Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anarchist People Of Color

Anarchist People Of Color

This is Brother Former Marxist's attempt at a long running genre of niche publications

  • Naked Nazi Girls
  • Midgets With Dredlocks
  • People With 6 Fingers And A Gold Ring On Each One Of Them
  • Elderly Men And The Sheep That They Have Married

Wow - Hat Tip To "Magic Negro" Blog

You forgot some corrupt individuals though

Friday, January 30, 2009

Leftist Bigotry Against The Jews

Jew Chasing In The American Left

This is proof that Barack Obama is a "Zionist Supporter" according to some:

Thank you very much. It's common knowledge that jews have been at the center of every financial upheaval of every country of the planet and then some. The information you shared with me the other day about jewish funding of the African slave trade, the plundering of the Congo, and the rape of South Africa, the pillaging of South America, and even the financing of the German Holacaust was quite interesting. The facts of history never cease to amaze me! Now that Obama has (openly) aligned himself with the Zionist 'cause', the wheels on the bus shall continue to go round and round.
Life's a trip!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Magic Negro Watch - The Anti-Field-Negro

The Magic Negro Watch Blog

This is more of a personal bookmark for my own use than anything else.

This brother is an independent Black conservative.
Thus far he seems to be a photographic negative of my friend Field-Negro.

Where as Field-Negro focuses his efforts on exposing evil, racist Republicans, conservatives and Fox News........."The Magic Negro Watch" keys in on Democrats and the organizations that promote them.

I will keep an eye on Gaius Lawrenitis Negris - agreeing with him where I agree, redirecting him where I don't.

I am glad to see a diversity of messages in the all important debate that is taking place WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Rush Limbaugh Was Right - Part II - Liberal Editorial Cartoonists That Attacked Bush Now Attacking Republicans & Media

An $850 billion pork ladened bill that promised stimulus and infrastructure building but is light on both is certainly a rich target to go after if you are t a columnist who called the previous president a "drunken sailor" in his spending.

Of course all of this is unless you are Mike Luckovich - strong left leaning editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In an interview Luckovich noted that over time "George W Bush" shrank in stature in his cartoons, noting his fall. Symbolically - look at how Obama towers over the elephants.

My goal is not to challenge Mr Luckovich's right to draw what he sees fit to draw. I am only pointing out that he and Ms. Tucker are cherry pickers. They are in fact more interested in attacking conservatives than they EVER WERE in not "breaking the bank" with excessive spending plans.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Left Attacks "Ted Haggard The Hypocrite" - Jamal Byant Still Preaching

Wife says Haggard told her of struggles years ago

Fallen reverend Ted Haggard is back on the scene. It appears that Haggard has an HBO documentary focusing on his time spent in "exile" coming forth.

The news of this return to the public spectrum has gotten several left wing sources talking again. On the Bev Smith radio show she attacked him as a hypocrite. He preached against homosexuality and unfaithfulness in marriage but all along he was doing both.

As you listen to Smith and others take someone to task for their sins you also notice the protection racket that they run for people who ALSO commit the same "sins" but who didn't make the mistake of telling someone else of their own sins.

The functional outcome of this line of reasoning by Bev Smith and others is simply to punish those who dare to JUDGE other people. More exactly - as long as you degrade the standard and DON'T HATE ON ANYONE ELSE - all is will in the world of many Progressives.

A perfect example of how they work is none other than Rev Jamal Bryant

Bryant out of Baltimore fathered a child with a teen aged parishioner of his church and was recently divorced from his real wife, charged with physical and mental abuse.

Now you might think "OK - but since he did not hate on anyone else he is in line with your 'Non judgmental theory".


It was Jamal Bryant who brought out his HATEFUL JUDGMENT during the recent presidential campaign. He JUDGED Sarah Palin and her religious order. THIS FOOL said from the pulpit that Palin seeks to stop women from expressing their right to CHOOSE TO HAVE A CHILD OR NOT.....W.T.F???

If Bryant can show me that his bible is not the "Wikipedia Bible" where he got the notion that "Destroying a gift from God" is in alignment biblically then I will start watching his politically based sermons ever Sunday.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bev Smith - "What Do We Need To Do To Restore Our Country From The 8 Years Of Republican Divisiveness?"

I record the Bev Smith Show on a daily basis. I just happened to be near the computer when the Tuesday night segment was streaming.

She first was talking about the subject of radio host "Jim Quinn". Quinn appearently asked about the benefits of free room and board as a slave, and the benefit to the master for having children.

John Quinn's Comments

I could not help but to think about this video segment in response to Ms. Smith's outrage.


The level of HATRED in this society as expressed on the Internet is NOW problematic.

It is quite ironic that for the past few years I have been monitoring this lady and she had no particular motivation for NATIONAL UNITY!!!   She was targeting BUSH.  She sought to do everything possible to up end this man.   She plotted with Democrat John Conyers on how to impeach President Bush.

NOW we see that it is time to COME TOGETHER AS A NATION.

If this requires censorship on the Internet - so be it.  The ENDS justify the MEANS.

The Empire Strikes Back Again Jon Stewart's Randsom Letter

Bill O'Reilly hits back at Jon Stewart.

Since Abe Lincoln's acts to stop the mayor of Baltimore from causing the state of Maryland to turn against the Union motivated Lincoln to suspend Habeas Corpus is a perfect example of O'Reilly argument.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Was Right - The Left Wing Media Will Focus On The Right Rather Than Obama

Love him or hate him - Mr. Limbaugh knows his industry and the leftists who spent years attacking evil Bush.

I give credit to the editing skills of Jon Stewart. He does more cliping and gluing than a ransom note.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nas' "Nigger"

Never mind.
It only matters if people who are inclined to be offended by the word give a damn in the first place.

Let's all agree that there is no "White Record Executive" forcing NAS to exploit the use of this word though.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Senator Clinton Escapes Scrutiny From The Typical Left Wing Skeptics

Clinton Enjoys a Cordial Senate Review

Imagine if a former Republican elected official had an organization that was receiving millions of dollars from foreign interests. Then imagine that the spouse of this Republican money man got nominated to a position of power within the US government.

Is there any chance in hell that the usual suspects (Pacifica Network, The Nation Magazine, Move On.Org, The Huffington Post and others) would not make protestations that would seriously derail this candidates chances for appointment?

NY Times Receives Cash Injection From Mexcian Monopolist - The Left Is Silent

Mexican mogul Slim sees opportunity in NY Times

I have read several articles about Carlos Slim prior to hearing about this announcement that he will save the ailing NY Times with a large infusion of cash.

Mr. Slim is a billionaire from Mexico. He has a monopoly on several industries in Mexico, including communications, to the extent that the Mexican government dare not strike out against him, Trust Busting style, lest they endure his wrath.

