Monday, August 31, 2009

Constructive Feedback Blogs = The Black Right

African American Political Pundit referred to me as the Black Right.

The subject: The Racialist Memo sent out in Atlanta suggesting that all Blacks should get behind a Black candidate and avoid losing the mayoral seat to a White.

My response.
[quote] bloggers from the black conservative right have their own view on the issue and memo.

I am honored.
I am the "Black Conservative Right"!!!

I noticed, however, that you keyed in upon the "Negro Removal Project" where the projects were torn down yet you missed 2 key points.

1) The Atlanta Housing Authority is run by Democrats and they coordinate their efforts with the Administration of Atlanta. IF there was a conspiracy - your favored party and ideology has blood on their hands.

2) I am happy that you referenced my blog post. I really am. I am disappointed that you did not make note of my suggested means of ANALYZING the benefit of these "Black Mayoral Administrations" upon the people.

I am not one who believes that a mere "Black Face In A High Place" benefits the Black community. It may cause it to have pride in this one person. The true test of the benefit resides in a view at the periphery.

Ironically the letter that started all of this pointed out that the poor communities in the ATL remain poor even after the machine has retained power. Sadly Atlanta has too many "Black people crying on the news" to rest on its laurels that it is a safe place for our people.

I challenge you to adopt a measurement frame work of:

* Safe Streets
* Quality Schools
* Thriving Local Economies
* Healthy Lifestyles

as the "Black Permanent Interests". Allow this to trump any ideological or partisan considerations and hold everyone accountable to them.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Banned By KCNulan On The Subrealism Propaganda Blog

This is what happens when KCNulan and BET Uncut conspire to eliminate thoughts that challenge their thugocracy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

RollingOut Magazine Reports Upon Michelle Obama's Groundbreaking Guidance On Education

Michelle Obama: Get A Good Education And Control Your Destiny

Mrs Obama:

What of the struggling students who attend a school and a school system that is controlled by your party? After 40 years of promises in exchange for ballots - they still remain as they are?

Would it be fair to expect your party to take their portion of the blame for this?

Note: These type of questions will never be asked by "" nor "Dekalb Crossroads". Both of these free publicans have too much vested in the Obama Administration. This trumps their investment in the Black community - it seems.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Excuse Me "Tell Me More"

Ms Martin:

On your Friday Aug 21 show you focused upon guns at recent political rallies and did a separate piece upon "Right Wing Militia Groups" rising again in America. Sadly there has been a murder at a rally when guns were brought. Unfortunately it happened in Trenton NJ where Tamrah Leonard was gunned down in a drive by shooting from gangs. The claims that the various "Tea Party" events were driven by White racists was not borne out by violent assaults upon Black people as was the case in the long past. Instead within a days of the peaceful disbursement of these Tea Parties filled with so called racists 2 Black people indeed were stabbed after being in a large public gathering. Unfortunately it was at the Baltimore Inner Harbor and they were stabbed by a gang of fellow Black people.

With so much focus about the threat that these Whites might be to us and/or the questions about the motivations for their protests, there lurks a force that has been assaulting and killing our people on a steady basis yet for some reason their offenses and threat never seem to rise to the level of what the Right Wing White folks appear to be. I can only guess that some of our people are blinded by partisanship from seeing clearly.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

MSNBC - Edits A Black Man With A Gun Out Of Video Footage To Allow Their Narrative To Remain Intact

See for yourselves folks. Clearly the network of Olbermann and Maddow and Matthews doesn't allow the facts to change their narrative.

(Note: Stolen From Booker Rising)

No Black Guy

Here Is The Black Man With A Gun

A Redirection For Larry Elder

ObamaCare? Ask The British And the Canadians - By Larry Elder

Mr Elder: You know I like you right?

I know that your focus is upon Americans at large. I can assure you, however, that when it comes to Black folks - the message above has fallen on deaf ears.

The Black folks who listen to your comparison to the UK and Canada are coming from the perspective that "they" have NOTHING TO LOSE by accepting these changes none the less regardless of your information (excuse me NSanegoma - Scared Tactics).

