Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trying To Get RiPPa To Focus On The Main Threats Not His Own Ideological Threats

From the "Intersection Of Madness & Reality Blog"


Note that the key Christian holidays - Easter and Christmas both have secular figures that have been adopted by society so as to dilute the core Christian meaning from them (the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus).

It seems, however, that you have a problem if an when a FUNDAMENTALIST seeks to adopt the core Christian roots of these celebrations and speak out against the secularized version of them. In summary - you attack the dilution and then you attack anyone who dares perform a referendum back to the original meaning.

You say "Christmas has pagan roots". Please show in the BIBLE, the Christian reference book WHERE they mention anything about Christmas or the exact date that the Christian God was born?

Indeed these are constructs of the CHURCH and CULTURE. The "church" and its dogma aren't necessarily synonymous to "the Christian faith". These are mere interpretations and expressions by man.

I am puzzled about you though RiPPa - why is it that you are disturbed by Pat Robertson's statements that Hugo Chavez should be taken out YET we can go to the Hip Hop Top 20 Songs right now and find countless threats to kill a Black man who disrespects the lyricist.

RiPPa what makes Pat Robertson's words SUPERIOR, in your mind, to the commercial speech said by any number of top selling Hip Hop artists?

YOU MIGHT SAY - as a (supposed) minister he should be held up to a higher standard. I AGREE with you.
I am distressed with you, however that you and other defenders of the status quo WITHIN the Black community don't see to have any particular standard to speak of as applied to the Hip Hop artists who reach far more members of the Black community than Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck COMBINED.

Yet most of the ink from the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" are dedicated to the White men listed above.

Regarding "Thought Crime Laws" - the sad fact is - RiPPa this "bonus punishment" takes place in the wake of BLACK ON BLACK assaults and murder who are not deemed as outrageous and contemptible BECAUSE the assailant is not a "high valued target" as when a person of a different race, for example, using the exact same blunt instrument to hit the exact same "protected person", resulting in the exact same outcome - DEATH.

One must really consider the ability of those who support hate crimes to EQUALLY VALUE the assailants instead of what they CLAIM that they are doing: Proving that the "protected class" is equal.

Your boy in Brazil lauded a law there in which any WHITE PERSON who calls a Black person a "N83er" faces ARREST. He was quite pleased with this.
To ME - this shows that the law believes that Black people are inferior. It shows that the vocal chords of White people have the power to cause a disturbance in the airwaves that stimulates the ear drums of Black people in a SUPERIOR way than ANY BLACK MAN could EVER hope to do.

So I ask you and others - What could a BLACK MAN say to a WHITE PERSON that could cause the same mental angst that those who support this bastard law in Brazil (and the permutation of it here in America) would deem disturbing?

This is a thinking man's game RiPPa. You and too many of your friends seem to have a disconnection between the painful truth on the streets and your willingness to apply MANAGEMENT FOCUS upon that which most impacts you.

You see "overt action" against you as your main threat and thus you focus upon Roberts. Even when he is NOT TALKING ABOUT BLACKS - he is a threat to your sensibilities.

I SEE "the FAILURE TO ENGAGE OUR PROBLEMS using the proper tools" and the resulting loss of POTENTIAL as the main threat.

YOU have a more popular discourse because the masses are able to be drawn by their grievances than they are to be ENLIGHTENED by the recognition of their full potential.

From you and others I learn how LEFTIST so many of my people are.
To YOU it is just a coincidence that we continue as we are while this LEFTIST dogma dominates us.

When you all construct the same institutions of TRANSPARENCY that you demand upon corporations so they are not their own policemen but instead submit to some greater authority - I am convinced that OUR CONDITION will change. Instead we have the same problem that is the case in many African nations - those in power unwilling to yield their own power to some greater authority that produces transparency.

In theory RELIGION is that transparent authority over the people.
I am not quite sure what you and others believe should be the authority by which those of you who CLAIM that you are propagating the "Black Permanent Interests" as you go after political and ideological enemies - who always seem to be exclusively those in opposition to your own.

Funny how that works.

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Pat Robertson vs. Larry Flynt debating about prostitution on radio show.