Why is it that the "usual suspects" in the American media are so silent on this financial arrangement that Mr Slim has with their favorite news paper?

The Different Faces of Carlos Slim

Friday, January 23, 2009

And You Thought That "Crooks And Liars" Was Going To Start Focusing On The People Who Hold The Power Now -Didn't You?

Crooks And Liars - Of The Right Wing Type That Is

I'll give it to Rush Limbaugh.
As I cleared out my Tivo of all of the nightly political shows that I record. (Yes I record Olbermann as well) Rush made the statement that since the left wing media is not inclined to inspect and attack the people in power right now in Washington - they are going to come after "me and you" (talking to Sean Hannity).

Rush could not have been more correct.

Crooks and Liars has been a standard reference for pointing out problems with the Bush Administration. One would think, based upon their name that they would go after ALL "crooks and liars". Unfortunately this is a mistaken observation.

No mention of the potential conflicts of interests between Bill's fund raising and Hillary's new position

No mention about the tax problems with our new Treasury Secretary

Certain operatives tarnish themselves not for what they report but what they FAIL to report.

Amnesty International to go after TORTURE

NO NO NO!!! Not torture by Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq!!!!
TORTURE BY THE AMERICANS!!!! Don't you get it?

Then need someone who GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WHAT THEY THINK in order to have any effect upon them.

The Right Is Ready To Blame Obama For Iraq

What about the other argument: THERE WILL BE NO MORE ANTI-WAR or ANTI-OBAMA PROTESTS now that we have a new president that the protesters LIKE

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Conservative Fred - Laid With The Dogs And Now He Is Complaining About Fleas

[quote]And it touched my heart. Now I would love to tell you I became happy and hopeful for B.H.O’s brand of change and decided to vote for him because he is black and I am black and for emotional reasons I choose to support him. But that crazy business just didn’t happen.[/quote]

This chick is very confused.

Today as I drove to a customer appointment I did what I typically regret as I am riding in my car! I tuned into the local "Fight The Power" station and listened in.

It is amazing to me how much these people queue everything up as being "We Must FIGHT THE REPUBLICANS so that Black people can survive in this country". (The previous $350 billion was SQUANDERED BY THE REPUBLICANS - Banks hired people in India with this money [In 6 months or so since the passage - THIS LADY had data that she can point to that these Banks hired people in India. Sadly she BELIEVES what she says. There was not an ounce of PROPORTIONAL MEASURE to this claim - ie: if 5 people in India were hired or if $325 billion of the $350 spent was sent to india. IT DIDN'T MATTER - she wanted to make the point to her BIGOTED listners])

I then heard a call from FRED. 2 years ago Fred started out as a self described Black Conservative. He made daily calls to the show. After listening in to the daily bashing of evil Bush - HE BECAME AN OBAMA SUPPORTER.

Fast forward to January 22, 2009.
After listening to this radio host rant - guess who called in? FRED!!!

Fred called in to rebut everything that the radio said. They found COMMONALITY IN ONE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE but his economic and political theories could not be more different.

She told her callers to call up Georgia's "2 REPUBLICAN SENATORS" and tell them that we DON'T NEED NO MORE TAX CUTS. We tried Trickle down and it failed. Barack Has a new mandate for a "Trickle up" policy.

"It takes a tax cut 18 months to kick in since we only pay taxes once a year" (She was CLUELESS to know that Businesses pay their taxes QUARTERLY)

Fred corrected her in stating that it takes about 2 years for infrastructure projects to get to the construction stage.

Fred correct her that by giving $10 billion to consumers we will have a one time boost to the economy.
Allow companies to construct $10 billion worth of factories and capital equipment and we will have people working for an extended period of time.

Fred asked her "Why do you hate rich people so much? They seek to increase their money and thus they invest it, providing capital for job creation."

I had not an ounce of sympathy for Fred!!!
He VOTED FOR THE SAME LINEUP OF PEOPLE THAT these "Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalists did". As far as I am concerned he can suffer from their ILL-LOGIC as long as they are in power.

The next guy who called in and said "I don't know why you entertain the foolishness of some of your callers. WHY IS HE WORRIED ABOUT THE RICH PEOPLE KEEPING THEIR MONEY WHEN GEORGIA'S UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HAS NOW GROWN TO 8%? We need to give that money to the POOR AND UNEMPLOYED".

That's it!!
I turned the channel because I was cursing by then.

They have not a CLUE on how to create jobs.

I bet they would tell you that ENTERPRISE ZONES during Clinton's time was the key to the jobs that were created. They know NOTHING about the billions of VENTURE CAPITAL MONEY that came into the market from the stock market, private venture funds, etc.

I have no problem with these people's IGNORANCE - as long as they have no POWER over me.

While White Right Wing talk radio has LIBERAL alternatives (newspapers, MSNBC and Huffington Post/DailyKOS) there is far too much of a VERTICALLY INTEGRATED LEFTIST PROPAGANDA MACHINE attached to the BLACK RACE in America.

I am not mad at them!!!
It is up to the Black conservatives to STEP UP and field a worthy competitor.

I fully understand why some of our communities remain as they are. THIS CRAP is what they get fed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

White Liberal Propaganda Sites and the Black Blogs Who Act As Aggregation Points for Them

The DailyKOS and Jack and Jill Politics

It is amazing how the slam against Black Conservatives is that they echo the same talking points as do their "masters" - the White Conservative.

It only takes a quick survey to see how the main people making the claim have their own sponsors.

Daily KOS - Bush Presidency Stock Market Index

It wouldn't be so bad if these two progressive sites did not have an anti-capitalistic streak in them.

I will now set out to do my own research that will be more relevant to the Black community:

* The School District in Washington DC - Prior To The Last 40 Years Of Progressive Politics and Now

* The Murder Rate For Black People In Philadelphia - 50 Years ago and Now

* The Economic Productivity of the City of Detroit - Before when the Evil Capitalists were Present and Today when there are nothing but progressive politicians left

* The City of Pittsburgh's economic output when the rivers were polluted as a sign of industrial output and union strength and today with the rivers clean but the unions shriveled up.

What do ya think Brother former Marxist?

This Country Is The One Who Oppresses Me As Black Female & White Folks Stay Home From The Innauguration

Me Myself and Eye

Well, About That

So my humble blog was thrust in the Jezebel spotlight yesterday when someone decided to post a link to Monday's blog, where I jokingly suggested that White folks stay home to accommodate Blacks who wanted to attend the Inauguration of Barack Obama in DC next week. I was certainly unprepared for the firestorm of constructive criticism, mind boggling ignorance and unabashed racism that was unleashed. I certainly am grateful to Jezebel for giving more exposure to my blog and, most importantly, setting off a very needed, though painful, conversation about racism. Yitadee!

Wow. Just imagine if a White person had said the same thing about "too many Blacks in DC....I'M NOT GOING!"