You see Mr Elder - most BQPFRC, regardless of their income and class like to think that their policies are in alignment with THE LEAST OF US. Thus the Black Vote is the most inelastic vote in the sub-populations of voters. Even when, in fact, they are voting against their people's long term best interests - as might be in evidenced by the state of certain key areas after their ideology takes control. They are going to ALWAYS shift from this line of "intellectual curious" thought and instead continue believing that STRUCTURAL IMBALANCES are the reason why their well intentioned plans failed.

You see Mr Elder, the reason why your line of reasoning fails is because their MISSION is focused more upon changing the SYSTEM so that their people who have long been denied an "equal playing field" get their "fair share".

As a fellow conservative, however, I notice that they are not talking about the play on the field. They are instead talking about EQUAL ACCESS TO THE GATORADE container.

The only effective way to counter this line of thinking, Mr Elder is to shift the question back upon the Black masses, making it an issue of THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR PEOPLE.

I do believe that most Black folks are at least aware of the concept of "Teach A Man To Fish". I struggle to see how this bill is anything more than a FISH DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM.

* There will be no substantive increase in the number of Black people who deliver these medical services that they say are NEEDED.

* Ironically despite their favored party standing with MORE CONTROL OVER MORE BLACK COMMUNITIES THAN EVER IN HISTORY AND MORE BLACK PEOPLE IN OFFICES - EVEN THE FREAKING PRESIDENT!!!!! They are not pursuing a bill that provides more BENEFIT TO BLACK PEOPLE per a demonstrable INCREASE IN PRODUCTION AND FINANCIAL ACUMEN among our people. INSTEAD our communities that this machine controls will simply be administratively SHIFTING the MONEY that someone else has created via THEIR PRODUCTIVE PROCESS - re-prioritizing it in the name of SOCIAL JUSTICE.

You see Mr Elder we indeed were told that by VOTING our lot in life would be better. Ironically those who drove this point did not distinguish between "BEING IN RECEIPT OF MORE BENEFIT" versus 'HAVING YOUR INNATE CAPABILITIES FOR DELIVERY OF YOUR NEEDS ENHANCED IN THE PURSUIT OF A SOLUTION'.

It is my view that some of Scared Ron's ancestors will assume his appetite for HISTORY and will look back upon this time period with the question "WHY didn't they project their strategy out into the future and better understand the requirements for DEVELOPMENT instead of MAINTENANCE?"

I suspect that Scared Ron's relatives will need the assistance of my relatives to put the more accurate emphasis of WHY the choice was made:


Glen Beck - That Racist!!! We Need To Silence Him!!!

Censorship In The Anti-Glen Beck Campaign Executed By The Hate Filled Left

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grabbing The "Spitting Cobra By The Head And Shaking Some Sense Into Him"

[quote]I notice conservatives don't complain about Wars and bloated military budgets, where only Government defense contractors make profits. The maintenance alone on ONE F-22 Raptor fighter plane could provide health care for thousands of citizens.[/quote]

The maintenance?
WHO does the "maintenance"?
Is it highly SKILLED technicians?
They went to school to learn and advance themselves.
They earn an excellent salary and benefits for their work.

You wish to have them not work upon the tools of our nation's DEFENSE and instead work on the INDIGENT NEGRO!!!

I know that within you YOU want the "Negro laying on the table" and being hoisted up just as they do the F-22 and getting SERVICED!!!!!

I wonder if YOU can articulate the value of that which is on the table as some others can articulate the value of the F-22 and the technological advancements that come by its continued existence.


Does he pay his own way?

Does he replenish the professional skills in his community per the schools in his community?

Does he keep law and order in his own community?

OR IS ALL OF THIS OUTSOURCED - just as you like it?

As long as we are in RECEIPT OF BENEFIT!!! You initially don't mind selling yourself on the deal.

When the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY seeking to SUPPORT THE NEGRO is built. Then you have issues wiht it!!!

Then you will start your protests once again: "SOMEONE is PROFITING off of HEALTH CARE FOR THE NEGRO!!!"

"Just as they PROFIT from IMPRISONING they are PROFITING from taking care of our bodies and filling us with pills!!".

