Friday, February 27, 2009 Asks "Should Black Bigots Be Tolerated"?

Notice the response from the representative of, a liberal biased oracle who I monitor.

The White reader to "" tells about the difficulty that his daughter has faced from Black people who largely don't like her because she is White. spends 3/4ths of the response setting up his framing of his own beliefs and finally gets around to actually talking about what the man had asked. Should Black Bigots Be Tolerated?

At least I agree with one thing that said - The average diversity training is total B.S.

One of the problems is that too many "Diversity Consultants" are actually bigoted operatives with an agenda of seeking to "tenderize the corporation" so that "minority liberals" can gain entry into the corporate band.

One code word among the diversity community regarding Blacks who are in power is "Can we work with him?". This means - is the Black person down with Affirmative Action and thus will provide them with an entre for their agenda.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama Biased Editorial Cartoons - Rush Limbaugh Wuz Right

Like him or hate him - Rush Limbaugh called it right. He said that the media operatives who had been attacking President Bush would switch over to attacking the Republcians who are out of the seat of power rather than scrutinizing the new Democratic President and the Democrats in Congress.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Local Reporter Fired For Doctored Video Of Fox New's John Gibson To Depict Racism

Baltimore Reporter Out of a Job After Posting Doctored Video Clip

A reporter for an NBC affiliate in Baltimore who inserted a racist remark into a video clip of FOX News' John Gibson and posted it on YouTube is no longer employed by the station, has learned.

The offensive video clip was doctored so that the viewer heard Gibson using the words "bright blue scrotum" in reference to Attorney General Eric Holder, rather than to a defining characteristic of a monkey on the loose in Seattle.

The video circulated rapidly on blogs and news Web sites Thursday and was not corrected for hours.

John Sanders, the technology reporter for WBAL-TV, admitted in a report that he was the person responsible for the clip. The station confirmed Sanders' actions on Tuesday and, in a statement, referred to him as a "former" employee.

"WBAL-TV management has learned that a former WBAL-TV employee posted a video regarding Fox News' John Gibson and Attorney General Eric Holder on his personal YouTube page without the prior knowledge or consent of anyone at WBAL-TV or Hearst-Argyle Television," the station said in its statement.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Black Athlete Sports Network - Steps Out Of Its Place And Forte

Black Generated Lies And Hatred, Spread Around As If It Is Justified Due To The Past

I will do an expanded commentary on the foolishness and lies that are contained within the above commentary by Desi Cortez.

Some people should stick to sports commentary because clearly this is their forte.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Filled Negro Advances The "Monkey Shines"

Ahhhh there it is. I figured my friend and Philly home boy Filled Negro would be all over this story like "White on rice".

(Note- When I said "home boy" I, a Black man, was NOT calling you "boy".

Also when I said "White on rice" - I was not using a metaphor that "white rice = good rice" while "the brown rice = dirty rice".

I am becoming more sensitive to the feelings of my Racism Chasing brothers and sisters and the White liberals that play football along with them as Malcolm X had warned us about. Please forgive me.)

Brother Filled - help me out.
When I first saw the cartoon I saw a MONKEY that was shot dead on the ground. Pardon me - but the fact that I had been hearing about a CHIMPANZEE THAT HAD BEEN SHOT DEAD after dislodging the hands and face of a woman.....silly me for only seeing the prima facia message that this cartoon was project.

You know we "Black conservatives" are not the sharpest spades in the tool shed. (Again. I am sorry Filled Negro. Spade is offensive to some people. I should say the "sharpest tack".)

Does it puzzle you to think that in order for a Black person to see BARACK OBAMA, a Black guy, laying dead on the ground that there is some DREADFUL BAGGAGE that this person must bring to the table in order to morph this money into a Black man. Thus the conversation should be about this conditioning and BAGGAGE rather than about the motivations of the artist.

But I give you Black Racism Chasers credit. It just so happens that Rupert Murdock is the "6 degrees from Kevin Bacon" figure here. After all, what a coincidence - he owns Fox News channel. He owns the NY Post. One only needs to scroll down your right hand banner of shame to see what you think of the News Corp holdings.

