Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brother Peack Maker & AfroSpear - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Mr. Saltsman obviously has the same sense of humor as those white students back in Jena, Louisiana who thought hanging a noose under a tree was a good joke to play on black students. It was only after the manifestation of some of the worst racial disparity began to collect the nation’s attention with marches coordinated by members of the black community from every corner of the country did some people see that hanging nooses isn’t just fun and games but something to be taken seriously. Mr. Saltsman probably needs to learn the same lessons about his race tinged humor.

Brother Peace Maker on "Barack The Magic Negro

I am no journalist. This blogging is a hobby for me. If I don't go back and proof my posts - there are some submissions that I make which don't measure up to my standards. I am willing to admit my shortcomings as a blogger. Thus I am also willing to cut some slack to others who have a 9 to 5 and more important things to focus upon - just as I do.

One thing that I will not do, however, is to manufacture a scenario. I may change the names to protect the innocent but I will not pull something from where the sun don't shine. (Well - In truth I try to reserve these type of fabricated tales for the "Parallel Hood" site. But at least you know what you are getting when you go there. My fiction is compartmentalized.)

Read the clip up above and then read the link from the article from which it came. Is this troubling to you? How is it that Brother Peace Maker saw fit to use creative liberties to assume that since this Republican guy who is his target (what a surprise) had a particular sentiment regarding what went on in Jena LA?

In the end - it didn't matter now did it? The AfroSpear aggregation site saw fit to public the fictional insertion because it fit within their general bias.

But of course - since I called them on this offense....I am an agent for "the White man". Slander of your adversaries, not accuracy is a highly favored attribute among the BQPFRC.

How To Make A Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Scream: "Fox News Stays Ahead of CNN in Viewership"

Fox News stays ahead of CNN in viewership

Question: What is "racist" in the domain of Black/White relations?

Answer: Anything that the prevailing number of Black folks SAY is offensive to them.

Thus it comes as no surprise that "The Fox News Channel" is seen as the "White People's network' - the news oracle for The Republican Party......which is also racist and "The White People's party". After all - did you see many Blacks in Minneapolis this year during the convention? That proves it. Racist!

By contrast Keith Olbermann and "MSNBC" is the station for "the Brothers". Since they attack Bush, the Republicans and anything conservative (hey I sat down and forced myself to watch Olbermann's show last night - I should know this) MSNBC is loved by the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists because they both have the same set of enemies.

The fact that Fox News is still #1 only proves one thing in the minds of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser".......America is STILL a very, very RACIST nation.

When what will be the sign that America has CHANGED from her evil and racist ways?

  • When MSNBC becomes the top rated news channel
  • When "DailyKOS", "The Huffington Post" and "" becomes the standard bearers for all economic and social news on the web
  • When all of the web sites associated with "AfroSpear" become the default home pages for all Americans - White, Black and otherwise

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Some People In "The Academy" Fear Being Tossed Out Into The Real World

From "The Blacksmythe" in regards to his fear that the economy is going to make things rough in the ivory towers where he resides comfortably today.

With colleges and universities losing their endowments more and more graduate students will need to go outside of the academy for work. People on the tenure track will be placed in a much more tenuous position–assuming that tenure continues to exist. If the days of big advances are gone, then writers are going to have to figure out some other way to make ends meet.

And unlike the New Deal, when FDR created programs for artists…I’m not sure Obama has anything like this coming.

Let me say in advance that I do note the following statements that the Blacksmythe has in his post:

There are a whole set of conversations about the future of publishing, the future of the academy, the future of the music business. Black intellectuals haven’t been significant voices here.

If the brother were to step outside of the box he would make note of the outdated modality of the brick and mortar campus. With information technology so prevalent there is a greater opportunity to make academic resources available to more people than ever before.

The only problem is that they would have to come face to face with a fact that many academics have long denied in their battles with the corporate world - certain business models are necessary to PRODUCE CAPITAL.

Gone will be their altruistic motivations that "people should be placed over all profit considerations". It is these profits (revenues to be more technically correct) that fund salaries and the buildings upon which this learning is housed.

Where are the "Black Intellectuals" who are framing the new educational processes by which people are indeed developed in preparation for the real world?

