Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trying To Get RiPPa To Focus On The Main Threats Not His Own Ideological Threats

From the "Intersection Of Madness & Reality Blog"


Note that the key Christian holidays - Easter and Christmas both have secular figures that have been adopted by society so as to dilute the core Christian meaning from them (the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus).

It seems, however, that you have a problem if an when a FUNDAMENTALIST seeks to adopt the core Christian roots of these celebrations and speak out against the secularized version of them. In summary - you attack the dilution and then you attack anyone who dares perform a referendum back to the original meaning.

You say "Christmas has pagan roots". Please show in the BIBLE, the Christian reference book WHERE they mention anything about Christmas or the exact date that the Christian God was born?

Indeed these are constructs of the CHURCH and CULTURE. The "church" and its dogma aren't necessarily synonymous to "the Christian faith". These are mere interpretations and expressions by man.

I am puzzled about you though RiPPa - why is it that you are disturbed by Pat Robertson's statements that Hugo Chavez should be taken out YET we can go to the Hip Hop Top 20 Songs right now and find countless threats to kill a Black man who disrespects the lyricist.

RiPPa what makes Pat Robertson's words SUPERIOR, in your mind, to the commercial speech said by any number of top selling Hip Hop artists?

YOU MIGHT SAY - as a (supposed) minister he should be held up to a higher standard. I AGREE with you.
I am distressed with you, however that you and other defenders of the status quo WITHIN the Black community don't see to have any particular standard to speak of as applied to the Hip Hop artists who reach far more members of the Black community than Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck COMBINED.

Yet most of the ink from the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" are dedicated to the White men listed above.

Regarding "Thought Crime Laws" - the sad fact is - RiPPa this "bonus punishment" takes place in the wake of BLACK ON BLACK assaults and murder who are not deemed as outrageous and contemptible BECAUSE the assailant is not a "high valued target" as when a person of a different race, for example, using the exact same blunt instrument to hit the exact same "protected person", resulting in the exact same outcome - DEATH.

One must really consider the ability of those who support hate crimes to EQUALLY VALUE the assailants instead of what they CLAIM that they are doing: Proving that the "protected class" is equal.

Your boy in Brazil lauded a law there in which any WHITE PERSON who calls a Black person a "N83er" faces ARREST. He was quite pleased with this.
To ME - this shows that the law believes that Black people are inferior. It shows that the vocal chords of White people have the power to cause a disturbance in the airwaves that stimulates the ear drums of Black people in a SUPERIOR way than ANY BLACK MAN could EVER hope to do.

So I ask you and others - What could a BLACK MAN say to a WHITE PERSON that could cause the same mental angst that those who support this bastard law in Brazil (and the permutation of it here in America) would deem disturbing?

This is a thinking man's game RiPPa. You and too many of your friends seem to have a disconnection between the painful truth on the streets and your willingness to apply MANAGEMENT FOCUS upon that which most impacts you.

You see "overt action" against you as your main threat and thus you focus upon Roberts. Even when he is NOT TALKING ABOUT BLACKS - he is a threat to your sensibilities.

I SEE "the FAILURE TO ENGAGE OUR PROBLEMS using the proper tools" and the resulting loss of POTENTIAL as the main threat.

YOU have a more popular discourse because the masses are able to be drawn by their grievances than they are to be ENLIGHTENED by the recognition of their full potential.

From you and others I learn how LEFTIST so many of my people are.
To YOU it is just a coincidence that we continue as we are while this LEFTIST dogma dominates us.

When you all construct the same institutions of TRANSPARENCY that you demand upon corporations so they are not their own policemen but instead submit to some greater authority - I am convinced that OUR CONDITION will change. Instead we have the same problem that is the case in many African nations - those in power unwilling to yield their own power to some greater authority that produces transparency.

In theory RELIGION is that transparent authority over the people.
I am not quite sure what you and others believe should be the authority by which those of you who CLAIM that you are propagating the "Black Permanent Interests" as you go after political and ideological enemies - who always seem to be exclusively those in opposition to your own.

Funny how that works.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Church Of "Filled Negro" - The Pews Are Filled With The Discontented

From the Field-Negro blog.

My friend Filled Negro is happy that a Black church and a White church got together to have a united service.

NOTHING was said about their fidelity to the words and commandments of the Christian God. We are simply to be happy about the joint service.

[quote]And just what the heck does "upstanding and respectful" mean? Methinks your brand of Christianity is a little bit exclusive. But maybe that's how you and the god you worship want it.[/quote]

Filled Negro:

I realize that YOUR goal is to keep THE OTHER GUY (the alternative thought to yours) ON TRIAL.

I am going to flip the script and put YOU ON TRIAL and all that YOU BELIEVE. This will prove to be insightful.