Then I go to Huffington Post, then I read various Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser blogs and what is front and center? You guessed it. When I got an e-mail thread from my frat brothers egging me on to join in with COLOR OF CHANGE - this set me off Filled Negro!!!!

You see I had been doing research last night about the FAILING SCHOOLS IN ROCHESTER NEW YORK and how a Black woman seeking quality schooling for her kid shipped her kid to a neighboring school district and was charged with a crime. Since none of the Black lefty news sources had picked up this story and focused upon the 100% Democratic run city of Rochester but are instead mounting up a campaign against the NY Post - I figured that it was time for me to REST THE ISSUE back to something that is IMPORTANT.

What say you, Filled Negro?

Does a Pig Wear Lipstick?

Prof Fountroy - Practicing Racial Chiropractor

What a perfect manufactured RACIAL incident!!


You "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" in one fell swoop successfully use one stone to knock out several of your enemies:

* The Right Wing
* Rupert Murdoch
* Anyone who opposes Barack Obama
* Anyone who dares oppose this stimulus bill.

Good job.

This is nothing more than a "brush back" to those who dare "go there"....even if they "went there" in your vivid imagination only.

Ironically with your piece we must assume that the COPS DID NOT SHOOT THE CHIMPANZEE. That the artist fabricated this portion.

Mr Fauntroy - WHERE do you see a BLACK MAN in this picture? Does it strike you as odd that this "Black man" is brought into the cartoon by people like YOU than by anything that one can LOGICALLY derive from the contents within? To me as a Black man this speaks more to YOUR depraved thoughts in which when you see a monkey on the ground you have a stimulus that has you to respond that this is a metaphor for a Black man.

But oh boy - don't we have a "devils playground" here? Like any millionaire chiropractor knows - where as an x-ray machine can explain away claims of a broken bone.....only the BEHOLDER of the pain can ever choose to release the PAIN of a "soft tissue injury".

This is where people like you tread - SYMBOLISM!!
You see with "symbolism" you as the injured or offended party get to call the shots. It just so happens that those who are most "offensive" to an ideological bigot like yourself just so happen to also be conservatives. (I won't bore you with my treatises on Liberal bigotry where the Black man is seen as their inferior who is in a permanent caretaker state - and are happy that these resources are flowing to us in the process).

I will be angered if the NY Post dares retreat from its position in support of the NON-RACIAL motivations of this piece.

It is clear that anyone can say anything about a White Male president and will only be called "unpatriotic" in their discourse. With a Black president he brings along people like you with their highly jaundiced and selective outrage to defend him.

Color Of Change - Focused Activism - None Addressing The Prime Threats To Black People To-Damned-Day

The Color Of Change - Highlighted Campaign

This is straight from their web site folks.

These are the issues that this leftist organization believes are most dear to their soul.

I have learned that it is not my place to question what they are doing. They are but an insignificant band of Black leftists. They have the right to free speech and assembly to do as they please.

Instead I have every right to PUT FORTH A REFERENCE OF PROBLEMS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and hold them up against this matrix, showing the fraudulent operatives that they are.

Ultimately I don't blame Color Of Change or any other operative group. They are going to do what they are going to do.

Instead I blame the BLACK COMMUNITY for continuing the OKEY DOKE!
They set the agenda - Black folks follow.

All the while there are so many real and important issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY that go unchecked.

Black folks need to put aside that which is an easy draw upon our emotional sentiments and instead focus on that which is most meaningful and which threatens us the most.

The White Liberal is going to alway be battling in the Political football game with the White Conservative that Malcolm X told us about. It is the Blacks who believe that their best interests are being had by these White liberals that need their heads examined.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liberals Are Able To Link National Republicans With Local Republicans

Where as AJC, leftwing cartoonist Mike Luckovich is able to make note of the difference in position between "National Republicans" and "Local Republicans", he and others are loathed to do the same with respect to how the "National Progressives" are lined up with the "Local Progressives".