The only common denominator, Spitting Cobra is that

1) You will be COMPLAINING
2) It won't be YOUR DAMNED MONEY that you are complaining about as YOU did NOTHING to insure that your people have the CAPACITY to

2) DELIVER the medical care that is needed

Go look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see in the pupils of your eyes. Is there a SOUL in there? Is there any CONSCIOUSNESS to be seen?

When I was growing up I had the mistaken belief that the LOUDEST Black people were the most "Too Black, Too Strong" people - telling of our RACIAL STRENGTH.

Now I see that this group is among the most TRAINED, DEPENDENT and OBEDIENT Negroes there are.

Spitting Cobra:

1) WHAT enhanced capabilities for SERVICE DELIVERY will you demand in this EXTERNAL FINANCING that is flowing into the community?

2) If your service provider REFUSES to accept YOUR offer of HELP in "Servicing the Negro sitting on the exam table" at what point will you TERMINATE THE TRANSACTION because he refused to SEE THE VALUE of what YOU had to offer? (because he sees you as inferior in your ability to help as you are the perfect consumer)

3) The escaped enslaved man in Key West FL - Sandy Cornish when faced with the threat of being captured and taken back - saw that AS THE AGENT OF VALUE HIMSELF - he as a conscious human being could DEVALUE the object that the slavers sought by - DESTROYING his value to them as a laborer. He cut his own tendons in his arms and thus was no longer "Slave Material".

Spitting Cobra - I wonder at what point with YOU and others being the "Object by which MONEY is being made off of" would YOU'D be willing to say "ENOUGH!! I will no longer play this game of prostitution for MY CARE AND FEEDING AND HOUSING!! LEAVE ME ALONE and allow me to STAND OR FALL ON MY OWN"?

As such you are too dependent now to even see your mental enslavement!!!

Today health care - tomorrow SPONGE BATHS and BED PANS for you.

Words Matter.....Now To MSNBC Host Carlos Watson

The word "Socialist" is the new "Nigger" as suggested by Carlos Watson.

As the Progressive operatives seek to extend the veil of "race protection" upon Obama so that they can get their agenda passed in an unscathed manner - they will stop at nothing.

Watson says that words can create conditions upon which violence results.
I would love to ask Mr Watson if he believes the same thing about the words in the popular culture that is among our young people. As we close out a "Bloody Summer" I wonder if there is any correlation to the imagery of vilence that is present in this music?

It is so painful to watch Black people "get religion" but only when there is some POLITICAL opportunity to arrive at.

I demand that if this is your sentiment about WORDS that you express it in a more unsolicited manner. Do it as a standard BEFORE the fight. Then we will all know that you didn't pull the new standard out of your backside once your favored side was on the ropes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Putting "Chest Pasties" On BET Uncut's Pole Dancing Act

BET Uncut:

I need to respond before SouldBrother swoops in for the night to give you dap after his shift at Dairy Queen ends.

You see, BET Uncut most people would be taken in by YOUR narrative. I caught your slight of hand as I read your mush.

[quote]Constantly railing about the latest tragic incident of black crime is about as intelligent as owning a dog...

And complaining it ishts.[/quote]

I give you props on your humor dude. In my estimation it is the only thing that keeps people looking past your other obvious flaws. But I digress.

You see BET Uncut - I AM NOT "railing about the latest tragic incident of Black Crime" as you say.

I am TAPPING INTO THE SAME PROGRESSIVE "empathy" that would have demanded HEALTH CARE for that same poor Black victim of society, who instead NOW LAYS DEAD after the latest pirate attack.

You see, BET Uncut, I sit back and I ask myself "What makes the BQPFRC tick"? The answer is that he is on a CONSTANT STRUGGLE FOR (as he says) to IMPROVE THE LOT IN LIFE FOR HIS PEOPLE. All of this as he suffers trough life made more difficult by CONSERVATIVE haters.

I am in tune with your agenda like a high definition tv. (You need to get someone to look at that mole on your nose. It looks precancerous. Do this quick before the people from Trinidad take over your hospital across the river.).

You see BET Uncut - I see that
* You
* Jack and Jenny Politics
* AfroSpear
* Color of Change

and other progressive operative groups are most neutralized when you ARE UNABLE to extend your EMPATHY and your STRUGGLE to the BLACK VICTIM when his ASSAILANT has no "exploitable surfaces". For you it is ONLY about IDEOLOGY and PARTISAN POLITICS. The "Black Victim" is but a bit player in all that you do.