In your drive in the name of non-exclusivity and openness you stroke yourself for not being 'judgmental'.....accepting all as they are. You can point to the large population sitting in the pews of the "Filled Negro Church Of God". You point to the happy songs that they are singing. The old ladies who are passed out on the floor after having "Gotten the Spirit". The collection plate that is full of money. Indeed you APPEAR to be prosperous.

This is the case - as long as no one does a deep probe of the full effects of your "church".

You see what YOU CALL "non-judgmentalism" should also be noted for its inability to achieve DIRECTED OUTCOMES on the backs of the very people who will CONSUME THE BENEFIT from the synergy that such order will deliver to them. Instead of individual fingers - they become a fist per their concentration.

You look at the length of your SOUP LINE and look to your God for praise that you are so charitable.

MY God makes note that in that line are EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS who YOU never noted to them about their full capabilities. Just as the nature preserve at any park has abundant signage which says "Do Not Feed The Wild Birds As You Will Disrupt Their Natural Foraging Habits"........YOU in your thoughts that you have perverted as COMPASSION have created a CONSUMER CLASS who looks to you for their daily nourishment.

In truth your SUCCESS should be measured in how FEW PEOPLE now have to show up in your soup line each day because they are no longer DEPENDENT upon what you are doling out. This, however, is an anathema to your agenda.


UNITY WHERE FEW QUESTIONS ARE ASKED OF YOUR LEADERSHIP not the creation of COMPETENT PEOPLE, who upon noting the shortfalls in what you have promised if they supported your way and thus MANAGING YOU so that better outcomes can be had (see SouthWest Philly).

Thus it comes as no surprise, Filled Negro that YOU would look at the unified church in which the Blacks and Whites sit in the same pews as evidence of UNITY yet YOU, who are an agnostic, NEVER ASKED ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE WORSHIPING. "What thoughts are being reinforced as they sit togehter?"

WHITES AND BLACKS have been sitting together at HIP HOP CONCERTS and SPORTING EVENTS for decades. What is so special about sitting in the same pews?

ANSWER: The element of SPECIALTY is housed in that which YOU don't even believe in.

Filled Negro -are you surprised that in the face of all of the problems amongst the people that you PURPORT to be working in support of that more than 85% of your posts are focused upon a conservative force that has DEPARTED FROM THEIR MIDST?

Though they live under the concentrated protection of the bill of goods that YOU SOLD spend the bulk of your time focused upon the vacated force.

It is clear to me why you and so many other propagandists that take up the "AfroSpear" flag are forced to fight against their enemies - even when they have departed. I am just wondering if YOU KNOW?

In the face of having a favorable Orthodoxy......the CHURCH THAT YOU HAVE BUILT UP - if you will - in POWER over your people.......Why aren't you preaching YOUR OWN GOSPEL of the Good News that this has rendered upon them?

Instead you must throw out CHUM to the masses so that they will be duly distracted in the fight AGAINST those they hate rather than NOTATING THE HOLLOW AND EMPTY SHELL that your "Religious Dogma" Known as POLITICS represents in their lives.


Cynthia Tucker On Iraq - Security Problems NOW Not The Fault Of The US President

The U.S. can’t bind Iraq together

The AJC's Cynthia Tucker is so predictable on so many subjects.

Here routine on Iraq from day one has been:
  • It was George Bush's Mistake For Invading
  • The Neo-Con Chickenhawks in the USA put politics over rationality
  • Bush has blood on his hands
  • The security situation in Iraq is a failure of Bush
  • We need to pull all American troops out
Now that Obama is president and she is loathed to attack him - notice her new rhythm:

  • Look at what Bush got Obama Into
  • The Iraqi Prime Minister is mistaken in his policies
  • We never should have invaded Iraq - Bush did it
  • Now the Neo-cons are pushing Obama to remove troops from Iraq
  • We never should have invaded Iraq

It doesn't get any deeper than this listed above folks.

AJC Blog - Cynthia Tucker
In a gambit designed to make him appear a strong leader of a proud nation — in advance of a national election, of course — Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered some security measures put in place earlier to be discontinued. In particular, he ordered some roads in Baghdad re-opened to vehicle traffic and security barriers discarde

This tragedy is likely to be followed by calls from U.S. neo-calls for President Obama to delay pulling U.S. troops of of Iraq, even as those same neo-cons demand Obama send tens of thousands more troops to Afghanistan. No. The U.S. should never have invaded Iraq; and we certainly shouldn’t be in the middle of sectarian warfare.
Besides, the Iraqis have asked us to leave. We should, sooner rather than later.

News Corp's Wall Street Journal Overtakes USA Today As America's #1 Newspaper. Others Local Dailys Decline

AJC: Circulation falls at AJC, other big papers

Circulation fell at nearly all major U.S. newspapers, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in the six months ended Sept. 30

The AJC's average Sunday circulation fell 12.7 percent to 405,549, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Daily circulation dropped 23.4 percent to 214,303. The AJC fell out of the top 25 newspapers for daily circulation; it was 14th in Sunday circulation.

