Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black Agenda Report: Obama's Education Is Like Bush 3.0 - OK Sure. Why Not Try To Bring Him Down Like You Worked To Do Bush?

On Education, Obama's First Term Is Bush's Third

I debated a guy who posted on "" a few weeks ago. I told him that the Black Agenda Report was hypocritical in their economic views. They sought money from capitalism (via the government) while their ultimate quest is to destroy capitalism. In their circular reference they were trying to stand in a bucket and lift themselves up.

Today I get another chance to scrutinize their ACTIONS beyond their words. Some of you have such an insatiable threshold when scrutinizing your adversary while any claim from your friends is proof enough that they are who tey say they are.

B.A.R. says that Obama is like Bush when it comes to education. As I recall it B.A.R. and the site that spawned them - "Black Commentater" were good for manufacturing I.E.D. with the hopes of taking Bush out at every turn.

With Obama, they and I both know that that their goal is to get him to GO LEFTWARD where they reside - NOT TO DAMAGE HIM.

They also know, as I do, that if Obama is gone - they get a right wing President. Simple logic details that they will ALWAYS view Obama as the vaulted "lesser of two evils".

Still this is not the main flaw in their strategy and theory. I make the case, yet again - their main flaw is that they are ultimately DEPENDENT upon the very same CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT which they see as the main threat to their progressive agenda. Success will come when they mark their exclusive brand upon this entity and permanently silence the conservative right winger - who is their enemy.

The truth of the matter is that their REAL ENEMY is INCOMPETENCE, FLAWED THEORIES, ABSTRACTION and the inability to do HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT in an effective manner.

They are forced to fight their ideological enemies for rosources BECAUSE - despite the land that they now govern locally and more importantly the EQUAL HUMAN MINDS that are contained within, ready to be given a MISSION - they have no clue at how to make use of these educational resources to do anything BUT fight a battle AGAINST their ideological enemies.

Science and organic development is the last thing that will flow from the institutions that they control.

Larry King Assembles A Panel On Racism - Al Sharpton, Larry Elder

Bill O'Reilly vs Dr Jeremy Levitt Of FAMU On The Subject Of Race

Though I don't agree with the brother about RACISM being the strong driver as he claims - I respect him and think that he made a strong and articulate point.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grinder's Advice To Obama: Stuffing Spoiled Meat Into The Sausage Machine

My response to the blogger Grinder would be too long to fit into a "reply" window so I have posted my response here and will post the URL to this response on Grinder's blog.

Grinder appears to be a middle aged liberal White guy. Here is what he wrote about the politics of health care.

I enjoy reading the thoughts of Progressives for it helps me to understand their assumptions.

Without a government option, there will be nothing to keep the health care industry honest.

The "Government Option" = "Health Care Reform.
I would have loved to have been in the Progressive conference room where this talking point was birthed. You will see in Grinder's later comments he spouts 2 things that buttress his argument:

* The Health Care INDUSTRY is responsible for the mess in health care
* When the Market fails THE GOVERNMENT should take over

As I read the second point I wondered what Grinder would do with the current government (public) schools that are failing in several places?

When the progressive starts off with a fake construct (the Public Option = Reform) then they can only ever come up with a failed outcome.

When I hear a group of people hate an health insurance industry that makes $14 billion per year among the top 15 companies in favor of a conglomerate (the government) that had a deficit of $1,800 billion in that same time frame - I realize that it is time to start looking at the people and what they believe in.

How is it that they can be comfortable that the government plans to spend $90 billion in DEBT MONEY for health care reform while they hate $14 billion in PROFITS????

If Profits are Evil - what is Debt spending? A tremendous show that you care for humanity?

There will be no effective means for the government to control costs.

I must point my friend Grinder to Southwest Atlanta Hospital. A hospital in an all Black area. To the west there are very wealthy Black folks who live in Cascade Heights. To the east there are a series of housing projects and low income apartments.

Over time the WEALTHY BLACK (DEMOCRATS) stopped using their Private Insurance at their local hospital and instead drove downtown to Crawford Long or Piedmont or Northside. This left Southwest Atlanta with only PUBLIC OPTION people - Medicaid and Medicare patients. Needless to say THE HOSPITAL IS NOW CLOSED!!!! Apparently this hospital was "cost controlled" out of business. No progressive stood up and laid claim to this death.

At least 20 million people will remain uninsured.

This entire claim is no longer credible. We just heard President Obama "lose" about 13 million people as he dropped what once was 50 million people uninsured down to 37 million. Maybe Joe Wilson's rant caused Obama to forget the right number?

transfer the blame for America's health care crisis from the healthcare industry that created it

I would LOVE for my friend Grinder to tell us HOW it is the Health Care Industry that created the problem. Of course for a man who believes that the government will FIX the problem I should not expect much.

This wasn't a failure of means, it was a failure of will.

Grinder points to the dominate MAJORITY that the Federal Democrats were granted today. He blames the failure to pass what he wants as a 'failure of WILL'. I wonder if he could ever make note of the FAVORABLE NUMBERS and then the fact that there has been problems ramming it through but never figure that MAYBE IT IS WHAT THEY ARE PUSHING that smells so repugnant?

So is Kent Conrad, the North Dakota Democrat who has declared the death of the public option.

Maybe Kent Conrad - chairman of the senate finance committee but also GOOD FRIENDS with David Walker who did the "Fiscal Wake Up Call" knows the real deal about the fiscal collapse that America faces IF it keeps loading up the federal government with debt. Fiscal Wakeup Tour

I learned 3 years ago that the Next President's #1 job will be to level with Americans and tell us that we are not going to be able to expect the same amount of spending from the federal government.

which is that government should step into the breach when the free market has failed?

I would love to see Grinder tell us how the "Free markets have failed" and how the GOVERNMENT which as $12,000 debt is going to do any better.

It started with the stimulus package, which was half as large as it should have been, and which included $250 billion worth of Republican tax cuts that did nothing to stimulate the economy.

Transference!! The failure of GOP Tax cuts. Nothing about the failure of massive Debt Spending by the Democrats.

The man looked to me as if he could walk through a tornado and emerge without so much as a scratch.

Again - we must view this as GRINDER'S EMOTIONAL VIEWS rather than the REALITY of the issue.

It might be noble for Barack Obama to rise above racist taunts, and signs comparing him to Adolf Hitler

Maybe Grinder needs to be taken on a tour of Bush-Hate posters that, for some reason, never seemed to rise to the point of being racist.

The end result: Change stopped dead in its tracks at a time when we need it very badly.

Maybe Grinder needs to consider what that "blank canvas named Obama" was in reality.

President Obama, and the Democrats, retain a key advantage here: The math.

It appears that MATH is Grinder's worst subject.

Friday, September 25, 2009

AfroSpear Watch: BrotherPeace Maker: I Will Not Allow My Ideological Enemies To Post Without Pre-Conditions

AfroSpear Affilate: BrotherPeace Maker: Freedom Of Speech Is Not Entitlement To Be Heard

One of the operatives who motivated me to create this "Microscope On Left Wing Bias In The Black Blogesphere" (the original title) strikes again.

BrotherPeace Maker has deleted yet another one of my posts on his honorable blog.

This man prefers to spew left biased hatred and distortions in an unchecked manner. Yet when I confronted him over the years - ATTEMPTING to put his arguments into a larger framework in regards to the INCUMBENCY OVER BLACK AMERICA WHERE WE LIVE IN OUR HIGHEST CONCENTRATIONS - and thus point out the irony of his exclusive focus on the outsider - HE WOULD HEAR NONE OF IT.

First he started attempting to debate with me. A losing cause for him.

Then he changed his policy. My comments were migrated from the main posting area over to some folder reserved for "Constructive Feedback".

I created this blog so that I could post MY COMMENTS made on BQPFRC sites which were prone to delete my words so that I can have a recording of how they were unable to deal with someone who challenged their leftist orthodoxy as applied to the Black Community.