You are indeed a "Bound Man".
You CAN'T go after the Black Pirate with the same LUST that you do the "White Conservative Pirate". If you were TOO effective - the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX would be filled up and THEN you would be in violation of another confining principle that you all operate with.

Thus it is easier for you all to suffer another bit of DEPRESSION by seeing yet another pirate attack.

Here is what gets me BET Uncut - I can set my DVR for "record" for 7 days of news. In Metro Atlanta 90% of the KILLINGS, ASSAULTS OR RAPES are from BLACK PIRATES!!! 70% of their VICTIMS are Black.

We ONLY hear from you, those of you smitten with "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" IF you do a study and find that more PIRATES get longer sentences than do their WHITE PIRATE counterparts in the far off suburbs.

You see - in your perversion you are after SOCIETAL PROVIDED EQUALITY!!!!
You are NOT after BLACK EQUALITY where there is a TWO PHASE COMMIT of equality.

The most angering part of dealing with ideological bigots both on the Internet, within my personal friends or my frat brothers is that you all are rooted in DISHONESTY and an inability to ADMIT WHO YOU ARE.

Absent your ability to shunt the Black man's condition over to:

* Slavery which stole our culture
* Jim Crow which reminded us that we'd never be free
* The Southern Strategy that serves as a "Racist Scare Crow" that keeps us Democrats
* The modern day Republican that brings new waves of Black voters into the Democratic Party each election

insures that YOU CONTINUE TO GAIN MORE POWER over the institutions that govern our lives while you DISLODGE the responsibility for your impact upon our people.

I actually envy you all as operatives more than I hate you. You benefit from the mental conditioning of Black Americans.

I know that your goal is NOT TO build up the strongest set of Black people possible. If this was the case you would not fear PERIPHERAL STRENGTH and Self Sufficiency.

You prefer the "Talented 10th" at the heirarchy and a "Dependent and Appreciative 90% who don't know any better."

Comic Strip: Dick Cheney Suggests That Michael Vick Be Taken Out

AJC: Washington Post pulls comic featuring Vick, Cheney

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Black Journalists Roles Shrink In Struggling Economy

National Association of Black Journalists meets at the Tampa Convention Center

My recommendation - Stop being so provincial and so biased.
If indeed you are expressing the best interests of the Black community then stop expressing the best interests of PROGRESSIVISM and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. These are a METHODOLOGY and a VEHICLE that purport to take us to our "Permanent Interests".

Your goal as a journalist should be to test this theory out.

Instead as I read various Black newspapers around the nation - I see Democratic Press Central.

TAMPA — With their numbers shrinking faster than any other minority group, black journalists from around the U.S. will gather here today to learn ways to keep their jobs and compete for future ones.

This week's meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists at the Tampa Convention Center comes at a critical time for the industry. Advertising cutbacks are burying media companies in red ink. Many newspapers have trimmed pay and slashed staffs. A few have folded or gone Web-only.

All the while, Web sites, blogs and social media networks are multiplying, becoming viable competitors of traditional, mainstream media.

The biggest casualty, according to figures from the American Society of News Editors, is black journalists. Nearly 400 of them lost jobs in 2008 — the largest drop for any minority group.

While there has been a net increase in Asian, Latino and Native American journalists at U.S. daily newspapers since 2001, there has been a net decrease of African American journalists. Overall, the number of minority journalists has returned to 1998 levels.

"We feel like we're losing ground," said Barbara Ciara, whose two-year term as NABJ president ends this week. "The best way to combat that is through education."

Friday, August 7, 2009

This Is A Landmark Event: A "Conservative Perspective" Synidated By The NNPA

Why did Senator Boxer go racial? By: Harry Alford

Ok - it wasn't done by the NNAP. It is the Toledo Journal - an affiliate of the National Newspaper Publishers Association. With George Curry as their former president - you know that the NNAP is "John Edwards left".

I thought that Harry Alford was just arguing for the sake of arguing against Barbara Boxer until he called former Secretary of State Condi Rice "honorable". I ASSURE YOU - there is no other Black Progressive publication that has the word "Condi Rice" and "honorable" in the same sentence.

