be surprised?

If I then showed you on my blog where I call for a TRANSPARENT OVERLAY ORGANIZATION within the Black Community that insured that NO FACTION hijacked our focus from our PERMANENT INTERESTS - would this be in line with your slander of my views?

If I told you that we have a "Human Resource Management Problem" where despite the POLITICAL POWER in the "American Political Domain" that the Black Establishment has built up - we still have great problems with in. If I noted that the reason for this is BECAUSE our problems reside in the "Cultural Consciousness Domain", the area that has been left unmanaged as our leaders have outsourced nearly everything to American politics?

Ironically Uppity Negro - I have argued AGAINST everything that you claim about me.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE with some entity that enforces a TRANSPARENT alignment with our PERMANENT INTERESTS is what is lacking. An ORGANIZATION that is managed toward the MISSION eliminates the hijacking that ONE PERSUASIVE INDIVIDUAL might be able to impress upon the masses.

Please don't take Ojo's analysis of me. This is like asking the NY Yankees to give an objective analysis of the Phillies.

I have a voluminous set of my own ideas like an open book for you to analyse:
November 1, 2009 9:37 AM

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]During our first encounter, Feedback belittled my Fraternity for our work in the community.[/quote]

Please stop LYING!!!!

I told you that I appreciated all of the work that your frat, my frat and all Black fraternal organizations are doing.


Here is what is frustrating about the way you and other "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" think:

In your ideological bigotry you have tremendously HIGH and insurmountable standards by which your ENEMIES can never meet IF THEY give you a list of what they have done for Black people.

Likewise when your ideological friends tells you WHAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR BLACK FOLKS - the list alone is enough for them to reach sainthood.

I have the AUDACITY to switch from QUANTITY over to QUALITY and ask the question "IS IT WORKING"????

You can detail how you got your entire frat to put their fingers into the wall of the levee in New Orleans. If the wall comes tumbling down - should we make note of what you did or the EFFECTIVENESS of your solution?

You put fingers in the dike when there was a need for EARTH MOVING EQUIPMENT.

Let me break it down to you Ojo:

Ultimately you, Max, AfroSpear and many others seek to AVOID SCRUTINY OF YOUR ACTIONS. You only want to be lauded for your INTENTIONS.

Look at how Max is DEMANDING that I accept that RACISM is the key "Dark Energy" that is lingering behind it all.

Just as a CHRISTIAN receives salvation if he BELIEVES that Jesus is his savior and thus all of their sins in the FUTURE are absolved. Likewise the BQPFRC has a dogma in which if a Black Person and White liberal Snarling Fox believes that RACISM IS THE PREVAILING FORCE holding down Black people in 2009 then THEY TOO can receive forgiveness for any action performed by the Black community that effectively works counter to our PERMANENT INTERESTS.

Ironically (and I am speaking to Max now) YOU appear to come from a church background and have chosen to remove yourself from the DOGMA because it has become detached from the core purpose of Christianity. Don't think that I don't "hear you" when I read your writings.

YET when I take this same template and apply it to the DOGMA OF "RACISM CHASING" that is present within the Black Establishment YOU CAN'T SEE THE PARALLEL!!!!!

What was ONCE justified because INDEED there was a grave threat because the law enforcement authorities DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR PEOPLE has now become a LITMUS TEST FOR ONE'S BLACK LOYALTY.

Thus - despite seeing a BLACK MAN SHOT 31 TIMES IN ATLANTA LAST WEEKEND - There was a bigger protest when a Black woman was beaten by a White man at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Max and Ojo - when one attempts to map out YOUR IDEOLOGY upon one common scale with the goal of documenting the VALUATION OF THE THREATS - it does not conform to LOGICAL UNDERSTANDING.

It is my belief that you all suffer from "Non-White White Supremacy" where you believe, as some White folks do: THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE SUPERIOR TO BLACKS.