Now BrotherPeaceMaker is simply deleting my posts when he sees them. I haven't posted at that God forsaken site in about a year.

We see that neither Barack Obama nor BrotherPeaceMaker is willing to "meet with their enemies with no preconditions".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If You Wnat To Know AfroSpear - Get To Know Two Of Its Founding Members

The words of Francis Holland as posted on the "Filled Negro" blog:

Does the Taliban use taser electrocution devices on old Black men with no legs sitting in a wheelchair? If not, I can't see how the Taliban is worse than the Merced, California Police Department.
Let the Taliban HAVE Afghanistan. They live there and we don't so it's not our fight and it's not our right.
Let the Taliban win in Afghanistan and set up their Talibani Government offices. Then, if the Taliban misbehaves, Obama can bomb the offices.
As least that way, you'd know exactly where the hell the Taliban leaders were.

(A reference to Francis Holland posted by a poster named AgentX):
I like the Francis L. Holland solution to your dilemma best, Field. It goes like this- move the entire black pop to the smallest 5 or 6 states, thus giving us effectively voting rule, a bunch of house seats, and 12 senate seats. Get the Hispanics to do the same and we get an effective voting block. Would the representatives from those states be 100% black? Possibly, but not absolutely. Black people don't vote based on color. Rep. Cohen is proof of that. But the elected would have to represent our interests or be replaced.

Where do I begin?

It is frustrating to deal with agents who cherry pick the issues so frequently.

Mr Holland knows that his words don't dictate the forces that he will be exposed to in his own life. Thus he is able to put forth the notion that the Police equipped with Tasers are more of a threat than the Taliban.

I have talked about the "5 Year Reprogramming Exercise" that many Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chasers need to be subjected to. They need to be removed from THE BELLY OF THE BEAST and "put the heck out" into another nation that they "love from a distance". For a minimum of 5 years they are to be set up with the assumption that they will not be allowed to return to the country that causes them so much distress.

Over time they would have to content themselves that they AIN'T GETTING BACK IN!!! They would have to adjust their standard of living and their expectations based upon the realities of the what the land that they reside can offer them.

After 5 years an agent of the American government comes through to pick them up - if they so choose. I assure you that they all will run to the plane and then kiss the "stolen ground of America" when they return.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Assorted Progressives In The News

4 Examples of the Left Wing Bias in the Black Media AND among the analysis of the media by people like Richard Prince.

The guy from the FCC below sought to use the authority of government regulation and fines to go after conservative talk radio until they "diversity" their message.

From Richard Prince's On Line Journal

I am no fan of Michael Eric Dyson. It takes no strong imagination the type of content and bias that appears throughout his radio show.

For a man who 3 months ago told of his intention to vote for Obama in 2012 - the show simply will be a daily journal in which he justifies his vote 3 years from now and insures that as many Black people follow along - REGARDLESS of the state of their community as governed by the Demcoratic machine.

Stations Await Fate of Michael Dyson Show

Social critic Michael Eric Dyson hasn't hosted his new public radio show for more than a month, and the originating station, WEAA at Morgan State University in Baltimore, hasn't carried it in at least a week.
Michael Eric Dyson

Participating stations have been told there might be a change in hosts, and for the time being, Tony Cox, a veteran of the "Tavis Smiley Show" in its National Public Radio days and of its successor, "News & Notes," has been hosting the program from the NPR West studios in Culver City, Calif. The show is also being produced from there.

"Everybody's waiting to see what's going to happen," Station Manager Candy Capel of WVAS-FM at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Ala., told Journal-isms on Friday.

Dyson is believed to be in negotiations with the show's creators, the African American Public Radio Consortium, though his program has been on the air only since the spring.

The prolific Dyson, a Georgetown University sociology professor, minister, author, hip-hop aficionado and talk-show pundit, hosted a program syndicated on Radio One until March 2007.

He returned to the airwaves in April as the latest product of the consortium that sparked "The Tavis Smiley Show," "News & Notes" and "Tell Me More" with Michel Martin. The consortium, primarily comprising stations at historically black colleges and universities, was formed amid discontent with the attention NPR was giving African American programming.

As the consortium promised, Dyson indulged his passions, often devoting the entire hour to a single interview.

Oprah Winfrey phoned in from Chicago to become Dyson's first guest, followed by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Spike Lee, Hill Harper, Donna Brazile, Samuel L. Jackson and Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America. Dyson hosted the show from XM Satellite Radio studios in Washington.

While "News & Notes" was carried in 64 markets when it went off the air March 20 amid budget cuts at NPR, Dyson's show was carried in only 18.

Still, the stations that carry it say they are satisfied. "We're getting good feedback," said Craig Knight, program manager at KCEP-FM in Las Vegas. "Our listeners like it and it's a good daypart for us," airing at 10 a.m.

"We have seen substantial growth between 6 and 7," the early evening hours when it airs, said Charles Hudson, program manager at KTSU at Texas Southern University in Houston. His station previously broadcast music during that hour.

Right-wing talk-show host Michael Savage airs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in that market, "and that is a welcome change," he said of the Dyson show.

LaFontaine E. Oliver, general manager of WEAA, who produces Dyson's show, did not respond to requests for comment. On Aug. 10, his Web site explained, "Tony Cox is the guest host filling in for Michael Eric Dyson, as Dyson takes a break."

The last show podcast on Dyson's Web site was Aug. 19, with Cox as host.

Neither Dyson nor Loretta Rucker, executive director of the consortium, responded to requests for comment.

Talk-Show Hosts Going After FCC's Diversity Officer

Mark Lloyd
"New Federal Communications Commission chief Julius Genachowski says he wants to promote diversity in media ownership, but his recent decision to hire Mark Lloyd, a civil-rights attorney critical of corporate-owned media, to help with that effort has riled some talk-radio hosts who fear the agency is planning to go after them," Amy Schatz reported Friday for the Wall Street Journal.
"The criticism comes as another Obama administration appointee, environmental jobs adviser Van Jones, resigned over the weekend following an outcry over things he said before joining the government.

"Mr. Lloyd was named in July to the new FCC post of chief diversity officer as part of what agency Chairman Julius Genachowski called an effort to 'expand opportunities for women, minorities and small businesses to participate in the communications marketplace.'

"FCC chief of staff Edward Lazarus said Mr. Lloyd is currently working, for example, on how to increase broadband adoption in minority communities and by small businesses. Through an FCC spokeswoman, Mr. Lloyd declined to comment.

"But Mr. Lloyd in the past has criticized corporate ownership of media outlets, saying it has led to conservative dominance of talk radio, among other things. He has called for a broader range of voices in the media and advocated taxing station owners to subsidize public broadcasters and local media.

"In 2007, while a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a Democratic think tank with close ties to the Obama administration, Mr. Lloyd co-authored a report that proposed ways the FCC could change the balance of conservatives to progressives on talk radio by imposing new rules on the radio industry, such as more frequent license renewals and a national radio-ownership cap.

"Mr. Lloyd has no authority to set policy at the FCC, and his appointment has drawn little reaction so far from companies."

Meanwhile, "The fourth annual 'Hold Their Feet to the Fire' talk radio event, urging immigration reform without amnesty, is set for Tuesday and Wednesday, RadioInk reported.

"The event, organized by the Federation for American Immigration Reform and Radio America Networks' Roger Hedgecock, will feature 47 talk hosts broadcasting from Washington and taking calls on immigration policy. Hosts will interview members of Congress, media personalities, activists, and experts on immigration." Armstrong Williams is the only talk show host of color to sign up, FAIR spokesman Bob Dane told Journal-isms.

The National Urban League's call for DIVERSITY by the insertion of minorities is a call to have PROGRESSIVE MINORITIES put into place. There are no conservative minority voices that fit their agenda and thus this is not their focus.