Indeed the Republican governors are sitting attop budget shortfalls and they are looking at the money rather than the national consquences and thus their views are different from their legislative partymates.

Let's look at "Local Democrats" versus "National Democrats".  Their goal all along was to obtain a vertically integrated monopoly where their existing powerbase at the local level where every single major city in America is dominated by a Progressive Democratic legislative arm (city council) and the city has struggled to maintain their economic viability.  With "national Democrats" in power they can achieve the functional equivalent of a unified government where money printed by the federal government would easily flow into states and local governments.  The states and cities must balance their budgets or release bonds.  The federal government has a printing press and can sell Treasury Bonds to investors.  

Our federal budget is going to expand greatly over the next several years.  While Bush was attacked for growing the budget to $2,000 billion for the first time ever and turning a former $258 billion so called "budget surplus" into a $450 billion budget deficit.  In 2009 the budget deficit will be near $2,000 under Obama and yet the left is demanding MORE SPENDING!!!

After all this is how FDR cured the Great Depression you know

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cynthia Tucker - Please Spend Deficit Money Now!!

Republicans playing same old politics

Was anyone fooled by Cynthia Tucker for the past 8 years?

Had anyone viewed the world from her column you'd swear she was a "fiscal conservative", pressing for responsible spending over running up the credit card bill. She let off a constant stream of attacks against George Bush and the Republicans for being "drunken spenders".

Oh how times have changed. It was nice to see that indeed Ms Tucker could be actually supportive of a president when Barack Obama started campaigning, won the election and got put into office. Ms Tucker made the transition from lifting up Obama by bashing Bush over to her present form of being a voice for the Democrats by attacking the Republicans.

Ms Tucker - The Democratic Party has control over the White House, the Senate and the US House. I realize that over the next few months you are going to use your ink to attack the Republicans in the US Senate, the US House and the Georgia Governors office, House and Senate. I know this because I understand your agenda.

How is it that you talked so frequently about the harm of budget deficits and long term debt but now you put on a cheerleading outfit under the guise of "pulling us out of the rut....that George Bush hath created?"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Liberal Huffington Post Attacks Anne Coulter About CCC - They Say NOTHING About The Democrats And Their Association With Hip Hop

Columnist Ann Coulter Defends White Supremacist Group

I am tired of White Liberals who pretend to be carrying the banner of Justice for Black people YET they can hardly disguise their ideological and partisan based motivations in the matter.

To be clear - I am no friends with the Concenred Citizens Council.  Indeed they seek to drive a racial wedge in society.  I saw a C-SPAN view of one of their meetings in which they closed their meeting singing "Dixie".

At the same time I don't know of any CCC chapter accused of killing a Black person.

Thus we bring in certain elements of  the Hip Hop community.

If the CCC is guilty of:

  • Calling Blacks "Niggers"
  • Questioning The Mores of Black Women
  • Threatening To Kill Black people
They have met their match among the words spoken by Drug Thug rappers.  At least the CCC aren't made millionaires from the White folks listening to their lyrics as they say these things unlike these Drug Thug rappers.

The Huffington Post are NO FRIENDS OF BLACK PEOPLE either.

Huffington Post - Meet Young Jeezy
Lyrics to Hustlaz Ambition :
I get so far from the bottom could'nteven see the top just as soon as a fill the trap I'm rippin up every block I'm a good god fearin man with a criminal mind state ain't nobody gave a shit and that's why we grind weight my grandma off in the church while I'm in the refrigerater in search of the baking soda right next to the mashed potatoes she prayin for better days I'm prayin they take this water realest and stun and ship put that day on my mothers daughter...

My ambitions as a hustla (I won't deny it I'm a straight hustla. I won't deny it) [x4]

It's Mr.Trap or die yeah you'll remember me first album was a classic them critics werent feelin me now as far as award shows we all know how that goes so what's all the doubt about because he ain't sellin out because he ain't givin up because he don't give a fuck because he ain't changin up I guess he ain't lean enough and just know I'm savin up let you play with my sanity gives a fuck what you think of me unless you feedin my family mother fuck all my enemies one time for my mini me's listen to these niggas I bet you hear plenty me I'm who they pretend to be the one they pretend to do see me I'm a hustla I do what my hustlaz do...

