Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New York Magazine Calls Kanye West Photo "Urban"


We all know that White liberals are not racist though.

Earlier in the week, New York's fashion blog, The Cut, broke the story that the leaked photos of Kanye West and his dame Amber Rose lounging in the nude (well, Amber was) were not part of his Louis Vuitton advertising campaign. And while we all appreciated the knowledge, not everyone was pleased about how blogger Amy Odell phrased the news. Here is what she wrote:

"So to answer the question we all asked when we first saw these images, no, Louis Vuitton is not out of its mind. We're still not sure what the shots are for. We're guessing some kind of urban magazine like Giant. Unless Vogue has lost its mind."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Help Me Out SouldBrother

[quote]Nothing you listed states how a black man killing another black man is the result of a Democrat or a liberal policy.[/quote]


I have been struggling with a concept that maybe you or someone else can help me pick a word to describe. (You know how I am with creating labels and defining phenomena)

Here is the antonym of what I am thinking of:

We are all aware of how a group of policies can be SUPPRESSIVE upon a people. Certain policies seek to stifle an individuals freedom, justice, academic opportunity and health - all in the name of hatred of or competition with the GROUP that he belongs to. There are active policies that go out of their way to strike again these people. There are passive policies that don't allow these people into the "Friend and Family" plan so they reside outside of the circle of benefit to suffer.

SouldBrother - this first part is well known. You and other Racism Chasers have been very vocal about these forces.

Where I am struggling, SouldBrother is about the antonym of this.

I can describe it but don't have a name for it.

This system:

* FAILS to engage the potential stored within the INDIVIDUALS that make up the group

* Their overall plan FAILS to ALIGN the people's INDIVIDUAL actions with some GREATER GOALS

* At a time where they want more DIRECTED OUTCOMES they instead focus upon INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES among the INDIVIDUALS who they have within THEIR circle

* The cost of this aversion to dissecting away thoughts and behavior which threaten their group WITHIN, suppressing it for the sake of the long term PERMANENT INTERESTS, they instead seek to UNIFY the internal member for a constant EXTERNAL FIGHT against their adversaries

* Ironically - when their doggedness allows them to win the war of attrition where they take more control of their local interests - BECAUSE OF THEIR ORIENTATION this "success" is NOT turned into BENEFIT FOR THE PEOPLE because the more THEIR IDEOLOGY prevails as the key determining factor of their STANDARD OF LIVING........the more their STANDARD OF LIVING declines if left alone

Help me define this SouldBrother. The WORST possible situation of these people is to COME FACE TO FACE with THEIR OWN THEORIES where they live in a community where THEIR IDEOLOGY rules.

You see, SouldBrother - if you look at how companies are managed, organizations are managed, highly rated communities are managed - they seek to:

* Define the type of results they desire

* Set up a domain upon which they seek to operate and control the results of

* Focus on projecting their management directives upon the resources within this domain (particularly human resources)

* Capture feedback to understand the results

* Redirect/reeducate/refocus the resources to fix any shortcomings

What should be made of the force that FAILS to deliver in this regard SouldBrother?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Radio Host Tom Joyner Buys His Way Back Into The Chicago Market

It amazes me how the same people who attack media consolidation and the need for "local content" to prevent media messages from being trapped into too few hands don't seem to have a problem with the popular syndicated Black radio DJs - Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Russ Par, etc. They all seem to carry the same tune (I credit Harvey for his ability to go against the grain at times and SPEAK TRUTH to those who purport to 'Speak Truth To Power').

Where is the active opposition against Tom Joyner's syndication attempts?

NO I am not opposed to this. I am asking for consistency amongst the "usual suspects" though.

Tom Joyner is back to the airwaves

"We stepped out on faith that all the people who blogged, Tweeted, posted Facebook messages ... saying they wanted to protest, to march, to do this and that ... and the outcry of support from listeners and advertisers who said, 'We want you back.'"

Joyner will return to Chicago Monday to broadcast live from Kennedy-King College, host a news conference, and start an internship program in which Kennedy-King College communications students will work on the Joyner show.