Instead I listened to the barber who cut my hair yesterday tell me of the need for FREE EDUCATION to allow people to develop. When I asked "Who is going to pay for this 'free education'?" He said " the government through the tax payers!"

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cheers For The Shoes Thrown At Bush. Silence Over The Bullets That Hit Iraqi Soldiers

Militants Escape Iraqi Jail, At Least 14 Dead

On NPR's "Tell Me More" I listened to a caller sing a song about President Bush being the target of a shoe attack. The American caller asked for some shoes of his own to throw.

All the while, back in Iraq - the marchers in support of the "Shoe Attacker" who had praise for his execution of the most indignant act that one could do to an Iraqi person - have now cleared the street.

They are not likely to return to the streets in protest of the "most FINAL act" that one could do to an Iraqi person - KILL THEM DEAD.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) -- Three senior Islamist militants escaped from their cells in clashes overnight at a police station in Iraq's western city of Al-Ramadi, which killed at least seven police and seven militants, officials said.

Prisoners being held at the Al-Fursan facility overpowered a policeman who entered a cell early on December 26, stealing the man's weapon and killing him, said Major General Tariq Yusuf, police commander for Al-Anbar Governorate.

Six other police officers, including a lieutenant colonel and a captain, were killed in subsequent clashes and six were wounded, Yusuf said. Seven of the militants inside the police prison were killed in the fighting, he said.

Police imposed a curfew and searched homes the following morning in Al-Ramadi, a largely peaceful city 100 kilometers west of Baghdad, Yusuf said.

An Interior Ministry official, who requested anonymity, put the death toll among police at 10 and said that Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Ghaini al-Dulaimi, who heads the station, died.

Both Yusuf, also known as Tariq al-Dulaimi, and the ministry official said three leaders of the Al-Qaeda-linked Sunni Islamist group Islamic State in Iraq escaped in the fighting.

The Interior Ministry official said that 23 out of a total of 40 detainees initially escaped but were later recaptured.

Al-Anbar Governorate, a vast desert area bordering Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, was once the heart of Iraq's Sunni insurgency.

But it became far quieter after local Sunni Arabs began supporting U.S. efforts against Al-Qaeda and other militants in late 2006.

The United States handed security control of Al-Anbar to the Iraqi government in September, but U.S. Marines are still stationed in the province.

Yusuf said that police were going house to house with photos of the escaped inmates. He pledged the militants would be captured.

"The people of this city will help us bring them back to justice," he said.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"A Cross Between Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher With A Black Perspective"

"A Cross Between Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher With A Black Perspective"

BET's Jeff Johnson

At times I listen to some of you all and I realize that you have no clue as to where you stand on the ideological spectrum.  What is a "cross between Keith Olberman and Bill Maher"?  Is that someone who is to the left of Socialism?

How is a "cross between Keith Olberman and Bill Maher" anything unique to the Black community and the prevailing perspective?  Will the operatives WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY be duely challenged for the results that they have rendered with such a fusion of these two White leftists?

I have listened to Jeff Johnson on a number of occassions.  He is hardly the empty left wing operatives that Olberman and Maher are.  In fact he makes sense most of the time.

I guess I should consider the source of the statement - The Huffington Post.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cynthia Tucker Is So Predictable - Rev Rick Warren

Cynthia Tucker: Put differences aside, let us pray together

Here is the framework that Cynthia Tucker uses when APPEARING TO ask the left to come to their senses about a "rightward" move executed by a political figure that she favors.

1) Set up a straw-man argument by which she can attack CONSERVATIVES in pointing out that her leftist friends are doing the same thing:

hat’s ironic. Gay-marriage advocates have adopted the same overwrought logic that many conservatives applied to Obama’s relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago

2) Avoid attacking a public figure that she likes despite the fact that if an adversary did the very same thing she would be in the lead of the attacks received.
How could Obama listen to Wright’s offensive rants all those years unless he agreed with them, they asked.

Could anyone imagine that if Saxby Chambliss was found to have sat in a White church that had audio tapes with the same disparaging comments as Rev Wright had produced that he would get away with what Tucker is allowing Obama to do? It is all a matter of RIGHT WING vs LEFT WING stereotypes. Where as right wing hate is malicious and attempts to separate - left wing hatred is criticism of the powers that be, hoping that they will change for the better.