This would be on the front page of the NAACP web site.

I've been blogging since 2006. My audience is primarily Black, largely female and my readers are scattered all over the country. I discuss the sometimes quirky things that happen in my day-to-day life, my joys, my sorrows, my near-obsession with 90's music. And sometimes, I release that Black rage that lies within me, that lies within so many people like myself. The feeling of being systematically oppressed and devalued in a country that was built by the hands of my ancestors, that has been sustained greatly by the manpower and wit of my people. A country I am supposed to be loyal to, pledge allegiance to. A country populated largely by people who fail to see my humanity, where I know my brothers can be snuffed out so easily by a nervous police officer's ignorance. Where my children can be abducted and not garner five minutes of the local news program. Where I can be sexually assaulted and know that the police will not take the crime seriously as they would were I White. Where even a "liberal, non racist" White person can deny me employment because their subconscious prejudices won't allow them to see me as a qualified candidate. Where I can be followed around in a department store like a potential thief, or completely ignored as if I cannot afford to make a purchase. Where White (and lately, Asian) women with the same level of education and professional footing as I will clutch their purses when I walk by. Where I can't get a cab in New York City in the dead of Winter, even if I'm NOT going to Brooklyn.
  1. It would be a good start to have BLACK PEOPLE see your "humanity". Let's start by reducing Black on Black murder and violence. Then we will get to the lyricists who will call you a "bitch" or a "hoe" with the quickness. I guess their offenses don't count because they are not WHITE.
  2. In the city of Philadelphia alone - the Thug Killers have the police beat with regard to killing Black folks to the tune of about 320 to 4. At least you can draw about $25 million from the city of Philadelphia. If a Thug Kneegrow kills you you are SOL
  3. True dat about the abducted child. But what about the Kneegrow abductor? Do you ask him to show remorse?
  4. Upon being rapped - exactly WHO are you looking for to "take you seriously"? Seriously let's plot out your rhetoric rage. Is it the COMMUNITY? The elected politicians, the News Media? Who?
  5. "Liberal, Non-Racist" - this simply isn't so. BLACKS CAN'T BE RACIST AND NEITHER CAN LIBERALS!!!

3) Jezebel is the internet stomping ground for these seemingly intellectual,largely liberal/feminist humor snobs. And while many of the comments I got on the site were wrought with "righteous" indignation, a lot of the remarks made anonymously on my blog looked like they were from card carrying Klan members. So, am I to take it that people are checking Jezebel from their work computers and Stormfront from their Blackberrys?
Hey wait a minute!! You are on to something.
IF the readership of Jezebel is mostly White, Female and LIBERAL......but you say that many of them are Klan members and Stormfronters .........there must be a confluence of these two population subdomains!!

Liberals can be RACISTS!!!

4) White people tried to tell me how to FEEL about White people.

5) Many people are completely unaware that Black folks can be "snarky" too. Furthermore, with no context (read: understanding of my little brand and how my blog works), folks refused to even try to understand my writing and went straight to "that's racist". I was compared to Hitler. HITLER. MOTHERFUCKING HITLER!

6) Idiots are many, thinkers are few.

I am sorry if the humor in my post was lost of some of y'all, but I will continue to reiterate my message that racism will only cease to exist if White people work to destroy it. White folks have lived comfortably as a result of racism for too long. If my blog caused some a momentary feeling of discomfort...good. I guarantee it was not 1/10th of one millionth of what an average Black person will experience by the time they hit 30. For those White folks who have taken the time to educate themselves and others about racism, good job! I don't give people excessive props for doing the right thing, but kudos to you for stepping outside of your comfort zone to make the world a better place.

Wait a minute. You are tacitly agreeing that your post was "racism".

So, to any pissed off/frustrated/open minded Jezebel readers who came back today, as a Black Nationalist (and proud feminist, like many of you claim to be)...I ask that you bookmark my site and come back. You might find that you hate me even more next week than you did yesterday or you might find that you learn something about how many Black people in this country feel. You may find that you and I aren't so terribly different but for the disparity of our experiences that make it so hard for some of you guys to understand me. If you are truly vested in having a better country that is less wrought with racism and hatred, then you have to listen to Black people even when it isn't comfortable. As someone said on Jezebel, people of color are unfairly charged with explaining themselves in a way that is easy for White people to digest. It's a bitter pill, face it. I took a LOT from some of the comments I read yesterday and I hope I wasn't the only one because the taking stakes were less high for me than they were for some of y'all. I understand Black pain because I experience it.

This is getting long. I'll just add that 1) Barack was the clear and present best candidate and voting for him doesn't mean you aren't a racist, it means you voted your interests over any racial prejudices you may have and 2) Negritude went from margin to center on Jezebel for at least a day! I can't be too mad about that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Is A Hands Off Subject For Chris Rock And Other Commedians

Chris Rock on making fun of Barack Obama

But thanks to the Internet, the world is a lot smaller than it was even 10 years ago. And people are digging the same jokes, he said, including ones about John McCain and Sarah Palin.

As the DVD readies for release on January 20, CNN talked with Rock about his lack of Obama jokes, Inauguration Day and why racism will never die. The following is an edited version of that interview:

CNN: I watched the special last night, and I noticed that you did a lot of jokes about John McCain -- his age, his war hero story -- but not so many about Barack Obama. Is it harder to make fun of Obama?

Chris Rock: He's just one of those guys, you know, like Will Smith. There's no Will Smith jokes. There's no Brad Pitt jokes. You know, what are you going to say? "Ooh, you used to have sex with Jennifer Anniston. Now you have sex with Angelina Jolie. You're such a loser." What do you say? "Ooh, your movies are big. You make $20 million." There's nothing to say about Brad Pitt.

CNN: Why is Obama like that?

Rock: It's like "Ooh, you're young and virile and you've got a beautiful wife and kids. You're the first African-American president." You know, what do you say?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Notes From The Scott Wikham Experience

There are two (aggregate) players in this episode

* The Barack Obama Administration

* The Black Community "Press Secretary" For Barack Obama

the B.O.A. will indeed face all that you say in reorganizing the nation's economic system to allow it to receive a forbearance on its inevitable fate.

The "Press Secretary" will have their role as well. It has started already. In the mind of the Press Secretary "Barack Obama" is here to fix what George Bush and the Republicans have screwed up.

The economy was roaring when Bush took over. The economy is destroyed as Bush hands it to Obama. ANYTHING that Obama does in the spirit of fixing the economy will be justified against BUSH.

Budget Busing $500 billion per year supplemental spending packages? Pshaw - Bush was spending $160 per year to kill Iraqi People!!! At least THIS spending is aimed at helping Americans, not just Halliburton.

The federal debt jumping from $11 trillion up to $16 trillion after 4 years? Not a problem. The talking points have already been floated in reference to economist Paul Krugman: "Certain liberal economists believe that we need to spend MORE than what Obama is even proposing to right the US economy after Bush".