"The students will be our street team, our roving reporters of news and events. We'll let them learn what we mean when we say we 'super serve' the African-American community," Joyner said.

Joyner said his show will reflect "the sound of Chicago -- the music, the people, the flavor. This will be the voice of black radio, Chicago's Black radio!"

It is also amazing how selective some people are with what they protest over.

Urban Hip Hop - The Last Place You Can Be Called A "Nigger" And Pay The Person Your Money For Doing So

News: Jadakiss Blames NY Rappers For Downfall, "The Ego Started Playing A Part"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Have To Laugh Or I'd Be Crying

To Dougie On "Booker Rising":

[quote]You are so funny CS[/quote]

It helps hide the tears inside dougie.

Did you watch WSB news at 6?

* Black business owner - victim of home invasion. Thugs heat a butter knife on the stove and TORTURE them with the hot knive and a TASER in order to get the money that they took home from their gas station. AND SOME OF YOU WANT THE FREAKING CIA ARRESTED FOR TORTURE!!!

* African Immigrant who drove a taxi - SHOT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD and killed when he picked up a fare from the Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA Station (NAMED AFTER A CIVIL RIGHTS LEADER). A married man with 4 kids was the primary provider to his family. He came to America for freedom and economic opportunity, working 14 hours per day. THE THUGS WHO KILLED HIM didn't GIVE A WHAT!!!

Next time Danny Glover can't get a cab you tell him about WHY there is a stereotype surrounding some people.

* Black Georgia Congressman goes to Africa and see that it is POVERTY that is causing PIRACY!!! It is ironic that when the COPS SHOOT 3 BLACK MEN IN THE HEAD there is a protest against the COPS!! Now that this CBC member is slowly making the case that "East Africa is a Ghetto" that needs our HELP rather than to be shot in the head - the IRONY about the happiness in the BQPFRC community over 'Obama's VICTORY' in having shot 3 Africans in the head to save one White guy becomes even more confusing.

If the Duluth GA COPS had shot these 2 tourturing home invaders in the head THERE WOULD BE PROTESTS!!!!

There will be NO PROTESTS from:

* Concerned Black Clergy
* Georgia Coalition of Black (Democrat Liberal) Elected Officials

We will NOT see AfroSpear nor Jack and Jill add this TORTURED Black Small Business owners to their 'TASERED WHILE BLACK' grievance movement.

You need to be a POLICE OFFER for them to actually hold you to some sort of STANDARD. Since the "Pirate Thugs" are not held up to any particular standard then simply HOLD UP people!!!!

What else can I do but be funny dougie?
Cultural Strategist | 04.22.09 - 6:17 pm |

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lou Dobbs Puts Caller In His Place About Keith Olbermann

Though I admit to being on the right - I have to give credit to Lou Dobbs for being an equal opportunity critique, regardless of who is in office.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Can't Say I'll Miss Her When She Goes To The DC Beat

Halt war on drugs, target the kingpins

So let's see her key agenda items:

  • Weapons Bans
  • Cancel The War On Drugs
  • Get White Folks To See That What Was Once A "Black Drug Problem" Is Increasingly Becoming "Their Problem" and thus "They Are In The Mud With Us"
If Ms Tucker was intellectually consistent she would be promoting the Mexican Government to fight the importation of illegal guns from America..........by offering CONFLICT RESOLUTION TRAINING to Mexicans caught with illegal guns!!!!

Noticeably absent from Obama’s list of corrective measures was any pledge to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, which expired in 2004. Bullied by the gun lobby, Obama and fellow Democrats are afraid to press a common-sense measure that would take weapons of war off the streets here and out of the hands of drug thugs in Mexico.

Given that cowardice, it’s probably futile to suggest that Obama do something visionary, if radical, about the market for illegal drugs in this country:

Walk away from the failed and costly “war on drugs”; significantly reduce the amount of money spent on enforcement against penny-ante dealers and users, abandon draconian laws that give stiff prison sentences to nonviolent drug offenders, spend the money instead on rehabilitation for addicts.