Several business decisions affected circulation. A reduction in distribution area from 74 counties to 20 counties contributed about 30 percent of the daily circulation decline and nearly 60 percent of the decline on Sunday, AJC spokeswoman Jennifer Morrow said. Other factors include increased prices for home delivery and single copy and a sales strategy shift to weekend subscription packages.

AJC Publisher Michael Joseph said these moves were needed to cut costs and cope with a revenue slump, worsened by recession, that pushed the paper into unprofitability. Now, Joseph added, "We're no longer in that same financial situation. We're coming out of it, we have new direction." He said the newspaper is considering whether to add back content readers want.

While circulation declined, the AJC’s average Sunday print readership increased to 1.5 million adults and average daily readership grew to nearly 2 million adults, according to the AJC, citing data from Scarborough Research. Readership includes the number of people that read a copy of the newspaper, whether or not they buy it. The total audience for the AJC’s print and online editions combined was 2.23 million, on par with a year ago and equivalent to 66 percent of the adult population in the Atlanta market, the AJC said.

Among all 379 papers tracked by the Audit Bureau, average daily circulation fell 10.6 percent and Sunday circulation slipped 7.4 percent. Other big dailies with double-digit declines included the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald and Boston Globe. USA Today had a 17 percent decline and was overtaken by The Wall Street Journal as the nation's biggest daily. Circulation at the Journal rose 0.6 percent to just over 2 million.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Irony Of The Bigoted Black Blogger - As Captured By Imagery

Make note of this picture.
We have "Reverend Al Sharpton" pictured with potty mouthed rapper "Foxy Brown".

Foxy Brown is a commercial performing artist. She makes use of a microphone. The vulgar words that she broadcasts often:
  • Sexualizes and Objectifies Black Women - "The Ill Nana" no less.
  • Threatens gun violence against those who diss her
  • Contributes to the Material Oriented Values that plague the Black community.

Despite all of this - she enjoys the company of the venerable Al Sharpton.

This picture that I speak of was taken from the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist blog called "The Intersection Of Madness And Reality".

A guest progressive-fundamentalist blogger named Max Reddick used this image to defend Rev Al Sharpton against the "attacks" made upon him by "racist", conservative talk show host - Rush Limbaugh.

Clearly the irony of the image was lost upon Max and RiPPa.  

They argue that the words being recorded by the microphone of Rush Limbaugh are hateful, purposely divisive and they attack Black people.   I have a personal take on this points which are different.   Limbaugh is attacking LEFTISTS.  In as much as the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is a leftist - they are attacked by Limbaugh.  Instead they seek to make use of their majority power to fuse the notion of "Progressivism" in with "Blackness" thus when Rush Limbaugh attacks them - he is attacking all who are Black.

My challenge to them is to detail for me WHICH BLACKS are Foxy Brown and others attacking when they threaten to shoot anyone who steps to them?

Saturday, October 24, 2009 - My Bad

Admittedly I may have jumped the gun on this particular blog site: AverageBro

There was a post in which Michele Obama was seen doing the hula hoop. As with so many other Black blog sites the title made some negative reference to George W Bush (actually Barbara Bush). Let me be clear: I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY ATTACKS ON BUSH. This is not the point.

The POINT is that the clear pattern as seen among Black people is to ATTACK THEIR ADVERSARIES, making use of a straw man - or more accurately a pinata that is constantly beat upon. By having people focused upon the beating and the stress relief that takes place as a result - they fail to note all of the things that are being left untended to in OUR OWN COMMUNITY.

If you don't understand anything else about my agenda - understand this:

  • The Operatives who I constantly battle against can be proven to show that their agenda is to help strengthen the Democrats/Progressives by fighting against Conservatives/Republicans. In theory - if the adversary is destroy BLACK PEOPLE WILL PROSPER. One only needs to go into our communities today to see this plan in action BUT ALSO that this plan has failed. The flaw is that it is the theory of "Remove the weed vine from our necks and we will grow"
  • MY AGENDA is focused upon documenting the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, making note of who is squarely focused upon them and if they are centrally focused on FIXING THE PROBLEM VIA OUR OWN PEOPLE rather than obfuscating, blaming external forces - and being sold out in their intrests.

My entry in the blog
The point is that beyond JUST YOUR SITE there is a propensity, especially among Black blog/news sites to:

* Establish that the blame for the present economic, military, educational, public safety situation resides with some other force: Slavery, Bush, Republicans

* Drive home the notion that IF we work as agents to defend the president and the machine that controls the federal government, and in the case of the average Black person - every institution where we live that the FUTURE will be far brighter because after decades of hard work the political arangement that we have struggled for are now present

* The PRESENT is papered over by various "Look how photogenic Mr and Mrs Obama are. And oh what about those cute kids".

PAST, FUTURE, PRESENT - Average Bro. They have the message all locked down. All we need to do is bite.

