Monday, May 25, 2009

Black Republicans Would Have More Friends If They Were Blue Dog Democrats (Ask Harold Ford Jr.)

[quote]Black Republicans Would Have More Friends If They Were Blue Dog Democrats (Ask Harold Ford Jr.)[/quote]

Hello Black Snob - I haven't read your blog in a while.

I found the title that you chose above quite interesting because it tacitly implies something that is quite disturbing to me. (and should be disturbing to others).

It seems that conscious Black people hate Republicans more than they hate the people who are running every single local institution within the Black community today.

* Our Schools
* Those Who Purport To Keep Our Communities Safe
* Those who shape the local economy in the way of producing jobs and markets for us to exchange with each other

If "Black Republicans" were to simply switch parties - they can go Denver, party with the Democrats and attract more Black people because now they have a greater level of TRUST? I am not following the logic here.

Could it be that there are too many of us that have placed our ideological and partisan interests ahead of our permanent interests? Even after assisting this machine to take power over our communities, when they fell short on the deliverables in many areas we were so happy about THEIR victory that we join in to pursue future victories, with the hopes that our excitement over their victories will translate into "community victories".

When I hear people say "Black people don't vote for Republicans because they don't have Black people's best interests in mind" I return with the statement "Black people DON'T VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS and they don't run the institutions within Black America. Thus why do you all incessantly blame them, focusing in on the 'national Republicans' rather than the 'local Democrats' who promised to fix what ails us.

I am not sure if Black Republicans (I am a Black Conservative not a Republican) becoming "Black Conservative Democrats" would actually make a bit of difference. It all depends upon what one sees as 'a VICTORY for the Black community".

Some people have told me that having a Black president is IN AND OF ITSELF proof of the advancement of the Black community.

I prefer to see this proof at the periphery in the school performance, community safety statistics and local economic growth statistics.

Thus the question should be "What eroded conditions will motivate Black people to place our own PERMANENT INTERESTS above the electoral success of the Democratic Party where we live in the highest concentrations?"

Dr White - Please Learn How To Form An Argument

This morning I was in my basement checking out my radio recording archive that I keep. It records various talk radio programs that I take with me and listen during my exercise routines. The anger that builds up inside me when I listen to some of these programs motivates me to do one more rep when I didn't figure I could.

This morning as I was trying to get the recordings of a Chicago based talkshow host that someone else told me about working properly I heard "Dr White" in the background as her morning show was being recorded. In fact today's show was a recording of a previous show because of the holiday.

With her opening salvo as I was I wondered why they would dare play FOOLISHNESS again.

The show had to be from the week before last because she was talking about Obama's planned visit to "Notra Dame". She (the wife of a preacher by the way) said sarcastically:

"It seems that some people at the university have a problem with President Obama's visit because his views on abortion and stem cell research are against their 'moral standing'."

Then she went on to top any other STUPID statement I have ever heard her make.

She said:


At a time when our people are still struggling to find our way (and our position on certain key issues) we can ill-afford to have ignorant people given free reign in the Black Media to inject their confusion upon the masses.

First of all, just to give context - Dr White (and she is not a doctor but this is what she is called) is primarily interested in defending Barack Obama. Anyone attacking Barack Obama is going to receive an attack from her. In fact she is less grounded toward any unmalleable positions than she has the intention of defending the Black president. Our nation will survive only as much as Obama's decisions are sound. If he makes decisions that are unsound - you had better believe that Dr White will be there supporting him - especially if they are left wing initiatives. Her commitment to the bundle of his ideas depreciates her inclination to evaluate them on a case by case basis.

With respect to her comment about the Catholic Church - they are beyond foolish. Let me say for the record that I am a Christian protestant. I respect the Catholic church but I also have my share of criticism about its doctrine and its management structure. For example the demand that the priests and fathers remain unmarried is not a "Christian" construct. It is only a church construct. I yield that they have a right to run their church as they see fit and thus I would be loathed to give my opinion on their choices.

What is also startling is the capacity of Dr White and other local actor-vists to FORGIVE those who have trespassed against the community interests - if they like them and if they have the appropriate ideology. Rapper T.I. has been called "My Baby" by Dr White, this despite his acquisition of a machine gun that would have likely killed a BLACK MAN had it been ever used by him......just as he talks about in his music.

Thus - I attempt to focus on the pathology of Dr White (and others) by focusing on their agenda rather than this one infraction - I hope to have people better understand where they are being lead. That which is appealing to your tastes in the short run because they stand near to you - is a big failure in the long run because their entire platform is one of defensiveness against "WHITE FOLKS" while lacking any particular ORGANIC substrate from which a sound community can be built up upon.

The Catholic Church Scandal

The pedophilia scandal in the Catholic church of several years ago was a story of both individual and organizational failure. Indeed there were priests who were found to have molested little girls and little boys. The church has no view deep into the soul of those that they bring into its fold. The hope is that an individual who has committed himself to serving God will properly align his actions. At the same time since the priesthood draws from general society there are bound to be individuals who are deeply flawed brought within.

Thus the organizational demands. With the above statement as the baseline indeed the organization must manage itself for the protection of its congregation above all. Double this statement with regard to its vulnerable young.

People need to have a sense of trust and faith within the people who make up their view of the church, beyond the buildings that form its physical representation.

The various layers of the church failed to properly handle pedophile priests over time. When (and excuse me if I get their titles wrong) a local father was presented with information about the abusive exploits of one of his priests, rather than calling in the police authorities and having him arrested they were often shuttled off to another far away parish. They were freed from any major punishment where they had left their dirt previously. They were freed to repeat the deed in the new place.

I find it ironic that these actions speak to a LIBERAL notion of "give them another chance rather than ruining their lives". Pick a different topic in which the assailant had redeemable character traits in Dr White's eyes and she would indeed be the on driving for his redemption rather than excommunication. Certainly there are plenty of Black convicted killers who's lives she wants spared that I can point to to make my case about her tendencies.


Just imagine if a foreigner said "the United States is a hypocritical nation. Look at all of those corrupt politicians they have" as their basis for judgment. This would be akin to Dr White's rant.

The truth of the matter is that it is illogical to judge the organization by what flawed individuals do. Instead we must judge the integrity of the organization by its will to REORIENT ITSELF back toward its stated mission. We would hope that the organization has the internal management structure to provide such guidance when it goes off track. Failing this the law enforcement entities of the state and federal government will likely step in and provide the adequate rebuke.

