Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chocolate News and DL Hughely Show Gone

Death of two black comedy shows says more about TV than race

I am saddened to see "Chocolate News" gone. It was an excellently written show and very funny.

I don't give a damn about DL Hughely's show in the same manner. It was a running Sambo show and had no place in the CNN lineup in the first place.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Friend Filled Negro On Abstract Genetic Transmission Of Reporductive Genes

From Field-Negro: It's Your Call

Filled Negro:

Why should this be a matter for the constitutional government to handle in the first place? All of the CIVIC/CULTURAL admonitions against such behavior has been thrown away being that they are JUDGMENTAL in nature! DO IT IF IT FEELS GOOD!!

Is any of these court proceedings anything more than "going through the motions"? I thought that "justice" was more than just the motions of a string of legal proceedings but that it actually meant something in order for it to be JUST?

The kids and their mothers have WELFARE from the government. Ultimately isn't the state of BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT what you are an activist for? Why notate that the man provides for no particular emotional support for his offspring? The local government entitlement distribution center is just as COLD and UNCARING.

He is not forced in any way to produce income LEST HIS PROGENY STARVE TO DEATH.

The "sperm injector" is dutifully ABSTRACTED from the consequences of the INJECTION OF GENETIC MATERIAL into the human 'petri dish' that is otherwise called the "female womb".

What we are looking at, Filled Negro are the consequences of these women NOT CHOOSING to terminate the pregnancies and donating the remaining human genetic material for the cause of advancing stem cell research. Maybe THEY made the wrong choices - in your mind - not the man. I learned on the recent "International Woman's Day" that women are EMPOWERED based on their choice to HAVE BIRTH or NOT HAVE BIRTH based on their OWN choosing.

Isn't this ultimately an extreme example of "the perfect storm" of YOUR beliefs?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Friend Filled Negro

This is my good friend Filled Negro.

His job is to defend people who have a high likelihood of having assautled someone (likely a Black person) and getting this person off without punishment.

He has befriended a drug dealer into the Black community yet chose to "Stop Snitching" thus not turning him in. Yet another community in Philadelphia will receive their delivery of drugs as a result.

He hates Fox News but loves Keith Olbermann.

He hates Clarance Thomas but loves various hip hop rappers who used to be drug dealers but are now campaigning for the Democats (Young Jeezy, T.I. etc)

I like one thing about Filled Negro.  He keeps an accurate count of the homicides in Philadelphia.  Despite all of his work for the Democratic establishment he realizes that the city of Philadelphia - an 80% Democratic voting city - has major problems.

CNN Before and After

In the run up to the 2008 Election CNN pounded the airwaves with a series entitled "Broken Government".

Today CNN has a whole network theme "The Road To Rescue":

Monday, March 16, 2009

Newsweek Continues To Be The Obama Magazine Of Record - Ignore Wall Street

D.C. to Wall Street: Drop Dead

Investment professionals and econo-pundits claiming to speak for Wall Street have been blaming President Obama for the recent run of losses in the stock market. To their minds, investors around the world are giving a daily thumbs up or thumbs down to the administration's manifold policy initiatives. OBAMA'S RADICALISM IS KILLING THE DOW, read the headline of a Wall Street Journal op-ed by Stanford economist Michael Boskin, an official of the first Bush administration.

On March 3, Strategas analyst Dan Clifton noted that "with the S&P 500 off close to 8.5 percent since the budget was introduced, it is clear that equity investors remain skeptical of the government's plan to lead us out of this financial crisis." Even CNBC's James Cramer, who supported Obama during the campaign, has turned on the president, calling him a "wealth destroyer."

Talk about misplaced anger. Wall Street built a wooden house, stuffed it with flammable material, set it on fire and then poured gasoline on the blaze. And now it's blaming the inferno on the arson inspector, who wasn't appointed until after the fire had reached three-alarm status?

Alas, the investor in chief is taking notice. In early March he made a tentative stab at bucking up the markets. "What you're now seeing is profit and earning ratios starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal, if you've got a long-term perspective on it." (Maybe if this whole Leader of the Free World thing doesn't work out, he can get a gig on CNBC.)

Obama's commendable tendency to engage his critics is misguided in this case. He should be ignoring the Dow. The index has fallen about 50 percent from its closing peak of 14,164 on Oct. 9, 2007. (That was the week the Fox Business Channel debuted. Coincidence? I report, you decide.) Everything about the markets has been chopped in half—their value, their moral authority and hence their claim on Washington's attention. Having deprived Americans of so much of their wealth, the market is today like Rush Limbaugh: an unpopular loudmouth prone to emotional outbursts.