Thus Obama when he fights to trip the block buster package from the proposed $900 billion down to $500 billion will be seen as a guardian of the economy when the final bill is $700 billion - as the news media uncovers more "hungry kids at the fringes of society" that are feeling the latent impact of the "George W. Bush" depression. "Obama Cares, unlike our previous president!!".

The political and emotional sentiment is NOT going to be the force that shows the limits of these type of Keynesian policies. If there was no consequences for printing new dollars to right our economic ship then - we could simply make everyone a millionaire and call it a day!!!

The corrosive monsters of high inflation as too many dollars are on the streets and high interests rates - which were necessary to attract investors to back our debt spending are inevitably going to creep in and show that negative references against the ghost of a previous presidential administration is NOT a justification for sound economic policies.

History will have to be updated as it is shown that the New Deal is NOT what ended the Great Depression. The G.D. was ended as the world shifted its focus to WWII and the piece of lumber that it smacked the global economy with.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

D.L. Hughley vs Bay Buchanan

DL Hughley is demanding that Democrats stop being so whishy washy. What he wants them to do is fight against the Republicans harder. Alternatively - he wants Republicans to change to adopt more Democratic values.

Bay Buchanan confronts Hughley on his assumption that what HE claims is "devisive" is so to everyone.

Ironically Hughley and Bernheart assumes that tradition is bigoted. The fact that it is based on physiological truth is no barrier to them.

AJC's Cynthia Tucker: Pro-Homosexual Rights Rev Joseph Lowery Is A Fitting End To The Obama Inaugural

Cynthia Tucker: Lowery to give inauguration a grand finale

First let me put on the table the details of WHAT I AM NOT arguing. This is not about the moral justification for Homosexuality.

The purpose of my post is to inspect one Cynthia Tucker, Editorial writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and how she "spreads love or venom" based on nothing more than if one agrees with her position or not. Her position is the correct one after all.

At Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremony, the Rev. Joseph Lowery will have the last word. The 87-year-old Atlanta minister has been asked by Obama to give the benediction Tuesday.

With gay rights activists protesting the role of the Rev. Rick Warren, who will deliver the invocation, Lowery has been all but eclipsed. But based on a telephone interview earlier this month, that’s not likely to last.

Again, we know from past comments that Rev Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Drive Life" is seen as UNFIT for inclusion in the inaugural by many people because of his strong support of TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE as he references biblical guidance as his justification.

Cynthia Tucker sees Joseph Lowery as a qualified and fitting participant because he does support Gay Marriage. Lowery is unable to point to any biblical basic for his beliefs though. The main justification is his adherence to "the will of man". God will just have to go with the flow.

In fact, the old lion of the civil rights movement still wields a lively wit and sharp ripostes, as President George W. Bush remembers. At the 2006 funeral of Coretta Scott King, Lowery used bad verse to chastise Bush, who was also a podium guest.

Speaking from the pulpit, Lowery said, “We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there. … But Coretta knew, and we know, that there are weapons of misdirection right down here. Millions without health insurance. Poverty abounds. For war, billions more, but no more for the poor.”

Joseph Lowery Boulevard

Lowery’s pursuit of social justice, with its emphasis on uplift for the poor, and his refusal to bow before the powerful are lifelong traits shared with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., with whom Lowery co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957.

Indeed, Lowery’s early endorsement of Obama makes him the president-elect’s closest tie to King’s legacy. While most of the civil rights establishment, including former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), initially supported Hillary Clinton, Lowery saw Obama as the natural heir to the civil rights movement.

A longtime United Methodist minister, Lowery met Obama in March 2007, when both men spoke in Selma at services commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” march.

“He showed genuine reverence for the past and a vision for the future,” Lowery recalled in our conversation. “I decided, this guy is for real. I decided he was anointed.”

You see folks - I keep repeating the power of "The Narrative". The person with the pen in hand gets to choose from the thousands of facts that lay at their feet. They are able to sculpt a picture based on these selective points of evidence.

Imaging if Joseph Lowery was an unsavory Black conservative. Cynthia Tucker would use this column space to promote the irony of this man's promotion in the public space among a group of people who are "living in the past", OUT OF TUNE to the realities of the threats that face the very people that Martin Luther King Jr.

View Larger Map

Cynthia Tucker is not going to mention the "Ironic Intersection". As you can see on the map Joseph E Lowery has a street named after him now. It used to be "Ashby Street" - in the violent Vine City area of Atlanta where the bodies of dead Black people are found but their killers being found is not so certain.

It is symbolic, at least to me, that the new Joseph E. Lowery Blvd intersects with "Joseph E Boone Blvd". The former "Simpson Road". As I have reported previously - Joseph E Boone Blvd was deemed 'the most violent street in Atlanta'.

Neither Joseph Lowery, John Lewis nor any of the Black Democratic establishment is ever going to be taken to task by Cynthia Tucker or any other Black Press agent on the high rate of murdered and assaulted Black people or terrorized home owners in the area.

To the biased Black press these agents are seen as net positive to the community. Any crumb that they bring to the Black community is indeed a crumb that we did not have previously.

Tucker and the Black press contingent are as guilty as any past White press regime who was complicit in their systematic "ignore-ance" (an appropriate word) of the fate that many Black people suffered back in the day. The problem remains the same. Both the racist White press and the bigoted Black press had a bond to the ASSAILANTS of the Black people and thus they were loathed to expose them so that they might be locked up for their assaults upon innocent Black people.

Ashby Street and Simpson Road are two appropriately renamed streets as they are symbols of the deadly costs in Black lives to the Black press and establishment who are not held accountable for their failure to protect Black people......and the COMMUNITY which allows them to get away with it all.

Gay Rights

He has also embraced gay rights, supporting civil unions and opposing California’s Proposition 8, which wrote a same-sex marriage ban into that state’s constitution. That sets Lowery apart not only from Warren but also from many black ministers who remain hostile to homosexuality.

“I’m convinced that folk are born (gay), and who am I to argue with God?” he said. But like Obama, he stops short of backing gay marriage, a reluctance he explains as “cultural shock.”

“Deep in my heart and mind, marriage is associated with man and woman. But I know (gay marriage) is coming,” he said. “I just won’t live to see it.”

Lowery has refused to be drawn into controversy over Warren’s role at the inauguration, noting that the conservative minister is just one of many speakers and performers. “By the time Aretha sings, the poem is read, people may have already forgotten what Warren said,” he told Southern Voice, a gay-oriented newspaper.

In fact, by the time the closing prayer is finished, Warren may well be old news. After all, Lowery will have the last word.

And there it is folks -"Good made me gay....who am I to argue with God?"