The best that Dr White can claim about the Catholic church is that when the organization had a choice they sought protection of its own and to remain out of the newspapers in the short run. This was done at the cost of having a major blowup in the long run which caused much damage.


In taking her shot at the University and the Catholic church Dr White was clearly off target. The core of the protesters were committed Catholics who disagree with Obama's views on these key subjects. They came from the ranks of students and Catholic donors to the university. There were a few Catholic priests who also wrote letters. Then there were the Alan Keys types who disagree with Obama in the political and moral realm.

I think that the statements made by Dr White of WAOK were of "low bandwidth" in nature. They could not stand up to intellectual scrutiny.

Every time I call into her show I get to make my first few statements (which challenge her claims) and then she mutes my microphone during her response and moves on to the next caller.

This would be fine EXCEPT she is so willing to have a long dialogue with people who spout foolishness which is agreeable to her. I have never once heard her rebut my claims and then give me the opportunity to "de-mangle" my statements in her followup.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Challenges MSNBC To Go 30 Days Without Talking About Him

Olbermann responds to Limbaugh's 30-day challenge

Please note Keith Olbermann's response to Rush Limbaugh. Olbermann acts as if Limbaugh is pleading with his sorry network to "leave him alone". This is simply not the case.

Rush Limbaugh is not concerned about the series of attacks upon him by Democratic Party aligned operatives. He predicted it back in December. Rush Limbaugh addressed the question as to "Will the media that scrutinized Bush now shift to the Democrats who run the White House, US Senate and US House?". Rush Limbaugh said "NO! They are going to shift their attacks upon the REPUBLICANS who are out of power".

I don't always agree with Rush Limbaugh nor his tactics - but you have to give him credit for understanding how the liberal biased media works.

I did wonder what shows like "The Daily Show" and Steven Colbert's show would go after the Democrats just as they did the Republicans. I forgot to factor in the possibility that they would begin to target the "Right wing media" as they became the opposition to the more favored government in power. (Favored to the leftwing operatives that is).

I some times stomach the MSNBC evening content. What Rush Limbaugh says is true. Just as my friend BET Uncut does - they scrutinize Conservatives regardless of their status in power. Yes one can argue that Fox News does the same thing. The caliber of these two networks could not be more distinct, however. Where as Fox News gets the attacks by the left for being biased at least they have far more substance and depth in their analysis. I long to see Keith Olbermann even invite a LIVE opposition guest on his show to have a debate.

The only conservatives on Keith Olbermann's show are on video tape. Then he invites a live left winger to rebut the tape.

For the record - this is coming from ME - a Conservative who records "Democracy Now" and who is on the record for being a fan of LinkTV. I purchase and read "International Social Review" magazine and other left wing sources that are displayed on the shelves at "Borders Books".

I have said plenty of times - I think that "Democracy Now with Amy Goodman" is far more credible than the shows on MSNBC as they are carrying out a mission of what they ACTUALLY BELIEVE. They attack everyone who violates their ideology. MSNBC is clearly carrying the water for the Democrats and their mission is to hit Republicans. I don't mind consuming left wing news. I just want quality. MSNBC is not quality.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Cobra Has No Venom

From Booker Rising:

Where are all the Local Republicans, and why can't their message get through to Black folks?

Cobra - I told you before - STICK TO DRAWING. People will be more enamored by your artistic skills and look past the idiocy of your arguments.

Do you mind if I set up your argument for you and THEN you can see for yourself how lame it is?

1) There are a DOMAIN OF PROBLEMS that the Black community has the INCUMBENT desire to fix.

2) In the past 40 years the drive has been to have these problems address VIA THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM with the Democratic Party as the vehicle to getting them FIX

3) Today we stand with a SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY......of getting DEMOCRATS ELECTED, but hell, no one in their right mind would dare claim that the CLAIMED objectives of FIXING THE PROBLEMS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY on a more sustainable and comprehensive basis HAS BEEN ACHIEVED.

You know Cobra - a more insightful body of Black journalists would dare to INSPECT how it is that the Democratic Party is so successful at its mission of gaining VOTES and the POWER and yet those like you who CLAIM THAT THE 'BLACK AGENDA' was for the BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY rather than the DEMOCRATIC PARTY can stand as a claim.

4) So at the HEIGHT OF DEMOCRATIC POWER!!! With a Black President!!! With the Northeast of the United States which has the cities with the largest concentrations of Black people being DOMINATED BY DEMOCRATS!!!!!......WHAT DOES OUR BRILLIANT FRIEND COBRA ASK............................................... .........

"Why has there NOT been any Black Republicans to come and CONVINCE THE NEGRO VOTER THAT THEY HAVE A BETTER WAY toward the promised land of RESOLVED PROBLEMS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY".

It is with inner tears that I read the logic displayed by Cobra and so many other BQPFRCs.

They set up BLACK PEOPLE as mere CONSUMERS. If Black folks aren't resented an a "New and Improved TIDE".....we are just going to walk around with dingy white clothes and dull coloreds. We chose the BEST alternative that someone else PRESENTED TO US!!!

Lost in the theories of Cobra, Wizz, Francis and Candace is any THOUGHT of Black people with the capability of SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT!!!

*Here are our CHALLENGES duly detailed

*Here is the COST to the well being of our people as these problems are NOT RESOLVED

*Here is a METHODOLOGY that purports to FIX THESE PROBLEMS

*We will place the METHODOLOGY at play with our conditional support NOT CONFUSE IT as THE DESTINATION (ie: "We need to have the progressives take over the Democratic party....AND THEN Black folks will prosper" - right Rikyrah? YOU ALREADY TRAVELED THIS COURSE - you are LOOKING AT THE DESTINATION right NOW!!!)

* We will sample the RESULTS of this package of policy initiatives to see IF THEY WORK. We are going to take OBJECTIVE MEASURE, using the same TRANSPARENCY demands that we make upon corporations and governments so that we don't put our thumb on the scale and favorably direct the outcome toward a prescribed desination

* Those that WORK we keep. Those that FAIL to drive us closer to our PERMANENT INTERESTS - we DITCH. We cannot "TRY HARDER" at making things that we LIKE work. We LIKE OUR PERMANENT INTERESTS MORE than we like one night victory parties in celebration of the VEHICLE rather than our destination.

* LOOK OVER THERE!!! Our long time ideological enemies. They have the OUTCOMES in their SCHOOLS that we want. They have a level of SAFETY in their communities that we WANT. They have employment enough that WE demand public transportation into THEIR communities so that WE can be service providers in support of THEIR economic activity.