Networks Fail to Respond to Urban League on Diversity

In August, Stephanie Jones, executive director of the National Urban League Policy Institute, wrote to the heads of all three of the major cable news networks and to NBC, urging them to cease giving a one-sided platform for incendiary points of view.
None has responded, Jones told Journal-isms on Friday.

“We wrote to you in October 2008 to urge you to increase the racial diversity of your political and policy coverage in order to meet your obligation to present fair and accurate information to your viewers and to prevent the increasingly frequent dissemination of dangerous myths on your programs,” Jones wrote in the letter addressed to network presidents Roger Ailes of Fox News, Steve Capus of NBC News, Phil Griffin of MSNBC, and Jonathan Klein of CNN.

“Unfortunately, in recent weeks, certain hosts and commentators on your networks have ratcheted up their rhetoric and are actively advancing outright lies, advocating offensive and extremist social agendas and inflaming dangerous elements in our society,” Jones wrote.

"Jones specifically targeted conservative talking heads Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck and Michele Malkin in her letter," Pharoh Martin wrote for the National Newspaper Publishers Association.

Jones is the author of "Sunday Morning Apartheid," which surveyed the Sunday talk shows from January 2004 through Dec. 31, 2005, and found, "the percentage of broadcasts with no black guests increased from 60 percent to 61 percent and the percentage of programs with no interviews with black guests went up from 78 percent to 80 percent."

Capus, honored at the 2007 convention of the National Association of Black Journalists in Las Vegas, said then that he had read the report and would act on it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Louis Farrakhan Compares Criticism Of Michael Jackson To That Which Got Jesus Crucified - OK

I see it too, Min Farrakhan! Michael Jackson had his "Black consciousness" growing in the picture above. :-/

Final Call: Farrakhan reveals truth about the attacks on Michael Jackson, Black leadership

eatured Report
Farrakhan reveals truth about the attacks on Michael Jackson, Black leadership
By Richard Muhammad -Editor-In-Chief-
Updated Jul 28, 2009 - 10:13:59 AM

CHICAGO, Mosque Maryam ( - Speaking from the headquarters of the Nation of Islam, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered a powerful and insightful address July 26 on the “the crucifixion of Michael Jackson” and how the public campaigns against the pop icon are linked to historical and ongoing attacks against Black leaders.

In addition, Min. Farrakhan shared the spiritual dimensions of Mr. Jackson's appeal across lines of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and geography as a sign of the ultimate upliftment of Blacks and all of humanity through the coming of a prophetic figure who destroys division and ushers in God's kingdom of justice. Min. Farrakhan also said President Barack Obama and his appeal is another “herald,” or sign of this prophetic one, called Messiah by Christians, or Great Mahdi, in Islam.

The two-hour lecture highlighted Mr. Jackson's growing race consciousness and fears of the pop icon's potential social and political impact. “Why would we, as intelligent believing people, put Michael Jackson in the same kind of trauma, dilemma, torture and scourging as the man Jesus?” the Minister asked early in his lecture.

“They mocked Jesus. When they crucified him, they had at the top of the cross, ‘Jesus, King of the Jews.' Michael, also a king was crucified, the so-called king of pop. I see Michael much deeper than those who have talked about him,” said Min. Farrakhan.

His message was broadcast live domestically and internationally through and the flagship mosque was filled, along with overflow rooms in the lower level and at Muhammad University of Islam next door. Min. Farrakhan also revealed, for the first time, that the entertainer donated $100,000 to the historic Million Man March in 1995, along with other causes setting a record with over $300 million in contributions to Africa, charities and children's causes. Mr. Jackson died June 25. A probe of his death may be turning into a criminal investigation of his doctor and possible manslaughter charges.

Comparing America to the Roman Empire, the Minister explained physical crucifixion in ancient times is manifested today in media coverage and government attempts to discredit and destroy Black leaders and potential leaders. The plots also reflect fulfillment of scripture as Black people of America match the description of the children of Israel under King Herod, and his edict that male babies be slain to prevent the birth of the messiah, he said.

The late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover worked to prevent the “rise of a Black messiah” who could galvanize the Black nationalist movement in the 1960s and 1970s, but all Black organizations, including civil rights groups, were infiltrated and targeted for government surveillance.

“In the modern Rome, America, they have always feared that somebody would rise from among us and unify Black people should they go to war with a foreign government that we might join on with that foreign government and go against them,” the Minister said.

“So there is a Black plot against the Black male and it's real, brothers and sisters. And any one of us that shows his head as a potential leader, the eyes of our enemies are on that one because if you show that you could be a messianic voice then they will move to silence you,” the Minister said.

Crucifixion was used by Persians, Greeks, Macedonians, Carthaginians and the Romans, reserved for slaves, rebels, pirates and especially for despised enemies and criminals. “Crucifixion was considered a most disgraceful and shameful way to die,” the Minister said.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Maurine Dowd Uses The "Janeane Garofalo Trick" To Describe Motivations Of Rep Joe Wilson

White House Dismisses Dowd Claim That Wilson Outburst Was Race-Based

We have a twofer.

NY Times' Maureen Dowd says that Joe Wilson hates illegal Mexicans and the Black president. This drove him to call Obama a "liar" as he spun the facts of health care coverage for illegals.

OF COURSE no illegal is going to be able to get health care INSURANCE as some have used to defend the President. The fact remains that any illegal going to the emergeny room WILL BE TREATED.

Please stop spinning this people.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Are 90% Of All Prisoners In Israeli Jails Black Africans? Accuracy Does Not Matter To Some As Long As It Fits Their Stereotype

UK report accusing Israel of persecuting Africans is faulty, says its main source

Fox’s Glenn Beck fights ‘rape and murder’ website

I should have guessed that this was some type of slander site when I saw it on the Filled Negro propaganda site. I didn't bother to click through.

Now it seems that a group of hate filled leftists have made a satirical site using the registered domain name above to make the case that Beck has killed someone in 1990 and force him to prove that he did not do it. This even though they made up the entire scenario.

Only a pervert can step to this.

Once again folks - there is little difference between Leftist Extremists and Right Wing Extremists except the right has far fewer Black people embedded to call the antics of the Left "racists".

(Friend Of) AfroSpear Watch: Black Accountability Project

Black Accountability Project

A "WatchBlog" working to hold Black American leadership, opinion makers, public officials and institutions accountable.

Sometimes its best to allow people's own words and focus to detail who they are rather than having a third party like me tell you who they are.

One would think that a site that promotes itself as a "WatchBlog" for Black OFFICIALS and INSTITUTIONS would have more blog posts that focus upon these two forces.

See for yourself and you tell me if they have succeeded in this.

Lots of Taser incidents. I can go to "Electrocuted While Black" to see this.

A few "Racist Republican" posts. Hell I can go to 90% of the "AfroSpear" blogs to see this focus.

AHHHH Pay Dirt!!!!
They are working to "Hold The Congressional Black Caucus Accountable"........For GOING AFTER POLICE DEPARTMENTS THAT HAVE TASERED BLACKS!!!!


People if you agree with me or disagree with me is not the important issue. We can all agree on our goals but have radically different METHODOLOGIES on the tasks of how to get there. We can choose to lump ourselves into differing VEHICLES as well. The common end is the only thing that matters.

In the view of various AfroSpear sites (and again - it is unclear if Black Accountability is a member but they seem like BFFs) Police Brutality is a violation of the "Safe Streets" Permanent Interest that I have identified as being universal interests for Black people.

They are of the opinion that the Police force in various cities serve as a threat to the health and well being of Black people - especially Black males. Police harassment, unlawful incarceration, loss of employment due to detention. The list goes on.

It is not my place to tell AfroSpear that they are wrong and that this is not a concern.

I can only apply my PROPORTIONALITY FILTER to their focus as I attempt to understand the damage that this threat is to our people relative to other threats that exist.

Whereas there is no doubt a certain level of threat from police departments and surely rogue cops - the police as an institution also have sufficient checks and balances that can place them under control - including the new Eric Holder Justice Department.