That being said - I would be HONORED if my young daughter was to model her academic career after Dr Condi Rice. She is indeed a person of honor.

Now I see. Harry Alford is actually the Black man who got into the battle with Boxer. This is not a reporter writing this piece. This is the original source.

You'd think that we would be treated to a lot more critical perspectives upon the Black and Democratic establishment from the Black press. After all these forces control the direction of the Black Community more than at any other time in this nation.

CNN Lou Dobbs Serves Up MSNBC Keith Olbermann For Stepping Across The Line

As a Black man I still struggle to understand why some the same Black folks who see it as a test of their "Real Blackness" as they fell it is their duty to attack "Rush Limbaugh". At the same time it is standard fare to believe that both Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow are "Down With Black Folks".

Article: Obama As Joker Considered Racist

I need to come up with a new term to describe the feigned outrage that White Liberals are displaying as they make the case that some slight against Obama is "RACIST". Their real goal is to suppress criticism of THEIR leftwing agenda and thus the know that you can't hit a "Black Guy With Glasses" and thus they have found a perfect running back in Obama to carry their ball full of muck - their modern day Trojan Horse.

Janeane Garofalo was the first White Liberal "Snarling Fox" who I detected making use of this tactic.

Some Right-wing commentators have seized approvingly on the image. Thomas Lifson wrote on the conservative American Thinker website: "It is starting. Open mockery of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly, middle-of-the-roader."

The liberal tabloid "LA Weekly", which depicted George W. Bush, the former president, as Dracula on its cover in 2004, denounced the Obama-Joker poster as virulently racist.

"It has a bit of everything to appeal to the drunk tank of California conservatism: Obama is in white face, his mouth (like Ledger's Joker's) has been grotesquely slit wide open and the word 'Socialism' appears below his face," wrote its blogger Steven Mikulan. "The only thing missing is a noose."

I think he means THIS NOOSE right here that drew world wide condemnation. Don't you remember?

Imagine If "Color of Change" and "Jack And Jill Politics" Did A Collabo To Crack Down On Piracy?

Color of Change, Jack and Jill Turn Up the Heat On Racist Commentator

Once again we see "Mall Cop Behavior" from two of my favorite progressive targets. (Mall Cop = a security guard that is so bigoted and set in his ways that he focuses on profiling those who he things are prone to shoplifting. All the while the real criminals are robbing him blind. In fact he might offer to hold the door as both of their hands are full with stolen goods.)

The last time these two progressive-fundamentalists linked up it was to wage a protest against the Republican South Carolina governor who said that he would not accept the Federal Debt Stimulus-Stimulus Package for his state unless he could apply it to paying down state debt. His view was that the strings attached required him to expand the roles of the state Unemployment program. The courts eventually force the governor to accept the money.

Both "Color Of Change" - which is "" in Black face and "Jack and Jill Politics" collaborated together to flood the state switchboard to tell of their anger about the choice to deny the federal funds. A few state workers might lose their jobs if the money was not accepted. In my argument at that time I pointed out that these two groups failed to look toward the progressive state of California. Where as SC stood to lose a few thousand workers - California had terminated 25,000 educators even after they accepted the Debt Stimulus-Stimulus Money. I typical "Mall Cop" behavior they were pushing the conservative "red state" to follow the economic policy track of the progressive state of California. California may financially collapse long before the "big one" causes its land to collapse into the Pacific Ocean.

It comes as no surprise that my friends at "Color Of Change" and "Jack and Jill Politics" - which is a part of the AfroSpear band are at it again.

They are perturbed that Fox News host Glen Beck had the audacity to state that Barack Obama was "racist" against White people. Now for the record - I rejected this claim that came out surrounding Obama's initial criticism against the police in defense of the African-American Studies professor Gates. I stated that Beck was inaccurate in calling this "racism against White people". Instead Obama's choice to criticize the "police authority" is rooted in his ideological tendencies in which the "system" is the oppressor of the individual. This is why Obama said what he said at the press conference.

So lets see. We have our second orchestrated action against a 'News Corp' property in 200 days. First the NY Post was attacked when some people viewed a chimp in an editorial cartoon and then saw Barack Obama in the form of the chimp. From this we saw a demonstration by certain Black Operatives in front of the NY Post building in New York City.