OUR RESENTMENT toward them has us UNABLE to pick what works and repudiate what crosses beyond our threshold of tolerance and standards. (How ignorant Thug music does NOT also violate these standards - I have yet to figure out)

Cobra - YOU ask the OUTSIDE REPUBLICAN PARTY to put together a PRODUCT that is acceptable TO YOU!!!!


The Black folks who are moving in droves into the evil Republican County that I live are VOTING with their property deeds for that which the evil Republican local governments are offering to them. They don't even fear being lynched any more.

They know that more of their PERMANENT INTERESTS are being delivered to them by LIVING NEXT TO THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY than by living in places that are dominated by POLICIES THAT THEY LIKE!!! In their ideological bigotry THEY ARE NOT MOVED TO CHANGE THEIR VOTING HABITS....they JUST MOVE via U-Haul.

The key question for YOU to figure out is WHICH OF THESE ELEMENTS that have been PROVEN to deliver upon a Black person's PERMANENT INTERESTS stand worthy to be brought into the communities which have these interests TRAMPLED!?!?!?

Oh by the way Cobra and Hip Hop You Don't Know Much:

LESS THAN 5 MILES separates the School Administration buildings in the Democratic dominated Clayton County and the evil Republican Fayette County BUT........ 36876

Fayette school officials pleased with graduation test pass rates

THIS NEWS and the news about the high college remedial education requirements of other school systems are driving BLACK PEOPLE to live next door to their IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Skeet Shooting With Denmark Vesey

You are hurting me deeply with your rationalizations DV - inside that is.

[quote]More black people will die of obesity related diseases ... THIS YEAR ... than have died from ingesting street drugs in the past 50 years combined[/quote]

You don't offer ARGUMENTS!
You offer DIVERSIONS!!!

I have NEVER seen a Black person who was strung out on a "sugar high" that was motivated by eating a box of Twinkies - go and kill another Black man because the offending High Fructose Corn Syrup numbed his sensitivities to the lives that he was taking.

LEGAL OR ILLEGAL - the NUMBED SENSIBILITIES will remain after the consumption of these hard drugs. Right KCnulan?

[quote]Feedback, Feedback ... I don't know where to start.

ahhhhhh me. um. um. um.

Let me hit you wit an easy one Festas.

It is critical that I execute target practice on each and every one of the "skeets" that you have thrown up in the air.

1) Do you harbor as much scorn for the shareholders and board members of Monsanto and ADM (manufacturers of genetically modified high fructose corn sugar aka Instant Diabetes), as you do for the retailers of marijuana and cocaine?[/quote]

No - because they are White males running these companies and thus are my masters.

It seems that you are mixing two subjects. GM corn and the issue of High Fructose corn syrup in an increasing amount of our processed foods are two different issues.

I have taught MY CHILDREN to look at the SUGAR CONTENT in their food and drinks. We purchase fruit juice with low "g's" of sugar.

I support LABELING, thus allowing people to be conscious about what they are eating. Allowing the people to make their own choices.

I fail to see how I should look past a "weekend of carnage" (a Black male's bullet riddled body was thrown out of a car on Sunday) and instead focus on people who are eating unhealthy and dying over time. Which one will make for a Hollywood Movie and a Protest March against violent death?

[quote]2) Medical reports say that over 100,000 Americans are killed each year because of adverse reactions to "prescription" durgs. (that's more than 30 WTC attacks)How are the CEO's of Big Pharmaceutical companies like Miles White of Abbot who earned $33.4 Million and Richard Clark of Merk who earned $14.5 Million morally or ethically superior to Jay-Z, or Birdman?[/quote]

DV - you are "easier" than a college aged girl with a reputation.

You can be SMOKED OUT OF YOUR POSITION by the action of a proposal by CONSERVATIVES to CUT GOVERNMENT FUNDING FOR PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.......because TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM THEM!!! These conservatives say "We agree with DV and will no longer be apart of this ASSISTED SUICIDE. If the people want to kill themselves with pharmaceutical drugs it will not be with government money.

You will be on board with the conservatives with this one. Right DV? Doesn't this capture your argument? Sorry - diversion?

[quote]3) The rate of incarceration of young black men has outpaced the amount of crime committed by young black men for years. What does that tell you?[/quote]

It tells me that THE FORCE UNDER WHICH these young Black Males are being INDOCTRINATED INTO THIS WORLD IS FUCKED UP!!!

What ever assumptions that are going into their development - MUST BE CHALLENGED AND CHANGED.

"The Hand that is rocking their cradle" is INJURING THEM!!

They are leaving a long trail of "Black People Crying" from their murderous assaults upon their own community.

The police forces, which are now commanded more than ever with people who are FAVORABLE TO BLACK PEOPLE - per the election results - have been prodded to "DO SOMETHING" about the mayhem in these communities.

Or have you not watched my documentary series on the sad truth of Domestic Piracy?

[quote]4) Does it really surprise you that young men from the streets of New Orleans don't grow up wanting to become complicit conformists and corporate drones doomed to a life of lay-offs and perceived glass ceilings?[/quote]

DV - I have SEVERAL points of research about New Orleans. Go rent the DVD "New Orleans Murder City: Home Of Little Wayne and Birdman". The outlook by these same BLACK MALES is that they are living as if they will not see the AGE OF 30. Sadly there are many of their antagonists who assist them with this effort.

DV - you are motivating me to do a post comparing your 'Anti-Conformity" drive against the DEADLY EFFECTS of "Permanent Rebellion".

The main criticism that I have with you is that once "I Don't Give A Fuck" takes over and displaces CONFORMITY you and others don't have a plan for:

* Policing
* Education
* Employment
* Free Speech

You are a function of your opposition of the force at hand rather than any notation of an ORGANIC REPLACEMENT.

You do agree that a police function will be needed once you and Lil Wayne become Mayor and City Council Head - right?

5) Why is it cool when James Bond sports a gun and shoots the bad guy and such a fucking horror when Curtis Jackson sports a gun and shots the bad guy?[/quote]

The character James Bond is WHITE!
He is allowed to shoot people.

I rarely see a protest by Black people when a White man shoots another White man.

I rarely see a protest by Black people when a Black man shoots another Black man.

I rarely see a protest by Black people when a Black man shoots a White man. (Typically it is a COUNTER PROTEST against the protesting Whites)

I frequently see a protest by Black people when a White man shoots a Black man.

Maybe we need to do a film "James Bond Battles The 30 Deep Gang" and then we will get this type of violence out of the movies?