Now let's talk about the STREET PIRATES.

My issue with most Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist-Racism Chasers is not that they are inaccurate in all that they say. My problem is that too much of their selective focus is based upon their ideological bigotry.

We are exiting a 'Bloody Summer'. Several key cities that I have been monitoring have seen heinous assaults and murders upon Black people that simply make no damned sense. Almost universally is the lack of focus upon these threats by the same forces that doggedly pursue the police for their abuses.

When these two sets of threats are placed side by side there simply is no comparison.

Black Accountability is really no different than the "Congressional Black Caucus Watch" or "The Black Agenda Report". They fail to establish a sufficiently TRANSPARENT framework for measuring these threats. Instead their only focus is to throw out THEIR AGENDA and then map various Black Establishment figures on how well they do what these forces think they should do or vote or think.

If you believe that these positions are the BEST INTEREST POSITIONS of the Black Community in absolute terms - you are surely mistaken in many cases.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Van Jones Was LYNCHED By Glenn Beck

Van Jones Was Lynched By Glenn Beck

[quote]Fox News lynching black men (primarily) and all people who speak truth to power.[/quote]

Do you find it strange that there is more chatter about Van Jones being “Lynched’ by Fox News than there is about the “Bloody Summer” that is coming to a close in cities like Atlanta, Philly and Chicago? The key difference is that the Black people being “lynched” on the streets in these cites - don’t get to start working for a George Soros backed group after they have departed the White House.

Ironically I just figured out where I saw Van Jones previously. HE was the Black guy talking craziness in the documentary “The Injustice System In America” which I saw last year.

It is ironic that the group think that you and Jones belong to that believe the Black incarceration rate is all generated from racist policies and thus when a “Bloody Summer” transpires from these same streets - there is silence about the carnage.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The "Police Shoot Minorities" Blog

Police Shoot Minorities

Skinning The "Spitting Cobra" And The Venom That He Spews

[quote]You're exactly right. The OPPOSITE is true of Clarence Thomas, as he silently holds high the lantern of the White Male Power Structure from Antonin Scalia's lawn.

You know, Spitting Cobra, I am good for "Completing the Transaction".

I will yield to your claim that Clarence Thomas is good for "upholding the White Male Power Structure".

Yet, in as much as I have heard the word "The Least Of These" over the past 4 weeks since the death of your "Patron Saint Of Black Stultification" - Ted Kennedy I have cemented my view that: "The Twin Sister of 'White Supremacist Thought' is "Black Inferiorist Thought".

Thus if brother Clarence Thomas is said to be holding up a lantern as you say.....................

I wonder if you could draw me a picture of the rickety of Black Inferiority that so many favorable Black Establishment figures build up?

DESPITE the constant erosion and collapse as the strong currents that flow underneath eat away at THEIR bridge's foundation......they can depend upon people like you to come out on a daily basis and apply more scrap wood and rusted nails that you have found to hold the super structure of THEIR SUPPORT and our boundage to them.

In your IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY and BLINDNESS - Spitting Cobra - YOU FAILED to inculcate the:

* Young Black boy to become a metallurgist because he was instead focused upon the quality of the grocery stores in the next township, calling it racist!

* That Young Black girl who could have architected the new bridge, using her creativity to make it a symbolic reference to our ancestors in the past and those who will look at US as their ancestors in the future. Instead, after being contented with you "Wrap It Up" social relations policy where "teen sex" is a matter of "is it wrapped" or do you prefer direct tactile stimulation of your nerve endings - SHE is now at home out of school, NURSING what is "our next generation"

* That collection of young Black males on the corner, MENTALLY unemployment begat LABOR unemployment - COULD HAVE BEEN the unionized laborers making good wages to construct the new and improved bridge over the canyon.

In your bondage to the rickety bridge of "THE LEAST OF THESE" and "THE VOICELESS" - you have cut the throat of our "Transformed Future" - severing the voice box so it is indeed muted and in need of YOUR lyrics to speak on its behalf.


The "Yes Or No" Question Encapsulating The Motivations Of ALL WHITE FOLKS

An Exchange Taken From the Blog Site: "We Are Respectable Negroes"

[quote]Can you please give a yes or no answer. Do you think that any of the hostility and rage towards Barack Obama by the Right wing in this country is rooted in the fact that a black man is president and this is profoundly upsetting and disturbing to them?[/quote]

WOW. We were having a serious conversation up until this point.

As a person, no doubt, who is strongly opposed to "Racial Profiling" I am impressed that you believe that there is one summary statement "Yes or No" that can encapsulate all of the motivations for these Right Wing opponents to Obama.

But wait - Why is it that you believe they are "Opposed to OBAMA" in his human form - as expressed through his skin color rather than by Obama - the IDEOLOGICAL being. The ECONOMIC belief system. The SELECTIVE JUSTICE entity (ie: the Justice Dept focusing on Discrimination by corporations against Minorities but being silent about the "Bloody Summer" that we are now exiting)

Since you have slipped out of serious engagement I am going to give you a YES and a NO answer.

YES - I know White folks because I stand amongst them with my view!!! Yesterday a White man allowed me to look into his eyes so that I could see his soul.

I did a test. I said the word "Obama" while I was looking into his eyes and I could see the blood vessels upon his retina thrive upon having this word stroke his ear drum.

The exercise abruptly ended when he realized that I WAS BLACK and he enforced the policy that "No Black man had better look him directly in the eyes. A Negro had better look at the sidewalk when passing him".

NO - Its Not About Him Being Black

The reference model of the "Good Ole Days" "When White Folks Were Kings" is expressed in the Rosewood video that your august we site has displayed. In as much as these mean White folks want to "Take Back Their Country" they would have gotten their shot guns and indiscriminately shot the Negros. Any Black man's hide would be a sufficient message sent to "stay in our places on OUR side of the tracks".

When I saw the so called "White Racists" protesting against Black Folks receiving health care in Florida a few weeks ago - I noticed that there was a BLACK POLICE OFFICER standing outside of the conference room with them, keeping the peace.

Now you know - the first Black officers - during the time period that they want to take us back to - where not allowed to carry guns and, most important to ME - Were NOT ALLOWED TO ARREST WHITE FOLKS!!! They could only wait for a "real officer" - a White man - to come on the scene. This is because, Chauncey - only a WHITE MAN could apply RENDER JUSTICE in this nation.

With these points of inference in mind - I ultimately believe that - REGARDLESS OF THE MOTIVATION THAT IS IN ONE MAN'S SOUL

1) YOU cannot control his thoughts lest the totalitarian oppression that you render be worse than the offense

2) YOU can only make note of his violation of YOUR RIGHTS and then expect the LAW be enforced because he "stole your rights" from you

3) YOU can only expect that THE LAW in this nation be enforced to allow you to operate in an untethered manner (no boot upon your neck). The most important task for you after this point is to develop an ORGANIC mechanism by which the people in your "Friends and Family" calling circle have their Standard Of Living define more by THEIR ACTIONS than by the forces that you must commandeer to remain inside of your circle. When you ensnare people who are fighting to get out of your circle, placing prime dependence upon them - if THEY ever get their freedom and YOU have not developed your organic means of production - YOU ARE SCREWED

[quote]If yes, and as a person of color, why would you want to continue to ally yourself with such people?[/quote]

As a Proud And Conscious Black Man - I am far more "upset and disturbed" at the people who see me and other Blacks as "The Least Of These".

Those who operate our Black majority schools, our local economic systems, our public safety and yet tell of the need for HEATH CARE but who fail to link all 4 of these points together tend to PISS ME OFF more than the outsiders who appear to be haters yet have not raised a weapon against me to injure me. Instead they have "LEFT ME ALL ALONE TO FEND FOR MYSELF".

Me having failed to be conscious about the freedom that I now have and the control that I have over my institutions to express my STANDARD OF LIVING - "PISS ME OFF" more than these others that you have mentioned.