3) Cheerlead for the Public Officials that she likes.

Among Obama’s several admirable qualities is his ability to sit and converse — debating, but also listening — with those with whom he strongly disagrees.
That spirit of cooperation is frail right now, bruised and bloodied by the wedge politics that found favor over the past several years.

Karl Rove and his ilk cynically used hot-button issues such as gay marriage to drive elections, caring naught about the hostility and hurt such campaigns left behind.

4) Avoid any direct praise for her ideological enemies REGARDLESS of what they do. Attack their extremist base instead

Warren, it should be noted, endured blistering criticism from fellow social conservatives — Phyllis Schlafly, among others, signed an open letter of protest — for extending the invitation to a pro-choice senator from Illinois.

Did you hear one single DIRECT word of praise from Cynthia Tucker about pastor Rick Warren? How many millions of people's lives have been positively impacted by his "Purpose Driven Life" materials? How many people around the world, including Africans have benefited from his global evangelism? In his HIV efforts, Warren has not cast judgment on the patient but has only sought his healing. Do you detect this from Ms Tucker's rants? Of course not.

Other Notes: But as a member of the Christian left, I would still bow my head for a prayer led by the Rev. Warren (assuming he doesn’t disparage any group in the process).
Now keep in mind that despite the fact that "The Left" frequently "disparages other people and groups" while they are at the podium, with Ms. Tucker we can be sure that these other groups have DESERVED IT. Just a few weeks ago Rev Write called Elisabeth Hasselbeck "that dumb broad" from the pulpit. This did not trigger a response from Ms. Tucker. I am quite sure that her Leftist-Christian orientation affords her some feminist sensibilities.

Friday, December 19, 2008

What If The White Liberal Huffington Post Was Consistent About Drug Problems And The Politicians That Presided Over Them?

Thanks to a blogger named DMG I was brought late to the game with regards what the left wing blob force was running during the recent presidential campaign.  It seems that former mayor Sarah Palin of Wasilla should be held accountable for the meth problems that took place in the city while she was mayor.

Huffington Post: Wasilla's Meth Problem Made Palin's Borough The Meth Capital Of Alaska

Please allow me the opportunity to document my views on the matter before I continue.  I don't have a problem with "the left" attacking leadership at the national level when they deserve attack or at the local level when they are as deserving.  My problem is that they only do such attacks when it successfully accomplishes their targeted political agenda.  When you so clearly engage in such fraud I am going to call you out.  The left depends on the presence of a loyal band of information consumers who are so desperate to believe anything negative about their ideological adversaries that they will fail to understand the big picture gravity of what they have just agreed to hold someone accountable for.  This so frequently undercuts the previous arguments that they had been making.

Thus we have such a situation.
If a small town mayor is to be held accountable for her city becoming the "Meth Capital Of Alaska" - then what should we say about the big city Democratic mayors and political machines who have presided over massive drug epidemics and resulting blood baths?

Do you see Huffington Post?  Do you see how you have undercut your entire strategy?  You were seeking to wage a directed attack at one woman who was a threat to you and now you have opened up the box for scrutiny of your entire premise.

So frequently drug epidemics and the related criminal activity is blamed on FEDERAL DRUG POLICIES.   So frequently we hear.

  • {fill in the blank} people don't own any airplanes that can be used to import drugs
  • Drug Addicts need treatment,  not incarceration
  • How is all of this happening while the police are looking on?  The police must be on the take

In this instance, however, this attack on Sarah Palin was only to be used in a compartmentalized basis.  

I recall in the year 2000 various leftwing attackers said that under Governor George W. Bush Texas was the #1 polluting state, proving that Bush is no friend of the environment.  In the year 2004 they said that pollution in various states had increased due to the rollback of environmental regulations by President Bush.  Wait a minute.  Why didn't they say anyting about President Clinton's oversight of the state of Texas when Bush was governor?  Why, in 2004 didn't they focus on the individual governors as they did with Bush in 2000?  Do you all see how fraudulent and dishonest you are?

I would love for you all to STAY LOCAL.  If we could blame the drug problems on the local officials and demand action - that would be a start.  With so many large city political machines being ran by the Democrats you'd be forced to pressure them into DOING SOMETHING EFFECTIVE, for once.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Source Magazine & Black Enterprise Magazine

Note: This entry is more for my own records per my research on the link between Democratic Politics, Hip Hop and The Criminal Element.