Some of that money could also be redirected to cracking down on the cartels, as Obama has proposed. They are vicious criminal enterprises that, left unchecked, can infiltrate the law enforcement and judicial establishments of entire countries. As Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) recently noted, “the Mexican drug cartels are capable of a very sophisticated level of quasi-military violence.” The Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI should concentrate resources on those kingpins, not on street-level dealers or addicted users doing more harm to themselves than anyone else

Brain Washed Negro Bloggers

Offender: Derrick from "Bookerrising.blogspot.com"

Derrick says:
The fact is that the Democratic Party has already in 3 months alone

1) Introduced a budget that focuses on schools (inner city one's especially),

2) SCHIP that provides health care for low-income families,

3) Tagged money for Universal Health Care to help inner city families,

4) Jim Webb's legislation for Prison Reform to end the mass incarceration of non-violent drug offenders,

5) A substantial program to provide jobs through Obama's stimulus bill, and others.

I Replied:

(This is so frustrating folks)

Derrick - HOW MUCH of these new funds that will appear in the Black community are ORGANICALLY GENERATED where COMMUNITY MEMBERS who will ultimately CONSUME these benefits have done something DIFFERENT that you can point to which increased their RESOURCE AGGREGATION CAPABILITIES?

I truly believe that some of you JUST DON'T GET IT!!!

You believe that by VOTING YOUR WAY to entitlement and thus RECEIVING IT that you have WON THE BATTLE!!!

Each night you go and pray to Jesus that THE SYSTEM that is ordered in a certain way does not leave you. (Or more accurately that the FORCES which have generated these economic resources that you have redistributed NEVER MOVE OUTSIDE OF YOUR TAXING DISTRICT.)

Derrick you are talking to the WRONG PERSON.

There is not a single bullet point on your list that a CONSCIOUS Black person can point to and make the claim that our community's ability to PRODUCE ABUNDANCE has been augmented by these resources that were generated from forces that reside outside of the areas that your ideology has influence over. Thus the Tea Party Protests.

The most frustrating part about reading the analysis on the various Afro-Spear blogs (and on WRFG) is that they saw the tax protests as the fear of the collapse of WHITE SUPREMACY.

What they DON'T seem to get is the fact that this new REDISTRIBUTIVE REGIME is, in fact, the growth of poor and Black INFERIORITY in regards to the alignment of their PRODUCTIVE capacities within the communities that they now have dEMOCRATIC control over, able to field what ever local economic order that they desire and their need to instead appeal to faux terms such as SOCIAL JUSTICE as the justification for these resources to flow within.

Thus Derrick you SHOULD be asking:

1) Why is a city such as Chicago and Philadelphia unable to field an economic order that allows the economic activity WITHIN the city borders to PAY FOR basic government services (such as their educational system)?

2) Since MEDICAID already pays for health care for LOW INCOME FAMILIES.....what forces are impressing upon the consciousness of these lower-middle class/ middle class families in which they see that in having the GOVERNMENT to take over their health care obligations for their family they have INCREASED their position toward freedom rather than being drawn into more dependency upon the system.

3) What about these "Inner City Families" has them needing "Universal Health Care" that is paid for NOT BY their own ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY or WILL TO FIX THEIR OWN condition but instead upon their voting preferences.

Derrick when you show me that a successful vote in Chad could provide the people in that impoverished nation with abundance THEN I will agree with you that it was the VOTING FOR these policies rather than the fact that these people HAPPENED to have a mother that was inseminated in a qualifying nation that is the prevailing force for their demands.

4) Derrick IF ONLY their prior consciousness about the deadly impact of drugs upon their community would do the trick rather than legislation then you would impress me. How is it that YOU are not in jail san Webb's legislation?

5) Derrick the cities of Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, Camden, Rochester and Cleveland were awash with JOBS prior to the present ideological and economic order that dominates these environments took over. Why do you feel that GOVERNMENT is going to restore these tidings now that this ideology has taken over at the national level?