Maybe it is the fact that I see "Political Victories" in terms of what my people have been able to express ORGANICALLY is the essence of my 'wrong thinking' that offends you so?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oliver Stone Loves Hugo Chavez Of Venezuela

Chavez walks Venice red carpet with Oliver Stone


Stone said he didn't see it necessary to present the opposition's case in his film.

"A dark side? There's a dark side to everything. Why do you seek out the dark side when the guy is doing good things?" Stone asked. "He is a democrat and there is opposition to him, and he's not perfect. But he is doing tremendous things for Venezuela and the region."

Chavez's critics accuse him of growing increasingly authoritarian while sidelining key opponents and trying to clamp down on the private media.

Opponents also say Chavez's international crusade against U.S. influence is misguided, and accuse him of ignoring problems at home ranging from rampant crime to corruption.

Stone concedes that Chavez "says things unnecessary to provoke. I think he doesn't have to do that." But he said his opinion of Chavez only improved during the making of the documentary.

"People forget that he cut the poverty rate by one half," Stone said. "People in Venezuela are getting an education, they are getting health care and welfare. He actually delivered on what he said he would."

My Reply To "We Are Respectable Negroes"

Chauncey D:

I had a Wordpad window open, planning to cut and paste the portions of your last post that were problematic with me. I had to give up because I ended up grabbing the entire passage.

YOUR words prove my point.

You have already been introduced to m label "Racism Chasers". I have another term that you are showing yourself to be: "Non-White White Supremacist". This is a non-White person who's like of thinking, actions and focus upon White folks shows that he holds White people to be superior in their abilities or in their threat than is another person of his own kind, for example.

[quote]I enjoy these dialogues. What if you don't have to racism chase as you call it because racism is omnipresent and key, systemic attribute of the American polity and society at large? This doesn't mean that racism/white supremacy is static--it is changing, dynamic, and socially/historically contingent. Again, look over what we have written, we don't like "racial ambulance chasers" much either--we also don't like black apologists for white racism.[/quote]

You just documented the PRESENCE of racism. There is no disagreement that it was, is and will be a powerful force in America. I make the case that Rape and Murder was, is and will be powerful forces that are with our society.

If you help me to achieve the day when Rape and Murder is no more I will lend a hand with your attempts to stamp out racism. If one of us achieve a victory first we both agree that he will assist with the other's cause. Deal?

The troublesome part of your analysis is that you speak of Racism's PRESENCE and then use this presences to make the case that regardless of today's institutional support against acts that violate the law as people actually EXPRESS their racial hatred - people's THOUGHTS of racism remain as your public enemy #1.

Macro and micro-the white woman's tears may not impact black political economy directly, but the energy, feelings, and consensus they represent among a not small part of the American electorate does most certainly impact the lives and life chances of people of color--by cultivating active and passive racism, a general sense that black americans are by definition the other, are unamerican, and worthy of suspicion

This is a "Non-White White Supremacist Statement". Again I struggle to understand if you can point to a day when NO WHITE PERSON "NO WHERE" will ever have a thought where they feel their race is better than others? (Even when Asians routinely outscore them on intelligence tests.)

This ONE nondescript White woman's crying has more POWER to slander Black people's image than anything that the group of 40 million Blacks in America have the power to make such a characterization ridiculous. How did this one crying White woman get so much power over your sensibilities for you to focus upon her rather than 10 Black children who you can make stronger?

[quote](i.e. the whole Obama as socialist meme fits this perfectly).[/quote]

Actually Barack Obama's SOCIALISTIC POLICIES in which the government is made stronger and responsibility is taken off of the shoulders of the people do a heck of a job in enforcing the notions of his socialism.

Chauncey - During candidate Obama's "Race Speech" I heard the man warn America to not allow Black people to reside in public schools all by ourselves. When I listened to White liberal educational activist Jonathan Kozol say the same thing over the weekend on C-SPAN I was as angered as him as I was at Obama for saying the same. Both statements, in my opinion were White supremacist. Nothing over than the being in the presence of White people is necessary for a Black kid to receive a quality education according to these two men. Obama's race did not afford me the ability to give him a pass for saying something as ignorant as this.

Is it possible with you to see that certain policies and statements are the triggering event for these views and not JUST the man's race?

Or am I a White Racist Sympathizer when I disagree with Obama?

What is your view of Janeane Garofalo who made the case that the "Tea Party Movement is only about racism as they did not protest against Bush's spending"? When I heard this claim I made the parallel claim against Garofalo asking "Does the discontinuation of Anti-War Protests by the Left prove that they see the Black Commander In Chief as Inferior To Bush?". Same two wars being conducted, bloodiest month in Afghanistan and yet no protests. If I was trolling for the reasons why the difference, Chauncey - Why can't I note the RACIAL differences between these two Commanders and make use of this just as she did?

These folks are what we social scientists and others label as "symbolic racists." As a kin and part of modern colorblind racism, this most certainly impacts both you and me--even if you may be loathe to acknowledge it, lest you "racism" chase.[/quote]

Again I struggle to understand how you feel that any toothless, unemployed White man in a white t-shirt living in a trailer park has the POWER, per his skin color,
to rise to a supreme threat to Black people.

Here is where your claim breaks down. You are not actually attacking this "one ignorant White man" - the "Symbolic Racist" - in truth you are PROFILING THE ENTIRE WHITE POPULACE - arguing that THEY don't possess the ability, per their collective sensibilities to reject such racialism to ignore these "symbolic racists". If you don't dutifully attack these individual messages, you believe, then an increasing number of Whites will hear them and will be swayed.

Tell me I am wrong about your reasoning.
(Side note: If you would apply this same line of thinking to Thug Rap in which references to killing a Black man for "stepping to them" I would be your BFF)

An additional question, from you end if you feel free black conservatives at large--why such a high bar for white racism and almost eager willingness to forgive the sins of the Right and the white establishment, but such disdain and anger towards "mainstream" "liberal" black political thought? What is the investment in currying favor with White racial reactionaries?

Here I am thinking of the Sowells, Steeles, Thomases, Steeles, and Elders of the world--the last few are specially tragic.[/quote]

As a person who has high regard for all of these men on your list I can guide you to your answer.

NOT ONE OF THESE HONORABLE MEN HOLD A POSITION IN THE THE INSTITUTIONS where our people live in our highest concentrations NOR are they present within the POPULAR BLACK ESTABLISHMENT.


Thus since none of them have the power to determine if a Black kid in Detroit will receive a quality education or if they will be relegated to a failing school - I am loathed to spend my time focused on those who have "OFFENDING WORDS" but instead focus upon those who ARE in these positions and have OFFENDING RESULTS.

Once again you keep attempting to have me focus on the supreme THREAT of "White Racism". Even when the offensive White conservatives clear out of town
and allow the Progressives - Black and White to have their run of the roost - they remain the key focus upon which the type of dialogues that you and I are having.

It appears that it was RACIST that they dared to leave Black people behind to fend for ourselves.

My key criticism of the Black Political Establishment is that, over the past 40 years they've focused on building POLITICAL power bases at the local level while clearly having failed to adequately consider the economic, academic and law & order fundamentals necessary to effectively translate their political growth into across the board benefit for the people who voted to bring them into power.

Why do you ask me to focus on the White folks who have left and what they have to say?

[quote]Is there any evidence that one could provide from social scientists or others that would convince you that race remains an overdetermining variable for black life chances and that racism continues to structure opportunity structures for people of color (and whites because of white privilege)?[/quote]

This is an easy answer.
You say "Black Life Chances" and "Opportunity Structures For People Of Color".

Let's consider the Health Care debate. The #1 position for the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is "THE PUBLIC OPTION". Out of all of this I have not heard any emphasis provided about "Minds and Money".

"Minds" from the standpoint that this deal must include a substantial increase in Black medical professionals to afford us the ability to express our own heath care access, allowing this consciousness about health to be spread throughout our communities.