I learned of Hip Hop expert Dasun Allah in the movie "Hip Hop vs The Police". He talked about the police being corrupt. I wonder if he ever wrote a story about himself?

'Source' magazine editor Dasun Allah vandalizes church
UPI News Service, 10/21/2005

The editor of The Source magazine admitted to vandalizing a Jehovah's Witness assembly hall in New York's Harlem neighborhood.

Dasun Allah, editor of the hip-hop magazine, told the New York Post he "tagged" the building to expose the religion's "hypocrisy."

Police were called to the scene where Allah had painted a number of cryptic symbols, but the graffifi had been painted over by then, the Post said Friday.

Allah, 32, said he was kicked out of his Jehovah's Witnesses church more than 13 years ago and now belongs to the Islam-based Nation of Gods and Earths.

"They said I didn't fit the criteria, because, to put it lightly, I wasn't a choirboy," Allah said.

Dasun Allah Fired From The Source
Dave Mays, co-founder of The Source magazine, has dismissed the former Editor-in-Chief and will now man the head position.

Mays replaces Dasun Allah, who was fired from the magazine last week.

"Right now I am taking the role of Editor-in-Chief," Mays told “There were just other issues that caused this to happen in this particular way," Mays said, adding there were "no plans for a new editor right now.

"Ryan Ford is still our executive editor. Dasun was the other executive editor and they had the same powers."

Allah was appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Source in September, one month after Joshua "Fahiym" Ratcliffe resigned from the magazine.

In October, Allah was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on vandalism charges after admitting to spraying painting in a Jehovah Witness assembly hall in Harlem, New York.

Although Mays didn't elaborate on the reasons for Allah's termination, he praised the former staffer.

"His views and opinions are great. We love him," Mays said about Allah. "He has written some of the best articles for The Source. He really understands Hip-Hop culture."

Mays' new position is the latest in a string of developments for the self-proclaimed "Hip-Hop Bible."

Last week, Mays and his fellow Source co-founder Raymond "Benzino" Scott obtained a temporary retraining order against The Source Entertainment Inc.'s board of directors.

The order came as a result of attempts by the board to oust Mays and Scott from the company, claiming the pair's association with the company hurts "not only the employees of The Source, but all of its investors, vendors, subscribers and readers."

The Source Entertainment Inc. is the parent company of The Source magazine.

The Black Enterprise/Greenwich Street Corporate Growth Partners L.P. is a $91 million private equity investment fund created in 1997 to finance the growth of established minority-owned, managed, or targeted businesses.

Black Enterprise invested $12 million dollars in The Source in return for a minority stake in the company and seats on the board of directors.

The Source defaulted on an $18 million loan from Textron Financial Partners. Textron filed a lawsuit against The Source in Oct. 2005, seeking control of the magazine.


With Obama Now We Learn That Cynthia Tucker Is Against Illegal Immigration

Comedian Jim Carey said that in one day the view of the United State was changed around the world. In one election we became the "good guys" again. In reading the latest edition of AJC's Cynthia Tucker I now see that this change has permeated internally as well.

Ms Tucker who spent a decade blaming "greedy corporations" seeking to keep wages artificially low against American workers and for greasing the skids to have illegal immigrants into the nation to exploit them for their cheap labor has clearly been smitten by CHANGE just as so many others. I wonder if the great number of Obama ads that were plastered in her paper had anything to do with her change in course? (I also didn't hear any critique about 'money and politics' since the Democrat had the mother load of cash this year and used it to his advantage)

Cynthia Tucker: Homeland security now means jobs

So let me get this straight about Ms Tucker's new position as it relates to the Obama administration. She appears to be supportive of building "The Wall". Building this obstruction on our southern boarder will insure that the illegal aliens are kept out of the nation AND will create construction jobs as part of the "infrastructure investment" that Obama has promised.

It is quite interesting that under Bush the Progressive caucus stood vehemently opposed to the construction of the wall for humanitarian reasons. Now that America needs jobs this barrier makes a bit more sense. Did something CHANGE that I missed?