Derrick - I focused so much on the first paragraph of your previous post that I neglected to see the idiocy contained in your second paragraph. Your second paragraph is far more insightful of your warped thoughts than the itemizations in the first.

Derrick Says:
I doubt we will again see policies that transfer the countries wealth to the top 1%

I replied:


Why aren't more of you jumping on this one?

In the mind of Derrick - TAX POLICIES "TRANSFER WEALTH" TO those who are allowed to KEEP THEIR OWN MONEY!!!!" How does one logically think this way?

This can only be the case if you believe that ALL MONEY IS THE NATION'S MONEY and thus we should be thankful that the government ALLOWED YOU to keep the portion of your money that they did so.

voucher programs aimed at increasing the funding of private schools mostly populated by upper middle-class and wealthy students,

(This is so frustrating)

For you see in the mind of Derrick IT IS MORE OF A THREAT that some kids will be allowed to EXIT FAILING URBAN SCHOOLS for "private schools" than it is that THEIR LOCAL GOVERNMENT OPERATED SCHOOL IS FAILING and thus injuring them greatly!!!

This is the type of unconsciousness that is causing the resistance to the needed reforms and changes within the DC public school system and elsewhere.

Those like Derrick who FIGHT REFORM as they seek to advance the best interests of the unionized teachers suffer no consequence for the continuing harm borne by BLACK STUDENTS.

Since the Black community is smitten with "Democratic Immunity" - no Democratic regime will suffer any particular consequence for FAILING BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS. Those in the Black media who serve to interpret these events will make the case that these FAILINGS is the result of NATIONAL CONSPIRACY against Black folks rather than the CHICKENS COMING HOME TO ROOST with respect to their policy and economic biases.

How else can you deal with such people other than MOVE AWAY FROM THEM and make sure they NEVER HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU AND YOUR INTERESTS?

and the bribing of African-American pastors to influence their constinuencies to vote in favor of a party whose lone agreement is on discriminating against gays, and making abortion an issue

I like you Derrick because you are so easy and so trained.

Let me introduce you to my "proportionality filter".

There is a known quantity of money that has been spent on "Faith Based Funds". Over this time there has been abject opposition to these policies by operatives like you. (No, no. I am not talking about RIGHT NOW - with Obama having adopted them. I am talking about before when Bush did it and it was a sign that the devil wanted to enter the Black church).

Derrick - IF indeed the plan was to use government money to attract Black voters to vote Republican then this plan FAILED MISERABLY.

From the stand point of PROPORTIONALITY - the must more effective HONEY that attracts the Black Progressive Voter has been the $1,000 billion per year social spending from the federal government. This has allowed the party of dependency to attract upwards of 90% of the Black vote.

As long as "the Blacks" who have fought hard for LOCAL POLITICAL CONTROL over the cities and counties where they live are NEVER, NEVER, NEVER left alone to run these cities as they see fit BUT ALSO to both benefit from the good but SUFFER FROM THE BAD POLICIES........all is well.

You see Derrick - you clearly have no clue about the origin of our cities. These lands that were once UNINCORPORATED areas sought a city charter from the state because the city leaders made the case that they could promote their constituent's interests better if they were allowed to COLLECT LOCAL TAXES and use them to provide LOCAL SERVICES - rather than sending their money to the county and the state to provide these services.

In our perverted world of to-damned-day - a city can go INSOLVENT, failing to field an economic order by which it can provide these services and yet GO BACK TO THE STATE ENTITY, demand MONEY.....but never have the state seek to REVOKE THEIR CITY CHARTER due to its insolvency!!!

Thus the cities have transformed. NO LONGER does the risk of failure serve as an upper limit to ones spending and a check on their ABSTRACT POLICIES!!! They have shifted from systems of economic balance over to DISTRIBUTION POINTS of state and federal funding rained in to allow an otherwise unworkable situation to work.