"Money" in regards to the need for US to value ourselves and our health and thus taking primary responsibility for educating our people to become medical professionals and the facilities that are available for this purpose.

What you call "racism's over-determining variable" is also a VOID that is present as the prevailing order over our communities learn that their economic, academic and social policies have fallen short of the needs of the people.

You appear to be arguing in support of that which I reject when the National Urban League presents to us every year: That White folks are the "1.0" of perfection for Black people to aspire toward.

I have the audacity to believe that ULTIMATELY the SYSTEMS that we as a people field which are in line with our PERMANENT INTERESTS are the biggest determining factor for our success in this nation in its form seen in 2009 than what latent racism can possibly take away from us.

I am more bothered by those who point to racism as the reason for the gap while rejecting certain economic, academic and social systems which have built up their "1.0 reference" as being exploitative and capitalistic.

There is a measure of realignment that is necessary within or there is a need for acceptance of what can be achieved using the present prevailing thoughts.

Monday, September 7, 2009

RiPPA - Van Jones <> Black America

Van Jones Does Not Equal Black America
As Posted On The Intersection Of Madness And Reality


I get the strange feeling that in another "space, time and race" - had you been WHITE and alive during the Civil Rights Movement - YOU would look past the racist hatred of a White firebrand who was fighting hard to defend HIS PEOPLE from the "Assholes" that threatened your people's way of life.

So much of your words are disturbing FROM A BLACK CONSCIOUS PERSPECTIVE.
First and foremost is the assumption that Van Scott - Green Czar was the ticket to Black Employment in the hood. Sadly this shows how much you have outsourced our people's development to the national government.

[quote]Looking back at the rhetoric on my post it was clear; and as I stated, this was indeed an attack on Black intelligentsia and community activism. Well, score one for the assholes of America folks because Van Jones has resigned.[/quote]

I, for one Black man am pleased. IF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is a diverse organization then a bomb thrower like Mr Jones needed to have realized the boundaries that the government role inherently has.

Van Jones is a leftist extremist. Many of them don't do well being confined by the government process. As radicals they are often found attacking even the Democrats for choosing pragmatism over pyrotechnics.

Way to go muthafuckas; so much for the whole Green Jobs concept being trickled down to our urban communities. Yep, just a day or so after it was revealed that the current unemployment rate (9.7%) is at a 26yr high. Ya happy now bitches? While Republicans and the Glenn Beck Fool-Aid drinking crew relish in this as a victory, ultimately, it is the country who loses.

This is laughable RiPPA.
You are acknowledging that your hope for "Ghetto Salvation" was indexed upon Van Jones and by extension, the Obama Administration being able to send resources that WERE NOT CREATED FROM INSIDE THE DOMAIN OF THE GHETTO, into the place for jobs to be created per the Green Initiative.

The saddest part of it all is that the same promises about jobs, education and prosperity were made when the left took over the cities where we live. Having failed to deliver - they now are gunning at the national space. All of the money had exited from the district when the corporate enemies departed. Nationalism doesn't need to worry about the local boundaries that limit taxation upon local governments.

Black people, it is imperative that we do a better job of defending our images and distorted perceptions in the face of the right wing sharks who do not have our best interests at heart.

If you said "Progressive-Fundamentalist Black people it is imperative that we...." I would not have a problem with your words.

Van Jones did not have the BLACK BEST INTERESTS IN MIND in my view. Where is the ORGANICISM in his theories? His development plan for Black people streams from GOVERNMENT GREEN PROGRAMS. A reenactment of the "Jimmy Carter Jobs Programs" but with a "green purpose".

Seriously RiPPa IF green is good and the solar panels, energy efficiency and other initiatives is of VALUE to a Progressive like you - what is stopping you or anyone else in supporting a small Black company coming around to your house and doing the upgrade for you?

YOU could even get into the business by providing financing for the $20,000 in upgrades that such a plan might require the owner to commit to. This is how the Black Community receives organic financial velocity within.

My only disappointment through all of this, is that as a people (Black people) we slept on this one.

I WAS WIDE AWAKE. I was reporting on the bombs that this man was throwing.
I was PLEASED that he resigned.
Now he can go back to "What Color Is The Change That Gave Me"?

Rippa can you detail the large swath of jobs that Van Jones has ever created?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jack & Jill Politics and Progressivism

[quote]I knew that the team of rivals BS would not work. You can not make true change with the same old no good faces. I want nothing more than for Obama to succeed and pass true progressively social policies. However, I don't see this happening. [/quote]

Reading some of you all's views is truely stunning and eye opening.

I wonder sometimes if the lack of satisfaction that some of you suffer over time is due to the misalignment of your assumptions and your agenda to carry them out in the first place.

You want OBAMA to "pass progressive social policies" . The only problem is that Obama is ONE MAN in a system.
It is clear to me that the Progressive-Fundamentalists, having taken over control at various local levels and, despite the great hope of the change that this would bring - a great amount of disappointment transpired. The schools. The employement of the people. The law and order.

In theory with Progressives in control over all of these key institutions that control our communities - glory days were ahead!!!

Now, it comes as no surprise, you all are forced to nationalize your focus. That little problem of having our enemies able to move outside of the local district borders - leaving you all alone with your THEORIES, being forced to make them work in the real world proved troubling. The corporations. The conservatives. The racial oppressors. When there was a conflict over scarce resources - they moved in significant measure - leaving your ideology present to deliver upon your dreams.

With nationalization the goal is to trap the cash money at the source and "progressively distribute it" to your liking.

It is time that some of you all stop glossing over the painful truth. Where are the local areas where your theories have worked? Sure the claim will be "THEY left us without the FAIR resources that other communities have." In your notion of persistent struggle you adopt this external reference as a standard and then your entire activism process consists of "struggling to be MADE equal".

Where is the evidence of your organic ability to produce the resources that you need among the interested people so that you can produce this social utopia that you seek? How is it logical to seek to establish a "Friends and Family Plan" that ensares people that seek to escape out of the circle if you allowed them? Trumping this must be your ability to produce the resources that you seek.

I still don't get how some of you see a "victory" in getting "free" health care by an Insurance Company that has an $1,800 on year deficit all the while you hate upon the private insurance companies that have a $14 billion profit. The key question needs to be about the viability of this debt ridden system and MORE IMPORTANTLY - over the next 30 years - how many medical professionals have you created in your own community to split the difference in the event that this mother collapses.

[qutoe]The Democracts are just as bad as the Republicans. The only difference is, the Dems pretend to care. My goal is to have brothers and sisters become registered Independent voters. Making both corp. owned parties produce, before recieving any black votes or by casting votes for a third party candidate.[/quote]

This statement is blind to the current truth. Regardless of if the "Democrats are as bad at as the GOP" THEY CONTROL EVERY SINGLE ELECTED SEAT WHERE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE WHO WILL REPRESENT US.

There simply is no legimacy in equalize these two forces as it relates to Black people.


As an observer and critic of the Progressive-Fundamental I am sitting back, watching you all who have SOLD THE BLACK COMMUNITY on this pill. If you now conclude that they both are equaly evil - What does this say about your credibility in leading our people toward this additiction? As many of you would have it - you are to suffer nothing at all.

Black people should look past that misdirection and continue to follow you.

The author says they are an INDEPENDENT.
Is it possible that there are mutliple domains to consider for the success that has been elusive? The GOP and the Demo operate in the "American Political Domain". Their goal is to obtain and retain power.

It is clear to me that there is yet another domain called the "Cultural Consciousness Domain". This is where we as a people are lacking. This domain transcends the domain of American politics and instead focuses upon building institutions among our people that transcend national borders and instead focuses on providing THEMSELVES with the necessities that they need to thrive as a people. Some of you all persistently look to the political domain for this function. Because you don't acknowledge this alternative domain you "keep trying harder at the same thing".