6) Why is it sexy when Desperate Housewives broadcasts their version of "Fuck da Police" and an affront to women when D'Wayne Carter releases his version[/quote]

Because I lust after Tony Parker's wife - because she is White.

Thus when she beds a police man - she shows the complicity of this "Global System of White Supremacy" that you speak of. The goal of it is to confine the Black Man's penis, disrupting the threat that it represents. Keep it away from shooting reproductive cells into the womb of a White woman and instead place it into a prison cell where it can instead be injected into another man's anal orifice and thus REPRODUCE NOTHING!!!

(How's that for ya?)

Rush Limbaugh and Reparations

Rush and Reparations By Melissa Harris-Lacewell - The Nation

Rush Limbaugh - the diversion that keeps on giving for some.

It was an interesting seminar. Not all agreed with Davis, but all engaged the idea of reparations seriously and soberly. Then I got home and turned on the evening news. That was when I heard Rush Limbaugh invoking the term reparations with something much less serious or sober. It turns out Rush Limbaugh said of Obama's economic policy:

"This is the objective. The objective is unemployment. The objective is more food stamp benefits. The objective is more unemployment benefits. The objective is an expanding welfare state. And the objective is to take the nation's wealth and return to it to the nation's quote, "rightful owners." Think reparations. Think forced reparations here if you want to understand what actually is going on."

Clearly Limbaugh is attempting to use the politics of racial fear to appeal to the lowest common denominator of racial anxiety in this country. The terms "welfare" "food stamps" and "reparations" are all code words for "undeserving black people." Sadly Rush does not seem to understand that the politics of fear was soundly defeated in November. In the context of our deepening economic crisis Americans are embracing a politics of interconnection and shared struggle. We now understand, more than ever, that issues like reasonable nutrition for children, decent wages for workers, and affordable housing for families are not scary, racial bogeymen, they are the basis for a fair society. Everyone needs help these days. We will not be so easily and cynically divided.

I don't mean to suggest that there are no meaningful disagreements on policy, only that Americans with hard hit pocketbooks are seeking more solutions and less rhetoric. Rush and the shouting members of the GOP Right are ignoring this fact at their own peril.

Still, the term reparations here is interesting. Reparations are not solely, or even mostly, about race. Reparations are about giving back to those who have been wronged in order to make them whole again. American citizens as a whole have been wronged by the policies of the Bush Administration. Our sons and daughters were tricked into war. Our financial industry was deregulated. Our civil liberties were trampled. Enemies were tortured in our name. So yes, Americans, all Americans, are due reparations. We have been wronged by our government. When the government helps to right those wrongs by reinforcing the social safety net it is a kind of reparation, the best kind.

I look forward to the day in which Black folks will stop accepting certain labels as being intrinsic to Black people that they otherwise repudiate.



If you argue that more White folks are on Welfare than Blacks - then why do you feel so self conscious regarding the mention of Welfare and then believing that someone is talking about Black folks?

I wonder what the author of the article will say about Obama - the present Commander In Chief of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cynthia Tucker - From Attacking Bush's Drug Prescriptions About Costs To A Full Supporter Of Obama's Plans

A reason to be sick with fear

Cynthia Tucker the AJC opinion writer is so easy to predict. Each week she fires off another column that keenly focuses upon her key issues and her version of events. As long as you place her in the proper context and don't believe that the domain that she presents fully encompasses all that is out there - you'll be fine.

Ms Tucker opens her column this week with an attack on the "for profit" health insurance industry.

Here’s the tough news health insurance executives don’t want to hear: Any genuine health care reform will have to eventually eliminate the profit-making health insurance industry.

After attending a progressive sponsored symposium on "Multiple Tax Payer Paid Health Care" (that's "Single Payer Health Care") I noted the chorus of attacks upon the Health Insurance industry. They argued that the key to making health care affordable is to remove the health care insurance operatives who keep taking their cash off of the top and thus make care for the rest of us unaffordable.

I am in the process of doing research as to the revenues and the profits of the industry. While I am not complete - my early analysis shows that the money is not there to substantiate their claims. The total industry profits are far less than the $65 billion per year that President Obama is proposing to add to the health care space to provide for the uninsured.

My frustration with Ms Tucker and other operatives is that they make no attempt to present all of the critical challenges - particularly financial constraints - so that we might have a realistic debate about this important issue. Instead we are to believe that these greedy corporate interests simply don't want poor people to have health care and they must be fought.

Let's sit back and see if Ms Tucker reports on the recent news that Social Security's positive funds will dry up 4 years sooner than anticipated and that Medicare will run into problems in 2017. As I sit back and listen to this news I make note that these are federal pools of money upon which programs draw upon to pay for social entitlement. If these entities are heading for a train wreck - would it be logical for there to be analysis that is projected upon the idea of centralized government health care - which would throw more fuel upon the fire?

Sadly - this HAS been discussed. Right in front of our faces some are arguing that by having the government take over the health care sector this would be good for Social Security because the single payer influence would regulate payments to the health care providers. Less money paid out of the Social Security fund means that these funds will be extended for more years and across to more people.

I am not arguing about the calculus that goes into this argument. Indeed if you direct everything to this central payer - they are only going to pay out what they choose to.

Instead - this undercuts the other elements of their claims. If you listen to the "dream salesmen" with regards to government health care there is nothing but "gravy" involved. More care, more people covered, less money paid out of your own pockets as the rich will fund it all. So is the tale of John Conyers and others.

When I attended a recent symposium on Single Payer Health Care I stood up and made the case that there is no system that can maximize each of the three points of:
  • Affordability
  • Quality (ie Timeliness)
  • Access to a Vast Quantity Of Treatments and Drugs
I stated that in the present system the INSURANCE COMPANIES act as the rationing agent. Like it or not there will ALWAYS be some force that plays this role. They are simply promoting the government into this role with the hopes that they will be more "fair" as it shifts away from "profit motive" over to maximization of coverage.

All of this is a rouse.

Some people hear the word "profit motive" and believe that the each denial means money into the pocket of those who are hoarding the resources. (Think "Sicko"). In truth any sort of bonuses for keeping cost constrained is but a secondary issue. We will see that once the government steps in and plays this role, the initial "open floodgates" where all who come are serviced will switch to the same sort of rationing as budgetary realities force the governments to reign in costs.

