Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Church Of "Filled Negro" - The Pews Are Filled With The Discontented

From the Field-Negro blog.

My friend Filled Negro is happy that a Black church and a White church got together to have a united service.

NOTHING was said about their fidelity to the words and commandments of the Christian God. We are simply to be happy about the joint service.

[quote]And just what the heck does "upstanding and respectful" mean? Methinks your brand of Christianity is a little bit exclusive. But maybe that's how you and the god you worship want it.[/quote]

Filled Negro:

I realize that YOUR goal is to keep THE OTHER GUY (the alternative thought to yours) ON TRIAL.

I am going to flip the script and put YOU ON TRIAL and all that YOU BELIEVE. This will prove to be insightful.

In your drive in the name of non-exclusivity and openness you stroke yourself for not being 'judgmental'.....accepting all as they are. You can point to the large population sitting in the pews of the "Filled Negro Church Of God". You point to the happy songs that they are singing. The old ladies who are passed out on the floor after having "Gotten the Spirit". The collection plate that is full of money. Indeed you APPEAR to be prosperous.

This is the case - as long as no one does a deep probe of the full effects of your "church".

You see what YOU CALL "non-judgmentalism" should also be noted for its inability to achieve DIRECTED OUTCOMES on the backs of the very people who will CONSUME THE BENEFIT from the synergy that such order will deliver to them. Instead of individual fingers - they become a fist per their concentration.

You look at the length of your SOUP LINE and look to your God for praise that you are so charitable.

MY God makes note that in that line are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS who YOU never noted to them about their full capabilities. Just as the nature preserve at any park has abundant signage which says "Do Not Feed The Wild Birds As You Will Disrupt Their Natural Foraging Habits"........YOU in your thoughts that you have perverted as COMPASSION have created a CONSUMER CLASS who looks to you for their daily nourishment.

In truth your SUCCESS should be measured in how FEW PEOPLE now have to show up in your soup line each day because they are no longer DEPENDENT upon what you are doling out. This, however, is an anathema to your agenda.


UNITY WHERE FEW QUESTIONS ARE ASKED OF YOUR LEADERSHIP not the creation of COMPETENT PEOPLE, who upon noting the shortfalls in what you have promised if they supported your way and thus MANAGING YOU so that better outcomes can be had (see SouthWest Philly).

Thus it comes as no surprise, Filled Negro that YOU would look at the unified church in which the Blacks and Whites sit in the same pews as evidence of UNITY yet YOU, who are an agnostic, NEVER ASKED ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE WORSHIPING. "What thoughts are being reinforced as they sit togehter?"

WHITES AND BLACKS have been sitting together at HIP HOP CONCERTS and SPORTING EVENTS for decades. What is so special about sitting in the same pews?

ANSWER: The element of SPECIALTY is housed in that which YOU don't even believe in.

Filled Negro -are you surprised that in the face of all of the problems amongst the people that you PURPORT to be working in support of that more than 85% of your posts are focused upon a conservative force that has DEPARTED FROM THEIR MIDST?

Though they live under the concentrated protection of the bill of goods that YOU SOLD THEM....you spend the bulk of your time focused upon the vacated force.

It is clear to me why you and so many other propagandists that take up the "AfroSpear" flag are forced to fight against their enemies - even when they have departed. I am just wondering if YOU KNOW?

In the face of having a favorable Orthodoxy......the CHURCH THAT YOU HAVE BUILT UP - if you will - in POWER over your people.......Why aren't you preaching YOUR OWN GOSPEL of the Good News that this has rendered upon them?

Instead you must throw out CHUM to the masses so that they will be duly distracted in the fight AGAINST those they hate rather than NOTATING THE HOLLOW AND EMPTY SHELL that your "Religious Dogma" Known as POLITICS represents in their lives.


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