All the while the scheme in which our community is not empowered to be the primary drivers for our long term redevelopment. Instead this will all be rained down upon us. All we need to do is stay unified, don't ask questions and fight the fight against the external enemy.

Did I come to your blog site with this viewpoint set in my mind? YES!!!

That's because it is so easy to see. Look around.

I scanned your articles before I posted. Admittedly I did not see you as a hyperpartisan. But I also did not see political arguments that are centered upon our community's best interests first and all else emanting from this perspective.

Not trying to control your editorial content dude. I would have asked for your administrative password.

My global point is (at least for my person consciousness) - our people are in the midst of both an immediate and a LONG TERM crisis. Potentially sheep going into the slaughter with regards to the long term prospects of this nation's financial future with respect to the out of control debt.

When there is consciousness of that back bedroom is on fire household residents are known to react a certain way. FOR ME - I don't plan to be worshiping the pictures upon the wall in the living room.

I apologize to you for making an individual assessment of your blog after my first visit. My criticism is upon the Black media/blog/ political consciousness as a whole though. There is a major need for a "shift in editorial content". The evidence is spread throughout our community.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

West Virginia "Racist Torture" Victim Megan Williams Plans To Recant Her Entire Story Of Torture - I Will Focus On The Leftist Media's Response

W.Va. woman says she lied in high-profile torture case with racial implications

Let me be clear: THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT THE STORY, ultimately.
I am ONLY focused upon the MEDIA and their reaction to these latest allegations.

Please note that the Left Wing Media is good for demanding new trials for CRIMINALS who have been convicted only to have certain witnesses change their story.

I will NOT advance my opinion on the situation. I will only monitor the behavior of the "usual suspects.

Megan Williams' shocking accusations initially strained the imagination: Seven white people beat her with sticks, forced her to eat feces, raped her and taunted her with racial slurs over several days in a ramshackle trailer in West Virginia.

But the suspects eventually confessed to their actions and pleaded guilty. All but one were sent to prison. Now Williams, who is black, is taking it all back.

Williams lied in 2007 because she wanted to get back at a boyfriend who had beaten her, her attorney, Byron L. Potts, said Wednesday at a news conference in his Columbus office.

Williams no longer wants to live a lie, Potts said.

"She told me the only thing not self-inflicted were the bruises on her face," Potts said.

Williams, 22, who now lives with a caregiver in Columbus, was in the office with Potts, but she did not appear before reporters. Potts said she has received several anonymous phone calls from people threatening her life.

"She is recanting the entire incident. She says it did not happen, and she's scared," Potts said.

Seven white men and women were convicted in the case, in which Williams had also said that hot wax was poured on her and that two of her captors had forced her to drink their urine.

Police said the assaults occurred at a trailer owned by Frankie Brewster in a rural area of Logan County, about 50 miles from Charleston, W.Va. Williams was rescued after an anonymous caller alerted authorities.

Potts said that Brewster's son, Bobby, was the boyfriend who had beaten Williams and that she had stabbed herself with a straight razor to help embellish the story of being tortured.

Prosecutors, who knew about the relationship even during the case, dismissed Williams' new claim, and lawyers for the defendants would not discuss their plans. Williams' supporters were cautious about responding to the statement by a woman whose mother described her during the 2007 case as "slow."

Potts urged prosecutors in West Virginia to re-evaluate the case and he said that Williams wants people convicted to be released from prison.

Brian Abraham, the former Logan County prosecutor who pursued the cases, said authorities realized early in the investigation that they could not rely on statements from Williams, who tended to embellish and exaggerate details. Instead, he said, the seven defendants were convicted on their own statements and physical evidence.

"If she's going to say that she made it all up, that's absurd," Abraham said. "This looks like another attempt to generate more publicity."

Potts said he did not know why the defendants have pleaded guilty to something they did not do.

He said Williams is aware that she could face legal consequences for fabricating the story and that he wants to have her psychologically evaluated. He said Williams told him certain people were controlling her and influencing her during the case. He did not elaborate.

In a January interview with The Call & Post, a black newspaper in Cleveland, Williams acknowledged she had been mistreated but said her mother made her embellish the story for exposure and financial gain. Williams told the newspaper that she was afraid of her mother, who knew some of the defendants.

Williams' mother, Carmen Williams, died in June. Potts said he did not know what role the mother might have had in fabricating the case.

The assaults occurred in September 2007 at a trailer in a rural area of Logan County, about 50 miles from Charleston. In an interview the following month, Williams told The Associated Press she thought she was going to a party and tagged along with a woman she barely knew.

Williams said she was held captive for several days and was tortured, beaten, and forced to eat rat, dog and human feces. She was also raped by a group of white men and women.

A passer-by heard cries from the shed where she was kept, and sheriff's deputies responding to an anonymous tip found her hours later, limping toward the door, her arms outstretched, saying, "Help me."