You had better believe that some government bureaucrat is going to set policies that deny certain procedures. Alternatively - the long lines in a queue for service is also a tool of rationing. If the hospital can only process 1,000 people per month through its front door - the insurance company in the present system tells some people "No we are not going to cover that" and thus they get out of line. In the government system they are more accepting - they simply have a line of "2,000 people" waiting outside of the door of a medical center that can only process 1,000 people per month.

There is no getting away from the hard truths - health care is an economics issue and the questions of the integrity of our financial system as a nation are at play if some people are allowed to ignore economic realities and roll over those who have questions.

Cartoonist Ted Rall Stands Out Like A Sore Thumb As Compared To The Other Leftist Cartoonists

Ted Rall's Editorials

Let me be clear - I think that Ted Rall is one of the biggest bomb throwers out there and I detest his agenda.

With that said - I have more respect for Ted Rall for being consistent than I can claim about his left wing associates in the editorial cartoon space.

The reason why it is so important to consider the work of Ted Rall is because he continues to fire out the drum beat against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He goes over the top in his claims about American torture. Notice how blood, guts and torture weapons are so frequent in his scenes.

Now extend this to a time in the recent past when the balance of left wing cartoonists were firing out in unison regarding their attacks upon the Bush Administration. With this unified drum beat - is there any chance that truth and proportionality can get a fair hearing.

With Barack Obama in office most of Ted Rall's friends were appeased. "Their guy" is now in office and thus they backed off. If there is any attack - it is mostly fired at the Bush Administration or Dick Cheney who continues to talk.

These others "zigged" while Ted Rall is "zagging". In Rall's view the WARS are still going on. Nothing has changed and he is still marching forward. He, unlike the majority of his peers are including Barack Obama in on his attacks regarding the war.

There are few other occasions in which such a shift is noticeable via making note of who hasn't changed as the background gradient has.

The bomb throwing left wing attack machine had better put Ted Rall in check. He threatens to expose you all as the frauds that you are.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Troy Davis Is A Murderer - Just Like Mumia Abu Jamal - Please Read AfroSpear Propagandists

Officer Mark MacPhail - Killed by Troy Davis

Savannah Now News - Lawton: Troy Davis verdict correct

It is so easy to "smell a rat" when you look at the propaganda that poses as FACT that certain operatives make use of.

In the case of Cop Killer/Father Killer/Husband Killer Troy Daniels - they sculpt their story very carefully. If you go to the Wikipedia tale of Troy Daniels they hope to key in upon the FIRST SHOOTING SCENE OF THE EVENING exclusively and they hope that the list of dignitaries who are opposed to the Death Penalty who have weighed in on the issue will convince you that the EVIL state of Georgia is about to make a tragic mistake - putting an INNOCENT Black Man to death.

I wonder if Michael Cooper - the Black guy who was shot earlier in the evening by Troy Davis - has to say about the guilt or innocence of one Troy Davis?

For your lawyers out there - what is it called when the prosecution finds some evidence but fails to give it to the defense? Those who are smitten with "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" where the CRIMINAL DEFENDANT becomes the VICTIM of the SYSTEM - they seek to commit such an act by WITHHOLDING ALL OF THE FACTS from the world who is being made to see a conspiracy rather than a clear cut case.

You see if the "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" forces are allowed to focus ONLY on the recanted testimony of the witnesses to the second shooting by Troy Davis and thus not establish a link via the bullet that was pulled from the first guy's body THEY CAN ACHIEVE THEIR OBJECTIVE - STOP THE DEATH PENALTY, REGARDLESS OF THE GUILT OF THE KILLER.

Why do you all demand HONESTY from your adversaries but can't manage to live up to your own standards?

spencer lawton jr. | Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 12:30 am

Chatham County's district attorney explains why he's not concerned that an innocent man may be put to death.

Many people are concerned that an innocent man is about to be put to death. I know this, and I understand it. I am not likewise concerned, however, and I want to explain why.

The only information the public has had in the 17 years since Troy Davis' conviction has been generated by people ideologically opposed to the death penalty, regardless of the guilt or innocence of the accused.

While they have shouted, we have been silent. The canons of legal ethics prohibit a lawyer - prosecutor and defense counsel alike - from commenting publicly, or engineering public comments, on the issue of guilt or innocence in a pending criminal case.

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, the case is over, and I can try to tell our side.

First , Davis' advocates have insisted that there was no physical evidence in the case. This is not true.

Crime lab tests proved that the shell casings recovered from the shooting of Michael Cooper at a party earlier in the evening were fired from the same weapon as the casings recovered from the scene of Officer Mark MacPhail's murder. Davis was convicted of shooting Cooper.

And, while it isn't physical evidence, consider the "testimony" of Officer MacPhail himself: When he comes to the rescue of a homeless man being harassed and pistol-whipped, the officer ran past Sylvester Coles on his way to catch Davis. This makes Davis the only one of those two with a motive to shoot Officer MacPhail. Yet Davis' lawyers argue to condemn Coles for shooting MacPhail. Why would he?

In fact, Davis' advocates are eager to condemn Coles based on evidence far weaker than their characterization of the evidence against Davis. Where is their sense of fairness? This is the same Sylvester Coles who promptly presented himself to police, and who was advised by counsel to tell all that he knew - with his lawyer not even present. Which he did. No lawyer who even faintly suspects a client of criminal conduct would let him talk to the police without counsel.

Second , they claim that seven of nine witnesses have recanted their trial testimony. This is not believable.

To be sure, they've produced affidavits; a few handwritten and apparently voluntarily and spontaneous, except for concluding with "further the affiant sayeth not." Who wrote that stuff? The lawyers, perhaps?

The law is understandably skeptical of post-trial "newly-discovered evidence."

Such evidence as these affidavits might, for example, be paid for, or coerced, or the product of fading memory.

If every verdict could be set aside by the casual acceptance of a witness's changing his mind or suggesting uncertainty, decades after the event, it is easy to see how many cases would have to be tried at least twice (perhaps ad infinitum).

Thus the law sets strict standards for such "newly discovered" evidence.

For example, it cannot be for a lack of diligence that the new evidence was not discovered sooner, and the defendant is expected to present that evidence at the earliest possible time.

Yet these affidavits were not offered in a motion for new trial until eight days before the first scheduled execution in 2008 seventeen years after Davis' conviction. If this affidavit evidence was so compelling, why didn't they rush to seek a new trial in 2003 when they had most of the affidavits they now rely upon? Or collect those affidavits earlier?

Each of the now-"recanting" witnesses was closely questioned at trial by lawyers representing Davis, specifically on the question whether they were in any way pressured or coerced by police in giving their statements or testimony. All denied it.

