Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cynthia Tucker On Iraq - Security Problems NOW Not The Fault Of The US President

The U.S. can’t bind Iraq together

The AJC's Cynthia Tucker is so predictable on so many subjects.

Here routine on Iraq from day one has been:
  • It was George Bush's Mistake For Invading
  • The Neo-Con Chickenhawks in the USA put politics over rationality
  • Bush has blood on his hands
  • The security situation in Iraq is a failure of Bush
  • We need to pull all American troops out
Now that Obama is president and she is loathed to attack him - notice her new rhythm:

  • Look at what Bush got Obama Into
  • The Iraqi Prime Minister is mistaken in his policies
  • We never should have invaded Iraq - Bush did it
  • Now the Neo-cons are pushing Obama to remove troops from Iraq
  • We never should have invaded Iraq

It doesn't get any deeper than this listed above folks.

AJC Blog - Cynthia Tucker
In a gambit designed to make him appear a strong leader of a proud nation — in advance of a national election, of course — Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered some security measures put in place earlier to be discontinued. In particular, he ordered some roads in Baghdad re-opened to vehicle traffic and security barriers discarde

This tragedy is likely to be followed by calls from U.S. neo-calls for President Obama to delay pulling U.S. troops of of Iraq, even as those same neo-cons demand Obama send tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan. No. The U.S. should never have invaded Iraq; and we certainly shouldn’t be in the middle of sectarian warfare.
Besides, the Iraqis have asked us to leave. We should, sooner rather than later.

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