  • God made male humans with a near intractable sex drive - Dear Wife don't blame me for cheating on you with all of those women that I slept with Blame GOD! (How do you know that God is a male anyway? "She" may have created us that way (Bill Moyers calls God "she" by the way)
  • God made man desire food to stay alive. Thus when these teens broke into the store and stole all of the prime cuts of meat - they were only responding to natural instincts from God.

Now keep in mind that God also crafted two genders each with a complementary set of reproductive organs. He gave us both a digestive system as well. God just has not allowed us to complete the evolutionary cycle in which the anus will be used as an orifice for sex without having the projectile that probes it coming out smelling like it has been at the end of the someone's digestive track.

How Long Before The Atlanta Journal Constitutional Board Is Forced To Shift?

Watch Mike Luchovich and Cynthia Tucker long enough and you begin to see the pattern. When Republicans are in office their job is to attack them in the name of "good government". When the Democrats are in office they make use of Republicans as "staw men" as they satirize Republicans in Defense of Democrats. This cartoon above is a perfect example of this.

Mike Luckovich is a left wing guy. In as much he agrees with the Democrats and Barack Obama. Despite having the Democratic Party in control of Washington DC I assure you that most of the underlying critique that is contained in his works over the next 2 to 4 years will be focused on Republicans and a negative reference to Bush.

I wonder when this new regime in Washington DC will stand on their own in the minds of Luckovich and Tucker.

Their lack of coverage of the various problems in Democratically controlled counties and cities in Metro Atlanta is indicative of their selective focus. Clayton, Dekalb and the City of Atlanta have much low hanging fruit that neither touch frequently. The last column by Cythia Tucker that covered the long running fiasco in Clayton County was about a year ago when she opened the article with an attack on state Republicans.

Tucker does with a typewriter what Luckovich does with a pen.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Am Watching Keith Olbermann Right Now - Someone Please Kill Me. Serously

Do you ever notice that leftwing television and radio shows like the Keith Olbermann Show and Air America and the Daily Show and Colbert Report must rely heavily on comedy in order to get their political views across?

"I now understand the problems that all have".   Watching these shows as a basis for your ideological foundation....its no surprise that some of you think as you do.

Olbermann has been reduced to talking about
  • Sarah Palin (there he is for the 4th time in 15 minutes)
  • Bush - who will be out of office in 6 days
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Sean Hannity
  • Lou Dobbs

This is my problem - I can listen to Amy Goodwin of Pacifica.  This is because I believe that she believes all that she presents on her show.  She is heart felt.   I can read International Socialist Review.  The articles that they present is an almanac of their views.

When I listen to Keith Olbermann I can sit still.  So much of his shtick is contrived.  He is forced to hammer upon the same material over and over because his agenda is so transparent.
He is forced to promote "has been" issues (Sarah Palin's campaign run) because he has yet to expell the muck that has been built up - just as a drug junkie seeking to go cold turkey in a rehabilitation center.

There he is again with Palin in his closing comments.

Some of you should demand more intellectual challenges.

OK - It Was "The Media" That Did It - Not O.J. Simpson

Excuse me sir. Isiah Thomas was found guilty of sexual harassment of a subordinate in the ORGANIZATION. This is why the company and not the INDIVIDUAL had a financial penalty against them.

This guy promotes protection of the Black athletes over JUSTICE and ORDER.

Who is the bigot here?

When Will The AJC's Cartoonist Mike Luckovich Attack Obama.............?

Mike Luckovich's Help In The Obama Election On File

If Obama "goes Right" and he needs some motivation to go back to the left.

Anyone who reads Time Magazine will recognized the artwork of Mike Lukovich of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. While I think that he is a left wing operative I have to give the man credit for his creative genius in his work.

I am making note as to how long Mr. Luckovich expels his Bush addiction and focuses on Barack Obama as a target. I predict that he will shift from Bush to the Republican minority in Congress. Where as I view his partner Cynthia Tucker as doing with her typewriter what Lukovich does with his pen - Mr. Luckovich will simply use his gift at placing ideasinto pictures to promote the Obama policies just as Cynthia Tucker has begun doing in her articles.

Objectively speaking - it is just nice to know that both of these characters can show something than other loathing for the President of the United States. They make it clear that they simply hate Republicans in the course of executing upon their own agenda.

Tactics Exposed:

* See Barack Obama and Reverend Right above? - Mike Lukovich is not attacking Obama regarding his 20 year choice to be affiliated with Rev Jeremiah Wright. The focus is upon Wright and the burden that he is upon Obama. Where as Wright has been given the national microphone and has shown himself to us all Mr. Luckovich has no interest in scrutinizing Obama's judgment for applauding Wright per his 20 year attendance.

* What does Barack Obama have to do to "Save The Polar Bears" in Mike Luckovich's estimation?  Only make use of the opposite rhetroic that George W. Bush has used.  Nothing more than changing the curtains on the windows are necessary as Luckovich's cheerleading will be a part of the change in critical bias upon the EFFECTIVE policies which remain the same.  The bottom line of it all is that no American politician is going to put massive financial constrains on the US economy as a means of becoming more favorable to environmentalists - ESPECIALLY if China does not have these same constraints upon it.

* Finally the Abe Lincoln thumbs up.  Imagine if ANY Black Conservative were elected president.  Bottom line Mr. Luckovich would have a NEGATIVE reference to Abe Lincoln depicted.  Something to the effect of "Is This What I Worked So Hard To Create?"  Or "I've Released A Monster" would be the caption.

Keep an eye out for the satarical character that Mr. Obama morphs into in the mind of Luckovich.  Bush and even Hillary got morphed because they were "threats" to Mr. Luckovich's agenda.  I believe that the Obama charcter  will avoid "shrinking in stature" in the pictures painted by Mr Luckovich. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oakland Shooting: Just Another Dead Nigger?

The Intersection Of Madness and Reality

How Is "Pro-Abortion" Racist?

Why do you LEFTIST MOVEMENTS that purport to focus on ONE specific issue (ie: anti-racism) end up taking up the panoply of ALL LEFTIST ISSUES in the conduct of your mission? It only proves that you are IN-ORGANIC and counter-establishment at your core.


Saturday, April 1, 2006
Holiday Inn Select
630 Naamans Road, Claymont, DE, 19703

On April 1, 2006 the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition is holding their annual anti-choice conference in Clayton, DE. On their website, the Pro-Life Coalition talks a good game about being a vehicle for educational efforts, but their mission is much more sinister than that. Through their politics and rhetoric, they have committed themselves to a fascist campaign of gaining full control of women's bodies, choices, and lives.


Saturday, April 1, 2006
Holiday Inn Select
630 Naamans Road, Claymont, DE, 19703

On April 1, 2006 the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition is holding their annual anti-choice conference in Clayton, DE. On their website, the Pro-Life Coalition talks a good game about being a vehicle for educational efforts, but their mission is much more sinister than that. Through their politics and rhetoric, they have committed themselves to a fascist campaign of gaining full control of women's bodies, choices, and lives.