I don't need to aggree with any of you in regards to methdology (ie: ideology of left and right) for us to agree on the permanent interests of:

* Quality schools
* Safe streets
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyes

Ultimately the sign of a mature culture among a people is their ability to yield their methodologies in support of the greater purpose - the permanent intresests and ACTUALLY obtaining them rather than INTENDING TO do so.

[quote]I so miss Edward (Ted) Kennedy.... I can only think of 3 to 4 individuals, in the halls of Washington (including the black caucus), that's truly fighting for the the voiceless.[/qutoe]

I believe that Ted Kennedy was one of the most destructive elected officials in the past 50 years as it relates to BLACK CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS. His policies supplanted the need for our community to develop strength at the periphery as he attempted to have the society show that it valued "the Least of These" - without requiring them to do anything specifically to improve their lot.

Those of you who value "BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT" are seemingly oblvious to the need for a people to play a significant part in their own standard of living.

Instead of focusing upon "The Voiceless" - ask your self "Exactly how do the plans that are being offered make us the UN-least of these"? Too often they don't. Happiness is seen in the receipt of our needs (ie: health care) while few will observe that such policies have not increased our ability to provide these services for ourselves. .......get this - LINKING the function of the schools that we now control in PREPARING these young people to be our professional service providers. Linking our local economies with the FUNDING of both the schools and the services.

"Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" Label Defended

How one could use this incident to attack former SCOTUS Justice Thurgood Marshall, is well beyond my meager comprehension.

Constructive Feedback, many of the dignities, rights, and privileges you have today are because of the sacrifices of honorable Black Men such as Justice Marshall. Let us not return to the daze of jim crow, in order to satiate self-hate of Negroes such as Negative Loopback.

Conscious NSomnia - (the pool side bigot):

Its funny that in the water that YOU swim in, you, the same person who would look cross eyed at a Black person who is complimentary of Justice Clarence Thomas ALSO have no conceptual framing as to how ANYONE could have ANYTHING critical to say about Marshall.

It is my view that TODAY'S NULLIFIED RESPONSE TO Black On Black Violence by the Black Establishment is directly attributable to the ABSTRACT, LIBERAL theories that go into constructing what I call "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice".

Notice that I qualify my label of the man "Thurgood Marshall" as "JUSTICE Thurgood Marshall".

Thus I am making a distinction between the great lawyer for the NAACP who WHILE IN THIS ROLE stuck it to many institutions of Systematic White Supremacy. In this role in this particular portion of his life - he gets a standing ovation from me.

HOWEVER - as I apply the "JUSTICE" to his name and then review his JUDICIAL career on the Supreme Court much of my admiration for this man FROM WHERE I STAND IDEOLOGICALLY - loses its luster.

From my research I have noticed that JUSTICE Marshall is no less the ideologue that Justice Thomas or Justice Scalia are called. The issue is that HIS TYPE OF IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY on the court just happened to be favored by most Blacks.

To read as he and Brenan HAD THEIR MINDS MADE UP before any death penalty case hit their desk and thus they did everything in their power to STOP the Constitutionally Legal procedure speaks of JUDICIAL NULLIFICATION to me. What about YOU? No respect for lower court rulings of death. No respect for the right of a STATE to carry it out.

Marshall served on the Court for the next twenty-four years, compiling a liberal record that included strong support for Constitutional protection of individual rights, especially the rights of criminal suspects against the government.

If you are comfortable with the term "Racial Profiler" in which previous actions of one person contributes to a third party making inferences about another than MARSHALL is guilty of "GOVERNMENT PROFILING". He makes the assumption that a claim of government misconduct in district A is motivated by the same systematic or conspiratorial conduct in district B.

As with today's NAACP the fight against the SYSTEM comes at the expense of the ORIGINAL VICTIM! This is the VICTIM of the "NAACP'S VICTIM" in regards to the ORIGINAL ASSAULT that caused the "Victim Of The Court System" to enter police custody and the court in the first place. (See Dunbar Village)

Brennan and Marshall concluded in Furman v. Georgia that the death penalty was, in all circumstances, unconstitutional, and never accepted the legitimacy of Gregg v. Georgia, which ruled four years later that the death penalty was constitutional in some circumstances. Thereafter, Brennan or Marshall dissented from every denial of certiorari in a capital case and from every decision upholding a sentence of death.


I don't need to even bother to read what you put in front of me councilor!!! My mind was made up once YOU told me that you want to put this KILLER TO DEATH.

Conscious NSomnia - I no longer cower to the claim that "I should thank God everyday for the work that the Civil Rights Leaders have done for us", as you attempt to abate MY divergent views.

The fact that YOU NEVER TELL THIS SAME THINK TO THE PIRATES WHO ARE KILLING THE HECK OUT OF OUR PEOPLE TODAY shows clearly that for YOU and others your statement is ONLY to be used against your ideological enemies.

The Pirates - are mere VICTIMS OF A LEGACY OF RACISM. Further proof of the damage that a "stolen culture" produces.

In truth it is evidence of the hollow shell that your worship of the past is.

More than anything the Piracy is a HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FAILURE.

Indeed during Marhsall's NAACP my statement "When oppressed by society you had better find the most LIBERAL leader that you can find to fight against the system".

It is today that the second part rings true: "Once YOU take over the key institutions within your community you had better find some MORE CONSERVATIVE LEADERS who can field a system of YOUR OWN and then make sure that each impending generation act as CONSERVATORS in maintaining the culture that has been built up to deliver favorable results".

Today YOU and others are CLUELESS to the fact that we are in this new phase. Your ideological bigotry has you blinded.

Marshall, Lowery, Jackson, Sharpton, Lewis, Conyers are all relics of a bygone era. The longer you fail to realize this and heed my observations the more your key institutions will be misaligned from the present needs of the community.

Anti-America Americans - Album Reportedly Produced By Van Jones

I wish that you Progressive Fundamentalists WOULD STOP USING OIL so that you can be in line with your own sensibilities.

How the hell does a convicted COP KILLER get airtime FROM DEATH ROW and.......the people associating with him never seem to lose a step of credibility?

Spitting Cobra Spits His Version Of Reality

Chopping Off The Head Of The Spitting Cobra!

[quote]Stop making these foolish generalizations. There is a LARGE faction of teabagging, Fox News Birthers that don't view President Obama as "legitimate", therefore they would disagree with ANYTHING that he does. For you not to acknowlege this is silly and shameful.[/quote]

Maybe I just need to stop reading this guy's drivel?

How is it that he first promotes the Birther's to SUPERIORITY per their views about the legitimacy of Obama and then, after building them up - VIOLATING THE HELL OUT OF MY PROPORTIONALITY FILTER he attempts to make their perpetual opposition to Obama as some CRITICAL obstacle to Obama's national policy.

I am beginning to thing that you don't even know the depths of your own dishonesty.

[quote]You didn't answer the Sanger issue I brought up.
Margaret Sanger was AGAINST illegitimate Black children being born and becoming a burden on society.

Spitting Cobra - HOW MANY "Illegitimate Black Births" was Sanger ultimately RESPONSIBLE FOR - regardless of her position on them?

Why is Sanger more SUPERIOR in your world than the Black male and Black female who exchanged body fluid during copulation? IF you are not freaking worried about THEIR consideration of the relationship then why the HELL are you worried about what Sanger thought of them?

One of the dominant conservative mantras against Blacks has been the illegitmate birth rate, and how much of a burden it places on society.

One of the primary Progressive-Fundamentalist points of STULTIFICATION against Black People, beyond calling us "the Least Of These" is that THEY expect SOCIETY to VALUE the child that has been produced by a Black couple more than they ever look toward THAT COUPLE to express the INTRINSIC VALUE of this birth child, making it more than just a SPONTANEOUS act of tactile stimulation upon the tip of a man's penis and thus the injection of genetic material into the woman's womb to initiate the gestation of a mass of cells known as a human being.