Now we have the two progressive forces forming a campaign to get the advertisers of the Glen Beck program to stop supporting the show.

I just watched the clip and I am still attempting to understand the rationale.
TYPICALLY you have campaigns against the show host who IS THE RACIST!!!!!

Today these Progressive Blades are going after a show host that CALLED SOMEONE A RACIST - in precise as he might be.



I just came up with a strategic idea.
I need to offer my SUPPORT for these two groups.
You see - If we establish a standard which says that FAKE CLAIMS OF RACISM (ie: Racism Chasing) is punishable by sanction - then my assistance this one time will be paid by many times as THEY are forced to join me in going after the far, far, far larger quantity of Racism Chasers on their side who make all sorts of specious charges.

Like for example the claim that - THIS IS RACIST:

Mike Luckovich - From Attacking Conservative Elected Officials To Attack Conservative Critics

Like him or not Rush Limbaugh was correct when he told everyone that in the transition from Bush to Obama the media operatives who steadily attacked Bush would start attacking the conservative critics of Obama.

(Sorry. I forgot. As a Black man I am not allowed to make a reference to Rush Limbaugh unless I am attacking him. I didn't have a comment from Rachel Maddow that made mention on this subject.)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

BET Uncut - The Most Intellectually Dishonest MoFo On The Web!!!

Here is the latest parcel of foolishness from blogger BET Uncut:

btx3 said...

Anti Health care is pro-Genocide of black and brown babies since 30,000 die a year from lack of pre-natal care...

The House (or Porch) Negro crew are willing accomplices in this murder.

The reason why my friend, BET Uncut, is so intellectually dishonest is because he seeks to execute a transference if accountability - off of the "people who laid upon their backs to create a child" and upon those who are unwilling to allow their own wallets to be raided as the forces of BET Uncut endlessly seek to provide 'care and feeding' to the feeble."

Notice that there is not one ounce of cultural confidence assumed by the "baby makers". That which was produced as a consequence of tactile stimulation of at least man's genitals upon one woman's clitoris instantly becomes a "ward of the state" and thus the responsibility of the society to care and feed.

We are at the heart of the IDEOLOGICAL DIVIDE that separates the "common sense conservative" from the "confiscatory progressive". The progressive see Serfs at the periphery. They are but instinct based beings who need government largesse to both protect them from themselves and to abstract them from the consequences of their lustful acts.

Thing about this in the terms of BUILDING A STRONG SOCIETY. The progressive sees this STRENGTH coming from the Benevolent Central Authority who doles out goods so that people can LIVE AT this HIGH STANDARD.

The much criticized and uncaring conservative would build up a framework of cultural institutions at the PERIPHERY. This child is then born into a framework of family. The women around this pregnant woman would bestow their knowledge about prenatal care and the need to see the doctor.


BET Uncut has no particular mandate for the individual to play the central part in his own care and feeding. As long as the person is "in receipt of these benefits" he is comforted.

This is one more voter in his corner.

I reported on the chaos as it relates to infant mortality via the documentary that took place in MEMPHIS TENNESSEE.

While BET Uncut is clear on my responsibility in this "murder" the documentary which shows the irresponsibility of the "sperm donor" who invested more into his car than into the diapers for his new daughter.

BET Uncut is an ENABLER OF THIS SITUATION because he is a perpetuator of the IGNORANCE within which so many of these deaths take place.

Reports About The Humanitarian Condition In Afganistan Muffled Because The World Now Likes The US President

Inspecting The Black Web For Coverage About The Conviction Of Democrat William Jefferson

Ex-lawmaker convicted in freezer cash case

Aug. 5: Former Louisiana congressman William Jefferson, famous for hiding $90,000 in his home freezer, was found guilty Wednesday of taking bribes to help U.S. companies do business in Africa. NBC's Pete Williams reports.

This is not a report about convicted Democratic politician William Jefferson. Instead I will be reviewing the web sites of those BQPFRCs who have salivated over the conviction of or allegations upon various Republican or Conservative figures.