As an associate of the American Life League, the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition has acknowledged that it embraces any tactics that will help them reach their goal of ending all forms of abortion, without any exceptions made for the health and life of the mother or rape or incest. According to the People for the American Way, the American Life League helped to make the use of aggressive and disruptive tactics targeted at reproductive health clinics and providers commonplace. These tactics include clinic blockades and the systematic harassment and intimidation of patients, clinics and doctors, as well as the practice of "sidewalk counseling."

Groups like the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition and their associates in the American Life League have been sent a clear message by the Bush administration that they have free reign to do as they please when it comes to the issue of abortion. The Bush administration has made it abundantly clear that they will stop at nothing less than overturning Roe v. Wade and taking away a woman's right to decide what is best for her and her body. From the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, to nominating scores of anti-choice judges to lifetime seats on the federal bench, reimposing the global gag rule - barring U.S. aid to international family planning programs that provide counseling on abortion, and shifting funds toward dangerous abstinence-only education programs Bush and Co. could not be sending a clearer message.

In this time of tremendous threats to reproductive freedom, it is imperative that all people stand up, and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We must organize and fight back against groups like the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition.

To that end, we are calling on everyone who believes in reproductive and sexual freedoms to join us in Claymont and give these anti-choice fascists HELL!

Philadelphia Anti-Racist Action is calling for a demonstration outside of the Delaware Pro-Life Coalition's annual convention. We will be meeting up at 11:30AM, outside the Kmart in the Tri-State Mall (333 Naamans Road) and then proceeding to the hotel as a group at 12PM to proclaim our support for reproductive rights and sexual freedom in the face of this anti-choice organizing.

We will not stand idly by while fascists organize in our community and try to take away our rights! Let's stand together against this fascist threat!

See you on April 1st...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

RNC's Chip Saltsman Meet Jack & Jill's Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist - Expert On Racial Attacks. You Might Learn Somthing

Jack & Jill: Slave Catchers to Compete for RNC Chairmanship

Leave it up to my friends over at Jack & Jill Politics - an Afro-Spear affiliate - to make the "racist" "Barack The Magic Negro" song put forth by Chip Saltsman into par for the course.

The argument is that a political person's racial attributes are not fair game for use in a critique or satire of that person.

Now of course race is used all of the time as an accentuating attribute or we would not have Barack Obama as president nor would we see the antics of Rep Bobby Rush. Use it as a negative point and you are subject to attack by some folks. This is doubly the case if the subject is a Black person.

You see - all we need to do is to sit back and watch as certain "ideological bigots" do what is in their DNA.

Why did our friend - Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist - the gift who keeps on giving with nearly ever post - choose to put forth the word "Slave Catchers" at the sight of 4 Black men?

Ultimately all that I am asking is that various "ideologically bigoted" Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser allies confront the contributor when their friends make use of RACE in the same way that they found to be offensive when the White Republican Saltsman is motivated in the same way.

So what will be their out folks? They are going to say that while they are PRIVATE CITIZENS speaking their minds that Chip Saltsman - an official for a "racist" political party that hates Black people......should act more responsibily about race than they hold themselves to.

What makes Saltsman more SUPERIOR than what they are able to do in the matter of self control against such antics?

BrotherPeaceMaker Watch

I just scrolled through 4 pages of postings by BrotherPeaceMaker - proud member of "AfroSpear".

Here is why I will always run aground with BPM. He pontificates from a certain perspective - thus HE is correct. When someone comes along and throws out information that is counter to HIS perspective on the world then - because of his own mysticism - THEY have disturbed the life force in the universe.

As long as people evaluate him (we can't JUDGE, remember) on his INTENTIONS then we should not fault him for his incumbent bias from which he works from.

BPM is the master of the "Sraw Man" argument. He builds up a certain argument against his adversaries and then tears them down with the rants that follow.

It comes as no surprise that the "Conservative" is the target of most of his attacks. The Progressives who are TRYING to undo the Conservative's contraption are the heroes in this narrative that he constructs.

It is when we get a chance to ISOLATE and DISTILL the effects of the Progressives from the Conservative that we see the tactics that BPM uses to confound such independent analysis. Since the conservative is in fact the ESTABLISHMENT and the establishment has trampled upon the "little people" that BPM is seeking a better life for - we should not outright evaluate (we can't judge, remember) the lack of failure of the Progressive to lift up the people who they are fighting for. Instead we must inspect how DAMAGED the little people are from the past conquests of the conservative establishment and make sure that they are progressively healed.

Please read through the perspective that is put forth by BPM and see for yourself.

The original reason why I created this blog "Microsoft On Black Left-Wing Bias In the Web 2.0" is to build a repository of my own analysis of their antics without fearing having my words deleted or my posting privileges revoked. Most of all - I promised previously to never allow my own efforts be used to build up the fortress of my adversary.

Ile Emi Ifa is a collective whose primary purpose is the development of specific spiritual and moral thought processes that will directly lead to certain kinds of ethical and principled choices intended to motivate us as a group and as individuals to bring integrity back into the belief system of Ifa. Orisas and ancestors are no longer willing to simply sit back and tolerate the monstrous, the scandalous, and the traumatic behaviors that are too often contemptuously committed and yet poorly concealed by far too many of the priest, priestesses, the initiated, and the elders of the Orisa worshipping community.

Members of Ile Emi Ifa are intrinsically concerned about the exploitation of the uninitiated or adolescent Orisa initiates by their more experienced Ifa teachers. Our members are concerned about the disdain for equality for all in the community in favor of traditional, institutionalized support of disparity, entitlement, and privilege for a few at the expense of the majority. We are people exercising our collective intellectual, social, and cultural resources in the fight against the social injustice performed in the name of the Orisas.

Like virtually every other religions or organization based on beliefs, greed for personal benefit, status, and wealth runs amok in the midst of our deep and profound spirituality. Like most people who choose to live in a western culture heavily entrenched in an economic system of capitalism the source of this greed is deeply rooted in a sense of insecurity and lack of trust for what the future may hold. There is an inherent fear for most citizens and not just for the elitist that at any moment the plug will be pulled on this whole gig and most people want to make damn sure they have not just enough to survive, but an excessive amount to assure luxurious survival at the top of the social structure.

In a western culture that is so driven by personal greed, an organization must be able to communicate in a way that will stir people from their complacency and bring attention to bring attention to issues of the community’s right to truthful and accurate information regarding their spiritual path and overall wellbeing. The indifference of people who can help but refuse without being paid windfall sums of money is sad. But the number of people who actually prey on people’s superstitious beliefs and ignorance is truly tragic.