And while an 80 percent recantation rate - the first in the history of the world ? - may seem to some as overwhelmingly persuasive, to others of us it invites a suggestion of uncanny coincidence, making it very difficult to believe.

Third , they claim that their "newly discovered evidence" (i.e., the recantations) hasn't been adequately considered by the courts. This is not true.

The affidavits, in various combinations, had already been reviewed by 29 judges in seven different types of review, over the course of 17 years, before Tuesday's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The state Parole Board halted the execution in 2007, saying they wouldn't allow a possibly innocent man to be executed. Then, after more than a year of reviewing all of the evidence on both sides, and hearing from every witness Davis' lawyers presented - including Davis - they refused to grant clemency.

The trial was fair. Davis was represented by superbly skilled criminal defense lawyers. He was convicted by a fair jury (seven black and five white). The post conviction stridency we've seen has been much about the death penalty and little about Troy Davis.

The jury found that Davis, after shooting another man earlier in the evening, murdered a police officer who came to the rescue of a homeless man Davis had beaten. Mark MacPhail had never even drawn his weapon

Rush Limbaugh -- A Weapon Of Media Distraction

[quote]Right now, I think the Republican Party is using Limbugh to stay in the news and in the spotlight. Without him, the Republican Party would not even make the news cycle.[/quote]

Janet - How do you come to this conclusion from any objective analysis?

It was the White House Chief of Staff - Rhalm Emanuel who kicked off the "Rush is the leader of the GOP" back in February. This talking point was picked up by Carvell and Begalla and then it spread on to various Democratic friendly news outlets and blogs

Can you point to one Republican operative that has kept Rush's name alive?
I believe you live in Atlanta. I record the "Fight The Power" Black talk radio station WAOK every morning. Ending last week - they talked about and attacked Rush Limbaugh every day for 8 shows straight. Dr White was asking how anyone could defend Limbaugh for his use of the "Barack The Magic Negro" song. From this rhetorical question the attacks on Limbaugh and Michael Steele (the Sambo) were teed up.

Janet - we must look at WHAT IS NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele who are members of the PARTY THAT IS NOW IN POWER are made the focus.

* We are NOT talking about the historically record high Federal Debt at $1.8 trillion

* We are NOT talking about the war and deaths that are taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan

* We are pacified that with the news that with ONLY 539,000 jobs lost in April 2009 this represents a SLOW DOWN in job losses

* That April 2009 Home Foreclosures were an increase by 25% over Feb 2008

As I monitor various Black themed blogs - it amazes me how in the deepest, darkest city or metro area where Black folks live in our highest concentrations THE REPUBLICANS WHO HAVE NO TRACTION IN OUR COMMUNITY are talked about more than the Progressives who run every one of our vital institutions that impact us on a daily basis.

If this is not hatred and bigotry to the detriment of our own community - What is it?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shake Dancing With BET Uncut

(Comedy keeps me from crying folks. It really does.)
From Booker Rising. BET Uncut bends over on the pole seeking more dollars into his G-string:

BET Uncut:
What I remember is the Rethugs nearly Court Marshaling and shooting anyone who dared ask an intelligent question - while their propaganda-fear machine went into overdrive.

Constructive Feedback:

Right now Obama doesn't even need to run game against the ANTI-WAR/ANTI-AMERICAN forces DESPITE his running the same TWO WARS as Bush.


Who would have thunk it? Obama's strategy of "Make the ENEMIES OF AMERICA LIKE AMERICA AGAIN in order to gain their cooperation" is working!!! The Anti-America American LEFTISTS! haven't held an ANTI-WAR PROTEST in 100 days plus some change!!! CHANGE IS UPON US!!!

He even had a Democratic Congressman on the Rachell Maddow show last night calling OBAMA'S $85 billion war spending supplemental package that is coming up "A SPENDING BILL FROM BUSH'S DEFENSE SECRETARY GATES"!!!!

Dude - I know when I have been outfoxed man.

This is all BRILLIANT.

Jack and Jenny Politics - Donkey Names

Wow. This one fell into my lap.

My daughter asked me as a part of a homework assignment "What is the name for a female donkey?"

A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny, and offspring less than one year old, a foal (male: colt, female filly)

With Jack and Jill Politics working so hard as Democratic operatives it seems rational that they change their name to "Jack and Jenny Politics". Don't you think?

They may have to get permission from "Huffington Post" before making such a change. The change may trigger a change in their domain name and thus the morning syndication of articles received from Huffington and KOS might start bouncing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mark-M: Black Conservatives Have Not Produced Alternatives

[quote]Second, conservatives on this site have, by and large, not produced viable, tenable positions.[/quote]

Channeling the voice of Mark-M:

Dear Black Conservatives on Booker Rising YOU HAVE FAILED!!

Despite the fact that the collective Black community continues to wail about the tack that is stuck in our behind that is causing much distraction.....IT IS YOUR IDEOLOGY that has FAILED to sell the Black community into having CONFIDENCE that you can remove this tack. Thus we don't vote for you.

I who considers myself as standing with the more popular Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers have shrouded myself into relating to THE PAIN that this tack is causing our people.

Thus my present POPULARITY stems NOT FROM MY ACTUALLY HAVING PULLED THE TACK FROM OUR is from tapping the vein of CONFIDENCE that Black people have that if my party and my ideology is allowed to GROW MORE POWERFUL......this tack might be removed.

We have mastered the ground game. Where as originally the Black community, having done a mass migration to the North for jobs within the industrial heartland of America were focused upon how THEIR CITIES were failing their interests....we lead a massive political advocacy to TAKE OVER THE INSTITUTIONS OF THE CITIES. We sold Black people on the notion of

* Better schools.....if they vote our way

* Safer streets.....if they vote our way

* Better paying jobs....if they vote our way

With the help of "The Blacks" we WON. We now control all of these institutions where Black people live in their highest concentrations.

OH, you ask about those DELIVERABLES to "The Blacks"?

Well, its simple. Once we took control of the local plateaus where they live in their highest concentrations - we, who achieved an alignment between our party, our Civil Rights Activists groups and the Black Press to SHIFT THE FOCUS of our people up to the NEXT PLATEAU.

This was important otherwise...."The Blacks" might continue "Speaking Truth To Power"......the power that THEY VOTED INTO THE MUNICIPAL OFFICES.