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who donated $1,000 to Williams' family as a Christmas gift, and a group called Black Lawyers for Justice had urged prosecutors to pursue hate-crime charges.

The lawyers group organized a march on Williams' behalf in November 2007. Sharpton addressed a rally in Charleston a month later.

At the time, Abraham said that because Williams had had a relationship with Bobby Brewster, it would be difficult to prove that a hate crime occurred. Even so, one of the defendants, Karen Burton, pleaded guilty to a state hate-crime charge.

In a phone call to the AP on Wednesday, Sharpton said the matter should be handled delicately, citing "psychological issues" with Williams.

"This isn't cut and dried either way," he said. "Right is right, but I have no idea if tomorrow her story will change back."

Those convicted were Bobby and Frankie Brewster; Danny Combs; George Messer; Burton; and Burton's daughter Alisha Burton and son Linnie Burton Jr.

Linnie Burton Jr. was the only defendant not to serve jail time. He was convicted of a misdemeanor battery charge and given a six-month suspended sentence.

Lawyers for the seven did not immediately return phone calls Wednesday or declined to comment. Abraham said none of the seven have appealed.

"This was a very detailed criminal investigation," he said.

It will be up to the defendants to decide how they will respond to Williams' statements, said Philip Morrison II, executive director of the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute.

Morrison questioned whether Williams' actions would be sufficient to overturn their confessions, saying, "What are they going to say, 'I didn't really mean that?'"

The AP generally does not identify suspected victims of sexual assault, but Williams and her mother agreed to release her name. Carmen Williams had said she wanted people to know what her daughter had endured.

People who have supported Williams were guarded Wednesday.

"We did have some concerns about what was being done at the time and how it was carried out by Megan and the family, because of her mental condition," said the Rev. Audie Murphy, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Logan and Boone counties in West Virginia.

"We feel the legal system will handle it accordingly," Murphy said. "We didn't rush to judgment then, and we're not rushing to judgment now."

Sharpton has sent a letter to Logan County prosecutor John Bennett asking him to look into the new claims.

"If Ms. Williams has, in fact, fabricated her story, then I urge your office to vindicate any wrongfully convicted individuals," Sharpton wrote.

In 1987, Sharpton helped advise and served as a spokesman for 15-year-old Tawana Brawley, who claimed she had been kidnapped and raped by a gang of whites that included law enforcement officials. A grand jury concluded that Brawley, who is black, made up the story.

Bennett said Wednesday that he would not be able to investigate the case because he represented one of the seven who were convicted, but Morrison said that would be for a judge to decide.

Getting It Off My Chest

The strategy of Governor Bobby Jindal Of Louisiana - From Booker Rising

[quote]The guy is running from a percieved negative, his Indian roots (at least publicly), faster than Usain Bolt. It's a must for him to succeed in Louisiana.[/quote]

The bulk of the comments on this subject are arguing what is ultimately an IRRELEVANT POINT in the big scheme of things.

Unless you can prove that what is going on in the projects of New Orleans is a REFLECTION of their commitment to AFRICAN CULTURE I struggle to understand why you put Governor Jindal on trial as such.


* He is happily married in a stable relationship

* Has healthy, well balanced childern

* Has a solid education and is a scholar

* Was employed at a prestigious consulting firm

* Was elected to congress and then to the governors office; having previously LOST and as such a White female Democrat was in office when the storm that showed how dangerous of a place New Orleans is with respect to the bodies of water that is around it.

DESPITE ALL OF THIS the bigoted "BR All White Jury" is able to LOOK PAST all of the carcases that reside on the streets of NEW ORLEANS!!!
The people who have REJECTED the mental constructs and fortitude that allow them to rise above the current issues of TO DAMNED DAY are talked about as BACKDROP - not unlike the deer and the birds that just exist as part of the landscape.


You ONLY know how to frame the American experience in terms of POLITICS and the American Political Domain.

Pervertedly you CLAIM that success in this DOMAIN is going to lead to success in the CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS domain that effectively has been abandoned.

Even when someone like me has the audacity to TAKE YOU ON A TOUR where your THEORIES are in place in their highest concentrations and STILL the human carnage exists YOU ONLY need to shift your piety upon a man with an Asian background who chose to live his life with regard to the PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES.

It would be less of an indictment IF you were to base your people's FOUNDATION upon AFRICA - from which all of us came from.

Instead your founding rock is SLAVERY!!! From which only SLAVISH RATIONALIZATIONS will ever come.

Some of you are the biggest sellouts yet stand in a sea of fellow travelers and thus will never be called out as such.


[quote]Certainly, this perhaps is a fair point. However, one need only look to the Gore-Bush race in South Florida for evidence of what occurs when there is even the slightest bit of confusion on a ballot.[/quote]

P - you prove most frustrating to me with your words. I will also check myself to make sure that I am not just reading more into what you are actually saying.