My ambitions as a hustla (I won't deny it I'm a straight hustla. I won't deny it) [x4]

Might not just be the best just know I plan to be I refuse to let suckers win but that's just the man in me look it could be the G in me these niggas ain't seein me unless they seein me in traffic... I say I grind like there's 10 of me I swear to god there's just one of me look I know I ain't there yet just know that I'm gonna be I could'ntwait to see the day I could change where my momma stay... I put the bullshit BEHIND ME... THERES TOO MUCH MONEY IN FRONT OF ME...

My ambitions as a hustla (I won't deny it I'm a straight hustla. I won't deny it) [x4] [fade out]
Indeed its the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that is the problem, not THUGS who are allowed on stage in support of Democratic Candidates

Rob Redding Does A "Photoshop" On Rush Limbaugh's Comments Wanting Obama To Fail

Redding News Review: Rush Limbaugh Hates America

Rob Redding - "America's Independent Voice" who sure sounds like a Democratic loyalist most times is guilty of snipping the statements of radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh.

During Rush's interview with fellow conservative Republican Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh was clear that he wanted Barack Obama's POLICIES to fail BECAUSE he did not want to transform the nation into the socialist nation that many of Obama's policies would transform us into. Anyone who LISTENED TO THE ENTIRE INTERVIEWAND
WHO HAD THE REQUISITE HONESTY WITHIN THEM would have understood what Rush Limbaugh was saying.

Let's be clear though folks. AS IF the Leftwing (which Mr. Redding is firmly apart of)was not hoping that BUSH FAILED in his WAR ADVENTURES overseas?

They would instead tell you that the difficulties that were faced midway were PROOF of their warnings that what they told Bush was correct. We all know that they were wishing all along that BUSH'S POLICIES WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL. They are patriotic Americans after all.

Listen folks - I have no problem with partisan jousting. It comes with the game.
I can't stand FEIGNED MORAL OUTRAGE put forth by those who proclaim to be "Battle Field Medics" while frequently taking off their helmet which has the "cross" on it and picking up a rifle and seeking to kill anyone who was briefly put off by their claims of independence and neutralism.

FOR THE RECORD - I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN. I AM A CONSERVATIVE BLACK MAN. Where I AGREE with the Republican Party I have no problem telling anyone that this is the case. Same with the Democrats. I will NEVER mistake a POLITICAL PARTY as a framework for RACIAL development - as some people have their party construed as.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chris Did This?

MagicNego Watch: Hate Filled Black Folks

Driving While Black in Small Southern Towns

From Magic Negro Watch:

As reported from Democratic Underground:

***I am very, very happy that Barack Obama is our president.

I am very sad that anger may eliminated from our national dialogue. Some people have a right to be angry. They have put up with a lot of crap. They deserve to have someone acknowledge their anger. If we start telling people Only bad folks get angry that is just another way of saying Bad things only happen to bad people .

***Poverty in America kills. It kills by assassinating the spirit. It has a mean little voice that whispers In a land of plenty, you don’t amount to much, do you? Your kids are poor. Your wife has to work. There is no road out for you, except booze and pills that help you forget for a few hours . The Bush recession was engineered to kill the spirit of the American working class, and especially the American working class of color that has been struggling to emerge from its cocoon ever since the New Deal.

***If Someone Tells You Racism Is a Thing of the Past, Put Him in Blackface and Have Him Drive Through Tenaha, Texas Today’s Fort Worth Star Telegram has a feature that is mostly depressing, though with a tiny ray of hope. The depressing part---for some time, small towns in East Texas have been making money by pulling over out of state African-American motorists, seizing their cars, cash, jewelry on the grounds that the goods are evidence in an ongoing drug investigation. No case is ever filed, but under the law, the owners have to file a civil suit with an attorney to get their stuff back. Since these out of state motorists have jobs and since most of them would probably prefer to never think about much less see another small town in East Texas as long as they live, the Texas highway bandits with badges get to keep the stuff they have stolen.