Ile Emi Ifa offers people an alternative to the traditional practices and methods of practicing Orisa worship and ancestor veneration. Instead of pandering to stereotypical expectations of praying or chanting in an African tongue while performing African dance in a room filled with typical African paraphernalia made in Taiwan, we offer a no nonsense, honest approach to assist you in developing your own spirituality and establishing your own personal connection to Orisa and ancestors.

Look People!!! Brother Peace Maker Has Given Me My Own Archive On His Blog!

Brother Peace Maker's Blog

Could any OBJECTIVE person take a look at the long history that I have in acting as a check against Brother Peace Maker's propaganda and tell me where I have:

  • Harassed Him
  • Violated His Posting Policies with offensive language, etc

It is comical how some of the same people who demand "free speech" and complain about editorial bias - are the main purveyors of such.

From his blog entry on me:
Destructive feedback refers to commentary that disapproves without any intention of being helpful and almost always causes a negative or defensive reaction to the recipient. Destructive Feedback is a person who happens to be black and severely disapproves of the black community and the people who make the welfare of the black community a priority in their lives. This gentleman, and I use the term very generously, likes to go by the name Constructive Feedback. However, there is nothing constructive about this personality. True constructive feedback isn’t nagging, nit-picking, and filled with negative connotations. Constructive criticism requires a little homework and a little common ground. It requires someone to determine what the person giving the criticism and the person receiving the criticism have in common that will assist in assuring a well meaning dialog with positive results. It is never helpful when the person giving the criticism is judgmental of the recipient or their ideas. When working together, issues regarding criticism and how others might react to feedback are very important. And maybe with the possible exception of a working environment, constructive feedback is never imposed on another. Lastly, constructive criticism should be well thought out before being offered. It is very useful for the giver of criticism to reflect on their own conceptions and notions before deciding that the other person needs to hear the criticism.

A lot of people have a lot of ideas on how to improve the black community. Some are obviously helpful, like the ideas of assuring black people have opportunities for education and employment, and access to free or low-cost medical care and medicines. But on the other hand some ideas are obviously hurtful, like the idea of coming down hard and heavy on the black community and arresting any and every black person in the black community the moment they step out of line without ever trying to determine why so many black people are choosing to turn to crime as a means or determining if conditions exist that drive black people to desperation. The heavy handed approach may sound good to people who wish to follow a hardcore white mindset rooted in the beat down of slaves to keep them in line. But people turn to crime for a variety of reasons. For example, it would be truly callous and cruel to arrest someone guilty of not paying a parking ticket in the same manner as someone guilty of murder. Granted this is an extreme example but it is true description of police mentality (see Excessive Police Abuse Again by the Black Sentinel). White people are more likely to receive sympathy and compassion from their peers, or black people who wish to be their peers, who control the legal system, while black people are more likely to endure the full weight of the law thrown at our heads.

People like Destructive Feedback will deride this opinion and others like them as nonsense entrenched in a non-white white supremacist mindset. Maybe so but there is plenty of evidence that says otherwise. If a non-white white supremacist mindset means one who reads newspapers and magazines, watches the news, and learns for his or her self what exactly is happening in the world between the white community and the black community then I guess I’m guilty. But the idea that a black person claiming racism is alive and well in the American society is too much of a threat to Destructive Feedback’s world to go unchallenged. Despite all of its faults the American system, it has been good to Destructive Feedback and his family. Therefore, the treatment of the black community in general can be measured by his success. And any black person who is unable to participate in America’s bounty must be a troublemaker that should be watched very carefully.

I think what we have here is a brother who truly hates the fact that he is black and wants to prove to white people that he is more than the typical modern day field Negro. This is a man that wants to prove his loyalty to the system but also wants to set himself as an example to black people everywhere. All black people have to do is close their eyes and racism will be dead. This person, who is black only in skin color, believes that because of the Civil Rights Laws of 1964 racism is dead. Thanks to affirmative action no employer would ever discriminate against black people. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln everybody is equal. But as much as anyone would like to live in such a na├»ve little world where no one is judged by the color of their skin the reality is that black people are being subjugated left and right. Racism isn’t dead. It is very much alive and thriving better than any e-coli bacteria in a Petri dish filled with cow meat could ever hope for.

Please use the links below to see the writings of a troubled mind and an ugly glimpse at one of the biggest problems facing the black community the tom (and I ain’t talking about Jerry’s feline homie). We have too many brothers and sisters who are just way too willing to be part of the system unwilling or incapable of seeing the entire picture of what is happening to the black community. That in itself is bad enough. But black people who spend their time attacking other black people and defending the injustices of the white community are a truly unique phenomenon that is too dangerous to let run amok. It pains me, but Mr. Feedback has enjoyed his last uninhibited post on this blog. Any person who insists on towing the line that the black community must conform to white people’s standards in order to survive in America is part of the problem. For a black man to insist that black people must conform is nothing less than a blatant cancer to the black community (see Ghetto Dudes Need Jobs Too).

Long ago back on the continent, if our African ancestors found someone in their community who worked tirelessly and continuously to undermine the community, I believe they would take the necessary steps to protect the community at large from this threat, fairness be damned. They would see this individual with the same contempt one gives cancer. Cancer must be contained and controlled. Cancer should never be allowed to run rampant and spread its infection. Therefore, in the future Destructive Feedback’s unwelcome comments will be limited to being an addendum to this single article. Feel free to return here to see the ravings of this truly unique phenomenon.

A community is a chain of people who come together for their strength in whatever they collectively choose. But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And for the black community, I believe this is the very weakest link indeed.

BrotherPeaceMakers is a "Straw Man Creator" extraordinaire.
If only his enemies were as hairy and scaly as he makes us out to be then the tale of how he sets them up only to beat them down would be justified.

BrotherPeaceMaker needs to see that the offense worse than "negatively criticizing the LEADERSHIP of an establishment machine that dominates a people is the practice of SEEING A PIECE OF POOP and attempting to convince the masses that if they squeeze it hard enough it will turn into a DIAMOND".

Indeed both Progressive and Conservative have some potential consequences if used in excess. In pointing out the consequences of the POPULAR ORDER that my people are bound to I run the risk of being described as operatives such as BPM has described me. I would be better off to NOT MENTION that in much of this chaos that BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE KILLED AND VICTIMIZED THE MOST. I should just SHUT UP!!!!

Likewise blind Progressivism would have it so that the current Black Poltiical establishment is allowed to GROW IN POWER - taking more control of the communities where our people live - and because of that great break in the cycle that BPM would like to live off of - NEVER HAVE TO OWN UP TO THEIR RESULTS.

The great break in the feedback loop that BPM seeks to introduce is the concept that BLACK AMERICA is irreparably DAMAGED from past slavery and present racism. This is the case even as de jure racism is retired and instead people's choices afford the growth of de facto segregation.