When Obama compared the Dow to a "tracking poll in politics," he made an error commonly seen in the Washington– Wall Street corridor. Securities markets are decidedly not public-opinion polls. In the fall of 2007, when the Dow was at its peak, only 25 percent of Americans thought the country was on the right track, according to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. And since Obama's election, the right-track number has exploded to the upside, from 11 percent in early November to 41 percent this month—even as the markets plunged.

What this author does seem to make note of is that the Dow represents a store of wealth for many people's personal investments and retirement funds. You had better believe that all of this matters.

The Dow Jones average is the market's confidence in the future not necessarily the present. With a ballooning debt things look a bit uneasy.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Black Republicans On "The"

April Nelson: How Sorry Is The GOP?

Let me get this straight. "The" has its founding in leftwing, Progressive, Pro-Democratic Party policies and agenda. They have since opened their door to Black Republican contributors. Great - this is prima facia diversity.

Yet as I review the content of many of these diverse voices many of them step into the fray and yet focus their attacks on the Republican Party????

Now let me be clear - the Republican Party is WORTHY OF ATTACK.
However if you want to see the Republican Party attacked by Black folks - you can go to 95% of the other Black politically themed blog sites for this content.

Where is the critical analysis of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

This is the party that has:

  • Dominant control of all political districts where Blacks make up >35% of the voting base
  • Control over every single Black majority school in the nation
  • Runs the big city police forces that purports to keep our people safe

I have to give credit to the "Democrats who are Black".  They do an excellent game of agenda management.   The most effective course forward is to keep the eye of inspection upon the ADVERSARY and not your own doings.   In the Black community "Republican failure" is a terminable offense.  Democratic failure, however, means that we as a community must help move additional hurdles out of the popular Democratic platform's way so that SUCCESS CAN BE HAD IN THE FUTURE.

What good are Black Republicans if they are not able to shift the critical inspection upon the party that ALREADY controls our community?  Some of them appear to want to make the Republican Party INTO a party that is attractive to Black people rather than fundamentally question if WHAT IS POPULARLLY ASSUMED TO BE THE PATHWAY TO THE ACHIEVEMENT OF BLACK BEST INTERESTS....HAS ACTUALLY DELIVERED UPON THIS.

There is so much material to prove otherwise - I can't understand their strategy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

As The Economy Crashes And Burns......Urban Music Entertainers Squabble Over Petty Crap

Keri Hilson Taking On Beyonce?

As Atlanta singer-songwriter Keri Hilson’s long-put-off debut, “In A Perfect World… ,” rolls up to another release date (March 24), a remix of her No. 2 single “Turnin Me On” (with Lil Wayne) has hit the airwaves, and many say it sounds like she’s taking a swipe at superstar Beyonce.

“That right there could be a career-ending verse,” V-103’s Frank Ski said this morning when Miss Sophia played a portion of it during her “Girl Talk” entertainment report. “She don’t want it with Jay-Z’s wife.”

Hear an uncensored version — fair warning — of a YouTube clip of it below, and give us your take on what Hilson (pictured above, far left, with 95.5 The Beat’s CJ, producer Polow Da Don and publishing executive Ethiopia Habtemariam) is saying:

Media Take Out
Remember - These People have a strong influence on who leads our community.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Obama Is A Leftist And Leftist Black Journalist Love Him For It - No Analysis Only

Bending the Trajectory Left

I will use Eugene Robinson's article to point out what is so prevalent among the left biased Black press of the day.

Do you notice that he never justifies Obama's massive spending plans only references Reagan's changes to government and Bush's spending? This is the standard mode of operation these days among most Obama supporters. Their justification is not organic it is referential.

(More on this later)

Monday, March 2, 2009

This Is One Economic Factoid that Jack And Jill Will Not Syndicate IF DailyKOS Were To Publish It

Dow ends below 7,000 for first time since '97

Let me be clear - I am not CHEERLEADING against the stock market. My 401K is down 12.1% this year. Ironically I am content because some of my coworkers have a balance that is down more than 25%.

My basic point is to make note of the fact that Jack and Jill gleefully posted a video from the leftist source DailyKOS in which they noted the level of the stock market 8 years ago at the beginning of the Bush presidency and then the decline at the end of it which was about 1,100 points (but don't quote me).

If you had allowed them to tell it - Obama was going to sweep in and because THE MARKET LIKED HIM, the economic erosion would stop and things would turn around.

Now that this has not happened they will simply tell us:
  • Bush's Recssion is worse that everyone thought
  • We should wait until Obama's block buster budget and federal printing press gets to work - THEN we'll see 'change'
I am just not sure if this nation can endure the type of CHANGE that is appealing to these Progressive Fundamentalists.

I still have yet to find any scenario in which their interests have been hurt over the next 4 years and they choose to stop supporting Obama.