African Americans made up 13.5 percent of the turnpike's population and 15 percent of the speeders. But they represented 35 percent of those pulled over. In stark numbers, blacks were 4.85 times as likely to be stopped as were others. We did not obtain data on the race of drivers and passengers searched after being stopped or on the rate at which vehicles were searched. But we know from police records that 73.2 percent of those arrested along the turnpike over a 3 1/2-year period by troopers from the area's Moorestown barracks were black--making them 16.5 times more likely to be arrested than others.

***The federal government exists to keep a watchful eye on these kind of abuses, right? Tell that to Ashcroft/ Gonzales/Mukasey. While these Mafia style enforcers were throwing the book at any high profile African-American celebrity with skin pigment darker than pecan who spit on the sidewalk ( see Wesley Snipes, Barry Bonds among others for examples of their selective prosecutions), they studiously ignored civil rights crimes committed against minorities by local officials. This included such activities as voter suppression and arrest quotas. This is why small towns in East Texas came up with their money making scam. When Justice is not colorblind it is not just.

***Oh, and it benefits the Republican Party, since attempts to disenfranchise Black voters, almost all of whom vote for the Democrats, are tolerated by the press as somehow right since Blacks are, by their very skin pigmentation wrong . Doubt me? Pay attention to how much attention the mainstream media will lavish on any single white voter whose vote is not counted as opposed to any group of 100 to 1000 African-American voters (even soldiers on active duty in Iraq!) who are disenfranchised. Note how outraged they were over Janet Jackson’s breast---as if an African-American woman’s mammary gland had the power to corrupt men’s minds in a way that a white woman’s never could.

Friday, February 13, 2009

This One Might Not Get Past The Blog Editors

[quote]Republicans and other homophobes don’t consider gay folks humans and like to compare gay sex to bestiality and incest. [/quote]

Earth to Roderick.

Time for an anatomy lesson. Warning - anatomically correct pictures at at the links. For adults and rational people ONLY. Not pornographic but anatomical in nature.

1) GOD created human beings and all other MAMMALS with two COMPLEMENTARY GENDERS. (Note - If you believe that we all are ACCIDENTS OF NATURE that have taken this form after millions of years - please stop right here. There is nothing more that I can tell you to change your mind)

A woman has a DISTINCT REPRODUCTIVE system:



The MALE produces a fluid which provides a liquid environment in which his reproductive cells can swim within.

A FEMALE's reproductive organs NATURALLY secrete a liquid in anticipation that a males organ will enter but not cause lacerations. Clearly - even if you believe it to be ACCIDENTAL - there is a COMPLEMENTARY SYSTEM going on here. In goes genetic material - OUT COMES a progeny.

The DIGESTIVE SYSTEM on the other hand has an orifice as well. Where as LIFE exits the female's womb - can you tell us WHAT EXITS the last organ at the end of the DIGESTIVE system RODERICK?

The end of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM does not secrete LUBRICANTS and this is subject to lacerations, thereby increasing one's susceptibility to infection.

Because it is the WILL OF MAN (some men) to receive TACTILE STIMULATION at the end of HIS DIGESTIVE SYSTEM by another man does this trump the INHERENT EVIDENCE of the purposes of these assorted organs?

Does the fact that SOME WOMEN allow their male counterpart to do this as well NEGATE the above statement - as some people like you like to argue?

Does the fact that some REPUBLICANS equate the above tendency to that of bestiality CHANGE THE BASIC FACTS Roderick?

If all REPUBLICANS were banished and thus "the tree still fell in the forest with no one to hear it".......does the basic FACTS change any?

For those who believe in EVOLUTION - why is it that the human form has transformed into our present state BUT....being that HOMOSEXUALITY has been around for the ages, as some of you frequently note - WHY IS IT that the HOMOSEXUAL's reproductive organs STILL FUNCTION in line with their HETEROSEXUAL form?