Ironically Ms Tucker tells us that illegal immigration has declined as the economy in America has eroded. In my deductive reasoning I must conclude that during the mid-2000s when illegal immigration was all the concern that Ms Tucker actually DID see a booming economy despite what her columns at the time said otherwise.

It is important to maintain a baseline reference on the views of certain people. This is the best way to detect their cheerleading spirit. At some point Ms Tucker will run out of content in which she comments on the utility of "Obama the Black President" and the symbolic impact upon Black America and America in general. Instead certain policy decisions will be made and the results will be in front of us for all to see.

Let's see how Ms Tucker responds in kind - especially since the Republicans are in remission.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"White Progressive Sources" Are OK; White Conservative Sources Get You Called An "Uncle Tom"

The Progressive

By the time you click the link above "The" will likely have changed its content. Today they have no less than 3 articles linked to "The Huffington Post" featured on their web site. While "The" purports to represent the views and interests of the Black community - it comes as no surprise that they too frequently simply echo the views of "White Progressives", adding a bit of "Gumbo seasoning" as it passes through the portal.

If and when a Black Conservative is heard "echoing the policy views" of the White Conservative - he is dutifully called a parrot. An operative sent forth into the Black community by his "paid masters" to convince the flock that they must listen.

What other than POPULAR SENTIMENT distinguishes the antics of these two groups? I have long said that there is no QUANTITY element to the concept of "SELLOUT". "Sellout" is WHAT YOU DO in the way of placing someone else's ultimate interests ahead of your own, not HOW MAN PEOPLE ARE DOING IT. When you have a large quantity of people "Selling out", including the people who are most inclined to call out someone for doing so you simply have a situation where you do so but are not called to the carpet.

Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist Watch

I realize that this post is going to motivate a "Internet Harassment" suit against me. She would rather spew her hatred and not be called into account.

I never thought that I would see a group of PROGRESSIVES begging to have GOVERNMENT MONEY go to a CORPORATION. Thus if logic holds - They say that the evil, racist Republicans are against the deal to the car companies BECAUSE they are against the payment of UNION WAGES. Doesn't it stand to reason then that the ONLY reason why these PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS are FOR THE DEAL is because the LABOR UNIONS ultimately benefit from this payout that allows them to keep their jobs?

Jesus please help this woman for she knows not what she does!!

For those readers who insist on continuing to belong to this party; the party of non-inclusion and big government; the party that always brings a recession on its list of Things To Do While in Washington

Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist:

Do facts matter to you?

Can we compare the "Rust Belt" where organized labor dominates to the "Racist Non-Unionized South"? Where as the domestic auto manufacturing is strong (while I acknowledge its recent problems) - the Norther UNIONIZED manufacturing operations are on their death bed. I heard an economic report the other day that while Toyota and GM manufactured roughly the same number of cars globally last year - Toyota made about $25 billion in profits while GM LOST about $30 billion. (These numbers are from memory so don't quote me)

These non-unionized workers at auto plants in the South that you speak of - are they being BEATEN? Are they getting paid $2 per hour and have to work for tips? The truth is that when it comes down to it there are enough LABOR LAWS in place protecting the workers (fought for by the unions) that the UNION has rendered itself obsolete EXCEPT as a loyal vote for your party - and taking membership dues to fill Democratic campaign chests.

It is frustrating to listen to people attempt to make RECESSIONS a function of the party in power. Many of these same people are unable to look at the PERMANENT RECESSION - otherwise known as Camden, Newark, Detroit, Baltimore, SouthWest Philly, Milwaukee that their favored party governs over.

In addition, Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist I have little doubt that you were the biggest cheerleader for the "ECONOMIC GOOD TIMES" that Clinton policies brought forth but you are unable to make note of the CONTINUITY of events between then and now. Let me be clear I AM NOT BLAMING CLINTON....I am saying the FINANCIAL MARKET run up during that time has the same players that are pleading for mercy now. This article should assist you. (How The Internet Bubble Broke Rules, Records, Bank Accounts

SHYT on the Economy, SHYT on the Government, SHYT on the American People, and those of you who voted for this ticket, which I still consider a BIGOTED ticket - explain why the hell do YOU KEEP VOTING AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTERESTS?

Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist:

Does the King James version say "Shyt" or "Shyt-ith"?