We had to tap once again into:

*The PRIDE of the "First Black" in office
*The HATRED of the "Racist White Flighters"
*The FIGHT against the ubiquitous White Conservative who, BUT FOR HIS OPPOSITION of our local progressives who's plans were to shift even more state resources INTO the city domain that we now have control over WE WOULD HAVE DELIVERED UPON OUR PROMISES.

In our context switch we convinced "the Blacks" that for us to deliver upon our past promises.....they need to STAY UNITED, not ask questions and instead SUPPORT US AS WE TAKE OVER THE STATE. Indeed Blacks are a minority population within all states. Thus we need to craft an alliance with Democrat Progressives and in THEIR VICTORY.....BLACKS WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

When we took over the entire region of the Northeast of the USA and our problems STILL persisted we again did a context switch. "WHY IS THE SOUTH VOTING AGAINST ITS OWN ECONOMIC INTERESTS - THEY ARE RACISTS" was promoted as the new talking point to get Northeastern Blacks from noting that despite the fact that their favored party and ideology is in place the DELIVERABLES are few and far between.

We now have a Black President of the United States WHO'S VERY PRESENCE IN OFFICE WE HAVE SOLD AS EVIDENCE OF BLACK PROGRESS. We don't need to own up to the schools, the lack of productive outlets for employment of Blacks, nor the social problems that continue to plague our people. WE HAVE TAPPED INTO THE ASPIRATIONS OF OUR PEOPLE!!!!

So you see, Black Conservatives we have you trumped. While WE ask YOU to ACTUALLY DELIVER before we would consider to vote for you......we have "the Blacks" LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH DEMOCRATIC VICTORIES and thus they are MADE CONTENT.

While the tack still remains and its pain is present - it takes a person's mind to FOCUS ON THE PAIN. Instead we have them focused on claiming DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUCCESS AS THEIR OWN.......

You could learn a great deal from us, Black Conservatives.

Signed Mark-M as channeled through CS

Black Elite Liberals' Debate Techniques

JB - In debates various elitist Black liberals over time and on various debate boards I've noticed that many of them ATTEMPT to establish superiority in the debate by using their education as a weapon to marginalize me and others who disagree with them. (Kinda like all of the references to "Barack Obama's 'intelligence' during the campaign trail. We were all to assume that his superior intelligence was a given and thus yield our inferior position to his.)

I recall an Internet Troll (TKcal?)who was a Black bigot who hated the "White establishment" but then went on to promote the fact that his girlfriend is a PhD from a (White) Ivy League school. Her qualifications received from her school were position to flow to him and thus he is of quality because he was able to pull a female who was "quality". Do you see how this works? I had to point out this irony to him.

As a Black man who is formally educated and has significant life and professional experience in observing people I wonder how someone who attempts to use their own education against me for the purposes of their own edification in a debate could be free of hatred for those who are the targets of his constant "help-ification" as they are uneducated. Certainly less than what I have. Since I don't know what is inside of the brains of these Black Liberal elitists it seems logical that they inferiorize any poor Blacks that don't have education IF they are attempting to do the same to one who does.

The key appears to be that this elitist uses their lack of education and their tendency to worship the Black liberal elitist's elocution, making them an instant fan base for the elitist. Many jack legged preachers have gotten rich by using words that draw upon the intended emotions and BIG WORDS that people don't understand so the speaker must be smarter than they are.

As long as the "inferiorized poor Blacks" remain appreciative that the elitist is around to work on THEIR BEHALF and he does not mount any stinging criticism of the elitist - there exists a symbiotic relationship.......AS LONG AS THE POOR BLACKS STAY IN THEIR RELATIVE PLACE.

They don't want strength at the PERIPHERY. Instead their goal is to strengthen the center and strengthen the support for the center from the periphery.

Almost universally the posters that come to mind as I think of this attribute (BT, UptownSteve, Professor Kevin from AfroAmerican blog) go on their most vehement attack against educated Black people who disagree with them. I learn to take the blows and run an endurance race. All objective observers will make note of who the inferiorists is.

You won't escape being called an Uncle Tom as they vacate their elite debate positions and get into a ghetto street fight where they pick up the closest broken bottle and use such epithets.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The GOP Must Die, Long Live The GOP (Black Democrats Need A Racist Scare Crow To Keep Us Unified)

From Hip Hop Republican

[quote]Ultimately the GOP must attract the young if it wants to succeed in the future.
At the moment, the GOP does not need to change at all, it doesn’t need to reach out for votes, or reach out for minorities.[/quote]

Mr Weatherspoon:

Can we take your argument and move it to a new place?

Let's shift the focus of our inspection to the place where Black people live in our highest concentrations and thus where the Democrats are at their strongest.

Aside from the "Joy over the Obama election victory" are these "happy places" where what looks good on paper via the prevalence of our favored political party translates into the delivery of our "Permanent Interests" as a people?

You see Mr. Weatherspoon it is more critical than ever for Black people to be able to define and articulate our PERMANENT interests. Failing to do so we will join the fray in the "team sport" known as Partisan Politics.

As for me - after listening to Black folks of all ideologies I have settled upon the following as the "Black Permanent Interests"

* Safe Streets
* Quality Education
* Thriving Local Economy
* Healthy Life Styles

Mr Weatherspoon - do you find it ironic that the various Black media outlets (I am including blogs within this) are talking more about the REPUBLICAN PARTY problems as it seeks to reorient itself more than we are talking about OUR COMMUNITY and how our problems persist DESPITE the Democratic dominance over them? Could you think of a better situation to be in where a political and ideological force keeps talking what "the other guy" will do IF he ever gets control over your people and their community rather than having to defend what HE IS DOING at present?

Thus I am forced to flip the entire argument around sir.

The Republican Party could close up shop tomorrow and have Michael Steele presiding over its liquidation. This is NOT going to

* Make any Black people one bit safer in our own communities
* Raise the academic performance standards within any Black school
* Insure the viability of any Black owned business
nor * insure that one less Black person is infected with the HIV virus.

The answer, Mr Weatherspoon is to have BLACK PEOPLE change to return to seeking out our PERMANENT INTERESTS and inspecting the METHODOLOGY that has been sold to us for this attainment and ABANDON THE METHODOLOGY when it has proven to fail, retaining those elements of it that work. And then doing some SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH to find out for our ownselves which methodologies are effective at delivering upon that which we seek.

Whatever it is - our present alignment is not working for the best interests of the Black community.
We are living vicariously through the present electoral success of the Democrats. We depart the election night victory celebration - fearing that when we walk down the street at 12 midnight that someone who looks like us may not have the same spirit of jubilation.