More importantly - why hasn't the END POINT OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM similarly EVOLVED into a dual purpose orifice?

(Take your time Roderick - I understand)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jack & Jill Posters Go After Michael Steele and the Black Republicans

This is a highly illogical course of ideas that I have just read.

[quote]Black Republicans need not be taken seriously until they triumph in the political arena. When one of them wins IN A BLACK DISTRICT, that is when they should be taken seriously. Until then, they're just blowing hot air. [/quote]

So you are arguing that POPULARITY WITH BLACK PEOPLE is proof of "seriousness"? How absurd.

Can we flip it a round for a second?

I would argue that since no Republican is likely elected in any district where Blacks make up more than 35% of the voting base (they only need 15% of White folks to make a majority for the Democrats).......shouldn't we be inspecting the conditions for Black people where DEMOCRATS ALREADY DOMINATE so that we can vet the notion that DEMOCRATS ARE GOOD FOR BLACK PEOPLE and thus we have no need to vote for anyone else?

It is my opinion that many of you are smitten with the notion that what is POPULARLY ASSUMED to be the pathway to the "Best Interests for Black people" is as such. Thus anyone who's ideology is in line with what YOU THINK then is the best candidate to lead our communities.

Why is it then that you all are so LOATHED to make note of where Blacks live in our highest concentrations and then note the condition of

* Our schools there
* Our public safety there
* Our economic and employment situation there (yes - long before this current recession)
* Our public health situation there?

You don't because often you don't like what you see.
Since many of you worked fervently to ELECT the array of leadership into power after having DRIVEN OUT those from previous regimes and the wrong party that FAILED US are not inclined to go against your PERMANENT FRIEND. After all his ideology is STILL in line with what you believe.

The logical response that you all take is to "Expand the police tape around the crime scene (ie: the city or the school district)) " and focus on aggregating MORE POWER for the Democrats at the county, state and federal level.

In the dust that is kicked up via ELECTORAL MOVEMENT you all presuppose that PROGRESSION FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY is being made. You prefer to measure this progression by the "increased HEAD COUNT" of Blacks and Democrats into power.


* The measurable increase in SAFETY we have while walking down our streets as well as the employment of iron workers who receive the IRON BARS for recycling which have been taken of of our windows and doors because of the reduced threat

* The number of Black majority school now listed on the "School of Excellence" list rather than on the "Title 1" list

* The increase in Gross Domestic Product for "underserved areas" that are now able to serve themselves.

* The removal of the RED PUSH PINS from the maps at the Centers for Disease Control, indicating that these areas where Black folks live in our highest concentrations are no longer emergency zones for HIV, STDs, obesity and diabetes.

It is clear that some of you have LOST YOURSELVES. You have been fighting AGAINST conservatives and REPUBLICANS for so long that you now only function to HELP DEMOCRATS rather than help the BLACK COMMUNITY.

The only reason why you are not called SELLOUTS is because as any frequent party host knows - WHEN YOU INVITE ALL OF YOUR NEIGHBORS TO THE PARTY THAT GOES UNTIL 4AM........they are not likely to CALL THE POLICE because they are IN BED WITH YOU!!!

You all do such great work ....but for WHO'S BENEFIT?

Jill Nelson: The Audacity Of Whiteness

The Audacity of Whiteness: Framing Barack Obama

Excuse me, Ms Nelson but I am forced to ask if you concept of "diversity" extends to IDEOLOGICAL diversity, especially in the Black Press?

Maybe we both need to set some references. Just as the average Black Progressive looks at the US Supreme Court and makes the case that if there is a justice who represents their view of what is in the best interests of Black people it is not Clarence Thomas, the Black guy, who is that person. They'd likely pick Ginseberg or another liberal justice. Thus it is ironic that SKIN COLOR is not the determining factor in this case.

From my perspective - you as a journalist fit in rather nicely with the other White liberal contributors to "The Huffington Post". I bet if I asked you could define few substantive distinctions between you and your White Progressive cohorts in the major debates that are alive today.