How DO YOU EQUATE a "technical" blurb with the ballots in Palm Beach FL in which people were allegedly made to vote for the SECOND VERTICAL position rather than going horizontal to the right to vote for the candidate of their choice with THE DECISION TO NOT PUBLISH PARTY MEMBERSHIP ON A BALLOT!!!

This is preposterous.

Here is the deal that should clarify my point to YOU but also should shatter some of the other posts that has followed yours:

IF the Black community rank and file DOES NOT equate THEIR VOTE with EFFECTIVE OUTCOMES but instead allows the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT OPERATIVES to fuse the notion that by VOTING for an IDEOLOGY and a PARTY MACHINE alone is the key TO ONE DAY ACHIEVE THIS.......and they don't do adequate INSPECTION OF THIS ASSUMPTION by opening their damned eyes to see the truth - THEN THEY/ WE HAVE DONE ALL THAT IS NECESSARY TO REMAIN AS WE ARE and should be silent and accept the "sloppy seconds" that roll our way.

Those who work hard and unabated by the CONSCIOUS Black people within to MAKE THE FUSION between "Black Permanent Interests" and a PERMANENT BLACK COALITION committed to ONE ideology and ONE machine ARE SOLD OUT!!!!! No two ways about it.

If the ideological bigotry is that strong in Black America then this BIGOTRY is no different than what is said to be present in the SOUTHERN WHITE BIGOT. He allowed his region to miss development BECAUSE he cleaved to his ignorance rather than enlightenment.

It is "White Supremacist"/"Non-White White Supremacist" to assume that BLACK PEOPLE and our ways cannot be evaluated in the same way as is the White man living on the other side of the tracks.

Instead many of you want to shift our IGNORANCE over to the catch all named 'Slavery'. All the while you FAIL to field a system that makes the masses UN-IGNORANT.

Interestingly enough this same SYSTEM that you have supported sure creates an unmatched DEMOCRATIC PARTY stalwart. This is testimonial to WHAT YOUR REAL AGENDA IS. Those of you who have no shame and no consciousness about the matter.

If large stretches of our people are going to remain may as well USE THEM for their votes.


The funny thing is that when I listened to "Black Psuedo-Intellectuals" during my formative years talking about "The Negroes who would be brought kicking and screaming away from their bondage" in their own LEFTIST BIAS they had always painted them as the 'Clarence Thomas type".

It is so abundantly clear that the Negroes leaving the deepest scratch marks in the surfaces from which they will need to be dragged from are those who SIT COMFORTABLY IN THE MACHINE THAT HAS BEEN CONSTRUCTED BY THE ESTABLISHMENT ON THE BACKS OF BLACK FOLKS, using us thoroughly throughout this process.

They don't want to lose their POSITION in that structure and thus they will resist.

Operatives from the machine will get them to "Go talk sense to these rebellious Negroes, TELL THEM HOW MUCH WE HAVE DONE FOR 'YOU PEOPLE'".

"Remind them how vulnerable they will be in the wilderness without our protection". They will fail to note that a significant portion of the ATTACKS upon them will come from that same machine.

IF THERE IS NO TRANSPARENT entity set up in Black America - don't expect any changes. The next BIG CHANGE that will be forced upon Black America, instead, will come from the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE of America. Right now we are working on the question of IF we as a people will survive this with only the expected damage that we can mitigate OR if we will experience a wholesale return to HUNTING AND GATHERING.

Based on the analysis of the PREPARATION that has been afforded to us with ORGANIC initiatives to develop our skills and competencies - it seems rather obvious which outcome will come forth.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Does Anyone Stand Watching "Imus In The Morning"?

I tried, once again, to watch "Imus In The Morning" to see what the big deal is. Now Imus is on "racist" Fox Business News channel. I was hoping to catch John Stossel to see what he has to say.

This show is boring and not formatted for television.

MSNBC should be thankful that they got rid of him because it is a bore not because it is a steaming den of racism.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Black Journalists Critique Of The Democrats: Whipping Them Back To The Left

Eugine Robinson To The Democratic Base: A Little More Heat, Please

As I listen to various people give evidence that the Black establishment is not "sold out to the Democrats" and thus they do register complaints against the party - inevitably the attacks are upon the party for going too soft or too centrist. Thus the "attacks" are not absolute attacks upon the party and what it stands for, instead it is an attack upon the departure from the point of reference where the critic stands.

I am on the record as supporting the right for anyone to have a position that they cleave to.

The problem that I have is that too often there is no outside force seeking to qualify the effectiveness of the absolute position upon where the critics stand as being valid.

Thus it might be great for someone to point out that "Most Black people in Chicago and Philadelphia" agree with the positions of the Democratic Party and thus I am an "odd man out". If our mission was merely to join a party that mirrored what we thought this would be the end of it.

INSTEAD the mission of the Black Political Activism is to solve problems within our community. Thus it seems to me that we should measure the popular positions against the forward advancements that they have made in this cause.