My BEST INTERESTS are Education, Safe Streets, Local Economic Development and Healthy Lifestyles. When I view where Black folks live in our highest concentrations it appears that VOTING AGAINST ONE'S BEST INTERESTS is something that is better demonstrated in the Black voting pattern. In fact people are VOTING rather than MANAGING. (How do you explain this graphic?

I guess you would rather starve under ReThug rule, but know while you’re starving and losing your home to foreclosure, and losing your job to outsourcing or cutbacks, that you did your part in trying to keep that N—ER out of the White House. Your racism is ingrained TO THAT POINT

Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist:

I see more RACISM in the Quasi-Socialist BIGOTS who cast Black people and aggrieved workers on a perpetual OUTWARD fight rather than working to develop ORGANIC infrastructure. If you do a tale of the tape and make note of the fact that despite the growth in the number of districts that YOUR PARTY had dominate control over - the people's PRODUCTIVITY has attenuated. Thus you support policies of REDISTRIBUTION rather than PRODUCTIVITY. I am not sure where you live but for some reason I bet that the poor have been marginalized by the PROGRESSIVE policies that have pushed them out of Oakland, SFO, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Miami and Atlanta.

will be going to the CEOs who orchestrated this royal Eff-Up, while these banks are consistently cutting back and laying off tens of thousands from their workforce.

Christian Progressive Fundamentalist - do you consider yourself a hate filled person? Or is your "hatred" in your pursuit of HELPING people justified?

Where did you get such FLAWED ANALYSIS as above?
Could you PROVE that these CEOs themselves will be getting this money as you CLAIM?

The same FINANCE system that brought us the "Clinton-Democratic boom" that you are so proud of is targeted to receive the largest portion of this $700 billion so that they can start LENDING AGAIN and get the economy out of its doldrums.

The danger of you, Christian Progressive-Fundamentalist is that so much of your analysis is founded on ideologically bigoted and partisan bigoted hatred and anger. Thus in you mission with the CBC Watch you are effectively seeking to have them execute policies that YOU BELIEVE are in the BEST INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE and the working class. In truth they are only in alignment with WHAT YOU THINK.

As people you favor have taken over our urban cores - these same places have been places of INJURY to the people who remain within.

These "Racist Southerners" who are snagging up $1 billion auto manufacturing plants that are owned by foreigners and NON-UNION are not the problem. What you need to do is to ask your snot-nosed young PROGRESSIVES who are driving Honda Civics, Scions and Mazda 626s to 'LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL' and choose to purchase cars from the UNIONIZED CORPORATIONS that you are so desperately seeking to provide government funding to. (How ironic)

For the record I own 2 American owned vehicles. Both of them have "UAW" stickers plastered on the rear driver's side windows.

You'd be far more effective if you turned your anger and hatred into PRAGMATIC action within the ranks of the consumer and the workers.

(Talk to your girl Rikyrah)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 "Weak Minded Negroes" - Depart And Then Talk About Where They Laid Their Ideological Heads

UptownSteve and BT - Depart

After a few weeks of wondering around the conservative blogesphere seeking to find a different group of Black Conservatives to harass - UptownSteve - after getting banned from BookerRising and Baldilox (for calling Black women out of their names by the way) settles in on the Progressive-Fundamentalist Field-Negro Blog.

BT - or who I call "BET Uncut" an "Elitist Black Democrat" who loves supporting "the hood" with his long as they don't try to come through to his town in Virginia has departed as well.

The posters at Booker Rising are called "boot licking" Black conservatives though they both spent nearly a year dedicating most of their time posting.

BET Uncut got pissed when Booker Rising featured an article that I wrote inspecting the linkage between the Democratic Party, Civil Rights Movement and the Black Criminal Element and Hip Hop. Maybe they need to read the updated evidence:

Democrats Need To Inspect Their Alliances

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Vertically Aligned Constrol Over The Black Community

I still have the diagram of the model which I am attempting to express inside of my head. This model represents that system of locks and levees that stand between the members of the Black community and the flow of information that is received within.

Preachers play a significant role in shaping the opinions of our people.