Those who are conscious make the debate MORE THAN just about one's right to DISCONNECT this GROWING MASS OF TISSUE that, if left unmolested, would grow into a human - from its NUTRITION SOURCE - the mother's womb......over to the real focus: FOR EVERY BLACK CHILD BORN INTO A SUBOPTIMAL CIRCUMSTANCE the hopes that he will be able to live at a high STANDARD OF LIVING via the organic means of his parentS is dashed. The the perverted political scheme of the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamnetalist Racism Chaser to force the SOCIETY to VALUE THIS KID is put into play - with the PERVERTS who follow this culturally destructive scheme having YIELDED their obligation to manage all who seek to BENEFIT into operating within a certain set of parameters that are known to produce a given favorable outcome.

[quote]Please tell me what is so radically different about the two ideologies, since BOTH have the SAME goals in mind?[/quote]

Spitting Cobra - My favorite movie is "The Soldiers Story". The Denzel Character FOUGHT BACK against the Sergent who liked WEAK NEGROES who could sing yet who obeyed him. Though he RESPECTED the strong Denzel character who resisted him - he had to fight him publicly for the purposes of HIS OWN respect.

The sergeant told of a Black man who agreed to paste a tail on himself and then run through the officer's quarters so that one of the officers could win a bet that Blacks had tails.
The Sergeant who told this story also told that they CUT THE THROAT of this IGNORANT NEGRO who dared do the bidding of this racist.

YOU arouse the same strong feelings in ME. (I did not threaten the boy Shay so I did not cross your line)

[quote]Please tell me what is so radically different about the two ideologies, since BOTH have the SAME goals in mind?[/quote]

Sanger wanted to EXTERMINATE the "Undesirables" having NONE OF THEIR KIND left around to speak of in the spirit of WHITE SUPREMACY.

The BLACK CONSERVATIVE, on the other hand has a higher sense of HUMAN AND RACIAL DIGNITY than your PUNK AZZ will EVER HAVE!!!!!!
He sees that YOUR ways can ONLY EVER INFERIORIZE our peole, breaking us down into individuals who NEED TO EAT EVERY DAY and who ultimately DON'T CARE WHO FEEDS US this nutrition.

Dark Star, you are doing a FANTASTIC job on this thread.

DarkStar is a self proclaimed BLACK REPUBLICAN!!!!!

Mark this as the FIRST TIME in your miserable life that you have ever complimented those who "SUP WITH YOUR ENEMY".

Meet Jack White - Former Journalist For Time Magazine

The Root: Stop Punking Out, Obama!

I love it when the attack upon Obama is not in absolute terms (ie: his policies) but instead in their frustration that he is not staying to the LEFT - where they want him to be.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Show vs Democracy Now

I am a conservative.

I like "Democracy Now"
I can't stand the MSNBC talkshow line up.

Democracy Now are far more serious in what they do. They focus on their ideology.
The MSNBC operatives focus upon Republicans.

Ron Daniels - "The Nation Institute"

The List Of Board Members On "The Nation Institute"

About The Nation Institute

Founded in 1966, The Nation Institute has a fundamental commitment to the values of free speech and open discourse. The Institute places particular importance on strengthening the independent press in the face of America's increasingly corporate-controlled flow of information, and through its programs the Institute promotes progressive values on a variety of media platforms. The Institute sponsors conferences, investigative research, seminars, televised town-hall meetings, original web content, book publishing, film production, fellowships, internships, and awards for truth-telling and social activism.

Board of Trustees

Hamilton Fish

Ellen Chesler
Ron Daniels
Howard Dodson
Nancy Dunlap
Paula Giddings
Danny Goldberg
David Jones
Doug Kreeger
Jeffrey Levy-Hinte
Victor Navasky
Tim Robbins
Howard Shapiro
Domna Stanton
Catharine Stimpson
Rose Styron
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Davis Weinstock

I realize that for most Black people - "Progressivism" is our de facto ideological reference.

I record "Democracy Now" every day.   I give it an A+ in regards to delivering a straight forward, progressive slanted view of the world.   They provide me with comfort in the same way that the various operatives on MSNBC disgust me per their snarkiness.  

Democracy Now featured an author of the book "Republican Gomorrah".  He stitched together a "6 degrees of separation" as to the evil motives of the Republican party.  When I heard the name "The Nation Institute" I immediately wondered if they were related to "The Nation" magazine.  Thus I began my research.

I went to their web site then I went to their "About Us" link.

Low and behold - there was Ron Daniels.  The Black Progressive who, of course, is seeking to express the "permanent interests" of Black people.

I find it strange how this assumed progressive orientation of Blackness plays out.

  • The same person who attacks others for referencing Rush Limbaugh will later be seen quoting Keith Olbermann as a reference for Black people to follow
  • The same person who rejects information that might come from the CATO institute operate as syndicates for the various articles from the White liberal Huffington Post, MoveOn.Org or DailyKOS

Clearly the offense is NOT that one receives their source materials from Whites.  This is only an issue of obtaining information from "The RIGHT TYPE OF WHITES".

I wish I could point to the net safety of our communities and the rise of our schools upon the ascension of the progressive establishment.  In truth what we have seen is an abatement of WHITE RACIST attacks against the Black community that has been replaced by attacks by Pirates organized as Gangs or, in too many instances - incompetent progressive administrators of our key institutions that produce mediocre results.

Clearly this was about POWER GROWTH, not PROGRESSION for our people.


Thus when I see the name "Ron Daniels" firmly planted among a progressive, leftist group who's key focus is upon fighting evil conservatives I struggle to understand why he is not cast as a sold out operative the same way that an Armstrong Williams or a Ward Connerly might be cast for doing the same thing.

The only reason why he avoids such a fate is because of the incumbency of progressivism within the racial nucleus of the African-American consciousness.

Clearly what might be favored by a prevailing set of our people does not always prove to be the most effective methodology to obtain our desired results.

How is it that Ron Daniels gets published in "The Final Call" and other "Black" media outlets without having his agenda inspected just as one might do a Black conservative?

The prevailing ideological bigotry within the Black community nullifies the ability for us to field a more effective strategy for the management of our best interests.  We need more transparency to protect the key interests of the rank and file African American.  Today there is no means to place a check on the progressive operatives.  Forcing them to prove that with their perpetual fight against the external conservatives and the suppression of any organic Black conservative movement WITHIN has translated into the advancement of our permanent interests - particularly where the progressives control the key institutions of our communities:

* Our schools

* the Mayors office (and thus Police and Fire)

* the City Council

* the Churches

* the Community Activists

Who among the people are watching them rather than cheer leading their power grab?

Associated Press Publishes Picture Of Marine Fatality In Afghanistan

MSNBC: ‘Our journalistic duty to show the reality of the war’; father, Gates object

Friday, September 4, 2009

Van Jones Defenders - "Prove To Us That He Is Acting Like A Radical NOW"?

The Van Jones Diary part four, Glenn Beck continues to mislead By Ryan Witt

Now get this one. Glen Beck is "misleading" the public, according to Ryan Witt BECAUSE he is using old quotes from Van Jones. These don't represent his current mindset.

Now think about all of the evil conservative racist judicial candidates who made offensive statements in their past. Recall that Judge Pickering had written a paper way back in the 1950's opposing interracial marriage. Keep in mind that many Black women have the same sentiments. This, however was enough to disqualify him for consideration.

Can you all have one set of standards and live by them?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mike Luckovich Is Making Progress On Obama

This must be noted as a step for Atlanta Journal Constitution editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich. He is a left leaning person. This does not take away from his brilliance with me. The guy is good.

He has been strongly "Pro-Obama". He has been bringing Bush and Cheney into the "Obama Era" as long as possible.

I have called him out for trying, as hard as he could, to show Obama in a good light by attacking Republicans and Bush.

Whereas even this cartoon "attacks Obama" upon a point that he, Luckovich, does not like - The War In Afghanistan - it is still the most direct attack upon Obama that Luckovich has crafted to date.

Change has come to Mike Luckovich