Ironically it is the Black Conservative who is hit against for "Sounding just like White Conservatives". In truth - the abundance of Black Progressive sources and the relative power that they have over the Black community makes their "echo chamber" of views and ideas that sound strangely like their White liberal ideological soul mates more disturbing to the interests of Black America.

The same sort of assumed inferiority of Black people and thus the need for government programs exists in Progressives - Black and White.

If there is a need for diversity it is within the ranks of Black Media.
Who else is going to hold Black Elected leadership accountable for delivering upon their promises? Certainly not a Black Progressive who is giddy over the increased numbers of Progressives in office.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Exchange Of Ideas - CBW, Commade, DJ Black Adam

Conservative Black Woman's Round table

I wanted to thank CBW and her two friends for hosting and joining a rather spirited debate on certain key points that are present in today's political and social domain.

I believe that we are closer together on some points that some people would admit. There are also some other points that I can't agree upon (capitalism and the harm of conservatives to Black folks) simply because their framing is flawed.

Part One

Health Care

I agree that there should be a minimum level of health care services that all Americans should be afforded, regardless of their ability to pay.  There is public benefit to not have people dropping dead on the street for the want of basic health care.  I also would not want to see a plague in our nation because there was no public health system to keep it in check.

In my previous research and discussion on health care - my key frustration with those who want "Universal" and or "Single Payer" Health Care seek to put ALL AMERICANS into one risk pool and payment pool.  Thus the care that I am afforded - as a working class, management level person is the same as someone who is poor and doesn't have the means to pay.   In their view this is called "social justice".  DJ Black Adam kept attempting to equate "universal health care coverage" with that of universal police, fire and military protection.  This simply is not a rationale comparison.

Fire and Police protect property & lives and ENFORCE LAWS for the benefit of society. Health care is and will always be a personal affair.  My life style choices have a direct impact on the amount of services that I will draw upon the system.  At best this system will ABSTRACT people's choices from the ECONOMIC truth of what they cost society.  At worst - the government bureaucrats will justify their increased intrusion in our lives by the medical cost savings that ridding people of their bad lifestyle choices.   If a person seeks a glutenous and sedentary life style and then gets diabetes the fact that they have medical and financial consequences that result is a motivating factor to have some NON-GOVERNMENT interest group to arrange a program to prevent this fate from happening to others - NOT a more restrictive government enforcing this upon people.

At the end of the day I don't believe that the "confiscators" are able to RESPECT people's PRIVATE WEALTH RESOURCES but will instead seek to nationalize it in the name of EQUAL health care for all.


I support a two tiered medial system - PRIVATE and PUBLIC

The private/for profit system should be left available for those with private insurance.  It will likely have the latest medical treatments and equipments.

The public system must be kept within a certain budgetary constraint and NOT be made into a mirror image of the Private system with respect to the equipment, drugs and treatments that are available to those who have money.   This system is paid from tax money.  There should be a cap on the annual growth in spending.   

The private hospitals should be required to accept emergency admits just as they do today.  The existing network of public hospitals should be given a one time financial injection to either open back up as in the case of "DC General" or to get out of debt as the case for Atlanta's Grady Hospital.  After that they must be forced to live within the means that is provided by the tax source.

My frustration with those who see health care as a RIGHT is that they are more focused on  THE OTHER GUY and what his money affords him rather than on building a system in which 95% of the ailments that Americans commonly have are treated.

If you believe that Big Pharma is a scam then STOP DEMANDING A RIGHT TO THEIR DRUGS which you claim are being hyped up and marketed to Americans via the gravy train that we presently have.