The key flaw of the Black Progressive is that he went after POLITICAL POWER at the local level with the hopes that upon assuming the seat of power he could force his enemies into compliance. When HIS ENEMIES LEFT HIM ALL ALONE to fend for himself - the EMPTY RHETORIC and race baiting showed its to be HOLLOW. Black people were hurt as:

* The schools imploded
* The streets in our communities became less safe
* The employment centers shrank as the organized labor showed that as they RAISE THEIR PRICES the CONSUMERS OF LABOR will opt to NOT PURCHASE any longer

The establishment did not miss a beat for FAILING THE BLACK COMMUNITY though, Derrick. The collapse that took place was cast in the light of the "RACISM of White Flight" more than the "Incompetence Of the Remaining Progressive order which is now in control".

Today the Progressive seeks to REGAIN TAX Control over those who moved across city/county/state lines to avoid their REDISTRIBUTION plans.

Today the Progressive cities have a regime of taxes and fees lined up to pick the pockets of their own citizens as the capitalistic sources of their income have dried up.

The PROGRESSIVES are planning a round of REGRESSIVE TAXES that is likely to have the Progressive Activists conduct their own tea parties in the next several years


This Is An Important Step For AJC's Mike Luckovich

Everything must be placed within its relative context in order to be fully appreciated.

For the left wing editorial cartoonist operating on the Atlanta Journal Constitution editorial page this cartoon should be marked as a first!!

Mark this as the first time that Mike Luckovich has made a cartoon that hints as a criticism of OBAMA POLICY or WORDS!!!

Yes Obama has appeared in previous cartoons by Luckovich. Normally however, he is seen trampling elephants, walking on water or doing something else that shows Luckovich's regard for Obama and his disdain for his favorite target - Conservatives and Republicans.

Again - I say we must look at this in its relative form because it is also true that Luckovich is not attempting to throw a bomb at Obama in an attempt to hurt him.

One only needs to look at 8 years of attacks upon George W Bush to see how this critique of Obama's words are so muted by comparison. There is no exaggeration of Obama's persona. There is not even a label detailing that this is Obama at the controls.

Still - I have to give Mike Luckovich credit for this baby step.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Say It Ain't So! Atlanta Journal Constitution's Cynthia Tucker Leaving The Editorial Page For DC Stint

Michelle Obama had better watch out.

I know of no other newspaper reporter that has been more smitten with Obama's manhood.

Cynthia Tucker: Washington, here I come

The sad part of it all is that it is not Cynthia Tucker who is out of line with the "mainstream Black political thought".......I AM.

Despite positioning herself as a champion for good governance and the little man - her key violation of this is that she only sees this in populist liberals.   Admittedly this was beyond Democrat.  Democrats felon Mayor Bill Campbell and former Dekalb County CEO Vernon Jones can testify to being targets of the wrath of Cynthia Tucker.   In her mind this makes her objective.  Indeed a self described member of the "Christian left" but objective none the less.

In truth the larger picture shows more clear.

While Ms Tucker can find few conservatives that she likes (and by the way Vernon Jones sees himself as a conservative Democrat) she seemed to look past all of the sins of her progressive soulmates.  As she focused on attacking the Georgia state Republicans (and to some extent they deserved attack) she said little about the festering train wreck known as Clayton County which left far more "ladder in the road ways" than most.

Lets not forget her quarterly "The Black church is homophobic and thus are responsible for the HIV infection within the Black community" stories.  This points to Ms Tucker's loathing of traditional establishment power.   You see in her view - more than the sexually active people's choice to spurn church doctrine and do as they please - it is the conservative church who might dare JUDGE THEM for their actions, pushing them out of the church because of their continuous "sins" which is the problem in the matter.   At a time when a "sinner" needed a loving hand - the church chose to MAINTAIN ITS DEMAND FOR ORDER, not customizing itself to the "sinner" who wanted sex with no restricts.  In short - Ms Tucker wanted verbal "condom distribution" from the church along with bible versus.  