The main reason why I REFUSE to go along with BPM and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundmantalist Racism Chasers is because I fully realize that by ABSTRACTING the powers from delivering RESULTS and instead to focus on EXTERNAL RACISM CHASING - they are simply green lighted to continue pursuing their FUNDAMENTALIST policies without any particular demand to PRODUCE ACTUAL RESULTS. They are doing their job as they seek to BOIL THE OCEAN and CHANGE THE SYSTEM using GOOD INTENTIONS.

Please tell me what company operates on such an open, unchecked construct?
What elected government in a democracy could deliver for the people with their core mantra being CHASING AFTER some carrot that is dangled in front of the masses rather than - how many of the people actually get their fill of beta carotine after having eaten a supply of carrots.

Don't be fooled people. BPM advertises a "kinder and gentler" colaborative approach. This is ONLY the case if his adversaries agree to CHANGE TOWARD HIS POSITION and also agree not to SCRUTINZE AND CRITICIZE his effective results.

Brother Peace Maker - we don't need to be friends or in ideological agreement as we share a common skin color and both worth for the interests of the Black community.

We ONLY need to agree that the GOAL is
  • 10 feet off of the ground
  • has a certain diameter
  • has a net as a visual reference that a goal has been scored per its movement
  • that the object that is to be used to generate a score be of a certain diminsion
Beyond that it is up to the CONSUMERS OF THE DESIRED BENEFIT (the Black Community) to objectively judge if you are an effective scorer or if the bricks that you keep throwing up might break the plexiglass of the backboard and thus it is time to sit you down and put back in the starting line up.

I have already articulated these goals.

  • Safe Communities - So that our people can congregate w/o fear and rebuild our communities
  • Quality Education - So that our people can be trained as to how to operate the key positions that are necessary to satisfy the needs of our community
  • Local Economic Prosperity - Where markets are created so that the goods and services needed by our people can be procured and exchanged, thus providing exercise for the knowledge that has been obtained
  • Healthy Lifestyles - where our choices of how we choose to live translates into long and disease free bodies
  • ** The above 4 concepts being measured for their EFFICACY, COMPREHENSIVENESS and ENDURANCE as compared to other policy choices
  • ** That ORGANICISM be preferred over External Maintenance to Lift Us Up To A Given Standard Of Living - as a means of insuring that the center of gravity of the community enforces the need for the majority of people to pull their weight for the desired results to be accomplished.
The last 2 items are critical because it shifts the progressive concept of "social justice" (what we are OWED as members of this country) over to RESPONSIBILITY - what each of us are RESPONSIBLE for IF we are to ever receive what we desire.

Cynthia Tucker - 'Now I Like Deficit Spending"

AJC's Cynthia Tucker: Republican thrift unwise and ill-timed

What a difference a president makes.

With Barack Obama set to take the Oval Office soon, Republicans have rediscovered the inner thrift they buried during the eight years of President Bush’s tenure and six years of a GOP-dominated Congress. With the president-elect outlining his plan for an enormous (and desperately needed) economic stimulus package, Republican leaders, along with a few Democrats, have begun protesting that it costs too much.

Indeed Ms Tucker - isn't it uncanny?

Here are some points you might want to consider Ms. Tucker:
  • The Iraq War spending - regardless of your much noted opinions of it - is TEMPORARY spending. Your calls for increased health care spending is permanent. Did you not notice that your perfect president focused on ENTITLEMENT spending with his new appointment on government efficiency?
  • Regardless of how you attempt to spin it Ms Tucker - the Iraq War pales in comparison to the block buster spending proposals that are being proposed. The Iraq War is about $165 billion per year. It will be about $840 billion after 6 years. In one fell swoop in just one years budget proposal we will see a bill equal to this amount. I predict that the Obama administration will propose a new blockbuster bill of about $500 billion each year as he attempts to SPEND our way out of recession. I figured that your call for fiscal discipline under Bush would not last. Back then Deficits were bad
  • I see that you have found your one entitlement spending program which is bad - The Medicare Part D. It was not needed you say. It was a handout to Big-Pharma. Exactly what is "Single Payer Health Care"? I got it - the government is going to haggle the insurance companies over each invoice and this is going to lower the costs. I thought that you were opposed to having a middle-man who is not a medical professional making economic decisions? Or is it a problem only when the middle-man works for the insurance company?

Ms. Tucker - you tip your hat far too easily it seems. You could operate as an advocate for the public good if you were to remain consistent. Instead it is clear that you are but an ideologue. I give Chris Matthews more credit than you. At least he admitted that his job is to make sure that the Obama Administration is successful.

What is your purpose Ms Tucker?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Farai Chideya Departs "News & Notes" Early

NPR Wouldn't Pay for Show to Cover Inauguration

I am saddened to see NPR's "News & Notes" go off the air. They are/were a valuable asset in having the popular Black perspective broadcast on the air.

At the same time they were a tool to allow the "popular Black ESTABLISHMENT" perspective to be broadcast without much challenge. I recall Ms. Chideya doing interviews with several members of the Congressional Black Caucus upon the ascension of the Democratic party into the majority in the US House and Senate. She provided an open microphone for several of these members to detail how grand things will be for Black America with the Democrats back in power. I wanted to hear Ms. Chideya do a 2 year follow up with these same members to confim that the promises have been delivered upon.

Thus my dual viewpoint with respect to various Black news outlets. I am admittedly not past my concern and interest (I don't want to say "excitement") over the presence of Black voices in forums such as NPR that otherwise review issues within the Black community in a more episodal manner absent the two Black themed shows that they have. On the other hand, it is my viewpoint that in as much as these shows are staffed by BLACK JOURNALISTS - I expect these journalists to be able to distance themselves - however temporarlily from their "progressive" biases and do some critical introspection regarding the Black establishment who's power is growing in accordance with the growth of the Democratic party power over our communities and this country.

I understand that the "Black press" was originally created as a voice to tell the Black perspective when the mainstream media refused to do so or when they did - they slandered Blacks. At the same time I believe that the Black press does an ultimate disservice to the Black community when it continues to "fight the fight" on behalf of the Black politician who is in power over our community.......but the ENEMIES have departed and they STILL are not delivering for the district.

This is not the time for the Black Press to be "press agents" for their Black, progressive politicians that they favor. It is time for them to practice the very "diversity" that they advocate for and to care less about the color and the ideology of those who are in power and instead MANAGE THEM BY RESULTS rather than ALIGNMENT TO THEIR OWN IDEOLOGICAL GIVINGS.

The Black Homosexual Who Assists In The Cooption Of Black Civil Rights With Gay Marriage Priviledges

Those who stand against the traditional marriage standard that has withstood multiple millenniums and which is in line with the physiological form of man protest the California Proposition the deadly city of St Louis Missouri.

If they were to focus on "local hatred" they would be protesting against the number of homicides in their city.