The list entails:

  • Black Preachers
  • Black Politicians
  • Black Entertainers / Artists
  • Black Educators
  • Black Activists / Labor Organizers
  • Black Press / Opinion Writers / Radio & Television Personalities
  • White Liberals
All of these individuals work in vertical alignment to maintain the status quo within the Black community - condemning those who THEY see fit to be condemned, protecting those who may need to be condemned but who are held in regard and thus are bathed in the silence of the protection racket they are running.

I will craft a model of how this works. I just need to continue thinking about it for a while longer

Watching The Watchers - Africa Action

Africa Action

Over the years I have been monitoring the group called "Africa Action" and made note of how their progressive bias often causes them to manage Africa by managing America. This one off policy often does little to develop ORGANIC governance capabilities within the African countries themselves.

Now we have an interesting change of events. In Barack Obama they no doubt have a US president who is in line with their ideological leanings. Over the next few years I will keep an eye on them to insure that the following article: "Four Years after U.S. Recognizes Genocide, Darfur Crisis Continues on Bush’s Watch" that they produce stories that say "On Obama's Watch" rather than writing glowingly about the smallest of things that he does.

It appears that there are a larger group of Africans that like what Bush has done in their countries than can be found in the group of Americans who are focused on. Unpopular at home, Bush basks in African praise.

There needs to be objective measures established as the grounds for comparison of these two presidents:

Before Bush/ After Bush / After Obama
  • Number of AIDS cases and resulting support
  • Condition of indebtedness from US banking institutions
  • Trade Levels
  • Assistance In Humanitarian relief

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Black Progressive-Fundamentalists - Call The Names That Their White Liberal Emmissaries Are Not Allowed To Say

Offending Blog: Raving Black Lunatic

King Coon Returns

noun: (ethnic slur) offensive name for a Black person

The White Racist sleeps easy since he has so many ignorant Blacks operating with popular sanction doing what he would get attacked for if he chose to do it. He is quite pleased today with those who he has trained so well.

The person who green lights the content of "the Black lunatic" is such a person. Where as he no doubt wanted White America to evaluate Barack Obama based on his merits rather than on his race - Mr. Lunatic draws upon the most visible element of the honorable Justice Thomas' persona as he sounds just like an ignorant White racist would have sounded 50 years ago.

I have little doubt that Mr Lunatic is a frequent town crier for JUSTICE and RESPECT for Black people. This latest round if ignorance proves that HE DESERVES NEITHER since he is not able to extend it to those who he disagrees with.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why Are Black Progressive-Fundamentalist Bloggers Far More Likely To Talk About Bush Than About Their Local Democratic Leaders?

George W. Bush - A Masturbatory Figure For The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser

What’s Your Personal Thoughts/Experience On George W. Bush Legacy?

Why don't we ever hear:

  • People of New Orleans - What Is Your Experience On 35 Years Of Democratic Party domination and Black mayors? How does 5 days of a Federal Rescue trump decades of incompetence and corruption?
  • People of Baltimore - How does it feel in having no Republican Representative from local all the way up to the Presidency come Jan 20, 2009?
  • People of Philadelphia - with 14 out of 17 City Council people being Democrats - has your standard of living improved? If so - tell me why so many of my friends are exiting the city?
New Orleans post Katrina - Killing fields

Some Outlets Fortify My Choice To Not Vote For Obama

The Smirking Chimp

Where as most Black folks will point to some "conservative racists" as they attempt to paint those Blacks who are not Democrats as being in bed with people who hate us.......we only need to look at the bigger truth by reading the articles in "The Smirking Chimp".

Even the ignorant Ted Rall gets a hearing in this rag that found Obama favorable.

By Ted Rall - The Smirking Chimp

NEW YORK--A bunch of Clinton- and Carter-era hacks. George W. Bush's leftover defense secretary. Of the dozens of Obama's top appointments announced to date, there's only one liberal: David Bonior, who ran John Edwards' primary campaign, as secretary of labor. Maybe.

Remember the Democratic primaries? Among the top three presidential contenders, Edwards was the liberal. Hillary Clinton, she of repeated votes for war against Afghanistan and Iraq (and Iran!), was to Edwards' right. Obama, who also voted for war but didn't commit to Clinton's bigger healthcare plan, was even more conservative than she. "Mr. Obama," David Sanger writes in The New York Times, "is planning to govern from the center-right of his party."