My goal is to make note of any particular baseline for their revulsion of political corruption. It is important to determine if their previous aggressive coverage was because the figure was their ideological enemy or if this was done as a sign of their global concern.

My first pass was to review what I see is a key reference of Progressive-Fundamentalist though - that being the "Field-Negro" blog. Thus far my friend Filled Negro has not mentioned one peep about the Jefferson conviction nor the elected official in Baltimore County MD who pleaded guilty to corruption last week.

Yes I have a bias as I enter this study. It appears to me that the Black press is running a protection racket on behalf of the Democratic Party and progressive causes. Unlike their antics against conservatives - they have no particular benefit to increase the drumbeat against their ideological soul mates - these other members of the "9P's That Control The Messaging Into To Black Community".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Itself Is Intolerant Itself Is Intolerant

Gay Slur Costs Hawaii Coach $169K

If you think that the progressive supports free speech - you are a "fool". (I guess I can still use this word.)

It is quite ironic that as a subscriber to their news feed I have seen them rally AGAINST "zero tolerance" policies in many different areas.

Now they believe that calling an opposing team "a fag" is worth a 30 day suspension of a head coach.

How can a university show its commitment to diversity? By having a zero-tolerance policy for homophobic and other discriminatory slurs and by punishing those who violate that policy. That's the message Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw, head of the Hawaii University system, is sending.

Hinshaw suspended Hawaiian football head coach Greg McMackin for 30 days without pay after the second-year Warriors coach hurled a homophobic slur, the F-word, at rival Notre Dame during a media briefing--multiple times.

"We recognize that Coach McMackin made a serious mistake that has hurt many people and brought negative attention to our state and university," Hinshaw said in a statement. "He is clearly remorseful--as well as he should be."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Black People Remain As Slaves Working Toward Serfdom

From the article:
The Grio: Government needs to get the heck out of health care

Was generated a series of posts to which I replied:

Jay - I was going to post a series of "LOL" in response to your post but your condition of mental slavery requires a response.

Jay - Can we agree that a fundamental portion of the development and sustenance of a PEOPLE is that they be able to express and perpetuate some level of INDUSTRIOUSNESS - lest they be slaves or permanent consumers?

It is laughable to see you enumerate the problems plauguing Black America today:

* The fastest growing rate of HIV Infections - a behaviorial based ailment as derived from risky behavior
* Disproporitonately High Unemployment Rates
* Higher Rates of Cancer/Heart Disease, Diabetes - which have a large element of lifestyle triggers (ie: diet or lack of physical activity)

It is distrubing how easly you correlate "Black" with "Poverty" yet you seem oblvious regarding how your general consciousness greatly contribute to this state. First the MIND thinks it is poor and feeble. Then the body and condition follows.

I seriously doubt that you have any problem with Black people "BEING IN RECEIPT OF" the key elements that make up the "High Standard Of Living" that is defined in America. If not a single additional bit of capability for our community to DELIVER these health care services to our own people per an increase in the number of Black people who possess medical expertise, pharmaseutical expertise or administrative expertise - I seriously DOUBT that this would bother you. As long as our people have a full stomach - you are satisfied.

I could have stopped at the point where you said that Shamara sounded like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity because you played your hand right there. Despite the fact that neither Hannity nor Limbaugh enjoy any traction with the people who control EVERY SINGLE INSTITTUIONAL SEAT that provides civic services for the Black Community your FATE still has not seen improvement via the people who you favor in control.

Maybe it is time for you to stop putting your EXTERNAL ENEMIES on trial and instead begin to wonder WHY after this favorable alignment of political power over your community:

* Your people remain with a higher unemployment rate in communities that don't produce the jobs that are needed to EMPLOY their MINDS?

* Your people remain with all of the aliments that you list after your favored people have so much influence over their values and mores

* Your people remain POOR despite the fact that you now have a favorable array of people running the SCHOOLS that they attend, thus preparing their minds for the disciplines necessary to be of SERVICE to our community.

* Your people are loaded into the emegency rooms after being victims of violence depsite having successfully getting White people from assauting you with impunity.

I get the feeling that you are anti-corporate and anti-capitalist YET you are a DEPENDENT upon this same system to PAY FOR your medical treatments and other elements of their Standard of Living.

Who is the slave Jay?