Sadly there are more examples that our interests have been undercut per the bias that runs throughout our electorate than one can find excellence that has been brought forth as a consequence.

The key benefits of our disposition per the focus has been:

  • White folks no longer kill and assault us with impunity (now it is fellow Blacks who do this)
  • The Conservative political adversary no longer runs our key institutions where we have the final say.  Now there are favorable people failing our interests.

Yeah - what an improvement.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Negro You Can't Be Serious: "Joe Wilson's Disrespect" Is Emblematic of The Violence in Chicago

From Black Political Thought:

Recent Violence in Chicago
Posted by H. Cammock | 6:49 PM | View Comments

It is evident that something is wrong in Chicago. The recent spate of violence amongst youth serves to draw our attention to what is really wrong with our society. In our society today, there is a general lack of respect. It became startling a few weeks ago, when the President of the United States in a televised address to the nation and the world was heckled by a member of Congress. If our leaders are not showing respect to leadership, then how do we expect young people to respect one another and protect each other?

As a parent we are all shocked at the level and intensity of violence directed at the person. How safe are our streets? Can we send our children to school, work, play and institutions of higher learning without wondering when will that phone call come?

Something has to give. In my new book "Musings of the Spirit" I detail how my faith helped me survive domestic violence. In reality, when a young person commit such acts, statistics show, that the violence will be repeated when they become adults. Broken children make broken adults. Unresolved emotional issues leads to brokenness later on. We have to address this matter in a meaningful way. Religious leaders of the community have to reach out to these young persons. Outreach can be in the form of community events, or invite them to a night of worship or just simply asking to meet with them.

Here in Detroit, a friend directs a program called the Ark Non-Violence Program. Elementary and middle school students are engaged in a ten week course where, they are taught anger management skills, how to increase their confidence level, and to develop viable career skills. This is perhaps what these youth need. Someone to point them in the right direction. Maybe a program similar to this can be initiated in the Chicago area. At this point we support whatever measures are taken to reduce violence. But we are just as concerned that these individuals, do not self-destruct by going through the penal system and after discharge, have no life skills with which to cope with life's issues.

My prayer is for them find peace within themselves and to apply faith and prayer and belief in an Almighty God to overcome what ever challenges they have to face.

Harriet Cammock is the author of "Musings of the Spirit" and host of the weekly Radio program "The Faith Hour." For more information on speaking engagements and her itinerary, visit:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stormfront Bloggers Don't Like Rush Limbaugh - He Is A "Neo-Con Sellout"

Stormfront Blog Reactions to "Top 10 Racist Quotes By Rush Limbaugh"

Rush Limbaugh does indeed go too far on occasion. He makes use of sarcasm to tweak the nerves of certain Leftists who are inclined to believe that they hold the exclusive moral position on race and racism.

He has Media Matters that record his every word and then prunes them to the essential core for use in their own agenda.

I AM NOT WORKING TO DEFEND RUSH LIMBAUGH. He is a multi-millionaire and can do this on his own.

I am ONLY seeking to have the STANDARD BY WHICH RUSH LIMBAUGH IS BEING JUDGED to be published. This will allow me and everyone else to understand them.

Instead, just as in the book "The Animal Farm" some would prefer to keep the constitution locked up in their own mind so that they can be applied when appropriate to their particular agenda.

I would take these published rules and work to apply them to the people in Hip Hop who speak far more ignorant words without fearing retribution.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Traditionalist Lesbian?

[quote]As someone standing on the outside looking in I don’t think black heterosexuals like each other very much. The continued degradation of each other through song, books, and television tells a story of hatred and possibly ignorance. I never hear my heterosexual friends talk about love or marriage. The only thing I ever hear them talk about is sex. They no longer expect marriage so I suppose they no longer dream about it or strive to reach that point.[/quote]

(I hope that you don't mind that a "Straight Black, conservative brother" chimes into your blog)

Do you see the irony of many of your statement above?

You are referencing CONSERVATIVE constructs in relationships yet, almost by definition, "conservatism" would tend to be opposed to your homosexual relationship?

Here is what I don't understand. You point to:

* Failed Heterosexual Relationships
* No Respect within the Black community between men and women
* Degrading Songs, Books and Entertainment

I would be inclined to attack the forces that seek to water down our cultural constructs just as you mention and thus open the door for these important institutional elements to be trampled upon.

Yet it is the prevailing Black (progressive) culture that would be inclined to fight against the maintenance of such strictures that tend to confine people from doing as they please within the society.

I have called out several times the irony of the same people who fight to remove certain vital bricks from our cultural foundation because they proved to be too discriminatory (ie: making the church more tolerant) and then these same people come back later and point out the hypocrisy and double standards that the church tolerates. They are not inclined to note how they were critical of the church for "over doing it" and then critical yet again when the church introduced subjective standards into their mix.

Maybe its not the "institution" that is flawed but the people who dilute it so no one can "hate" on them as they do their thing?