Ironcially it is the REJECTION of church doctrine because it is too stale that our most pressing problems occur.   How then can the church be attacked for being too dogmatic toward "moral strictures" that hope to avoid such plagues by limiting behavior but then held accountable for causing those who choice "the will of man" and thus depart the church when they become HIV positive?  

Cynthia Tucker is but one bullet in the chamber of other progressive biased Black editorial writers - Derick Z Jackson, Eugene Robinson, Bob Herbert, DeWayne Whickham, and several others.  Indeed they are more in line with popular Black political and social consciousness and thus their indictment.  At a time when Black America has a boat load of pressing problems that the election of one Black man with a popular mandate can cure - this crew of biased operatives choose to be cheerleaders and key "mis-directors", shifting the community's focus to the intended goat - the conservative who is not WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  Their favored political machine runs the show.

Where as normally those who seek to "speak truth to power" focus on those who are in power - they choose to focus on the THREAT to their PROGRESSIVE POWER STRUCTURE.

I will miss Ms Tucker's column in the AJC.  Every Saturday night I go to the AJC web site to get a preview of how she is going to ignore that which proves damning to her ideology and instead focus on her enemies.  Then I open the printed paper the next morning - and there is the very same article in print.

After the election of Barack Obama, thousands of would-be bureaucrats, ambitious bloggers and hopeful public servants moved to Washington, inspired by the opportunity to work for — or at least in the vicinity of — a historic presidency. I envied them. As a political junkie, I can’t think of a more exciting time to be in the nation’s capital.

Now, I’m getting my chance. This summer, I’m moving to Washington to become The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Washington-based political columnist.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keith Olbermann - Conservative Video Clips and Live Liberals On The Show

I just browsed through the video guide and besides late night infomercials I saw the Keith Olbermann show. I figured that I would regret doing so but I tuned into the show.

I notice one thin about the Keith Olbermann Show - he tees up the words of Conservatives/Republicans using some video clip. The clip is expertly edited to obtain the context that Mr Olbermann wants to get across to his viewers.

Then he invites some favorable liberal on the show to tear apart the words and views of the offending conservative.

Mr Olbermann derides the conflict oriented set up of the Bill Oreilly Show as O'Reilly gets ramped up over his guests, occasionally yelling at them. What Mr. Olberammn fails to make note of is that HE DOESN'T INVEST LIVE CONSERVATIVES on his show to even have a debate. Thus his show is far more "peaceful" as a result.

What does Mr Olbermann fear in having a real live human who can fire back at him?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Threat Of A Brainwashed Negro

Kels on Booker Rising:
I don't understand how you calling him Barry is any different from when the bigots on Free Republic and Townhall do it. You're not going to win black folks over to conservatism when they see the same kind of disrespect for his masculinity and ethnicity coming from you and Anne Coulter.


"Democratic Party and Progressives - why do you fault Black people from LEAVING YOU when after several decades of controlling our communities, running our schools, being responsible for the public safety, promising us economic development and attacking "Abstinence Only" while pushing "Wrap It Up" upon us.....yet we are the fastest growing group of HIV infected people.......WHY DO YOU FAULT US FOR DEPARTING and following our BEST INTERESTS?

Democrats and Progressives - for so long we asked Conservatives 'How do they expect to win our favor IF they keep standing against that which the Black community POPULARLY BELIEVE are the policies that take our community to the point of deliver for that we have long sought after.' As we stood back and considered the deal of the situation the more conscious of us began to see that you all kept us UNIFIED via the threat of RACISM if we were to start questioning you.

We saw that once this enemy departed our midst and went off on his own yet WAS ABLE TO REPLICATE HIS FORTUNE ELSEWHERE when his policies were adopted - our communities that retained YOU in the leadership position began to deflate. From this point you started talking about "Social Justice", thus giving us a cause to go after the fortune that was created those who exited while you had us rejecting the SYSTEM that he used to create the fortune.

Today Democrats and Progressives - We Black people now ask:

How do you plan to attract Black people back to your cause IF YOU KEEP TREATING BLACK PEOPLE AS SUBJECTS AS YOU HAVE BEEN DOING FOR SO LONG?