The change of the Republican Party is irrelevant.
It is the Black community that must CHANGE.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CNN Anchor Like's Obama's "Swagga"

I must appologize. I chose not to vote for Obama because of the machine that he presides over and which now has control of the federal government also has control of the places where Black people live in our highest concentrations with little to show for it.

I now see that I should have voted for Obama because of his "Swagga".

I will now start judging elected candidates based on their penache rather than their track record.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Secret Analysis Of "BET Uncut's" Blog

BT's (aka "BET Uncut" Blog)

My friend BET Uncut is a consummate Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism Chaser.

My argument is that the BQPFRC focuses more on Conservatives/Republicans than they do on those they favor that ACTUALLY HAVE POWER over their interests.

I am going to do a survey and keep a tab on the content submissions by my friend BET Uncut to his own blog.

The framework for my evaluation is as such

1) Political Content / Non-Political

2) Democrat / Republican primary subject ( Or Progressive / Conservative)

3) Negative of the subject or an advocacy position

Based on a cursory view - he is running about 85% Conservative content and 100% of that is critical.

You have to give it to Rush Limbaugh. He mentioned that now that the Democrats have total control of Washington DC the press and their agents will switch from keeping the GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE over to attacking Republicans that are on the outs.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Color Of Progressive Change vs Michael Basden

Both of these forces rode past thousands and thousand of more pressing issues for the Black community to support 3 Black thugs who were destined to have a run in with the law.

OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) - A fund raiser for the 6 high school students expelled from a Louisiana school sued the ABC Radio Thursday saying s a radio host defamed him and by saying the money he raised "has not been going where it needs to go" and calling him "shady."
James Rucker and sued radio personality Michael Baisden, ABC Radio Network and Citadel Broadcasting in Alameda County Court.
Rucker says he and his group raised and distributed $210,000 for bail and legal defense for the Jena 6, black high school students in Louisiana who were arrested after a racially charged fight. Rucker says he distributed the money by October 2007, and that Baisden's staff knew about it before the Nov. 5, 2007 show on which the defamation allegedly occurred.
On that day, Rucker says, Baisden said, "The money has not been going where it needs to go." He says Baisden added that "We contacted them [the plaintiffs] ourselves. ... I'm going to be frank. ... The perception of my staff is that he is a little shady."
Baisden defamed him again on Nov. 6, Rucker says, by saying: "He (James Rucker) sound shady to me. Sounds like a shady brother ... Slim Shady." (Parentheses in complaint.)
And on Nov. 9, Rucker says, Baisden read on the air and posted on his Web site a statement "that was not authorized by the Jena 6 families to collect money on behalf of four of the six families."

Minister Louis Farrakhan's Star Is Dimming In My Constellation

WVON Host Cliff Kelley interview with The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

I am seeing that Minister Louis Farrakhan is good for a speech and certainly has cleaned up the lives of certain individuals that have joined the Nation Of Islam.

When it comes to putting forth a plan by which the larger swath of Black America can follow he comes up empty. He says "our children are victims of a conspiracy". As I daily watch as Black Domestic Pirates kill and assault other Blacks I am not inclined to believe that they are operating off of anything other than their own volition OR the absence of a system within their community to channel their productive resources toward a less destructive end.

The fact that he welcomed Calvin Broadus on stage without once asking him to reform himself and the content that he produces for the world to see - told me all that I needed to know about Rev Farrakhan.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Those Damned White Racists In The Republican Party

Drum Addict:

For those of us who actually LISTENED TO Michael Steele on the radio this morning instead of getting our view of the world syndicated via the Huffington Post........

the far more interesting call was the "Black professional" that called in toward the end of the show. Despite voting for Obama he agreed that many of his policies were problematic.

In talking first hand with the REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN, HOWEVER....he keyed in upon how the GOP is the HOME OF WHITE RACISTS as green lighted by Sarah Palin.

Drum Addict he told Steele that despite having some points of agreement with the Republicans, as a Black man from the 'educated class' he is averse to joining a party that has so many RACISTS!!!!

Drum Addict - one key reason why I am not a Republican is because so many Black Republicans that I run across are so CLUELESS in how to take in what certain Black folks tell them and expand the argument.

Drum Addict - when the great Fannie Lou Hamer traveled up to Atlantic City to be seated at the Democratic National Convention of 1964 - where the White folks who spat in her face in her attempts to be seated "LOVERS OF BLACK PEOPLE"?

Drum Addict - what allowed F.L.H. to KEEP HER EYES ON THE PRIZE, realizing that the Black community was in need of EFFECTIVE political representation and thus some IGNORANT WHITE RACISTS were not going to derail her from her goal?

Does it seem odd to you, Drum Addict that there is an organized aversion among Black people to join the Republican Party lest they be called by the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers as "DERAILERS OF THE BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE who sleep with the enemy"? If this is the case among the Black Republicans today - what was not the case with F.L.H. and why is she in the history books?

IS IT POSSIBLE that the Black Establishment who have told us for years (Dr. Ronald Walters) "MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE......the BLACK VOTE CANNOT BE SPLINTERED between PARTIES lest we lose our VOTING STRENGTH". We saw from the "Black General Elections of 2008" the Democratic Primary that it is O.K. for Black folks to split among DIFFERENT DEMOCRATS. You may get attacked on Jack and Jill Politics and be called a "handkerchief headed negro" but come November once the "Black General Election" is over - you can become whole again because the UNITY will be recast.

Silly me for having the AUDACITY to believe that the better case for the threat to Black interests being the "Domestic Pirates who are killing us" or the elected people who are failing our local institutions, placing their threat over SCOUNDREL BLACK CONSERVATIVES who, what does Just De Facts say......can only get a position as the Texas Rail Road Commissioner.

I know that the new version of Star Trek is coming out Drum Addict. Maybe they will splice in the "Jedi Mind trick" which says those who ARE REPUDIATED by your community and thus have no POWER are the MAIN THREAT.....yet those who have their name plates on the desks in the seats of power over your community are the GOOD GUYS. Their GOOD INTENTIONS which just so happen to match YOUR IDEOLOGY is more valued than the track record of trans derailments that they have on their collective resume. We must STAY UNIFIED!! Shut Up and TRY HARDER!!!

We have those damned Republicans on the run now!!!!


* Democrat Mayor
* 100% Democrat City Council
* Democrat State House
* Democrat State Senate
* Democrat, filibuster proof US Senate
* Democrat Majority US House
* Democrat PRESIDENT!!!!