[quote]Many black gays and lesbians give in to the pressure and live their lives as heterosexuals rather than deal with the bull[/quote]

The ultimate contradiction of your entire post.

What IF those same "gays and straights" who "Only Talk Sex and Self Gratification" are the very ones who 'DON'T GIVE A DAMN" about societal pressure to "be heterosexual" OR be married into committed relationships?

They may, in fact, be more oblivious to society pressure to conform - while YOU who is talking settling down, respect and having kids - are grasping onto what they have relinquished.

You just might be a "Lesbian With Traditional Values" that span two contradictory worlds?

(Not - I am NOT trying to change you, criticize your lifestyle or provide advice to you. I only know you via the words that you type.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Secret Test Of Reporting Bias About "Down Low" Black Democratic Judge

Ex-judge accused of spanking U.S. male inmates in his office and awarding them reduced jail time in return for sex

I am making public my "secret" observation of certain blog sites to see if they will report on this Black Democratic judge who is accused of accepting sexual favors for favorable sentences.

It comes as on surprise that a Republican janitor at city hall can trigger a national report on these blogs. Yet when this type of issue comes up they are pretty silent.

Of course the NAACP sees things differently:

Ex-judge accused of spanking U.S. male inmates in his office and awarding them reduced jail time in return for sex

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 3:37 PM on 05th October 2009

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A former judge is facing life in prison after being charged with sexually abusing male inmates in exchange for leniency.

Respected circuit judge Herman Thomas, who was once the Democratic Party’s choice to be the first black federal judge in south Alabama, is accused of bringing inmates to his office and spanking them with a paddle.

His trial for charges of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations is set to begin today.

The 48-year-old insists he is innocent and claims he was trying to mentor the inmates.
Herman Thomas is accused of sexually abusing male inmates in exchange for leniency

Herman Thomas is accused of sexually abusing male inmates in exchange for leniency

Thomas’s defence lawyer Robert ‘Cowboy Bob’ Clark has branded the accusers ‘lying felons’ who are trying to wreck the career of ‘a prestigious member of the Bar for over 20 years.’

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a leading civil rights group, has defended Thomas and claims race is behind his prosecution.

Thomas and his attorney blame the charges on politicians who don't like him.

‘There is no doubt that people assisted these inmates in telling these lies on me,’ Thomas said in April.

Read more:

This Is What I Figure Roland Martin's New Show On TVOne Will Consist Of

Commentary: GOP celebrates U.S. defeat

Editor's note: A nationally syndicated columnist, Roland S. Martin is the author of the forthcoming book, "The First: President Barack Obama's Road to the White House as originally reported by Roland S. Martin" and of two other books, "Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith" and "Speak, Brother! A Black Man's View of America."

Roland Martin operates as the voice of the "Black Establishment" and is a founding member of the "Obama Manhood Protectors". Like several other "Black journalists" has a book about the Obama campaign coming out.

They don't even fake the pretense that they plan to maintain any particular set of objectivity on the subject of Barack Obama. In truth they never had any objectivity prior to Obama. Why would they start now?

Roland Martin rips the "Conservatives" for sarcastically ripping the 2016 Olympic bid for Chicago. He fails to make note of how the Obama Administration also politicized it. Not that we would expect to see this in his article.

  • Barack Obama - (paraprhased): "It would be nice to see the 2016 Olympics from my backyard in Chicago. I will be finishing up my second term as president then." This said to the US OLYMPIC BID TEAM - NOT to DEMOCRATS. The bid team cheered wildly.
  • Ralhm Emanuel - "I will make sure that the critics of the bid get front row seats at the Olympics in Chicago".
  • Barack Obama - "The Olympics in Chicago represents a restoration of the commitment of the Olympic spirit" - Referring to how during the past 8 years -AMERICA has let the world down.
  • Democratic Senator Roland Burris of Illinois - "It is no surprise that we didn't get it. These past 8 years have damaged the country's reputation. They weren't going to give us anything".
The most ironic part of Roland Martin's piece is that he refers to how Republicans ripped Obama for his criticism of America while over seas. I can assure you that he was one of Obama's strongest defenders of these words.


There is no objectivity in the Black press.
One can't even assume that they operate with the Black Community's best interests when they operate as operatives.

The city of Chicago itself is a worthy metaphor about the "Power Of The Black Political Establishment" but also the "Failure To The Black Community".

If you are waiting for Roland Martin to blow the lid off of his hometown of Chicago politics and the lost potential of the Black community within - Don't hold your breath.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Imus Goes To Fox Business Network

Washington Post's Article - Imus Goes To Fox Business Network

Let me get this straight:

"See I told you that FOX NEWS is RACIST.....they picked up Don Imus".

So what about MSNBC?

Were they RACIST when they signed him to a $40 million contract?
OR where they "The Good Guys and thus released him when they found out he was a racist"?