If nothing else, I had guessed, the U. of Chicago egghead would appoint a team of the Best and Brightest. We're getting the Rest and the Rightest.

Asked by a reporter how his center-right coalition of Republicans, pro-war Democrats and other assorted has-beens squares with a campaign marketing hope, change, and Soviet-inspired propaganda posters, Obama pledged to "combine experience with fresh thinking."

Know The Progressive-Fundamentalist Operatives: Rev. Lennox Yearwood - Hip Hop Caucus

Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Yearwood is a progressive. I watched some episode of BET a few years ago and noted the style of this "Hip Hop reverend".

It is interesting that the man who fights against war and bloodshed has few words of rebuke for a Hip Hop star who will soon go to jail for possessing a machine gun that, if ever used, there was a 99% chance that a Black man would be in the gun sight as the trigger is pulled.

The key to understanding the Progressive-Fundamentalism Movement is to first understand that they must CONTROL THE AGENDA of what is focused upon.

  • Focus on The Iraq War but not the War On The Inner City Streets Of America (and not the Afghan War. This is the "good war" as this is "Obama's favored war".
  • If you do focus on the War In America's Urban Core - focus on how the guns got there, noting that "Black people don't manufacture guns". Don't focus on the fact that T.I. and other thugs placed an order for these guns via the underground network
  • When the subject of Drug Dealers come up - focus on how this society forced the Black guy to sell these drugs by undercutting his economic opportunity not on how in his lust for money and material items he chose this route - thus you have to focus on the diapers that he bought for his kid - not the accoutrement that he has purchased for his car
  • Also with drugs talk about the CIA and how "Black folks don't own any airplanes that fly internationally". Don't note that your Black brothers who are down with Hip Hop control all of the possible "last mile" routes from the middle men into the ghetto streets of the Black community.
PROGRESSIVISM IS NOT ORGANIC. Thus they must carefully control the message and always be on an OUTWARD STRUGGLE against some external threat which is threatening the people in the golden circle. It is quite ironic that in their ethos of non-judgmentalism they are willing to "accept all comers" to their cause - never making note of the damage that they do in contribution of the very things that they say deny opportunity to the favored masses.

Some Posters Just Leave Me Gasping With Amazement

From Blacksmythe

I intially stopped by simply to say hello and thanks for visiting my blog, However, I just read your entry for today and I'm busy gathering my thoughts to answer some of the frustrations of my close friends about Obama's cabinet choices. The fact is I am a huge fan of our President Elect, some might say I've gone a bit overboard. However, I think there are some very valid points being made in the argument against some of the recent choices. Quite a few of Obama's selections have worked for the former Clinton Administration. On one hand, Under Former President Clinton the country experienced a serious boom,unemployment rates dropped and over 10 million jobs were created. On another, I find myself finding serious credibility with the critics who suggest that this "governing from the center" does look like more of the same. I think many supporters such as myself are just super excited to breath some truly fresh air. Ofcourse, I was hoping for the real "rainbow coalition", some picks that would come in and radically change things. So, this evening I find myself really pondering how to answer my recent emails of concerns and some full out disgust. I still believe. President Elect Obama must navigate as a politician and it truly is a give/take to make things happen. At the end of the day, I don't think any citizen should point fingers. I am a forever supporter of President Elect Obama and feel that he as well as all of our reps. on a local,state and fed, level be held accountable. People have to stay awake, make noise and effectuate the change they want to see in this world. I asked a friend who their cabinet choices would be and they shared the following:

Secretary of Transportation: Maxine Waters
Secretary of Energy: Lester Brown
Sedretary of Commerce: Robert Reich (the only former Clinton staffer) or Barbara Lee
Secretary of Labor: Ralph "Uncle Tom" Nader or Barbara Ehrenreich
Secretary of INterior: Actually, I'd have to make this one Winona LaDuke, and make my...
Secretary of Agriculture someone else. Believe it or not, perhaps Jimmy Carter. Seriously!
Press Secretary: Either Brother Cornel West or Michael Eric Dyson, or perhaps even Sister Sonia Sanchez. I think we could use an eloquent, poetic, Press liaison who actually knew what he/she was talking about for once.

I'm still working on my response and list. Stay tuned into my blog, I'll get it up some time this week :)

"All work is a seed sown; it grows and spreads and sows itself anew”