Access to health care is not a "right" but the maximization of access to health care is a "Public Good".  These services should be provided to all - within the context of ECONOMIC REALITY.  Those seeking to make use of the public trough to fund public health care should be respectful of private property.  They should seek to minimize the footprint of these costs and to maximize the productive inputs of all Americans - specifically focusing on improving the ability of the poor to contribute to their own health and well being

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rebuttal To Craig Nulan's Rantings

[quote]Why not simply say what's obsessively and compulsively on your mind. Why not simply state your belief that Black folks are incompetent to manage anything, and that in the absence of long since fled to the suburbs white professional and managerial oversight, every urban center with Black political management is doomed to failure?[/quote]

Black People Motivated by RACIAL HATRED AND RESENTMENT are INCOMPETENT at MANAGING THEIR OWN AFFAIRS, as seen in various areas where they are in power after being promoted by the current BLACK POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT.

This is not a trait of BLACK PEOPLE. This is a trait of the SUBSET of Black people who seek to use their POWER, not to benefit the Black Community - OR THEY'D BE DOING IT VIA THE CONTROL THAT THEY NOW HAVE.

This is a trait of the current establishment who HATE THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ADVERSARIES more than they CARE TO FIELD A

regime which can address the issues WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Two Black men - One President of the United States the other with a far lowlier position as party head of the party which many Blacks hate but COVET - are NOT going to change much materially for Black America.

BOTH OF THESE MEN are operating in the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN. Black America's problems reside in the CULTURAL DOMAIN.

Where you are perverted in your thinking of me - I do NOT believe that any of this INCOMPETENCE is GENETIC. I believe that it is based on HATRED and RESENTMENT which effectively cloud's one ability to lead.

Ironically Barack Obama DID NOT COME FROM the ranks of those who are bigoted as such. He did sit in a church for 20 years learning the tricks and the rhetoric of bigotry, however.

At the end of the day he was able to make use of the sensibilities and world experience that his WHITE MOTHER (this is NOT a slam against her but a point of distinction) gave him to tangentially make use of the BLACK ESTABLISHMENT MACHINE which has fused in with the DEMOCRATIC MACHINE for the purposes of his own election.

Rest assure Craig Nulan - certain Black operatives WHO ARE THE PROBLEM believe that there is an external GRAVITATIONAL PULL that is going to cause them to CHANGE. It is ironic, for example that The Source Magazine - now will stop taking Sex ads. Mr Nulan IF this is their view on Jan 21st.......was their OPPOSITION to this on Nov 3rd JUSTIFIED? Clearly THEY KNOW in their hearts that the critics were RIGHT. THEY were entrenched in THEIR POSITIONS.

Far be it from me to mention that they have COME CLOSER TO WHERE I STAND. Now notice I did NOT say they "became more CONSERVATIVE" or they are ready to sign up for the "Republican Party". No party OWNS RESPONSIBILITY or MORALISMS.

What YOU need to LEARN, Mr Nulan is the point that I have been talking about all along. These ENTRENCHED BIGOTS justifying their position FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO BE THE OPPOSING FORCE FOR THEIR ADVERSARIES fail to JUSTIFY their positions BASED on what THEY INNATELY FEEL IS JUST and RIGHT. For them it is conditional.

I am a CRITIC of the Black Establishment in as much as THEY ALLOW THIS B.S. to go the detriment of OUR OWN PEOPLE.

Michael Steele IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE BLACK AMERICA!!! You are right.

It is quite ironic that when a party that YOU believe is the source of so many Black problems (I don't. I believe that it is only COUNTER to what many Blacks POPULARLY BELIEVE are their problems. In as much as their views are QUASI-SOCIALIST they are going to oppose the party that STANDS AGAINST THIS IDEOLOGY) elects a Black man - not on a token whim, but after 6 rounds of a hard fought election that YOU and other Progerssive-Fundamentalists are quick to throw out charges of TOKENISM.

In truth you all are more bound to your bigotry and love for the Democratic Party over any prospect that your long time ideological enemy is not so entrenched as to provide a Black man who has been loyal within its own ranks an opportunity to lead and craft that particular organization.

You don't FEAR that the Republicans may change for the Better Cnulan. YOU fear that YOU might be forced to CHANGE! Having to accept an "Amalgamated MONGREL of a Black Political Electorate".

This electorate accepts DIVERSITY across party ranks.


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