Saturday, October 24, 2009 - My Bad

Admittedly I may have jumped the gun on this particular blog site: AverageBro

There was a post in which Michele Obama was seen doing the hula hoop. As with so many other Black blog sites the title made some negative reference to George W Bush (actually Barbara Bush). Let me be clear: I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY ATTACKS ON BUSH. This is not the point.

The POINT is that the clear pattern as seen among Black people is to ATTACK THEIR ADVERSARIES, making use of a straw man - or more accurately a pinata that is constantly beat upon. By having people focused upon the beating and the stress relief that takes place as a result - they fail to note all of the things that are being left untended to in OUR OWN COMMUNITY.

If you don't understand anything else about my agenda - understand this:

  • The Operatives who I constantly battle against can be proven to show that their agenda is to help strengthen the Democrats/Progressives by fighting against Conservatives/Republicans. In theory - if the adversary is destroy BLACK PEOPLE WILL PROSPER. One only needs to go into our communities today to see this plan in action BUT ALSO that this plan has failed. The flaw is that it is the theory of "Remove the weed vine from our necks and we will grow"
  • MY AGENDA is focused upon documenting the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, making note of who is squarely focused upon them and if they are centrally focused on FIXING THE PROBLEM VIA OUR OWN PEOPLE rather than obfuscating, blaming external forces - and being sold out in their intrests.

My entry in the blog
The point is that beyond JUST YOUR SITE there is a propensity, especially among Black blog/news sites to:

* Establish that the blame for the present economic, military, educational, public safety situation resides with some other force: Slavery, Bush, Republicans

* Drive home the notion that IF we work as agents to defend the president and the machine that controls the federal government, and in the case of the average Black person - every institution where we live that the FUTURE will be far brighter because after decades of hard work the political arangement that we have struggled for are now present

* The PRESENT is papered over by various "Look how photogenic Mr and Mrs Obama are. And oh what about those cute kids".

PAST, FUTURE, PRESENT - Average Bro. They have the message all locked down. All we need to do is bite.

All the while the scheme in which our community is not empowered to be the primary drivers for our long term redevelopment. Instead this will all be rained down upon us. All we need to do is stay unified, don't ask questions and fight the fight against the external enemy.

Did I come to your blog site with this viewpoint set in my mind? YES!!!

That's because it is so easy to see. Look around.

I scanned your articles before I posted. Admittedly I did not see you as a hyperpartisan. But I also did not see political arguments that are centered upon our community's best interests first and all else emanting from this perspective.

Not trying to control your editorial content dude. I would have asked for your administrative password.

My global point is (at least for my person consciousness) - our people are in the midst of both an immediate and a LONG TERM crisis. Potentially sheep going into the slaughter with regards to the long term prospects of this nation's financial future with respect to the out of control debt.

When there is consciousness of that back bedroom is on fire household residents are known to react a certain way. FOR ME - I don't plan to be worshiping the pictures upon the wall in the living room.

I apologize to you for making an individual assessment of your blog after my first visit. My criticism is upon the Black media/blog/ political consciousness as a whole though. There is a major need for a "shift in editorial content". The evidence is spread throughout our community.

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